Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 32

Farewell to the Past

Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 32: Farewell to the Past

“I think you are a bunch of waste.”

Good night, standing in front of the crowd, he was drying the water stains on his temples and said calmly.

He didn’t get angry, but all the people around him lowered their heads deeply and didn’t dare to look him in the eyes.

As we all know, the calmer the president’s tone is, the more angry he is.

At this time, the old smile was no longer on his good night face. He took off his wet coat and threw it out.

The wet coat was thrown on the face of a nearby subordinate, but the subordinate dared not move and the atmosphere dared not come out.

“The sacrifice was right in front of me. At that time, as long as I stretched out my hand…”

Good night, his face was cold, and his blue and white palm grabbed in the void: “… He belongs to me!”

“But most of the losers who got into the story died in the middle of the plot. Even if several people survived to the end of the story, no one dared to stop anonymous in the last lifeboat!”

He clenched his fist until the back of his hand burst into blue tendons, and the whole person trembled slightly: “just one second, one more second… No one can stop me to take the sacrifice away!”

“But, President…” at this time, one of the subordinates whispered, “that’s anonymous! How can ordinary believers stop him?”

“I think the members have done their best…”

“All excuses!”

Good night, I stood up and looked like a flame burning in my eyes: “you have no strength, but you still have a life! If you don’t want to stop anonymous, how can you not win a few seconds?”

“Don’t you even have the courage to die for the Dragon God and our only true God? What’s your faith?”

As soon as he said this, everyone’s face suddenly changed.

Regardless of the surrounding environment, people knelt down one after another, put their devout hands on their heads, and prayed one after another: “the great black dragon, the only true God in the world!”

“Please forgive your believers. We are devout and pure, and we will continue to do so.”

“My parents, wife and children, my physical and mental flesh and blood, all belong to you!”

“My faith will never waver -”

In the modern conference hall, these people seem to be medieval fanatics, worship the gods in their hearts, and are ready to give everything at any time.

In the sound of prayer, good night also knelt down on the ground, in front of the crowd, and prayed solemnly to the void: “my only true God.”

“The sacrifice will be offered soon, and then you can come to this foolish and dirty world in person.”

“I pledge my life… Soon!”

After praying, he got up from the ground and looked at the subordinates around him with a gloomy face: “I want you to catch the sacrifice alive as soon as possible no matter what price you pay.”

“We don’t have much time left.”

A subordinate reminded: “in real life, sacrifices have been protected by government departments, and we can’t find opportunities.”

“Then do it in the story!” good night, said firmly, “let all your novelists enter the story from today on. No matter how many casualties they pay, they will always encounter the time when the sacrifice is left alone.”

The story is very dangerous. Less than half of the novelists who enter the story can come out alive.

At this time, good night. Giving such an instruction is like going crazy in the eyes of ordinary people.

Unfortunately, there are no ordinary people in this conference hall.

The crazy believers looked at each other, then all stood up and shouted almost madly, “give your life for the true God -”


Zeshui Academy of Sciences.

Shen Yu lay in bed, his consciousness gradually returned, and the vague voice in his ear gradually became clear.

“What about the tourists whose cars disappeared?”

“The tour bus has been found in reality, and the tourists on the bus have suffered heavy casualties, but many people have survived successfully, and the survivors have been taken over by the local department.”

“… what about him?”

“Mints? Our little comrade is fine. You know, the injuries in the story will not be brought to reality. What’s more, the gunshot wounds on his body are not fatal.”

“He’s been in a coma for a long time.”

“It’s normal. Exhaustion of physical strength and energy, coupled with panic attacks in the water, mental exhaustion, and the body’s self-protection mechanism will force me to rest.”

“And he’s sleeping in the medical room now. Do you want to see it?”

“… well.”

It’s the voice of Yueze and Zhang Cuihua.

Shen Yu barely opened his eyes and happened to see Yueze pushing the door in.

A beam of sunshine through the window, sprinkled on each other’s face, softened his originally cold eyebrows and eyes.

Yue Ze saw him wake up and was a little stunned. Then he came over and sat by the bed: “are you awake?”

Shen Yu’s long eyelashes trembled like crow feathers, and then pressed his eyebrows: “how long have I slept?”

Yueze: “twelve hours.”

Shen Yu: “are you from the black dragon club?”

Knowing what he was asking, Yueze looked dignified: “don’t go to the text white tower or enter the story recently. If necessary, I will accompany you.”

“Sure enough, is it time for them to sacrifice?”

Shen Yu fell back to his bed again and was silent for a long time. Suddenly, an irrelevant sentence came out: “anonymous, let me see your palm?”

Yueze: ”

Shen Yu’s sentence had no beginning and no end. It seemed inexplicable. He couldn’t help being stunned.

But in the end, he handed it over.

Shen Yu grabbed his palm and felt it cold, not like the temperature of a living person.

He paused, then pressed the other party’s palm directly on his forehead.

Yuezeton froze.

Feeling the cold softness between his forehead, it was like cold lake water flowing slowly through his cheeks, and Shen Yu silently recalled the corners of his mouth.

“Anonymous, you met me when I was a child, didn’t you?” he asked.

Feeling the warm skin under the palm, Yueze’s eyes moved slightly, and finally said gently, “well.”

“In fact, you saved me, didn’t you?”


“When I was three years old, was it you who saved me?”

“… well.”

“Why did you save me?”

“No reason.” he took back his hand and said faintly, “I can’t watch the black dragon kill innocent people.”

Shen Yu pressed the palm he was about to retract: “just because of this?”

“Anonymous, how did you meet me when I fell into the water?”


“How old are you? Can’t you be an immortal old monster?”


“Anonymous, are you human?”


As if suddenly, Shen Yu had a strong curiosity about Yueze’s past and kept asking.

Unfortunately, no matter how he asked, Yueze remained silent and didn’t let go.

“You should have more rest.” Yueze said gently and irresistibly, “I’ll see you later.”

Seeing Yueze leave, Shen Yu lay back in bed, staring straight at the ceiling, wondering what he was thinking.

After staring at him for a long time, he suddenly smiled softly and said to himself, “will the black dragon meet? You want to kill me…”

“Unfortunately, I don’t want to die.”

So when Yueze cleaned up his hands, he entered the medical room again, but only saw the empty bed.

Shen Yu is gone.

His face sank. After asking the doctor in the medical room, he found that Shen Yugang got up and drove to the suburb of Zeshui city.

Department never restricted freedom of the civil servants, so no one stopped Shen Yu.

Yueze frowned more deeply. After politely thanking the doctor, he also set off for the suburbs.


The reason why Zeshui city is called this name is because there is a clear and fast flowing river in the suburbs, which is called Zeshui.

The river is very wide, the river □□, and the surrounding scenery is also very good. As long as you pay a little attention to safety, this is an excellent leisure place, which is very suitable for fishing in your spare time and family picnic.

Unfortunately, it’s not suitable for swimming.

Shen Yu squatted half by the river, looking at the sparkling river, looking a little complicated for a moment.

Most families in Zeshui always like to take their families to the water on weekends.

But Shen Yu, a native of Zeshui City, hasn’t seen the river for 20 years.

Since I was three years old.

After many years, the appearance of the river has been blurred in his mind, but when he revisited his hometown, Shen Yu was surprised to find that he had not forgotten at all.

It’s still such a fast flowing river, or such a cold river.

He slowly dipped his palm into the water and felt the cold flowing between his fingers. Unexpectedly, he found that his fear of water had disappeared.

Shen Yu stood silently by the river for a long time. Finally, he couldn’t help sighing and took out a box of mints from his pocket.

He poured two pieces of sugar out of the box, threw them into the water, and let the small vortex in the water take away the sugar.

One for Dad and one for mom.

Put the rest of the mints back in his pocket. He didn’t miss it anymore. He turned and left the river.

His parents have gone, but he will live.

And will live well.

On the way back, Shen Yu didn’t notice that the sky outside the window was getting dark.

In the originally sunny weather, suddenly dark clouds hit and the sun dispersed. I don’t know when, bean sized raindrops came one after another and hit the window heavily.

The weather is getting a little fast today.

Shen Yu feels very strange. What’s more strange is that he has been driving for a long time. It’s reasonable to say that he should have returned to the City long ago.

But there was still a gloomy scene in front of us, only endless rain fell, and we couldn’t even see the shadow of Zeshui city.

Suddenly, in a violent storm, a little light came into his eyes.

Looking at the light, Shen Yu was stunned at first, and then he couldn’t help scolding in the bottom of his heart.

no Again?

He just came to mourn his parents, said goodbye to the past and wanted to start over. As a result, the horror novel immediately made a big joke on him?

This time he didn’t enter the text white tower, and the story took the initiative to find him!


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