Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 33

Hunger Hotel (1)

Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 33: Hunger Hotel (1)

It is reasonable to say that he should enter the story again after a month.

But like the passenger who suddenly disappeared, or the scene when he first entered the story, the novel never reasoned with you. It created a new story and just selected you, so you have to go in.

Even if you’ve just finished a story.

Even if you are alone and helpless, and there are a group of crazy believers who want your life all the time!

Shen Yu twitched slightly, sighed helplessly, and drove the car to the light silently.

After approaching, I found that it was an old hotel.

The dark and depressing house is two stories high, with a small courtyard in the middle. The walls have fallen off, the wooden stairs creak, the furnishings are old, it doesn’t look clean, and there is a smell of corruption in the air.

The decoration of the hotel is also very old. There is a ragged TV hanging on the wall of the hall. The same news is broadcast back and forth. Opposite the TV, there is a very large table, which can accommodate more than a dozen people to eat together.

A few people arrived at the hotel one after another.

An old couple of nearly seventy years old walked in with each other’s hands. They were thin and had little strength in hands and feet. They kept shaking. The old lady is about a Buddhist, with a string of Buddha beads wrapped around her wrist and reciting Amitabha constantly.

She narrowed her muddy eyes, glanced around, and said to her wife, “old man, I think the decoration here is very good. Let’s live here! The furnishings here remind me of our youth.”

The old man doted on his face: “OK, it’s all up to you!”

But then a young couple who walked into the hotel was not so sweet.

Two young men in their twenties, with black faces all the time, were yelling at their girlfriend: “look at this broken Hotel, look at what broken travel!”

The girl he scolded looked very good with a pair of round glasses. Her cheeks were soft like steamed stuffed buns and her temper was soft like steamed stuffed buns.

With tears in her eyes, the glasses sister whispered, “but you chose the place and hotel this time…”

“I don’t blame you for having to travel! Now, we’re lost! We can’t find the reserved hotel. In such a heavy rainstorm, we can only stay in this shabby hotel now!” the black faced man roared more loudly.

The glasses girl was scolded to sob and dared not speak again.

And the two people who came in behind them were about to fight.

The two are also a pair of young men and women, but they are more similar in appearance and facial features. They are not like lovers, but more like a pair of biological brothers and sisters.

“Luo Qing, what kind of shabby hotel you’re looking for! I knew you didn’t do a good job from childhood!” the woman frowned and said bitterly.

The man named Luo Qing was also a violent temper. He immediately scolded: “Luo Hong, don’t stand and talk. It doesn’t hurt your back! Suddenly it rained so heavily that the road was too muddy to drive. Where do you want me to find a good hotel? If you have the ability to find it yourself!”

Luo Hong was unwilling to show weakness: “if you didn’t take good care of your parents and take the second old man into the hospital, I wouldn’t have to go home in such a hurry, let alone encounter the rainstorm!”

“What do you mean I can’t take good care of my parents? Is that my parents? When did you come back to take care of…”

Speaking, the two Roche brothers and sisters almost had to do it.

At this time, another person came into the hotel.

A young girl with red hair had a cold expression on her face. When she entered the hotel, she didn’t seem surprised.

She glanced around, passed the noisy ordinary people around, and looked directly at Shen Yu.


Out of intuition and experience, Shen Yu immediately made such a judgment.

The red haired girl moved her eyes away. She should have noticed his identity as well.

Just then, another three people carrying mountaineering bags looked like three mountaineering donkey friends. They were soaked and hurried into the hotel.

“Why is it raining so hard suddenly, and I can’t find the way down the mountain!”

While complaining, a fat donkey friend took out a black book from his bag: “I don’t know whose prank it was. I stuffed such a penetrating book into my bag.”

Shen Yu raised his eyebrows slightly.

Finally, not only the audience, it seems that this fat man is also a novice novelist involved in the story.

At this time, the fat man’s companion comforted him and said, “OK! We’re lucky to find a hotel on the way down the mountain. At least we can rest our feet and have a hot meal.”

Then the man looked around and said, “there are so many people taking shelter from the rain! Where is the hotel owner?”

“Boss! Boss -”

He shouted and shouted for a long time. Until his face showed impatience, a man came slowly from the hotel kitchen with a kitchen knife in his hand.

This is an extremely tall man. Even with a hunchback, he is still more than two meters tall, but there seems to be something wrong with his body. His hands and feet are not coordinated when walking.

His face was full of flesh, his eyes bulged abruptly, his facial features were a little crooked, his head was bare, there were traces of saliva around his mouth, and his bloodshot eyes looked at the people.


Looking at the ferocious and ugly man, several dissatisfied donkey friends silently counseled and asked, “boss, how much is it for a night here?”

But the man’s intelligence seemed to have some problems. After asking him several times, he said with a big tongue: “I’m not the boss, I’m the cook here.”

“Then call out your boss and we’ll have a room.”

“The boss is mom… Mom, I’m out. Hey… She’s not here.” the Cook said with a creepy smile on his face.

“Oh, my God! I’m really retarded.” the fat donkey friend muttered, “let’s stay here first and pay her when the boss comes back.”

Anyway, it was pouring rain outside, and they couldn’t get out. They had to choose this small hotel.

Look at the shabby decoration in this hotel. It shouldn’t cost much for a night.

Unexpectedly, the cook seemed to understand his words, took away the silly smile on his face, looked serious and said, “room money, I want to take it!”

“Tonight’s room rate, an eye.”

“What are you talking about?” the fat man opposite doubted that he had heard wrong. “What are your eyes?”

“One eye!”

The cook stressed: “there are rooms on the second floor, only one room for one person, one eye for one person, and no credit!”

The fat donkey friend stared at him seriously for a long time, and finally came to a conclusion: “he’s really a fool!”

Put it here to amuse him!

But who knows, the next second, someone raised his hand and asked, “are they human eyes or animal eyes?”

The fat man looked back unbelievably and looked at Shen Yu who was raising his hand: “brother, are you also a fool?”

The bald chef bared his teeth and showed a gloomy smile on his face: “as long as you can find your eyes, you can.”

At the same time, the cover of the black book in Shen Yu’s hand began to burn.

The plot officially begins.

Nine tenants stayed in a small hotel

Some people are happy and others are bored

The chef is happy. He wants to prepare a big meal

It’s the tenants who are bothered. They have to prepare the room money

[in any case, the room rate cannot be defaulted.]

[otherwise, you won’t enjoy the big meal!]

[and guess who’s among you?]

Reading the story in the book, Shen Yu’s eyebrows suddenly wrinkled slightly.

[nine tenants check into a small hotel]


He raised his head and scanned the crowd without moving his face.

Three donkey friends, a brother and sister, a little couple, an old couple, a red haired sister, and myself… In addition to the cook, there are 11 tenants!

Guess who’s among you

Who are the two extra people? What are they?

On the other hand, the fat donkey friend was still trying to discuss with the Cook: “brother, since you are the cook here, get us something to eat! Now our brothers are cold and hungry.”

The cook didn’t know if he understood. He smiled and went into the kitchen. After a while, he pushed a small dining car out.


He put the plates on the dining car on the big table with a bang and said concisely.

The crowd gathered around and saw a dozen plates full of meat, including chickens, ducks, geese, fish, pigs, cattle and sheep.

However, most of these meat are half cooked. They are red and full of blood. The burnt smell is mixed with the bloody smell. They rush to the tip of the nose and look disgusting and unsanitary.

“You’re sick! How can you eat when you make it so disgusting?” the black faced man in the little couple took the lead in getting angry.

The Roche brothers and sisters were unwilling to show weakness: “how did you cook? Did you wash your hands before cooking? Is this for people to eat?”

Even the kind-hearted old couple waved their hands: “we have been vegetarian for many years and have long been used to it. We don’t eat meat or meat…”

The three donkey friends, led by the fat man, changed their face, kicked directly on the table leg, turned and walked to the second floor: “Psycho, don’t eat!”

Although the cook has a strong and burly figure, he is so stupid that he doesn’t seem to feel others scolding him at all. He doesn’t see anger on his face. He still leads the way to others with a smile: “there are many vacant rooms on the second floor. One room must be for each person. Tonight’s room money, one eye…”

What a disease!

The fat donkey friend scolded in his heart, chose a room at will and slammed the door heavily.

When the cook assigned the room to everyone, Shen Yu slipped into the kitchen.

There is a lot of meat on the table tonight, so the chef must have a lot of ingredients to deal with in the back kitchen.

Chickens, ducks, fish, geese, pigs, cattle and sheep have eyes.

Sure enough, he soon found a whole plate of gouged out and cleaned eyes in a tray in the kitchen, large and small enough to have more than a dozen.

He reached for it, but his other hand stopped him.

Looking back, the red haired girl was standing behind him and said coldly, “meet me, half.”

Shen Yu: ”

Is it necessary to say such grounded words with such a cool expression?

“The cook just said that the room rate tonight is the eyeball, so the room rate tomorrow night is not necessarily what. The eyeball should only be useful tonight.”

Seeing that he didn’t come up, the red haired girl shouted to fight and kill. She looked a little relaxed and continued: “there are many eyes here. One for each person is enough. We don’t need to fight for it.”

“Even if you want to fight with me, it doesn’t matter, because I don’t know if you have found it. Maybe it’s limited by the plot this time. Now we can only write the plot and can’t use the skills in the book.”

Hearing what she said, Shen Yu was stunned, and then reached out to caress his black book.

Nothing happened.

He meditated on the skills and props he wanted. He really couldn’t use them.

He frowned and put down the book.

Is there such a plot limit?

The red haired girl looked at his expression and said clearly, “a newcomer who has just started? Have you never encountered such a situation before?”

“Then you’d better adapt as soon as possible. There will be many emergencies in the future. You can’t form the habit of relying on skills. Many times, in order to live in the story, you must be smarter and more resourceful than others!”

“After all, no one knows how cheap a ‘novel’ can be!”

Shen Yu: ”

He looked complex and nodded convincingly.

The author has something to say: small theater:

Shen Yu: “when people are cheap, they are invincible, and so are novels.”

Horror novel: “hee hee, blame me( ˉ ▽ ̄~)~~”

Shen Yu: “… Don’t stop me! I’m going to burn this novel! (` □ ‘) ╯︵┻━┻”


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