Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 34

Hunger Hotel (2)

Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 34: Hunger Hotel (2)

“What is this? It’s disgusting. Take it away.”

When the Roche brothers and sisters saw the eyes handed to them, their faces immediately showed disgust.

“What crap? No, no, throw it away!”

The black faced man looked at the beads and waved his hand. The glasses girl next to him was polite and wanted to reach for it, but he was stopped by the black faced man.

He fiercely pushed his girlfriend aside: “what’s the matter with you, stay at the same time!”

The glasses girl shrunk her shoulders and lowered her head. She didn’t dare to make a sound. She was still a little white flower who swallowed her anger.

Even the most kind looking old couple was so frightened that they quickly closed the door when they saw the plate of eyes: “it’s too scary. We dare not take it. Children, you’d better find someone else!”

The three donkey friends are even more merciless.

The fat man directly laughed and said, “you two can’t be entrusted by the hotel? Or are you crazy like the cook? It’s okay to scare you with this thing!”

With that, he threw an eye directly to the ground, stepped on it with a hard foot, and crushed it into a pool of sticky meat mud.

“I tell you, this little trick won’t scare me!” he laughed loudly and slammed the door with a bang.

After several times of closing the door, Shen Yu felt his nose helplessly.

The red haired girl on one side turned away angrily and said, “what can I say to these fools? You’re kind-hearted and busy, and you want to pull them?”

“When these people see blood in the story, they will naturally believe you!”

The red haired girl also fell on the door. At this time, only Shen Yu was left in the corridor.

Shen Yu looked at the closed doors around him. A trace of helplessness and regret flashed in his eyes. He bent over to put down his eyes and turned around to pick a room on the west side.

This room is farthest from the stairs. From the window, you can see the courtyard in the middle of the hotel.

It was dark outside, and it rained cats and dogs.

The burly and ugly cook stepped up the “creaking” stairs and began to knock on the door one by one to collect the room fee for tonight.

“One eye, give it to me…” he smiled, his saliva flowed down the corner of his mouth, his eyes narrowed hard, trying to identify everyone in the room.

“How much is it for a night? That’s enough!”

Luo Hong impatiently stuffed a stack of banknotes into his pocket.

“Take the money, boy…”

The old husband and wife trembled and counted some money from their wallet: “tell us again if it’s not enough.”

The fat man even broke the jar and leaned directly against the door. He said like a ruffian: “when your boss comes back tomorrow, I’ll give you the money. When you can save time, you fool can’t settle the account!”

After a circle, only Shen Yu and her red haired sister paid their eyes.

The cook with bad eyes, holding two eyes in his hand and still smiling, lowered his head, narrowed his eyes to identify their house number, and then left without saying a word.

“Oh, stop writing!”

The fat man leaned against the door, looked at them, snorted from his nose, and then turned back to the room.

The corridor became quiet again, even the lights on the corridor went out, and the whole second floor fell into darkness.

Shen Yu also felt dark and lay back in his bed.

The window was also dark. Because of the heavy rain, there was not even a bit of starlight and moonlight. Only when an occasional flash of lightning crossed the sky could he briefly see the furnishings in the house.

The interior decoration is very old. The only new and clean thing is the dressing mirror at the end of the bed.

The mirror was inlaid on the wall. The mirror was facing the sleeping bed, which made Shen Yu feel uncomfortable.

There seems to be someone in the room staring at him quietly.

Suddenly, a thunderbolt flashed across the dark sky and illuminated the whole house.

In this short moment, Shen Yu seemed to see that the people in the mirror were sitting up, staring at themselves outside the mirror and grinning.

The flash of lightning was fleeting. He couldn’t see the person in the mirror clearly. What impressed him most was that the person in the mirror showed a white tooth when he smiled.

Very sharp!

He sprang out of bed and rushed to the mirror.

But when you reach out and touch it, you can only touch the smooth and cold mirror.

So during the next half night, Shen Yu kept by the mirror.

Countless lightning lights up again, but there is no abnormality in the mirror.

Until after midnight, most people had fallen asleep. Shen Yu, who was still guarding by the mirror, suddenly heard a strange noise.

The sound came from the outside.

The “creak” sound of stepping on the stairs, the heavy and rapid breathing, and the clumsy footsteps when walking


He went back to the second floor.

Shen Yu held his breath, crept to the door and listened carefully to the voice in the corridor.

The cook seemed to linger in front of everyone’s door.

He passed the door of Shen Yu and her red haired sister countless times, but he mumbled and walked away: “no, no… the guests here have paid for the room…”

“Many guests… Didn’t give…”

With a grunt, the cook finally reached out and pushed open the door next door and entered the room.

The fat donkey friend lives next door to Shen Yu!

Then, in the next room, there was a sudden sound of hammering the body, which was more and more dull, just like the movement of a cook beating meat mud in the kitchen.

While beating, the ugly cook hummed a little song: “… Who is my mother’s good child, me and me… Who listens to my parents most, me or me…”

The original childish children’s songs were sung by adults in a hoarse and strange tone, combined with the sound of beating the body late at night and the incessant rainstorm outside the window

Shen Yu couldn’t help taking a cold breath.

After a while, the next room was completely quiet.

Even the fat man’s previous snoring can’t be heard.

The wooden stairs creaked again. The cook seemed to be in a good mood and hummed children’s songs downstairs.

He waited patiently for a moment. After making sure that the cook would not turn back again, he wanted to open the door and go to the next room to see the situation.

But no matter how he pulled the door handle, the door was still tightly closed.

The door is locked?

Shen Yu was shocked and hit the door hard.

The seemingly weak door panel did not move. I do not know when it began, it was locked from the outside, locking all tenants in their own room.

After several attempts, Shen Yu had to sit back in bed, staring at the darkness in the void and thinking secretly in the bottom of his heart.

The story blocked his skills, apparently for fear that some novelists would be too powerful and directly destroy the plot.

This should prove that the chef’s force value is not too high in this story, but ordinary people are by no means his opponents, even if they are united.

This story obviously makes them use their brains and does not encourage simple and rough ways to break the game.

Thinking constantly in his mind, Shen Yu gradually felt sleepy in the rainstorm outside the window.

Until dawn, he was awakened by a scream outside the door.

The door locked at night has been opened since I don’t know when.

At this time, a group of bloodless people gathered in the corridor, the two companions of the fat man, rushed out of his room, covered his stomach and vomited, almost even bile.

In the room, the fat man’s body lay rigidly on the floor, his skull was broken, half of his skull was smashed, and his white brain mixed with red blood clots, emitting a disgusting smell of blood.

Next to the body, a crowbar was thrown at random, and some red and white things were stuck to the end of the stick.

Two donkey friends walking with the fat man, one is short and thin, and the other is tall.

At this time, they managed to stop vomiting. With a pale face, they explained to others in a panic: “we were going to go down the mountain today, so we went to wake him up early.”

“As a result, we called him for a long time, but no one answered. When we saw that the door was open, we pushed the door directly in. Who knows… Vomit!”

Before they finished, they couldn’t help retching.

The tenants present began to panic: “dead! Call the police!”

“The cell phone has no signal…”

“My cell phone can’t get through…”

“Find the boss, his hotel has been killed!”

The red haired girl leaned aside bored and watched the panic stricken people coldly.

Shen Yu walked into the room and carefully picked up the black book next to the body.

The fat man was selected by the novel to become a novice novelist. Compared with the ordinary audience, the monsters in the game seem to prefer novelists.

Therefore, many people didn’t pay for the house last night, but the fat man died first, because the novelist was in a more dangerous situation in the story.

He opened the fat man’s book.

Nine tenants stayed in a small hotel

There is no money in arrears

Some people are hungry and others are greedy

[they shouted, “where are my teeth?”]

[so, fat boy’s story is over.]

Hunger? tooth?

Shen Yu thought of the person he saw in the mirror last night for no reason.

The person in the mirror has very sharp teeth.

He frowned slightly and came forward to look at the fat man’s body again.

Sure enough, in addition to the smashed half of his skull, the fat man’s body under his clothes was cut several times, and the meat pieces on his thighs, arms and chest were all missing.

At this time, the burly and ugly cook came up slowly on the creaking stairs.

The people around rushed up and asked, “your hotel is dead! Just last night, do you know?”

But the cook smiled and picked up the crowbar on the ground: “last night, I fell here… Forgot to take it away… I’ll be scolded by my mother…”

The crowd was silent for a moment.

But then one of the fat man’s companions pounced on him and punched him angrily in the face: “TMD! You killed my brother? You murderer!”

The man who rushed up was the tall donkey friend, who was also tall among ordinary people.

But in front of the chef’s burly body, the tall donkey friend can only be considered weak.

The cook knocked people down, just like a child pressing down his favorite toy. Then he took out a kitchen knife from his waist and slashed the tall man’s right wrist.

“Ah –”

The tall man let out a scream, the blood gushed from his wrist, and the cut palm rolled to the cook’s feet.

The cook picked up the hand, put it directly into his mouth and chewed it hard.

“Bah! It’s not cooked yet. It doesn’t smell good.”

His mouth, red with blood, opened and closed and spit out the meat in his mouth.

The bloody scene in front of us obviously exceeded the psychological endurance of ordinary people.

“Kill –”

Like the last broken string in her mind, Luo Hong first screamed, and then the brother and sister ran downstairs without looking back.

Little lovers and old wives also followed, scrambling to escape here.

The rest of the thin donkey friend, seeing that things were bad, ran away regardless of whether his brother was still in the hands of the cook.

“Kill… Let’s hurry. This is a black shop. Kill and eat human flesh…”

They came downstairs trembling and wanted to drive away, but they unexpectedly found that there was still heavy rain outside the house, and the vehicles they parked last night disappeared strangely.

The crowd could not help but be stunned, but the thin donkey friend first reacted, and no longer waited, and plunged directly into the majestic heavy rain.

“Compared with his own life, it’s nothing to get caught in the rain… Ah!” he wanted to turn back and greet the people, but he suddenly cried out in pain just when he said something ordinary.

“What’s in the rain? It hurts! It’s like being pricked by a needle…”

The thin man wailed in pain. Under the constant scouring of the rain, large pieces of skin and meat on his body festered and fell off. The whole person seemed to be corroded. In the twinkling of an eye, there was no good meat on his body.

Seeing this, all the people who wanted to run away in the rain took back their feet in horror.

“Help! Help me, help…” the thin man struggled back to the hotel. His skin and flesh were corroded, and his skeleton could be seen. His bright red muscles were festering. Without saying two words, he fell to the ground without breath.

In the twinkling of an eye, two of the three donkey friends had died, and the only tall man who survived had just been cut off by the cook.

Everyone was pale, trembling and retreating back, trying to get as far away from the rain as possible, but they didn’t dare to go upstairs, because there was a psychopathic murderer upstairs.

Just then, the burly and ugly cook came downstairs again with a bloody kitchen knife and palm in his hand.

Looking at the quail like crowd, the cook grinned, and white’s teeth were also sticky with blood.

“Tonight’s room money… A tongue.”

He said to the crowd.


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