Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 35

Hunger Hotel (3)

Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 35: Hunger Hotel (3)

Seeing the cook dragging his heavy steps away, the people present were relieved.

The timid glasses girl was more direct, her legs were soft, she sat on the ground, and the rest were bloodless.

The tall man who had just cut off one hand also stumbled down the stairs with a pale face.

Just now Shen Yu gave him a first aid. He simply stopped bleeding and bandaged the wound, which finally let him get back his life.

When others saw that Shen Yu and her red haired sister also came down, they immediately seemed to have found the backbone and rushed up. They asked, “where is this place? How can it be dead?”

“You are so calm, do you know anything?”

“Are you from here, too?”

“How do we get home…”

“Be quiet!”

The red haired girl clapped her hands and shouted, “don’t ask these messy questions again. As long as you know, if you want to live in this place, you must abide by the rules here, or the gods can’t save you!”

“Only those who abide by the rules and promote the plot will not be eliminated by the novel…” at this point, the red haired girl couldn’t help pausing. She sighed with no confidence, “… Probably won’t be eliminated.”

Listening to him, a group of people were as silent as cicadas. They didn’t dare to shout any more, and their trembling lips were white.

Shen Yu glanced at the crowd and asked, “what did the cook say just now?”

“He, he said… The room money tonight is a… Tongue.” the glasses sister said tremblingly.

“Tongue?” Shen Yu murmured, “the content of the room rate really changes every day.”

“Yesterday’s eyes were found in the kitchen. Today’s tongue is still meat. Maybe it can also be found in the kitchen.”

Hearing what he said, everyone’s eyes lit up. Almost without waiting for him to speak again, everyone rushed to the kitchen.

The kitchen of the small hotel is also dirty and dilapidated. The greasy wall blackened by oil smoke, the kitchen board dripping with blood, a pile of kitchen knives with meat foam on the table, and buzzing flies flying everywhere.

What’s more frightening is that there are still a few pieces of meat from unknown sources on the chopping board, which are very fresh, yellowish fat, fat and thin, and the palms of tall people who have just been cut off are impressively among them.

At the thought that their meals were made in such a dirty environment, people couldn’t help feeling sick. The meat pieces and palms on those chopping boards made everyone tremble.

Luo Qing couldn’t help but tremble and asked, “are those meat on the table… Pork?”

Until now, some people still hold a chance.

The red haired girl glanced and said carelessly, “no, the fat of pork is white, but the fat of human beings is yellow, especially those who have a greasy diet.”

The meat cut from the fat man was obviously found.

The last glimmer of luck was broken. Luo Qing closed his mouth with a gray face and had to accept the truth that they were living in a room with a abnormal cannibal.

The people endured nausea and searched in the kitchen for a long time. The red haired girl took the lead in finding a plate of tongue, about pig tongue or cow tongue, swollen and white by blisters. They piled it on the plate, sticky and disgusting, and the number was not much.

People rushed forward to rob.

Shen Yu wanted to come forward, but he was suddenly attracted by a newspaper pasted on the wall.

Obviously, this newspaper has been for some years. The paper is yellow, the handwriting is fuzzy, and it is also splashed with oil stains. It is smoked to the same color as the wall. If you don’t observe it carefully, it will almost be ignored.

But a headline in the newspaper is very eye-catching.

Male and female thieves? Thirteen murders caused by desperate lovers

He couldn’t help coming forward and carefully took off the newspaper pasted on the wall for fear that the fragile paper would be damaged.

[Luo Yanhong, female, born in Luojia village, aged 28.] [Luo tianbai, male, born in Luojia village, aged 29.] [the two lived together three years ago. They originally lived in Luojia village. Later, because their parents prevented them from falling in love, Luo tianbai brutally killed their biological parents and fled to the nearby county with Luo Yanhong overnight.] [when they came to the county, they didn’t find a suitable job, so they made a living by stealing.] [in the early morning of October 13, when they were burglarizing, they were found by the owner. In order to prevent the owner from calling the police, they worked together to bind the elderly owner and block the owner’s mouth. As a result, the owner suffocated and died accidentally.] [after the owner died, they didn’t stop their evil deeds. Instead, they broke the jar and smashed it. They simply strangled the owner’s three-year-old granddaughter together.] [three days later, the victim’s family returned from a business trip and found that their mother and daughter had been missing for many days before calling the police. The police extracted the victim’s blood and the suspect’s fingerprints at the scene and issued a wanted notice.] [Luo Yanhong and Luo tianbai immediately fled to other cities. In just a few years, they committed 13 crazy crimes and killed 23 people in total. Their methods of committing crimes were extremely cruel and heinous.] [what’s more frightening is that the police once excavated a large number of human bones in the courtyard where they lived temporarily. All the human bones have been cooked and there are a large number of traces of human teeth on them.] [the famous psychologist inferred that at the beginning, the couple got pleasure from the process of killing the victims. Later, when a large number of killing could not arouse their interest, the two turned their eyes to human flesh. They obtained some psychological satisfaction from the process of cannibalism and were likely to have become addicted to cannibalism.] [later, in the mountains near Luojia village, the police arrested the abnormal cannibal couple.]

After reading the news about the cannibal couple, Shen Yu couldn’t help frowning.

People from Luojia village, both surnamed Luo?

His eyes stole over the Roche brothers and sisters.

A couple in their twenties and thirties?

He inadvertently scanned the black faced man and the glasses sister, and even the old couple observed it again.

There are two more of them. Cannibal couples happen to be two too. Is this just a coincidence?

Before he could think out a name, a burst of argument and roar broke out in the crowd on the other side: “what’s the matter, why are there several missing tongues?”

Shen Yu followed his reputation and saw the black faced man blush and jump with anger: “we have so many people, but there are so many tongues on the plate, I don’t care! I want my share!!”

Seeing Shen Yu look over, the red haired girl explained, “we still have nine people alive, but there are only five tongues on the plate. One tongue is not enough. There are four people missing.”

Shen Yu frowned when he heard the speech.

Yesterday’s eyes are more than enough. Today’s tongue is obviously not enough. Tomorrow, I’m afraid they’ll find less “room fees” and less points.

The novel really won’t let them pass easily!

Just now, the red haired girl, the Roche brothers and sisters, and the old couple crowded in front got their tongue, while the little couple, the black faced man, accidentally fell behind and didn’t grab it, so they were so dissatisfied.

The tall man was squeezed out of the crowd because he lost one hand and couldn’t rob others.

Shen Yu was busy reading the newspaper and didn’t rob it at all.

The black faced man was grumpy and wanted to swear, but his girlfriend, glasses sister, didn’t want to conflict with others. She pulled his arm and whispered, “don’t worry, let’s discuss it in a good voice…”

“What else to discuss?”

The black faced man looked at her soft appearance and was angry. He raised his hand and slapped her in the face. “If you hadn’t been so slow and dragged me back, how could I not rob others?”

“Others are not as stupid as you. They can’t get their tongue now and can’t pay the room fee at that time. Maybe you are the one that the psycho wants to kill! You still discuss… Discuss a fart! Who will give your tongue to you?”

The glasses girl was beaten so that the glasses on the bridge of her nose fell off. At this time, she covered the hot palm print on her face and lay on the ground, groping for her glasses.

As she looked, she bit her lips and didn’t speak. Tears fell on her face. It seemed that she had long been used to her boyfriend’s violent behavior.

The red haired girl, who was also a female, couldn’t help but say coldly, “even if you spill your anger on her, you can’t solve the problem.”

The black faced man is still angry and wants to jump and roar, but the red haired girl is not her girlfriend. She won’t get used to him at all. She looks like a bad face. The bullying black faced man jumps half way and can’t help counselling.

Now there are five people who get their tongues on the opposite side. They have no chance of winning against them alone. As soon as the black faced man turned his eyes, he hurried to pull Shen Yu, who is also an old hand, to support himself.

“Little brother, we all don’t have room rates. We’ll die tonight. Why don’t we…”

He sneaked up to Shen Yu’s ear and whispered, “there are women and old people opposite. Let’s pick the one who can’t fight. We can definitely grab our tongue.”

Shen Yu looked at him with disgust and pushed him away.

Maybe the reason why there are so few tongues is that the cook wants to see them oppose each other and kill each other?

Ignoring the angry look on the black faced man’s face after he was pushed away, Shen Yu directly greeted the tall man on the side: “come with me.”

The tall man was disabled at this time. If he fought with others, he had no chance of winning. When he was secretly desperate, he suddenly heard Shen Yu’s call.

After hesitating for a moment, he followed Shen Yu out of the kitchen.

Only the manic black faced man remained where he was, still arguing with others.

At this time, the thin man’s body was still lying under the eaves of the small hotel, and the corrosion on his body was terrible.

The tall man couldn’t help turning his head and didn’t dare to see his brother’s tragic death again.

Shen Yu took off his coat, gathered the thin man’s body, transported it to the second floor and put it with the fat man’s body.

The skills and props in the book can’t be used, so just now when he was downstairs in the kitchen, Shen Yu took away a sharp and slender bone cutting knife.

He took the bone removal knife in his hand, silently broke off the body’s mouth, turned his head and looked at the tall man: “I have a way to find two more tongues.”

“But anyway, I want to say sorry first!”

The tall man stood in place, looked at the knife in Shen Yu’s hand, and then looked down at the two corpses on the ground.

He seemed to suddenly understand something, his eyes narrowed, his mouth opened wide but he couldn’t make a sound, and his pale lips trembled.

“No, you don’t have to apologize… On the contrary, you saved my life just now, and I haven’t had time to say thank you.” after a long psychological struggle, the tall man spoke hard and said in a astringent voice.

Suddenly, he suddenly knelt down, supported the ground with his only hand, and knocked three heads against the bodies of his two brothers.

“Sorry, brothers, I have to borrow something from you now!”

“I want to live… I must live, get out of this ghost place, and take good care of our parents when I get home…”

His eyes were out of focus and he murmured an apology. His face was particularly ugly, but he took the knife in Shen Yu’s hand: “they are my brothers. They won’t blame me. Let me come!”

Then he broke the fat man’s mouth with his own hands

Two bloody tongues were cut off, still very soft, but there was no temperature belonging to the living.

The tall man’s face became more pale. He staggered when he walked. When he went downstairs, Shen Yu had to help him all the time.

When the angry black faced man saw the two freshly baked tongues, he was stunned.

He stood in place for a long time. Finally, he reacted. He patted his thigh with depression and said, “those two dead people also have tongues. Why didn’t I think of it?”

Now, among all the living people, only he and the glasses sister can’t pay the room fee, and the probability of being killed at night becomes higher.

The red and swollen palmprint on the glasses sister’s face has not subsided, but she is quite worried and pulls the black faced man’s arm: “husband, are you okay?”

The black faced man suddenly lowered his head and looked at her thoughtfully.

“I’m fine, you don’t have to worry.” his attitude eased down and patted his girlfriend’s hand gently.

But I don’t know why, but the glasses sister was staring at him just now.

The author has something to say: on the first day of 2021, readers, little angels, happy New Year!

Originally, I wanted to write a little more today, but on the first day of the new year, the author had a bad cold, stuffy nose, headache and sore throat. Now I’ll take a rest and try to update more tomorrow.


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