Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 36

Hunger Hotel (4)

Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 36: Hunger Hotel (4)

In the evening, everyone sat at the table, looking embarrassed.

As yesterday, the cook dragged the dining car, smiled foolishly and threw the greasy plate on the dining car onto the table.

Today, it is still full of meat. It tastes fishy and oily. People who smell it just want to vomit.

Thinking of the human flesh seen in the kitchen during the day, the faces of the people became more and more embarrassed. They just stared at the meat in front of them, and no one did it.

But the cook didn’t care. He grabbed the old lady nearest to him, pointed to the plate in front of her and said bluntly, “eat!”

The old lady’s hands trembled and fiddled with the Buddha beads on her wrist. She was so frightened that she couldn’t finish reading the Buddha’s name: “ah, Amitabha…”

The cook didn’t understand her Buddha’s name. He was just unhappy that no one appreciated his cooking. He hammered the table: “eat!”

The old couple wanted to cry without tears: “we have been a Buddhist and vegetarian for many years, and we really can’t eat meat…”

The cook no longer spoke, but with a gloomy face, he approached them silently.

The old man and the old lady were frightened. They were afraid that the cook would take out the kitchen knife and cut them off at the next moment, so they dared not resist again. With tears in their eyes, they shivered and picked up a chopstick and sent the meat in front of them to the entrance.

“Amitabha…” the old lady still missed the Buddha’s name, but the whole person trembled and couldn’t read it.

After forcing the old couple to eat a complete plate of meat and fish, the cook was in a good mood, ignored the others present, and mercifully finally pushed the dining car back.

Before he left, he stared at the crowd with bloodshot eyes and smiled, “wait a minute, I’ll collect the room money.”

As soon as these words came out, the body shape of the black faced man and the glasses sister suddenly became stiff.

After confirming that the chef really left, most of the talents quietly breathed a sigh of relief, like wandering souls, and walked back to the room on the second floor.

But when the glasses girl was about to go up, the black faced man quietly pulled her sleeve and whispered, “don’t go yet. I just found two tongues in the kitchen. When the others left, we two went to get them.”

The glasses girl was overjoyed: “did you find the room money tonight? Husband, you’re great!”

Seeing that he simply trusted his girlfriend, the black faced man was smiling, but a trace of complexity flashed through his eyes.

However, this complicated look was soon replaced by a sinister one.

At this point, there is no other way.

He doesn’t want to die!

Seeing everyone else gone, they slipped into the kitchen one after another.

The kitchen was still a mess. The glasses girl stood on tiptoe, looked up and down, left and right, looked around and asked, “husband, where’s the tongue?”

With a gloomy face, the black faced man pulled out a sharp kitchen knife from the chopping board and suddenly grabbed his girlfriend’s long hair: “here!”


The glasses girl was dragged reeling, her scalp hurt, hurried to protect her head with both hands, and almost couldn’t believe it. She exclaimed, “what are you doing?”

The black faced man’s eyes flashed a trace of intolerance, but his hand movement did not stop at all. He just said, “I’m sorry, but I don’t want to die here.”

“But if we can’t get the room money tonight, we’ll have to die.”

The glasses girl’s pupil suddenly widened. She immediately understood what he meant. Then she began to struggle desperately, crying and shouting, “help -”

The black faced man frowned, punched her hard in the face, flew her glasses aside, and then grabbed her neck.

In terms of strength, glasses sister is not his opponent at all.

“Sorry, I love you.” the black faced man said affectionately, “I know, you love me most! Now you can’t make a sacrifice for my life?”

“Don’t worry! As long as we go out alive, even if you don’t have a tongue and are mute, I will marry you!”

“You fart!”

The sight was blurred. The glasses girl was almost choked, but she still spit a dirty word from her throat: “I can’t live at all. You want me to die…”

Tears seeped from her eyes, and she complained almost bitterly: “I should have listened to my parents and stay away from a man like you. I must have been blind and fell in love with you regardless!”

Hearing her weak scolding, it seemed as if he saw a small animal struggling to death. The black faced man shrugged his shoulders, pinched her neck, threw her onto the chopping board, and the other hand with a knife approached slowly.

In this desperate moment, the glasses sister still tried to break free. Her two hands scratched wildly on the chopping board and accidentally caught a cold blade.

Without thinking about it, she grabbed the handle of the knife and stabbed it in front of her.

I never thought that the rabbit could bite. The black faced man was careless for a moment. He just felt a sudden cold in his waist and abdomen, and then a sharp pain swept over. He was stabbed unprepared.

Half of the blade sank into his abdomen. He immediately took a breath of cold air in pain. He let go of the glasses sister and the kitchen knife with both hands, and went back again and again. Under the pain, he instinctively bent over and covered the wound.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the narrowly escaped glasses sister got up again.

I don’t know where her strength burst out. She suddenly picked up the frying pan on the stove next to her and had no time to think. She just hit the black faced man’s head with her survival instinct.

The black faced man who was bending down and squatting was unprepared. He was severely hit on the back of his head by the bottom of a pot. Suddenly, he didn’t even have time to scream. The whole man fell on the ground and fainted.

After he fell down, the glasses girl still didn’t dare to relax her vigilance. She raised the frying pan and smashed it many times until she was sure that the other party couldn’t get up completely, so she put down the pot panting.

The black faced man lay on the ground, motionless, the blood soaked the back of his head, and the stabbed wound in his abdomen slowly exuded a pool of blood.

But his chest heaved and he still breathed.

The glasses girl, who suddenly broke out and finished the anti killing, sat on the ground and looked at her trembling hands. She couldn’t believe what she had just done.

She gasped and found her glasses again on the ground. After seeing the black faced man who was still breathing, she instinctively got up and wanted to escape here.

But when she ran to the kitchen door, she suddenly stopped, turned her head and looked thoughtfully at her unconscious ex boyfriend.

After hesitating for a moment, she suddenly took a deep breath, clenched her teeth, returned to the kitchen again, took out a sharp kitchen knife from the chopping board, and shook off the black faced man’s mouth

When she returned to the second floor again, her face was particularly pale, her chest was stained with blood, her look was in a trance, and there was a bloody tongue in her hand.

Warm and soft, just cut off tongue.

The corridor was quiet. The glasses girl looked at the room she lived in last night, her eyes flickered, and then firmly chose another room to stay.

After a while, the stairs again sounded the rapid footsteps.

The black faced man covered his mouth, his face was full of blood, and a kitchen knife was inserted in his abdomen. The whole man was extremely weak. Every step left a row of blood droplets on the floor, almost half climbing and half moving to the second floor.

He pushed away the glasses girl’s original room with great resentment, but it was empty.

He put down his hands, his bloody mouth opened and closed, and wanted to yell angrily, but his mouth was empty. With his tongue cut off, he could only squeeze out a vague roar.

Bitch who killed thousands of dollars, where are you? Get out of here!

There were vague sobs in the corridor. The black faced man’s hands were stained with blood. He knocked on the door one by one angrily, leaving blood fingerprints on the door. He just wanted to find the glasses girl.

Just before he knocked on the glasses girl’s room, there was another sound of footsteps on the stairs.

Hearing this heavy and clumsy voice, the black faced man in anger suddenly froze, and the whole person’s blood seemed to freeze.

The cook with a crowbar appeared on the second floor and walked straight to the black faced man along the blood left in the corridor.

The black faced man stood still and dared not move.

The cook bowed his head and leaned close to him, with a gloomy smile on his face: “where’s your room rate?”

The black faced man opened his mouth and screamed silently in despair.

In his shrinking eyes, the last picture of his life only saw the burly and ugly cook holding up the bloody crowbar in his hand.

The crowbar fell heavily


The dull sound of hammering came again from the corridor.

Hearing the knocking outside the door, Shen Yu was not too surprised.

He was standing at the end of the bed, staring intently at the mirror in front of him.

The man in the mirror is also staring at himself.

The longer he gazed, the more he felt that he looked strange in the mirror.

Maybe he was too nervous and had an illusion. He even felt in a trance that behind the mirror, someone was gently scratching the mirror and making a rustling sound.

But when he listened carefully, he couldn’t hear anything.

The whole room was quiet. You could hear a needle falling on the ground, only the dull knocking outside the door.

After a long time, the corridor was quiet, leaving only a strong smell of blood.

Then the doors of the people’s houses were knocked one by one.

When I opened the door, I saw the ugly cook standing in front of the door, bent over and stretched out a hand to everyone: “it’s time to pay tonight’s room money… A tongue.”

Like others, Shen Yu handed in his tongue.

Before closing the door, he glanced inadvertently into the corridor.

The glasses sister’s face was pale and survived. She was taking out a bloody tongue and giving it to the chef in front of her.

The black faced man’s body fell on the corridor, the back of his head was bloody, the whole man’s skull had been broken, and the white brain splashed out.

At the foot of the body, the crowbar used to commit murder was discarded everywhere, waiting for the cook to pick it up again tomorrow.

Shen Yu frowned slightly and closed the door.

I don’t know the room rate tomorrow. What will it be?

The author has something to say: the cold is still not good, it has worsened, and my head hurts_ (: з” ∠)_!


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