Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 37

Hunger Hotel (5)

Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 37: Hunger Hotel (5)

On the third day, after they went out, they found the body lying in the corridor.

As expected, the black faced man’s body was also cut several times, and all the best pieces of meat were missing.

The bloody crowbar was thrown next to the body. The forgetful cook dragged his heavy steps to the second floor as usual and picked up the crowbar.

Except for the old couple who were forced to eat meat yesterday, most of the other tenants have not eaten for a day and a night. Now they don’t even have the strength to complain. Almost everyone is in a state of despair and loss.

When I came to the restaurant on the first floor again, I saw the chef giggling and launching plates of fishy and oily meat, which was roughly thrown on the table. This time, I still pointed to the old man and the old lady and said, “eat!”

He seems to be addicted to bullying the old couple. Maybe it makes him more excited to force vegetarians to eat human flesh.

It seemed that she was numb. The old lady didn’t resist this time. She didn’t even read the Buddha’s name. She numbly picked up the meat in front of her, trembled and put it into her mouth.

Once again, the cook was satisfied and stared at them. Then he packed up the plate and pushed the small dining car back.

Only the old couple sat in their seats, trembling all over.

Luo Qing and Luo Hong’s brother and sister, a little impatient, comforted the two elderly victims in a low voice.

But soon, the cook went back and forth, with a cruel and proud smile on his face, and told everyone: “tonight’s room money, one person has five fingers.”

As soon as he said this, the people were a little stunned.

Shen Yu frowned deeply.

Five fingers?

Different from the eyes and tongue before, generally speaking, animals only have claws and hooves, while humans have fingers.

Thinking of this, he could not help sinking his eyes.

But the cook ignored everyone’s surprise and left after saying this.

When he left, he also deliberately stopped, turned around and looked at the people with muddy and cold eyes, as if the butcher was selecting the lamb to be slaughtered.

The timid Roche brothers and sisters almost collapsed. On the contrary, they were the cowardly glasses sister before. After what happened last night, her eyes were still cold. The whole person was as hard as an ice sealed stone.

Luo Hong stood up and said in a panic, “go to the kitchen… My eyes and tongue were found in the kitchen before. Maybe today…”

Her words reminded everyone that Luo Qing, the old couple, the tall man and the glasses girl all stood up and rushed to the kitchen.

For a time, only Shen Yu and the red haired girl were left in the restaurant.

“Won’t you go?” Shen Yu asked.

The red haired girl got up lazily: “didn’t you go too? In fact, we all know that the chef must want human fingers.”

It can be seen to the naked eye that these room rates are becoming more and more excessive.

She didn’t say anything, but went to the second floor in silence, where there were still three bodies.

When she came down again, she carried six palms, each with exactly five fingers.

Soon, the others who went to the kitchen returned to the restaurant with only one palm in their hand.

“We only found five fingers. The palm was cut off from me by the cook…” the tall man said with a bad face.

But after seeing the six palms that the red haired girl got, the despair on their faces turned into surprise in an instant.

But the red haired girl knocked on the table: “don’t be happy too early. We have too many people.”

They have eight people alive, but only six palms of the dead. Only one was found in the kitchen and five fingers were missing.

Everyone’s ecstatic expression stiffened on their faces and couldn’t help looking at each other.

Finally, the old lady said shakily, “you mean, one of us… Needs to cut off his five fingers…”

The red haired girl didn’t deny: “the remaining person either cut off his fingers or couldn’t pay the room money and was hammered by the cook at night!”

Hearing her words, the atmosphere at the scene suddenly stiffened, and everyone’s expression was extremely gloomy.

However, she added: “but as long as we can get out alive, the injuries in the story will recover in real life.”

But this sentence did not bring much exciting effect. Most people looked at each other with the same vigilance and vigilance, as well as faint hostility.

Who wants to be abandoned, who wants to cut off his fingers alive?

Can you heal by going back to real life? Who can guarantee? If they lose five fingers, will their chances of survival be greatly reduced and they can’t hold out until they go out alive?

The atmosphere became more and more stiff. It was almost frozen into ice, and a fight was imminent.

Seeing that the united people were about to fall apart, the expression on the tall man’s face changed. He clenched his teeth and suddenly stood up and said loudly, “cut my fingers!”

This remark surprised everyone!

The tall man had been chopped off one left hand by the cook before because he resisted the cook, leaving only one right hand to use. Now if he took the initiative to cut off his fingers, wouldn’t both hands be disabled?

The crowd looked at the tall man, but the tall man looked straight at Shen Yu: “you helped me before. I know you are a good man. I believe in you most in this ghost place… And I only believe in you.”

“I want to ask, if I return to real life alive, all my injuries can be recovered… Is this true?”

Looking at his hot eyes, Shen Yu was silent for a long time, nodded and said, “the premise is that you can go out alive, but if both hands are disabled, you may not…”

The tall man shook his head, took a long breath and interrupted his next words: “that’s enough!”

“If I can go out alive, I’ll still be a man with sound limbs. If I can’t get through it, I’ll just accompany my two good brothers. Anyway, it’s better than being disabled now!”

He smiled miserably, stretched out his right hand, clenched his teeth and squeezed out a sentence from between his teeth: “I don’t have another hand. Who can help me?”

The Roche brothers and sisters, the old couple, the glasses sister and others stayed in place, almost looking at the tall man who took the initiative to sacrifice with the eyes of a hero.

Even the red haired girl couldn’t help sighing, took the kitchen knife, took a step forward, pressed his wrist with one hand, and raised the sharp blade with the other hand


At the moment when the kitchen knife was about to fall, Shen Yu suddenly made a voice to stop him.

The crowd turned to look at him, but he frowned, meditated for a long time, and then said word by word, “I quit. The number of these fingers is enough.”

The red haired girl was stunned, and then stared at him with an incredible look: “are you crazy? I don’t think it’s a good idea.”

Now there are only two novelists alive in the story, and they can only rely on them to collect clues, finish the plot and find a way out.

Tall people are just viewers. Even if they are disabled, they will not have any impact on the development of the plot.

If they find an exit, they can take the tall man back to real life, and the tall man can heal.

But if Shen Yu is disabled, he lacks an experienced novelist to collect and analyze clues. The red haired girl is difficult to support alone. Maybe everyone will be included in this story.

She almost looked at Shen Yu angrily: “did I meet saints in the novel? These two suddenly ran out to be heroes!”

Shen Yu shook his head and said, “I don’t want these fingers, and I don’t intend to cut off my fingers. You don’t need to care about me.”

However, the moment the red haired girl raised the kitchen knife just now, a bold idea suddenly came out of his heart and was ready to try it out tonight.

The red haired girl stared at him angrily. Finally, she threw the kitchen knife on the ground in frustration.

The “clang” sound of the blade landing also awakened other people who were also stunned, especially the tall man.

The tall man looked at Shen Yu with a complicated look and wanted to stop talking.

Shen Yu did not pay attention to the different eyes of the people. Instead, he leisurely sat on the sofa on the first floor and watched the news.

The same video is broadcast back and forth on that old TV, and the news is all about trivial things 800 years ago.

There is a small bookcase under the TV, in which there are several old books, almost all about medical knowledge, which is more boring.

Seeing that he was so confident, they had no choice but to disperse.

All day, Shen Yu stared at the old TV and refused to move. Only occasionally, he would go to the bookcase under the TV, find some books, and then go back to the sofa to read.

In a flash of time, the evening came, and they returned to their rooms nervously.

The burly chefs came on time and collected room fees one by one again.

After handing in five fingers, the red haired girl looked uneasily at Shen Yu’s room.

The door was still closed and the light was not even turned on. It was dark inside.

Her heart was involuntarily raised, but there was no other way. She could only watch the cook walk to Shen Yu’s door.

She went back to the room, closed the door and couldn’t bear to look any further.

Outside the corridor, the cook looked at the closed door, smiled with a twisted smile on his ferocious and ugly cheeks, and said to himself, “another… Who doesn’t pay the room money!”

Without hesitation, he kicked open the door and walked into the house in a faint darkness.

There was a faint smell of blood in the air.

By the light outside the corridor, the cook vaguely saw a man lying on the bed, wearing Shen Yu’s clothes, as if he had already fallen into a dream, and the sound of the door being kicked open didn’t wake him up.

The cook grinned, showing Mori’s white teeth, raised the crowbar in his hand and hit the people on the bed.

The dull sound of knocking on the body sounded again in the dead night. Everyone who hasn’t slept yet can’t help worrying after hearing this sound.

Everyone knows that Shen Yu has more misfortunes than good.

Maybe as soon as they go out tomorrow morning, they will see each other’s miserable dead bodies.

The crowbar stained with blood was smashed down one after another. The smell of blood in the air became stronger and stronger until the other party’s head had been completely beaten into paste, and the cook stopped.

He seems to feel great today!

It usually takes a lot of effort to break my skull. Today I easily smashed it into a pool of meat mud.

The smashed prey did not even make a disgusting struggle and cry, but did not move.

The cook licked his lips, dropped the crowbar stained with blood, cut off the meat on the prey in the dark, and then left happily.

Silence returned to the room, leaving only darkness and a bloody body on the bed.

After a long time, the falling sheets suddenly moved.

Shen Yu lifted up the sheet and quickly drilled out from under the bed.

He’s been gambling.

Chefs have congenital mental retardation and their eyes are not very good. They often need to squint at people at night.

He was betting whether the other party could distinguish between the sleeping living and the dead.

The chef… Even other tenants, did not seem to find the previous three bodies, and suddenly one was missing tonight.

Fortunately, he won the bet!


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