Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 38

Hunger Hotel (6)

Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 38: Hunger Hotel (6)

On the morning of the fourth day, the surviving tenants walked out of the room uneasily.

The red haired girl looked at Shen Yu’s room for the first time.

His door was quiet, no one came out, only a strong smell of the blood floated out.

Just like those who died before.

Suddenly, everyone present was a little desperate.

Especially the tall man, he covered his face with his only remaining hand, and his eyes were full of chagrin.

The wooden stairs “creak” sounded, and the frightening butcher chef came to the second floor again.

He was in a good mood. He hummed a vague nursery rhyme in his mouth and carried a shiny kitchen knife in his hand. As usual, he was ready to recover the murder weapon crowbar he dropped last night and cut off the meat on the dead for breakfast.

The crowd avoided one after another, and with great fear, they watched the chef humming a tune enter Shen Yu’s room.

But the next second, the cook’s roar came.

“No! Wrong, wrong… Where is he? It wasn’t him last night. My mother will scold me…”

The angry and confused roar hardly matched the foreword.

The stout cook rushed out of the room again, with a bright kitchen knife in his hand, his bloodshot eyes staring round and panting, and glanced at everyone present.

Everyone took a step back in horror.

Staring at the crowd for a long time, the kitchen knife in the cook’s hand tightened and tightened. Finally, he turned around and walked away with a curse: “Mom will scold me…”

As the cook’s murmur went away, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

The red haired girl dared to open the door of Shen Yu’s room.

On the floor of the room, the bloody crowbar last night had long disappeared, and on the bed lay an unrecognized body.

The body was wearing Shen Yu’s coat. The whole skull had been smashed into a mass of meat mud. Dark red plasma splashed all over the sheets, emitting a disgusting smell.

After seeing the body, the glasses girl suddenly stared round her eyes, pointed to the bed and cried in surprise, “how is it him?”

Even though the body was beyond recognition, with years of experience, she only looked at it and found that the man lying on the bed was a long dead black faced man.

Hearing the speech, they hurried to check other bodies.

There were three bodies, but now there are only two. As expected, there is no black faced man.

“Isn’t he dead?”

The red haired girl murmured, “but no, we checked the whole room. We couldn’t find a second person except the body on the bed!”

“Where else can he hide?”

The search was fruitless, and the cook downstairs hurried again. Finally, he could only go downstairs in panic.

Just before leaving, the red haired girl glanced vaguely at the bottom of the bed.

The bottom of the bed is clean, not even a trace of dust. Just at the foot of the humble bed, there was a thin piece of paper, and no one found it except her.

The red haired girl gently hooked her finger at the bottom of the bed and quietly swept the small piece of paper in the palm of her hand.

At this time, the people had come to the entrance of the stairs. She followed the last side of the crowd, opened the paper at the fastest speed, read the words on it once, and her pupils shook slightly in an instant.

No one noticed her little movements. After reading it, the red haired girl immediately put away the paper and glanced at the people in front of her. Her eyes couldn’t help darkening.

On the first floor, the cook is still losing his temper.

“No fresh meat today, too bad… No breakfast, nothing…” he muttered, holding a kitchen knife in his hand, waving around, with a ferocious face and a smell of blood on his hand.

The rest of the people kept away silently and tried to stay away from him, for fear that the cook would attack himself with anger.

Even the old couple, who had always been peaceful, could not help accelerating the speed of turning the Buddha beads at this time, and their hands trembled badly.

The gloomy and irritable cook, after talking to himself for some time, suddenly turned his head and stared at the people with bloody eyes: “you…”

All the people present immediately trembled.

The cook continued to speak in a hoarse voice: “today’s room money, each person has a heart… Move faster, and it will be in the evening!”


He glared at the crowd like a threat, and then dragged his heavy steps away.

There was no time to breathe a sigh of relief. As soon as the chef left, everyone rushed to the second floor almost immediately, scrambling to stop anyone.

In order to pay the room fee in time, they can only dig the dead man’s heart, but Shen Yu mysteriously disappeared last night. Now there are only three bodies upstairs.

And they still have seven living people!

It’s about your life. At this time, there is no moral code. Young and strong people squeeze the old, weak, sick and disabled behind them and desperately pursue a glimmer of vitality.

Obviously, the old couple and the tall man who lost one hand were pushed out.

But somehow, the red haired girl came late and also fell behind.

The younger Roche brothers and sisters and glasses sisters, with kitchen knives ready to gouge out their hearts, first ran to the second floor.

“Where’s the body?”

But then, three people screamed upstairs: “the dead body is missing? It was still here when we went downstairs just now!”

The bodies of fat and thin people, as well as the body of the black faced man lying in Shen Yu’s room, all disappeared, as if the world had evaporated.

They searched all the rooms and searched every corner carefully, but they found nothing.

Where else can the dead go?

How can they pay the room fee for tonight without the dead for them to dig their hearts

Everyone looked at each other, their faces were the same ugly, and there was a bit of vigilance against each other at the bottom of their eyes.

The atmosphere became tense for a moment.

Feeling the depression around, the red haired girl said slowly, “the body must have been secretly dragged away by the cook.”

“Cook?” the old couple said in surprise.

The redhead nodded affirmatively, “yes, chef.”

“He may not want us to get the heart easily, so he transfers the body in advance, or…”

Looking at the old couple’s gradually gloomy look, she sneered and said, “maybe he didn’t have human flesh to eat today, so he was really hungry. He hid the three bodies and kept them secretly.”

“Now we’re talking here. Maybe the cook is hiding somewhere in the hotel, quietly roasting the three hearts and adding food for himself…”

As soon as the words came out, the old couple’s face became more and more gloomy, while the Roche brothers and sisters looked disgusted, as if they couldn’t stand it and said, “stop it, it’s disgusting!”

The old lady was silent for a long time, and finally sighed, as if reluctantly said, “forget it, anyway, I’ve lived most of my life. There’s no regret. I’ll die tonight!”

She shook her hands and turned around. “I don’t want to spend any more time looking for a heart. You young people are free.”

The old man timely helped her: “forgive me, my wife is really tired today. We’ll go back to our room first.”

The two young old people helped each other with their rickety backs. Anyone who saw them would feel sour nasal cavity and hot fundus.

The crowd was silent and watched the two old men leave.

Suddenly, a sneer came softly: “good acting skills!”

The sound was so familiar that the rest were surprised. Looking at the sound, they saw a tall and straight young man sitting by the bed in the room behind them, crossing his legs leisurely and comfortably.

Shen Yu!

Seeing the missing person last night, he suddenly reappeared silently. Everyone’s expression was no less than ghosts in the daytime.

Among them, the less daring Roche brothers and sisters immediately fell to the ground with their legs soft, pointed at him with trembling fingers, and were too frightened to speak.

The tall man was surprised when he saw Shen Yu. The color of guilt in his eyes dispersed and he breathed a sigh of relief in his heart.

The red haired girl’s expression was calm, as if she had known his existence long ago.

She shook the piece of paper full of words and said to Shen Yu, “your courage is really great. How dangerous and disorderly!”

Shen Yu slightly raised his mouth: “you are the only novelist among them. The novelist who can live well in horror stories will be more careful than ordinary people.”

Therefore, the red haired girl will not miss the piece of paper under the corner of the bed and will certainly read the information left by Shen Yu.

What she said just now was all written in advance on the note.

The red haired girl pinched her eyebrows and said, “although I don’t know how you made the three bodies disappear, who found an excuse to leave early after I said what I just said…”

“Who is the cook’s partner!”

Shen Yu blinked and took over slowly.

As soon as he said this, the others were stunned.

“Are you kidding?” Luo Hong said in a trance, “it’s not enough to have a chef in this hotel, a murderer. He also has associates? Associates or two…”

Two old and frail old people who look the most kind?

Because she saw the old couple who believed in Buddhism being forced to eat meat with her own eyes, Luo Hong couldn’t bear to comfort the old couple secretly these days, so she had a good relationship with the old lady sitting next to her.

At this time, she naturally questioned: “the two old people have been vegetarian and chanting Buddha. They are also very thin. They usually shake their hands and can’t even hold chopsticks stably. How can they be the accomplice of the cook?”

Shen Yu: “when did I say they were accomplices?”

Luo Hong breathed a sigh of relief.

Shen Yu: “they are obviously the main culprits. It seems that the mentally retarded cook is their accomplice.”

Luo hongsong’s half tone suddenly stuck in his throat.

She seemed to want to refute, but she didn’t know what to say when she opened her mouth. She could only listen to Shen Yu go on.

Shen Yu’s voice was as calm as ever: “the reason why they have been shaking their hands is because they ate too much human flesh.”

“Do you know mad cow disease?”

“In the past, Britain added a large amount of beef powder to cattle feed, resulting in long-term cannibalism, leading to prion invasion of cattle’s nervous system and global mad cow disease.”

“One of the symptoms of this disease is uncontrolled muscle spasms.”

Looking at Luo Hong’s round eyes, he smiled and continued: “the so-called human mad cow disease is Ya’s disease.”

“Ya’s disease usually occurs in some primitive cannibal tribes. After the death of their relatives, people there will traditionally eat their relatives’ brains in order to obtain their relatives’ wisdom, so they often have the symptoms of Ya’s disease.”

Luo Hong was completely stunned at this time. Her lips trembled and asked, “you mean, the reason why the old couple keep shaking their hands is because…”

Shen Yu nodded silently: “if there is cannibalism occasionally, ordinary people will not suffer from Ya’s disease. Only if they eat the same kind for a long time and swallow a large amount of human flesh, will they be invaded by prions into the nervous system.”

Luo Hong was completely speechless. She just swallowed her saliva nervously.

She suddenly remembered that the amiable old lady had always claimed that she believed in Buddhism and often recited the Buddha’s name.

“Amitabha… Amitabha…”

In retrospect, the old lady only reads the first three words of the Buddha’s name at a time.

Amitabha, there is no Buddha!

The author has something to say: the author’s cold condition became more and more serious some time ago. He almost coughed out his lungs every night. He had to wake up in the morning with the sound of coughing. His spirit was almost depressed to the extreme. He really didn’t have the energy to get worse day by day. I’m very sorry!

During this period of time, the condition was better, and the author finally had the energy to restore his usual life and began to continue his daily work!


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