Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 39

Hunger Hotel (7)

Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 39: Hunger Hotel (7)

Once upon a time, in Luojia village, there was a family with two children, a brother and sister.

However, with the growth of age, brother and sister have had an incestuous love.

As parents, parents naturally try their best to prevent such ugly things from happening. During a dispute, brother Luo tianbai accidentally killed his biological mother, so he had to take his sister Luo Yanhong to flee home and go to other cities.

At that time, the criminal investigation technology was not developed, and they fled far enough. Two anonymous people began to live in hiding.

But life needs money.

Brother and sister became thieves at this point. Finally, in a burglary, they contaminated human life again, and chose to continue to kill and completely degenerate.

They lived a desperate life, and in the following few years, they committed countless blood cases. Their means became more and more cruel and abnormal, and even began to kill and eat meat. They had a psychopathic addiction to cannibalism.

They were completely intoxicated with the taste of human flesh and could hardly eat any other meat.

Luo Yanhong and Luo tianbai were arrested, but they got away with it. So they learned to restrain, and the means of murder were no longer high-profile. They simply lived in seclusion, opened a small hotel in a deserted place, and waited for passengers who accidentally entered it

“The old couple are Luo Yanhong and Luo tianbai.”

Facing the shocked people, Shen Yu calmly continued to explain: “the case committed by the two people was reported in the newspaper, but the newspaper was damaged and the information on it was incomplete because it had been pasted in the kitchen for a long time.”

“I didn’t find the right time for this information until I sat down quietly and watched the news on TV.”

“The news broadcast on TV is not real-time, but a recorded image, which is played repeatedly on DVD, and the real time of the event was 40 years ago.”

Luo Yanhong and Luo tianbai, two murderers, never repented for a moment.

They are even complacent about the bloodshed they have committed in the past. Like medals of honor, they are pasted on the wall, recorded on DVD, played back again and again, and admire their “brilliant” feats again and again.

Both of them have no sense of morality belonging to human beings!

Shen Yu’s eyes swept the Roche brothers and sisters, and then looked at the glasses sister: “before, I doubted you because of the one-sided information of brothers and sisters and lovers, but after finding the key evidence of time, the suspect can only be an old couple.”

After 40 years of wasted time, brother and sister lovers who have killed countless people are finally old, old and weak. They can no longer hold a butcher’s knife and cut the throat of living people.

They need an heir, a child who can continue to kill and cut flesh.

Hearing this, the red haired girl suddenly realized: “so, the cook is their child?”

Shen Yu: “yes, if you look carefully, you can find that almost all the books in the bookcase under the TV are about medical treatment.”

Close relatives get married, and a large part of them are likely to have abnormal children.

As the product of brother and sister, the cook is not immune. He is born with low intelligence, deformed and ugly face and weak eyesight.

However, he is a big man with great strength, which is still a useful tool for the old couple.

Therefore, when the old couple heard that the “tool” did not wait for them to drag the body away and steal human flesh, they would naturally rush back to find out the truth of the matter, so as to determine whether the “tool” was out of their control.

After hearing Shen Yu’s explanation, the people couldn’t help but be silent, and the scene almost fell into a suffocating silence.

Two cannibal murderers, pretending to be kind and amiable, mingled among them, so that everyone could take off their guard against them… It was more frightening than the bloody butcher like the cook.

Finally, the red haired girl was the first to break the silence: “where were you hiding last night? Where were the three bodies?”

Shen Yu didn’t speak, but quietly went to the mirror in the room and gently knocked on the smooth mirror.

The crisp sound echoed throughout the room.

He groped between the mirror and the wall for a few times, then pressed the sharp edge of the mirror and gently lifted it down

The mirror was removed, and a dark hole appeared in front of everyone.

The hole is about half a person high, enough to accommodate an adult to bend down and hide in it. It is very deep. There is almost no light. I don’t know where it leads.

“After I found the tunnel, I knew that the mirrors in the room were made of special materials.”

Shen Yu stroked the smooth and cold mirror and said, “looking from the room, this is just an ordinary mirror, but looking out from the hole, this is a transparent glass.”

“This tunnel extends in all directions, passes through countless walls and connects everyone’s room.”

“When you fall asleep in the dead of night, the two old couples lurk in the cave and watch your every move through the mirror.”

As soon as this remark came out, others imagined the picture at that time, and suddenly they were creepy and got goose bumps all over.

Luo Yanhong and Luo tianbai, first pretending to be kind old people, lurked among them during the day, and monitored their every move at night, just to ensure that all development is under their own control. It’s disgusting and terrible.

Shen Yu then said, “but they are old after all. They can’t stay up day and night. Last night, I found that there was no movement behind the mirror, so I temporarily decided to sneak in and avoid the cook the next day.”

When everyone found out that he was missing, the matter was out of the control of the old couple. They were anxious and irritable. Naturally, they couldn’t remember to check the hole behind the mirror.

So when the people came downstairs, Shen Yu found the right opportunity and transferred the three bodies to the tunnel, creating the illusion that the bodies suddenly disappeared out of thin air, which led the old couple to suspect that the cook stole food.

After listening to his operation, the red haired girl couldn’t help being silent for a long time. Finally, she had to sigh: “I haven’t seen such a dead man. It’s like dancing on the tip of a knife!”

As long as there is a slight mistake in one of these links, it will end up unimaginable.

Shen Yu bent his eyes, a pair of ink stained eyes shining: “but this adventure is worth it!”

“The reason why I left a message for you to support the old couple is that it is closely related to everyone for the next thing. I need the cooperation of all of you.”


Not long after, the old couple came back.

They still had a kind smile on their faces, but there was a doubt in their eyes, and the look between their eyebrows was a little strange.

They had quietly gone to their son, but they found nothing unusual, and the three bodies were still missing.

Now when I come back, it seems that the people who were at a loss before have not changed.

“The old man and I thought about it after we went back. We didn’t think it was the best way to wait for death.”

The old lady shook her hands, stretched the wrinkles on her face and pulled out a smile: “so we’re still back to see if we can think of another way.”

The red haired girl looked at each other and didn’t speak, as if she was still depressed.

“Find a way? What else can we do besides killing each other?!”

Luo Hong said lazily, and then went back to her room with her brother: “forget it, everyone is tired. Just wait to die! Maybe only one person died tonight?”

So in twos and threes, they returned to their room, as if they really gave up hope.

The old couple stopped a little, then put on that kind smile and went back as if nothing had happened.

There was still an endless rainstorm outside the hotel, and the night came soon.

The cook who could not eat human flesh during the day was so hungry that his eyes were angry. Holding a kitchen knife in his hand, he stormed up the second floor.

The crowbar of the previous attack was accidentally lost. Now he can only carry a sharp kitchen knife.

The cook’s heart even began to calculate how to cut those tender and delicious throats later.

Today, no one paid for the room. He squeezed out a ferocious smile on his face, turned his muddy eyes and looked at the glasses girl’s room.

Easily kick open the door and see a person lying on the bed in the room, with a familiar smell of blood in the air.

The cook pushed forward, just raised the kitchen knife in his hand, but suddenly remembered his mother’s scolding during the day.

The tip of his nose smelled the stale smell of blood. He tried to run his underdeveloped brain. He narrowed his eyes and looked in the dark for a long time, and suddenly roared.

He pulled up the “man” on the bed, and saw that the “man” was stiff and rolled to the ground, and his white brain was scattered on the floor. It was indeed a dead body long ago.

Still want to cheat him with this trick! The second time!!

The cook roared angrily, and his strange hoarse voice spread far in the silent night.

“Where are you? Where are you…” he turned around like a headless fly in the room. He was so anxious that he almost overturned his bed. Suddenly, he heard a slight sound from the next room.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Someone is knocking on the window of the next room.

The man in the next room wants to escape through the window!

The chef used his only wisdom to come to such a conclusion.

Then he immediately rushed out of the room, came to the corridor and broke the door of the next room again.

Almost at the moment he rushed out of the room, the almost overturned bed moved. The glasses sister took a deep breath and showed her head from under the bed.

She was not alone, but the tall man also got out of the bed.

At night, the door that is always locked is wide open.

Silently counting the time in their hearts, after hearing the sound of the door being kicked next door, they didn’t hesitate more. They immediately rushed out of their room and ran to the first floor.

Behind him, the cook roared angrily.


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