Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 4

Scarlet Apartment (4)

Third-Rate Thriller Novelist | Chapter 4:  Scarlet Apartment (4)

Brooms, rags, buckets, and cold lunch boxes.

When the administrator left, the flower arm man kicked the bucket away and scolded: “shut me in this broken place and eat this broken lunch box. There’s only one hand left. I have to work for them and clean his mother’s health!”

The others were not surprised at his violent temper. No one paid attention to him. Only his little brother Huang Mao was still helping him.

It was difficult to help a disabled person to take the stairs. They came to the center of the hall and wanted to take the elevator.

However, the elevator with the door tightly closed was clearly not taken, but the displayed figures were constantly changing. It was obvious that the elevator was moving between floors.

Flower arm man remembered that the administrator said yesterday that the elevator had broken down.

“Shit, I’m unlucky. I’m really stuffed with cold water!”

He cursed and scolded. Finally, he simply sat down in the hall. He just commanded his little brother: “ah Huang, do my job together!”

Huang Mao’s eyes flickered, but he thought that after he went out, he had to continue to eat under the boss’s hands, and finally he was submissive.

The rest went to different floors to clean up according to the previous team.

After leaving the crowd, Shen Yu came to a hidden place, took out his black book and looked through it.

Before he looked through boss Qian’s books, he was surprised to find that their every move in the apartment might become a new story on the page.

Sure enough, the analytical information he wrote himself last night has changed into a new story.

Thirteen brave cleaners live in the pink apartment

[the cleaner mints, he heard the movement outside the window, but didn’t open the window; he heard a knock on the door, but didn’t open the door for the visitors. So the visitors said that he was not a hospitable person!] [mints just questioned the rules of the apartment, so anonymity lent him a pen, and he wrote the first stroke of his story.] Shen Yu looked down slightly, The slender fingers rubbed the words and finally stayed on the two names.


It should be the pseudonym given to him by the story.

Then the “anonymous” who lent him his pen means

He looked down at the little boy in front of him.

The little boy has been quietly following him, sensible and obedient, and his sense of existence is also very weak.

At this time, he raised his round face, looked at Shen Yu with dark eyes, and seemed to ask silently, “what’s the matter?”

Anonymity refers to an unidentified person or a person who does not want to disclose his name. In literary works for which the author is unknown, he will also sign anonymously.

Shen Yu was silent for a long time. Suddenly, he grabbed the little boy’s back.

The little boy was slightly surprised, but his body jumped up lightly, like a clever cat, avoiding the attacking palm.

But Shen Yu’s goal is not him.

The little boy’s schoolbag straddled obliquely. He couldn’t dodge. He grabbed it and turned the bottom of his pocket down.

With a click, a book fell to the ground.

As like as two peas in a child’s schoolbag, there is no imagination of paper, pen, homework, textbook, only a black book that is exactly the same as him.

And judging from the child’s calm expression, it’s definitely not the first time he has entered a horror novel.

Shen Yu’s eyes had not moved away from the book, and his neck suddenly cooled.

The child’s voice came from behind him: “don’t move.”

His face remained unchanged: “you lied to me.”

The little boy was silent: “I didn’t lie to you, but you misunderstood.”

Shen Yu: “you lied to me that you were a pupil.”

Little boy: “… I really lied to you.”

Shen Yu: “you are not only a novelist, but also an old hand.”

The little boy behind seemed to smile: “others think you are an old hand, but I can see that you are actually a new man.”

New people mean that their combat effectiveness is not high, and they don’t even know the real rules.

Shen Yu also understood what he meant, and he couldn’t help scolding in his heart.

Today’s situation is a little passive.

But soon the cold touch on his neck disappeared.

The little boy put away his blade and turned to him, “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“I’m sorry I misunderstood you before.”

Shen Yu touched his cool neck and asked, “your pen name is anonymous?”

The little boy said faintly, “every novelist’s pseudonym is given by the novel.”

Shen Yu: “tut.”

Love to eat mints is called “mints”, obesity is called “Pangpang”, and being too lazy to name it is called “anonymous”. This novel is really damaging!

The little boy named anonymous continued to ask, “let me ask again… Do you regret choosing me now?”

Shen Yu looked down at him. After a long time, he smiled. Without doing anything else, he turned and left.

“We still have tasks to finish. Don’t be stunned. Let’s go!” he said with a very natural and unrestrained gesture, still holding cleaning tools in his hand.

Anonymous looked at his back and followed him with a smile.


Now that their identities have been confessed to each other, anonymous will no longer hide themselves.

He directly suggested to Shen Yu: “cleaning the apartment may not only clean the corridor, but also the residents’ rooms.”

By cleaning the residents’ rooms, we can communicate with the residents and collect useful information from the residents.

The proposal was very good, so they began to knock door to door and provide free cleaning service.

Shen Yu has a sunny appearance and a cheerful personality, which makes people feel good at first sight. He used to eat well wherever he went.

Unfortunately, the residents in the pink apartment were closed for the first time.

The residents here looked very strange. Like the administrators they had seen before, their muddy eyes were covered with a layer of gray.

In addition, the residents are either deaf or mute. There are almost no sound people, and everyone is very vigilant and very unfriendly to outsiders.

Often after Shen Yu knocked on the door for half a day, the residents would slowly open a crack in the door and look at people from the crack with their muddy eyes. Before they could speak, they would close the door with a “bang”.

They persevered in selling themselves layer by layer, and finally met a family who was willing to open the door and let them in.

The owner of this family is a middle-aged woman. She is not mute, and her ears are not so powerful. She can hear their voices clearly.

Shen Yu worked hard to clean up while chatting with each other.

“Aunt, the decoration of your house is very beautiful. It’s pink and tender. It really matches your look!” he praised.

When the owner heard the praise, he covered his mouth and smiled: “Oh, your child is really diligent and sweet. The decoration of our apartment is the same, all made by Master Wu.”

“Oh? Master Wu’s craftsmanship is very good.” he caught the key information, but he asked casually: “how much did the decoration cost? I want Master Wu to decorate my house later.”

The owner laughed even more: “you don’t know! Master Wu made the decoration of our apartment for free. There’s no money at all.”

Shen Yu pretended to be surprised and asked, “don’t you want money? Doesn’t master Wu want to lose money?”

Hearing what he said, the owner laughed so much that his teeth leaked out.

The residents in the pink apartment, somehow, have a mouth full of sparse yellow rotten teeth, as if all the good teeth had been pulled out of their mouth.

She said proudly, “Master Wu has his own construction site. He is a foreman on the construction site. He grew up in our apartment. He wanted to give back to the old neighbors in the apartment, so he paid for the renovation of the whole apartment.”

Shen Yu pretended to admire: “so, Master Wu is really a good man!”

“But I think he only decorated the West building. Why didn’t he decorate the East Building of the apartment?”

This was originally just an unintentional remark. Unexpectedly, the owner suddenly changed his face: “what east building? Who told you that our apartment has an East building?”

“There is only the West Building in our apartment. How can you not know? Who are you two?”

The more the owner said, the more embarrassed his face became. The momentum of his whole body gradually became terrible. His body soared, his muddy eyes began to congest, and his mouth seemed to crack.

The sparse yellow teeth also began to grow longer and sharper, until finally they were full of sharp teeth.

Anonymous stood up in front of Shen Yu and turned his palm on the black book. The cold light was cold, and three sharp scalpels had been clamped between his fingers.

Seeing the physical changes of the owner, Shen Yu suddenly remembered that the administrator once said that he must be very polite when talking to apartment residents.

So he turned his mind and said, “aunt, did you hear wrong? What’s the East Building and the West building? I said to repair the stairs. The stairs of the apartment can be wider.”

“Did I hear wrong?”

The homeowner’s momentum soared, but the people here are more or less deaf. It’s hard to say whether they heard wrong.

She hesitated for a moment and looked at the blade between the anonymous fingers. Finally, she reluctantly recovered her original shape.

However, after such an episode, she had no good face for Shen Yu and directly kicked them out of her house.

Once again, the two people who had been closed looked back at the closed door.

Shen Yu smiled and touched the head of the unknown Plush: “it doesn’t matter. Anyway, we have heard the key information.”

“Master Wu”, who decorated the whole apartment for free, is consistent with the information given at the beginning of the black book. They can start from this breakthrough point.

The anonymous face was expressionless and pulled each other’s hands off his head.

This man, after knowing his true identity, actually became presumptuous and even began to tamper with his head.

how absurd!

The whole day was soon spent in the cleaning of everyone.

In the evening, everyone gathered in the hall on the first floor, looking at the administrator with complex faces, waiting for the key to be reassigned.

Two people died last night, and now they have eleven left.

Tonight, there will still be one person alone.

Sure enough, the administrator looked at their number. His wrinkled face smiled, his fingers dipped in saliva, and counted six keys.

Five pink keys and one red key.

“A room for two, you can distribute it by yourself.” still left such a sentence, and the administrator left.

With the previous experience, all the people present at the scene started at the pink key.

In the chaos, the glasses man who had won the game suddenly had a pain in his wrist at the moment he was about to grab the key.

“Ah!” he shouted. He was stunned to see Xu Jiaojiao suddenly rush up and bite him hard on his wrist.

Looking at Xu Jiaojiao’s red eyes, he immediately understood that the other party was to avenge his sister.

The chaos is over, all the pink keys are gone, only a life-threatening red key is left, which is abandoned by everyone and thrown on the ground.

The glasses man who didn’t grab the key looked at the red key gloomily, suddenly burst out and slapped Xu Jiaojiao in the face: “you stinky bitch! Crazy woman!!”

Xu Jiaojiao, who was slapped in the face, quickly swelled up half her beautiful face, and the corners of her mouth were bloodshot.

But when she looked at the man with glasses, she was happy and happy. She cursed fiercely: “go to hell! You deserve to live alone in the East Building and pay for my sister’s life!”

Completely take off that layer of gentle skin. The glasses man was anxious and hated at this time. His face turned red. He stretched out his hand to grab Xu Jiaojiao’s hair: “I’ll kill you crazy woman first!”

“How dare you!” seeing that the person covered by her was threatened, the short haired girl immediately stood up and confronted the glasses man who had always been unhappy with her.

The two are about to fight again.

“I’ll trade with you!”

A voice suddenly startled everyone present.

The crowd turned and saw that Shen Yu picked up the red key and threw the original pink key on the ground.

Facing the shocked eyes of the people, he smiled slowly: “suddenly, I want to check in in the East building.”


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