Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 40

Hunger Hotel (final)

Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 40: Hunger Hotel (final)

After kicking the door of the next room, the first thing the savage cook did was slash to the window.

There was a figure standing by the window. It looked vague in the dark room, as if it was about to turn over the window and escape.

He couldn’t suppress his roar. He cut it with a roar. The sharp blade was embedded in the flesh, but he saw the Figure shaking, and then fell hard on the floor.

The cook’s roar stopped strangely for a moment, and then he suddenly realized… He was fooled again!

The figure lying on the ground is still a dead body.

The anger of being teased again and again made the cook’s anger reach an unprecedented level in an instant.

He roared at the top of his voice, cut off the skull of the body with a sharp knife, and vent his anger to his heart’s content.

Footsteps came from outside the corridor, as if someone was running.

But in another room, the sound of knocking on the window came again. It seemed that someone still wanted to turn over the window and escape.


Even the sound of broken glass.

The red eyed cook, with a kitchen knife in his hand, panted into the corridor.

After hesitating for a moment, he was still attracted by the sound of broken window glass. Instead of chasing footsteps, he turned to another room.

After he left, the Roche brothers and sisters climbed out from under the bed trembling, and their faces turned white with fear.

But they still dare not stay here too much. Like sister glasses, they didn’t hesitate, got up and rushed downstairs.

After stepping into the third room, the facial features on the cook’s face have been distorted by anger.

At a glance, there were no other people in the room, but the window was opened and the window glass was broken.

Obviously, someone escaped from here.

He came to the bed angrily and looked down.

This is the West most room. You can see far around the hotel at a glance.

The rain poured down without shelter. Just below the window, a figure fell to the ground and lay under the wall at the back of the hotel. His skin and flesh had been corroded and rotten by the rain. He didn’t know whether he was alive or dead.

It seems that the people in this room want to jump out of the window and escape, but they forget the endless heavy rain outside, so they jump out of the window and get drenched by the rain.

Finally found a goal, the cook was immediately excited, as if the long suppressed anger had found a vent, and almost couldn’t wait to jump out of the window to find the fallen unlucky ghost.

The corrosive rain outside didn’t seem to work for him.

Just after he jumped down, the red haired girl and Shen Yu climbed out from under the bed quietly.

The three bodies of the dead have been exhausted. There are no other tricks to play! While the cook was distracted, they escaped from the open door and ran straight to the first floor according to the previously agreed route.

In the hall on the first floor, glasses girl, tall man, Luo Hong and Luo Qing have been waiting for a long time and are anxiously waiting for the last two.

Shen Yu didn’t talk nonsense. He led the people to the kitchen: “I explored the hole behind the mirror and found that one of the tunnels connected to the kitchen. It was the only tunnel that didn’t lead to the room.”

“After finding that the man in the rain is still a corpse, the cook will turn back at any time. We don’t have much time. We must move quickly!”

There are a lot of sundries in the kitchen, including kitchen knives, dishes and chopsticks, pots and utensils… There is even a bucket of plasma left. I don’t know whether it’s human blood or animal blood. It’s very smelly. Several flies are buzzing around the bucket.

The crowbar left by the cook was now being held by Shen Yu. He pushed aside the sundries in the way and went straight to a side of the stove.

This stove is in the corner of the kitchen. It is a firewood stove. There is a lot of ash in it. It seems to have been left out for a long time.

Shen Yu used a crowbar to pry open the huge iron pot on the stove. He saw that there was only a deep tunnel under the stove.

There leads to the hope of life!

The faces of the people showed the joy of long absence. Just as they were ready to go down, an angry cry came from behind them.

Looking back, I saw two rickety and thin bodies standing at the kitchen door.

The old couple… Or the aged Luo Yanhong and Luo tianbai brothers and sisters, looked shocked and angry. They didn’t see the kindness and kindness they used to have. Their cold eyes stared at the people fiercely.


All the people present were surprised. Before they could take remedial measures, Luo Yanhong and Luo tianbai raised their heads high and shouted at the top of their voice, “fat sheep is going to run! Ah silly! Ah silly -”

They are calling their son, the burly “tool”.

If you don’t use the skills in the book, everyone present is not the chef’s opponent.

At the moment when the old couple shouted, Shen Yu’s look was heavy. Without hesitation, he flew forward and the crowbar in his hand fell obliquely.

Instead of hitting the old couple’s head, he slashed them between their throats.

“Silly… Eh!”

The two people who were still shouting suddenly stagnated in their screams, with bloody foam in their mouths. They both looked ferocious and fell to the ground in pain. They covered the wound they had been hit. There was a sound in their throat, but they could no longer make a complete sound.

Their vocal cords were broken.

But even so, it’s too late! The cook had heard the cry just now, and a clumsy footstep was approaching the kitchen.

Shen Yu took a deep breath, as if he had made a decision. He rushed forward again, forcibly took off the old couple’s coats and put one of them on himself.

“Don’t be stunned, help quickly!” he threw one of his coats to the red haired girl and said.

After a brief stupor, the red haired girl looked at the coat thrown to her and suddenly understood Shen Yu’s idea.

She couldn’t help but gasp: “adventure! It’s too risky… How did you come up with these more and more death seeking plans?”

Having said that, there is no way at present.

The cook’s footsteps had sounded outside the kitchen door, and people could even hear his heavy breathing.

“I’ve never been so crazy…” the red haired girl murmured, but she didn’t hesitate. She hid her red hair under her hat and put on the coat quickly.

That coat with the smell of an old couple.

Shen Yu even picked up the bucket of remaining plasma on the ground and threw it all on the old couple.

Unable to speak, the two men covered their throats and were stunned with blood. Their whole body was full of other people’s smell, and the thick and fishy plasma covered their faces.

Just at this time, with a heavy gasp, the red eyed cook rushed in.

This evening, a series of tricks have completely annoyed this strong and simple-minded butcher. Now he is waving kitchen knives everywhere, and there are meaningless howls in his mouth, ready to vent his anger.

But the light in the kitchen was so dark that he had to narrow his eyes and try to distinguish his parents shouting in the blood.

The old couple, who were drenched with blood, squeaked and tried to continue to instruct their son.

However, mentally retarded chefs can’t find their familiar feeling from the bloody smell and squeaking sound.

Shen Yu and her red haired sister, dressed in the old man’s coat, stood in the shadow of the kitchen, bent their waist deliberately, imitated the old man’s voice, and vaguely shouted, “ah silly!”

Familiar breath, familiar clothes, familiar call, and ambiguous voice.

The cook was instantly attracted. Although his eyes could not see their appearance, he was gentle for a short time.

“Mom, mom…”

He cried with a silly smile, trying to get close to the “parents” standing in the shadow.

The red haired girl quickly stopped him, pointed her arm at the bloody old couple, imitated their tone just now, and said, “fat sheep… Resist… Want to run, catch them.”

“Kill them!”

“OK, mom.” the cook answered skillfully, holding a kitchen knife in his hand. The expression on his face suddenly turned gloomy and gradually approached the old husband and wife on the ground.

“Oh… No! Woo, woo…” Luo Yanhong and Luo tianbai trembled and watched their son approach, anxious to scold him, but the damaged vocal cords could only make some intermittent nonsense.

The cook didn’t notice. As usual, he went to the “fat sheep”, raised the kitchen knife in his hand and fell hard.

“Fat sheep” made a terrible scream, which sounded a little familiar, but he thought for a while with his dull brain, but got nothing, so he continued to cut down the blade happily.

The thick blood splashed on his face, and the scream of the two “fat sheep” became weaker and weaker.

Two demons who ate countless people finally died in the hands of their “tools”.

Just when Luo Yanhong and Luo tianbai ate the consequences of their own evil, Shen Yu and her sister with red hair had quietly entered the tunnel in the stove with others who were stupid.

The hidden tunnel was very deep. A group of people bent down and walked for a long time before they felt a slight light in front of them. A burst of cold air came into everyone’s ears with the sound of rain.

Walking in the front, Shen Yu looked up, but only saw a palm sized gloomy sky and continuous rain.

The tunnel did not go outside the hotel as he thought, but led to the dry well in the hotel courtyard. The opening of the tunnel was in the middle of the dry well.

At this time, the outside rain is still falling in the dry well.

Under the thick mud at the bottom of the dry well, a few thick white bones are faintly exposed.

It seems that this dry well is where the old couple dispose of “kitchen waste” after eating human meat.

The black book in his hand was hot again. Shen Yu took out the book and opened a new page.

Nine tenants stayed in a small hotel

The room rate here is free

The butcher’s knife approaches behind you

[dead in front of me… But the hotel is a new day.]

Looking at the development of the new plot, Shen Yu chewed the last sentence over and over in his heart.

Dead in front of you… But a new day?

Looking up, the poisonous rain at the wellhead continued.

Looking down, the white bones in the mud were shocking.

It seems that there is no way to live anywhere, as if this is… A dead land!

In the tunnel behind them, clumsy footsteps came again, and the cook’s voice was approaching: “Mom? Mom, where are you going?”

The cook has caught up.

People could not help but change their faces.

Facing this almost fatal situation, Shen Yu smiled.

He took out the sugar box, poured out the last mints and threw them into his mouth.

The familiar cold and sweet taste melted at the tip of his tongue. He calmly said to the people, “follow me.”

Then, in a cry of surprise, he jumped down towards the thick white bones at the bottom of the well.

A familiar darkness came upon him.


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