Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 41

Reentry Text White Tower

Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 41: Reentry Text White Tower

The darkness faded away.

Shen Yu opened his eyes and found himself sitting on the seat. In front of him was still the familiar suburban scenery. The vehicle stopped in place and didn’t move.

It was early morning outside the window, the air was fresh, and the rising sun had just risen from the horizon.

There is also a familiar figure standing outside the window with a quiet face and gentle eyes.

Shen Yu smiled and rolled down the window: “how did you find me?”

Yueze didn’t speak, silently opened the door and sat in the co pilot’s position.

They were close together, and even the slightest breath could be heard clearly in the narrow space.

Yueze’s body seemed to have a fresh chill. His palm was not much blood color. It was pale to almost transparent. The dark coat even condensed the dew in the morning.

Shen Yu realized that the other party must have been waiting in place for a long time. He waited for the whole cold night until dawn, and finally waited for his safe return.

He suddenly lost his voice. He put his hands on the steering wheel and said, “I’m fine.”


Yueze still answered calmly, as if the person waiting all night was not himself.

But after a moment of hesitation, he finally opened his mouth worried and asked, “I didn’t meet anyone from the black dragon club this time?”

“No, if it happens, I’m afraid it won’t be so smooth. Suddenly, I was involved in the story unprepared…” Shen Yu slowly told him what happened in the story.

“This story is a little dangerous. It restricts the use of the skills in the book…” when talking about the skills, Shen Yu suddenly remembered something and quickly opened the black book.

The last time he came out of the cruise ship story, he was involved in the hotel story before he could see his new skills.

If you succeed this time, you should count the reward for writing two stories.

Hide and seek

[congratulations to novelist mints for completing his third horror novel.] [gain skill: breathe]

[I learned that you are a land duck, and the water devils were overjoyed and praised you!] [skill use, as long as you say “stay away from my ship”, you can forcibly obtain the right to breathe for three minutes, and you can avoid suffocation in water, poison gas and even space.] [PS: the water devils asked me to bring you a message: “Get out! Stay away from my boat and don’t come again!”] “hunger Hotel”

[congratulations to novelist mints for completing his fourth horror novel.]

[you picked up the crowbar dropped by the cook. Congratulations on getting this holy sword of physics, hee hee!] [use the prop. You can use the crowbar in your hand to pry open all the locks and open all the closed doors.] [PS: give me a fulcrum, I can pry the whole earth… Just listen to this sentence. The crowbar really can’t pry the earth.] [gain skill: paoding jieniu]

[the chef’s knife is not only a killing knife, but also a knife for cutting meat and removing bones.] [when you use this skill, a bone cutting knife appears in your hand and aims at your target. As long as there is flesh and blood, you can completely dismember the target in one minute.] [PS: the chef asked me to bring you a sentence: “where’s dad? Where’s mom?”] Looking at the three newly acquired skill props, Shen Yuchang breathed a sigh of relief and closed the page.

Not enough! Not enough!

He needs more skills and become stronger faster to avoid the pursuit of the black dragon club and protect his life to the greatest extent.

Sooner or later, he will completely destroy the Black Dragon Society with his own strength!

Put away the black book, he fell on the driver’s seat, closed his eyes for a long time, and suddenly said, “anonymous, I need to write more stories.”

Yueze was not surprised. He got up and exchanged seats with him. He sat in the driver’s seat, started the vehicle and took him back.

“You can finish a story independently, and you can finish it well under the constraints of high difficulty. This growth rate is amazing even in the whole text white tower,” he said as he drove.

Shen Yu, who was sitting in the co pilot’s position, closed his eyes quite tired: “but it’s not fast enough!”

Yueze didn’t speak, but drove the vehicle silently.

Until the tired Shen Yu was about to fall asleep, he calmly said, “no matter which road you choose, I will help you.”

“I will always stand behind you.”

Shen Yu’s eyes were as bright as stars. If there was something in the bottom of his eyes, he smiled and tilted his head to look at him: “really?”


“It’s a deal?”

“It’s a deal!”

Rare, Yueze also showed a smile: “but that’s all after.”

“You are too tired now. Have a good rest first…”

The next words were more and more vague in Shen Yu’s ears.

After four days in the story, he was at the end of his life. Finally, he couldn’t endure the hunger and fatigue of his body. Around the people he trusted most, he slowly closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep.


A month is fleeting.

Shen Yu, who cultivated his body and mastered his new skills, put his palm on the cover of the black book again.

Yueze stood behind him. Zhang Cuihua looked at them and was busy eating watermelon.

Although Shen Yu didn’t meet the believers of the black dragon club last time, it doesn’t mean that he will be so lucky every time. When the black dragon club has always wanted his life, Yueze still chose to spend a few more stories with him.

Shen Yu asked, “what about the daily affairs of Camellia department?”

Yueze: “give it to Cuihua temporarily.”

Seeing that they pressed their fingerprints and disappeared, Comrade Zhang Cuihua, who was watching, was stunned, then jumped up angrily and spit out the melon in his mouth.

Pity yourself, a single dog! You’ve become a social animal!

After her anger, she looked around secretly and took out her Erguotou from her pocket while the minister was away.

Ton ton ton

After Shen Yu opened his eyes, he came to the white tower again.

The towering white tower still stands in place, and the white stone ladder at the foot remains unchanged, but the difference is that Shen Yu has completely faded the green temperament of new novelists.

In the stream of people coming and going in the white tower, no idle people dared to talk to him again.

But vaguely, Shen Yu felt that there were more novelists secretly looking at him.

As he stepped near the stone tablet of the white tower, there were more obscure eyes to explore.

“Are the people of the Black Dragon Society quietly watching me?” he asked Yueze softly.

Yueze shook his head slightly: “it’s not just the people of the black dragon club.”

“Since you finished two horror novels in a short time, your ranking on the stone tablet has risen very fast.”

“From an unknown nobody to the top 50 in one breath, this gap is a height that many novelists can’t reach in their life.”

“Especially in the story of the cruise ship, many surviving novelists saw you shot by the black dragon club and fell into the sea… Many people thought you were dead long ago. As a result, just a few days later, your ranking in the stone tablet suddenly rose a large part and hit everyone in the face.”

“Now you are a hot character star in the white tower. Most people are secretly betting on how far you can go… Or how long you can live?”

After hearing Yueze’s explanation, Shen Yu couldn’t help being silent.

He looked up at his ranking on the stone tablet, No. 47.

The higher the people on the stone tablet, the higher the ranking. When seeing the names of the top ten, Shen Yu had to raise his head and keep retreating back.

Zhang Cuihua’s ranking rose one more place and ranked seventh. Starscream, who had a one-sided relationship, ranked eighth. Their ranking was still very tight.

Good night, who shot him in the dark. His ranking was not found on the stone tablet. He used a false pseudonym at the beginning.

The last time he entered the white tower, he was in a hurry. He didn’t see the first name.

This time, he finally saw the first person in the position where he was almost invisible.


He stared at the name for a long time, then turned his head to Yueze behind him.

The white tower, which was feared by everyone, was the first. At this time, he looked calm and said faintly, “we should go.”

Shen Yu raised his eyebrows and smiled, “go!”

When he entered the library again, he turned out one of the still messy blank books at random.

A day in Ping An hospital


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