Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 42

A Day in Ping An Hospital (1)

Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 42: A Day in Ping An Hospital (1)

“Hey, newcomer!”

Before the dizziness of entering the story had completely faded, I heard a rude cry in my ear.

Shen Yu blinked and looked forward.

At this time, he was in a corridor. Outside the corridor was a huge French window, especially clean and bright, surrounded by the smell of disinfectant.

Not far away stood a doctor in a white coat, about middle-aged, with a black mole on the tip of his nose. He was short and fat, like a potato wrapped in a white cloth.

“Yes, that’s you, the new security guard!” the doctor with mole shouted rudely.

Shen Yu looked down and found that he was really wearing a black and blue security suit, with an anti riot stick at his waist, and even carrying an old flashlight in his hand.

It seems that his role in the story is hospital security.

He looked around and found no other novelists, so he had to go to the doctor first.

The doctor’s chest hung a work card with his name written on it.

[Ping An hospital, doctor No. 37, Zhang ChangLei]

There is no outpatient department to which the doctor belongs, but there is a separate number, which makes Shen Yu a little strange.

He looked down at his chest and found a work card hanging.

[Ping An hospital, security guard No. 102, mints]

He also had a number, and the work card leaked his pseudonym.

Thinking of the black dragon club hidden in the dark, Shen Yu’s heart tightened slightly, but his face was not obvious. He just quietly took off the work card in front of his chest.

Dr. Zhang ChangLei didn’t notice his little movements. He just called him in front of him and took out a bunch of Jingling keys.

“The previous group of security personnel resigned collectively, and the hospital was short of people to watch the night. The president had no time to find new security personnel, so he had to make do with using you laymen for a day first… God, you didn’t even have pre job training, and the president was just playing!”

While muttering, Doctor Zhang picked out several of the keys from the large string and handed them to Shen Yu: “this is the key to the underground parking lot, this is the key to the mortuary, as well as the key to the fire passage and the lobby on the first floor.”

“These places are where you patrol at night. Remember to keep the key.” he nagged and handed over the key.

But before Shen Yu took over, Doctor Zhang’s eyes inadvertently glanced at his empty chest. He suddenly looked hard and shouted, “where’s your work card?”

Shen Yu paused and put on the work card as if nothing had happened.

Seeing his number, Dr. Zhang was relieved. He wiped the sweat from his forehead and said, “young man, if you want to work here, you must wear the work card all the time.”

Shen Yu smiled, pretended to be a new recruit, and asked, “I’m just afraid of losing my work card, so I took it off and put it away. Is the consequence of not wearing a work card very serious?”

Doctor Zhang coughed and said, “wearing a work card is our own… Don’t ask so many questions. After today’s shift, your salary is indispensable!”

After saying that, he refused to explain too much. He just handed the key to Shen Yu and turned around and hurried away.

“It’s getting dark…”

Half a sentence of vague voice, accompanied by hurried footsteps, fell into Shen Yu’s ears.

Looking at Doctor Zhang’s hurried steps, Shen Yu narrowed his eyes slightly, and then turned his head to look out of the window.

At this time, it was dusk. The sunset was as red as blood. It sprinkled warm through the brilliant sunset glow and shone on the gate of the courtyard outside the window.

The black iron door stands tall with four big characters on it.

Ping An hospital

At this time, his black book began to burn slightly.

Shen Yu took out the book and opened it.

[a small security guard came to the morgue.]

He is going to spend the longest night of his life

But in the dark, he heard the bodies whispering

[be careful, Ping An hospital is not safe!]

Can you live to see the sun tomorrow

Shen Yu sighed and put the book away. He decided to get familiar with the surrounding environment first and find out if there was anyone else.

He and Yueze came in together, but Yueze disappeared at this time. I don’t know where he entered the story?

And for the first time, he didn’t see any other novelists. The whole story seemed like he was alone.

This Ping’an hospital covers a very large area. The main body is a five storey building, and there are two smaller buildings on the left and right. There are corridors on each floor to connect the three buildings together.

On the back of the main building, Shen Yu saw through the window a small building with only two floors, hidden under a leafy tree, not connected with the main building.

The outer layer of the small building is covered with vines. It looks like it has been abandoned for a long time and is integrated with the branches and leaves of the big tree. If you don’t look carefully, it’s easy to ignore the past.

Shen Yu wanted to go to the small building behind to find out, but he couldn’t find the back door of the main building.

So he just waited to grope all the way down the stairs to the lobby on the first floor.

The entrance hall was still empty, there was no patient, and the silence was almost panic.

But walking down the hall, you can see a small door locked with an iron fence. Through the gap in the fence, you can see a ladder behind the door leading to the dark basement.

Shen Yu thought of the keys given to him by Doctor Zhang and immediately searched for them.

Most of these keys are rusty and emit a pungent smell of disinfectant, but they still can’t cover up the greasy dirt in the key gap. The same dirty label is pasted on the key handle.

He picked out the key marked “lobby”, poked it into the lock hole and turned the rusty key, but he only heard a toothy creak.

“Who is it? It’s so noisy that people can’t sleep?”

Suddenly a voice interrupted Shen Yu’s great cause of opening the door.

In the room next to the iron fence, an old man in his 60s opened the door in his clothes and shouted bleary eyed.

The old man was black and thin, with flip flops on his feet, loose clothes on his body, like he didn’t wake up. His shriveled fingers covered his mouth and yawned.

He narrowed his eyes and saw the work card on Shen Yu’s chest: “I’m dying. There’s so much noise when I open the door. What quality are the security guards recruited by the hospital now?”

The old man muttered, then took the key in Shen Yu’s hand and poked it into the lock hole. With a slight twist, he opened the iron fence leading to the basement.

Finally, seeing the second living man except the doctor, Shen Yu looked at each other quietly, and then said with a smile: “Sir, I just started today and don’t understand anything. Please bear more!”

“Oh, bear with…”

The old man frowned. “I’ve been a concierge here for more than ten years. It’s the first time I’ve seen a security guard who can’t even open the door with a key. Did you sleep through your pre job training?”


Shen Yu raised his eyebrows slightly.

Generally speaking, whether it is a community, school, hospital, or other organs and units, the duty of the concierge is to guard the gate, so the general residence is also the room next to the gate.

But the gatekeeper of Ping An hospital is not at the gate, but lives in the deep inner side of the first floor?

Is he guarding the gate to the basement?

Shen Yu was still thinking, but the concierge asked, “it’s not dark yet. It’s not time for you to go to work. Why are you here so early?”

“On the first day of work, get familiar with the working environment in advance,” Shen Yu replied.

The porter’s face showed a ghost look: “your security guards have broken their heads? What’s good in the basement? Others want to be as far away as possible.”

Shen yuminrui grabbed the key words and said, “our security guards? Have you seen other people come besides me, sir?”

The porter yawned again: “yes! Two people have been here just now. They are novice security guards like you. They want to enter the basement as soon as they come up.”

“Unfortunately, they were responsible for patrolling other areas and didn’t have the key to the basement, so they took out all kinds of strange tools and knocked and beat at the iron fence. Finally, they didn’t go in, but they woke me up.”

“When I woke up, I scolded them and they left.”

After listening to the porter, Shen yuruo nodded thoughtfully.

Novice security guards, want to enter the basement, strange props… It seems that those two people are also novelists.

They should have entered the story earlier than him, so they were just staggered from his heart. No wonder he couldn’t see other novelists.

But if the timeline of entering the story is staggered, some early and some late, will Yueze have come to the hospital earlier? Or haven’t you entered the hospital yet?

Shen Yu thought silently and politely asked the porter, “Sir, do you know which area the two people who came just now are responsible for patrolling?”

According to the porter, the basement seems very dangerous?

He decided not to go to the basement for the time being, but to explore other places first.

The porter scratched his head: “which one do I know? But looking at the last direction they left, it seems that they went to the breathing Department of the building on the right? Young man, why are you looking for them?”

Shen Yu said casually, “they are my fellow villagers. We are both from the same place, so we are going to say hello.”

The porter nodded clearly: “Oh, looking for friends!”

“That’s right! In Ping An hospital, your friends are either security guards or patients like you. They won’t be those doctors!”

Hearing what he said, Shen Yu suddenly stopped when he was about to leave.


He said slowly, “I came all the way, but I didn’t see half of the patients in the hospital.”

The porter sneered: “nonsense, which hospital has no patients?”

The old man laughed as if there were no patients in the hospital. It was the most absurd joke in the world.

Shen Yu frowned and looked at each other silently for a long time.

He suddenly found that although the old man claimed to be the concierge of the hospital, there was no work card on his chest.

Wearing a work card is our own

What Dr. Zhang said just now sounded in his mind.


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