Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 43

A Day in Ping An Hospital (2)

Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 43: A Day in Ping An Hospital (2)

After the darkness in front of him faded, Yueze immediately felt something wrong.

His whole body was restrained.

When he opened his eyes, he saw only a bright and bright light, which almost hurt his eyes.

He was wearing a rubber restraint suit, and the surrounding environment was a confined space, narrow and suffocating.

There is a palm sized glass window directly in front of the line of sight, which seems to be used to observe the detainees inside.

The walls, floors and ceilings around him were covered with thick cushions. There was nothing else. The whole room was in an empty state.

After observing the surroundings for three seconds, Yueze immediately came to a conclusion.

His identity in this story is a patient detained in a mental hospital.

Maybe he, a patient, had serious violence.

The restraint clothes on the body prevent the patient from hurting the medical staff, and the cushion in the room is to prevent the patient from self mutilation.

After making a general assessment of his current identity, Yueze’s eyes were slightly heavy. He approached the window very carefully, tried not to make a sound, and looked out warily from the palm sized transparent window.

The outside light was as like as two peas, and there was a small corridor with a large number of transparent windows, each of which was lined up as blocks.

Dazzling lights leak out of these windows, and a patient is held in each confined space.

Some patients wear rubber restraint clothes like him, while others do not.

Some people sit in place with a wooden expression, unaware of the stimulation of the outside world. Some people giggle and clap their hands. Others kept circling around the room, occasionally making several hysterical howls and looking manic.

“I’m not mentally ill. Let me out!”

In the room opposite Yueze, a girl suddenly jumped up, slapped the window and shouted.

The girl looks only a teenager. She is wearing a blue and white striped sick suit. Her round face is completely anxious and confused, as if she doesn’t understand why she suddenly appears here.

“I just have a cold. I don’t know why I suddenly fainted as soon as I stepped into the hospital and woke up here… But I’m really not mentally ill. Can anyone hear me?” the girl’s voice was hoarse.

Her voice also startled others.

Similarly, two young men woke up from different rooms and kept knocking at the window: “who locked me here? When I go out, I must sue this broken hospital for illegal detention!”

“I’m a medical student. I haven’t practiced yet. Suddenly, I’m locked up here in the dark… Eh, why do I have a black book in my hand?”

In addition to himself, two viewers and a novice novelist are trapped in this place.

Listening to the cries of the three outside, Yueze was thinking silently.

At this time, there was a sound of footsteps in the corridor.

A man and a woman, wearing a black and blue security suit, a work card on his chest and a baton in his hand, came over.

Seeing someone coming, the three novices who were innocent and involved in the story immediately shouted harder.

“Shut up!”

The male security guard knocked hard at the window with a baton and scolded.

The person he scolded was a violent temper. He immediately picked up at the window and refused to show weakness: “what are you pulling, little security guard? I tell you, this is illegal detention! I will find someone to get you when I go out…”

Before he finished, the security guard had a gloomy face, opened the iron door of the room and walked in with a baton.

The grumpy man in the room still looked indifferent, as if he was sure that the other party was just bluffing himself and didn’t dare to really hit others.

“What’s the matter? Do you still want to compete? Do you know how much you have to accompany me in the hospital when your stick falls down? Call if you can. Come! Say hello here… Ah

The grumpy man suddenly gave a scream, covered his hit nasal bone, rolled in pain, and the red nose blood was seeping from between his fingers.

The security guard’s face was expressionless. He raised his baton again and fell hard at the head of the grumpy man!

The baton kept falling like rain.

The grumpy man didn’t dare to be stubborn any more. He could only hold his head and shrink into a ball. He howled powerlessly. He was so sore that he was out of breath. His head was broken and bleeding and his body was blue and blue. He even had no strength to stand up.

The security guard didn’t care about human life at all. Until he beat the angry man who abused him to half death, he disdained to bah and heavily locked the door.

The round faced girl who had been crying for help before had been scared silly. Like a quail, she shivered and shrank in the corner with tears in her eyes, but she clung to her mouth and dared not make a sound.

The medical student who became a novice novelist was also shocked by the ruthlessness of the security guard. He silently returned to the room and tried to pretend that he didn’t exist.

When the male security guard saw that everyone was obedient and no one dared to talk back to him, his ears finally stopped. He immediately picked his eyebrows and showed a trace of pride on his face.

The female security guard who accompanied him felt something wrong at this time and advised: “why do you start so hard? They are just ordinary people involved. It’s normal to feel afraid.”

“We’re not really security guards. We don’t have to get into the play like this.”

Hearing this sentence, I have been paying attention to the more Ze of the outside world, and my eyes suddenly moved.

These two security guards are not the characters in the book, but also novelists who enter the story?

At this time, he heard a cold hum from the male security guard: “they have entered the story, that is, their lives are bad! With such a huff and puff appearance, they will not live long.”

“Since they will die sooner or later, being killed by me is no different from being eaten by monsters.”

The female security guard seemed to want to persuade something, but after hesitating for a moment, she finally chose to shut up.

But the male security guard said more and more vigorously. Instead, he didn’t let her go. He asked coldly, “are you questioning me?”

The female security guard hurriedly denied: “you misunderstood, how dare I… Your level is higher than me, and the lower level can never refute the higher level. This is not only the regulation in the organization, but also the code we should sincerely believe in.”

Seeing her soft, the male security guard’s tone finally eased: “you know, we should always remember the code. After all, the Great Dragon God has been watching us!”

Hearing their conversation, Yueze immediately frowned.

Black dragon club!

The two novelists are followers of the Black Dragon Society.

Shen Yu enters the story with him, but he doesn’t know where he is. However, it seems that the two black dragon believers haven’t found his whereabouts yet.

While thinking, two security guards have passed Yueze’s window.

Through the light through the window, Yueze clearly saw the work cards worn on their chest.

[Ping An hospital, security guard No. 071, Haijiao]

[Ping An hospital, security guard No. 089, Zhang Keke]

What is written on this work card should be the pseudonym of the novelist.

Trapped by the restraint clothes, Yueze lowered his eyes, suddenly turned around, lay on his side on the ground, with his back to the window, and tried to slow down his heartbeat and breathing.

Just now, he was quiet and didn’t shout like those newcomers, so the two people outside the door didn’t know that he was also a novelist, but thought he was a role in the book like other patients.

At this time, through the window, I saw Yueze, who fell to the ground and was stiff. The female security guard named Zhang Keke said slightly uneasily, “what’s the matter with this patient? Isn’t he dead?”

The male security guard named Hai Jiao approached the window and knocked on the iron door rudely with a baton: “Hey! Talk!”

Yueze didn’t move, his chest didn’t even fluctuate up and down, and he obviously didn’t breathe.

“Shit! Really dead?”

Hai Jiao immediately took out the key and opened the iron door. He couldn’t help muttering, “these patients are all useful. They suddenly died. It’s hard for us to explain to the doctor. It may even affect the development of the next plot.”

They seem to be the first to enter the timeline, so they know more than others, and even have had contact with doctors.

After opening the door, Hai Jiao carefully approached the people lying on the ground for fear that the patient would suddenly burst up and bite.

He kicked Yue Ze’s back with his toes: “Hey! Don’t stay on the ground, get up.”

Feeling the stiffness of the people on the ground, he became bolder and squatted down to have a closer look.

No breathing, no body temperature, even heart beating!

“Really a dead man…”

He muttered, trying to untie the binding garment tied to him: “let’s deal with the body!”

Zhang Keke remained vigilant and warned, “be careful!”

Hai Jiao took off his restraint clothes and said impatiently, “I don’t even have any living popularity. What do a dead man need me to be careful about…”

At the moment when the clothes were pulled open, Yueze, who had no breath, suddenly opened his eyes, jumped up from the ground, and a black book appeared on his palm.

The unfinished words stuck in his mouth. Hai Jiao stared round and didn’t have time to react. There was a sharp wind in front of him.

Before they could use their skills, the whole person was involved in the violent wind and fell heavily to the surrounding walls.

There were thick cushions on the wall, but Yueze didn’t give his opponent any chance to fight back. He directly opened another page and used the skill barrier again.

Their bodies were thrown up high, and the back of their heads hit the hard barrier. They didn’t even shout. They were all black in front of them, passed out, and fell down soft.

Several keys rolled down from Haijiao and rolled to Yueze’s feet.

Different security guards are responsible for patrolling different areas. Accordingly, doctors will give them different keys.

Yueze finally got rid of the shackles. At this time, wearing a blue and white striped sick suit, he leaned down to pick up the key on the ground, walked out of the room without hesitation, and locked the two unconscious security guards in the cramped ward with his backhand.

The grumpy man with broken head and blood flow, the frightened Round faced sister and medical students can only hear some voices, but they don’t know what’s going on outside.

Until the key poked into the keyhole, they dared to look up and look at the open iron door.

They saw a tall and handsome man standing outside the door like a God and extending his redeeming hand to them: “follow me!”

After hesitating for a moment, the round faced sister and the medical student braved up and rushed out of the cage behind Yueze.

Just when rescuing the grumpy man, there were some accidents.

Just now, he was severely beaten. The angry man with black and blue wounds has been beaten. No one can believe it. Look, no one is like a good man.

“What do you want? You’re not with the security guard, are you? What is this place? Is it a MLM organization? You’re a trust! Join hands to play me and give me a stick first and then a sweet jujube?”

The grumpy man hid in the corner and asked anxiously.

Yueze didn’t force him: “I want to find a way out. If you want to come, follow.”

Seeing that he took the other two people, he turned and left mercilessly. The irritable man panicked again, got up quickly and stumbled to keep up: “wait for me!”

This corridor is very deep and winding, and the rooms along the way are full of crazy patients. Naturally, the atmosphere is very creepy.

Round faced girls and medical students can’t wait to stick to it when they walk. The closer they are, the better.

Only the grumpy man, stop and go, a pair of eyes dribbling around, seems to want to find a different way and escape by himself.

Until several people turned a corner and suddenly ran into a man.

The man was dressed in a white coat, with gold wire glasses on the bridge of his nose and a ballpoint pen in his pocket. He looked like a normal doctor.

The doctor, who looked gentle and thin, stood in place, helped the glasses on the bridge of his nose, and looked at the people coldly: “patient?”

Yuezedun stopped, opened his arms vigilantly and stopped several people behind him.

But the grumpy man suddenly jumped out and shouted angrily: “what patient, you are mentally ill! What’s the matter in your hospital? Lock up the people who are not ill, and the security guards in the hospital beat people!”

After staying in this depressed environment for a long time, I suddenly saw a normal person. Although the tone of the grumpy man was angry, the expression on his face was a little excited.

He didn’t trust Yueze. At this time, the doctor in front of him looked like a good man, so he felt that he should be able to communicate normally.

He has to find a way to prove that he is not mentally ill. He is the wrong person in the hospital. Let the hospital send him out, and he has to compensate for his mental loss and medical expenses!

No matter how bad it is, even if the doctor, like the security guard, is also a disorderly thing, but judging from his thin physique, he is definitely not his opponent.

With this inexplicable confidence, the grumpy man ran to the doctor domineering, shouting fiercely in his mouth.

Even Yueze couldn’t stop him!


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