Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 44

A Day in Ping An Hospital (3)

Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 44: A Day in Ping An Hospital (3)

The grumpy man rushed to the doctor so fast that even Yueze couldn’t stop him.

At the moment when he rushed to the doctor, the gentle and thin doctor suddenly raised his right hand, which had been in his pocket, holding a syringe in his hand, and tied it accurately to the side of the grumpy man’s neck.

The unknown liquid medicine was injected into the needle hole in an instant. The angry man suddenly raised his eyes and covered his eyes with blood. His burly body collapsed to the ground. His stiff hands covered his neck. The whole person was convulsing uncontrollably and made a “Ho Ho” noise in his mouth.

Within a few seconds, the healthy adult stopped twitching, his eyes were wide open and completely lost signs of life.

The round faced girl and the medical student trembled and shrank behind Yueze.

The doctor who killed one person still looked indifferent, as if what he had just killed was just a white mouse. He just turned his head and looked at the three Yueze people, raised his hand and pressed the communicator in front of his chest.

“Alarm! Four patients are out of control, one of them has died, and the remaining three. All security personnel, please pay attention, the patient’s position is…”

Before he finished, Yueze suddenly offered the black book and used the skill [storm] and [barrier] again.

Like the two members of the black dragon society just now, the doctor’s body was suddenly lifted by the strong wind, fell heavily in the hard barrier, passed out, and even the communication device on his chest broke.

Yue zefei stepped forward, completely crushed the communicator, then thought for a moment, bent over and took off the work card on the doctor.

[Ping An hospital, doctor No. 20, Li Qian.]

At this time, the round faced sister and the medical student came up trembling: “big brother, big brother, what should I do now?”

Yueze said: “the doctor alerted the security, but he didn’t have time to inform us of our location just now, so the hospital can’t find us for the time being, but it will certainly strengthen the search.”

“Come with me. Let’s go back to the ward.”

They were surprised by his words, and were immediately confused: “go back, go back? But we just escaped…”

Yueze didn’t speak and left in silence.

The two people who were left tangled for a long time. Finally, they stamped their feet hard and bravely followed him.


The setting sun fell and the sky was completely dark.

Shen Yu looked up at the wall clock in the hospital corridor.

It’s seven fifty.

Just now, when he found that the old porter didn’t have a numbered badge on his chest, he didn’t scare the snake. He just forced himself to be calm, chatted with the old man, and then found an excuse to patrol elsewhere.

He wanted to go to the basement just now, but the old porter’s identity was unknown. He was not sure of the other party’s danger, so he gave up the idea for the time being.

Some novelists tried to enter the basement before, but failed because they didn’t have a key. According to the hint of the old porter, Shen Yu went to the respiratory department.

According to the plan of the hospital, the respiratory department is located on the third floor of the building on the right. He just walked to the stairs between the second floor and the third floor and suddenly held his breath and stepped lightly.

The conversation of two young girls was faintly coming from the corridor on the third floor.

“Cousin, I’ve searched the third floor. There’s no clue worthy of attention.”

“The second floor is nothing special. It seems that the only place where we can get clues is the archives room on the first floor and the basement of the building on the left.”

“But we’ve seen it before. The basement is locked and can’t enter at all. There is even a guard at the door of the basement. At present, the only thing that can enter smoothly is the archives.”

“To get into the basement, we need a key… Who? Get out!”

Suddenly he found his conversation overheard, a familiar female voice snapped.

Hearing the reprimand, Shen Yu slightly picked his eyebrows. He was not in a hurry. He slowly walked up the stairs and appeared in front of them.

“It’s you!” they seemed surprised to see Shen Yu.

Shen Yu held out his hand reluctantly: “I didn’t expect to meet again so soon.”

In front of him, one was dressed in a red skirt, elegant, and holding a slender women’s cigarette pole in his hand. One had red hair and a cold expression on his face.

Unexpectedly, in the previous story, he once met Starscream and red haired girl.

Listening to their previous conversation, they are still cousins.

Seeing the sudden appearance of Shen Yu, the red haired girl was a little stunned, while Starscream looked directly behind him and glanced at him like looking for someone.

Shen Yu said, “don’t look for it. Comrade Zhang Cuihua didn’t enter the story.”

Starscream snorted coldly, “why am I looking for her?”

Having said that, a look of obvious disappointment appeared on her face.

Shen Yu: ”

good heavens! These two people are perfectly matched. You come and go, but they are addicted to fighting!

We are not new people. After a few words of greeting, we make sure that there is no malice between us, so we are no longer polite, and temporarily form an alliance to exchange the information we currently know.

“We tried to enter the basement before, but the iron fence had to be opened with a key. When we further tried to explore, we were blocked by the role of the doorman, so we had to change our target.” Starscream path.

Shen Yu’s eyes moved, meditated for a moment, and slowly said, “I have the key to the basement.”

Seeing him so frank, Starscream was a little surprised, but since the other party had expressed sincerity, she no longer hid: “we have the key to the archives.”

In this hospital, different security personnel seem to be responsible for different areas and hold different keys in their hands.

Both sides took out their keys. The key in Shen Yu’s hand was rusty, but the key in Starscream’s hand was bright and new.

Shen Yu slightly frowned: “I suggest going to the archives first.”

The old man in charge of guarding the entrance of the basement always gave him an ominous feeling.


In the narrow dark corridor, small airtight windows were on.

Round faced girls and medical students, timidly following Yueze’s back, almost choked and looked at the windows on both sides.

The patients in the small room seemed more manic and more excited than before. They rushed to the window one after another, their eyes flushed, stared at the three of them fiercely, and roared hysterically.

Each patient was desperately beating the thick glass, regardless of whether his palm had broken the skin and pasted the window glass with blood and flesh.

Feeling the eyes of the patients as if they were going to eat people, Yueze looked at his chest along their eyes.

Just now he knocked out the doctor, robbed the doctor’s work card and put it on his chest.

And countless violent and bloodthirsty eyes gathered on the work card in front of their chest.

“Interesting…” Yueze thought.

Especially hostile to the doctors in this hospital?

He thought about it silently and then stopped.

At the window in front of him, the two members of the black dragon club who had just been locked in by him were staring at him with a gloomy face.

Haijiao and Zhang Keke were not only knocked unconscious because of their negligence, but also robbed of their work cards. Instead, they were locked up and couldn’t escape. Don’t mention how much they were oppressed at this time.

Just in a hurry, he didn’t see Yueze’s face. At this time, he suddenly hit face to face, but the look on Zhang Keke’s face was a strange meal.

This person, she has seen before

In the previous story of the disappeared portrait, she was saved by two people, one of whom was this person.

The other is the man they have been wanted by the black dragon club.

Zhang Keke was in a complicated mood and thought about it. Finally, she decided not to know her for the time being, so as not to be caught by the stupid boss around her.

“You’d better let me go quickly, or…” Hai Jiao punched on the glass, but the window didn’t move.

He seemed to want to move out of the identity of the black dragon club. Zhang Keke’s eyelids jumped and hurriedly stopped his grass bag boss from being stupid. He turned his head and said to Yueze Rou, “little brother, discuss it?”

“There may be a misunderstanding between us. Although the roles assigned to us in the story are different, our position is the same. We all hope to pass the customs here as soon as possible.”

“In fact, we don’t have any conflict of interest. Maybe we can cooperate instead of the previous unpleasant meeting?”

Seeing Yueze getting closer, Zhang Keke seemed to be moved. He was happy and continued to lobby: “isn’t it better to have two more helpers than you to be an enemy?”

“Even if you don’t want to let us go now, the power represented by the doctor will come later, and it’s still difficult for you to escape. Why don’t we cooperate now… What’s the sound outside?”

Zhang Keke suddenly shut up and asked in disbelief.

“Nothing.” Yueze’s mouth curved slightly, “as you said, the doctors are coming.”

“And we… Are going to surprise the doctor!”

With his words, the iron doors on both sides of the corridor were opening one by one.

Those patients who looked like mad dogs poured out and rushed here.

Strangely, the patient didn’t seem to thank Yueze for letting them go. Instead, he opened his eyes and tried to jump at Yueze. He howled like a beast in his mouth, and his sharp canine teeth mixed with saliva, as if to tear Yueze alive.

In the shocked eyes of Zhang Keke and Hai Jiao, Yue Ze kicked the first patient, then suddenly opened the iron door holding them, pulled a work card from his chest and threw it on Hai Jiao.

“A little gift!” he smiled and disappeared silently in the surging crowd.

Hai Jiao stretched out his hand blankly and took the work card representing the doctor, looking at a loss.

Then, the patients who were just fighting to attack Yueze suddenly had a meal, then changed their target, rushed crazy into the ward where Hai Jiao was located, and hissed and stretched out countless hands to him.

Zhang cocoa’s face turned white and immediately shouted to the sea Jiao who was still in a daze: “throw away that work card!”

Although Hai Jiao is Zhang Keke’s boss, Zhang Keke needs to obey his instructions and be respectful to him, after all, it is only his position in the black dragon club.

Hai Jiao is the son of a senior leader in the black dragon club.

But after really entering the story, his strength and experience are far less than that of Zhang Keke, who has experienced many battles. When he meets danger, his reaction is always slow.

Until Zhang Keke reminded him, Hai Jiao returned to his senses and threw the work card on the ground with a frightened face.

But it was useless. The patients still swarmed in, crowded and next to each other. They filled the narrow ward, frantically attacked the sea Jiao, biting with drooling teeth and scratching with sharp nails.

Even with the skills in the book, Hai Jiao still had to be scratched. He left several bloody scars on his face. He shouted angrily and angrily, “what’s the matter? Haven’t I lost my work card?”

This ward is too narrow, patients are still pouring in, and they have been forced to a dead corner.

Zhang Keke thought for a moment and realized: “the last holder!”

“These patients do not just attack the work card, but attack the person who finally holds the doctor’s work card. Even if the holder loses the work card, he still belongs to the doctor in the eyes of the patient!”

While talking, Hai Jiao immediately added several wounds to his face.

“Shit, these psychopaths!” he yelled at Zhang Keke, “pick up that work card and lead these lunatics away!”

Zhang Keke’s eyes widened in an instant.

“What are you doing? You have better strength and can’t die! Don’t hurry up!!” Hai Jiao hurried and threatened: “I think you know the consequences of disobeying the superior’s orders in the black dragon club!”

Zhang Keke was silent for a moment, finally clenched his teeth, finally looked at him with resentment, and then bent down to pick up the work card.

Countless crazy patients suddenly changed their goals again.

With countless bloody scars on her body, under the siege of countless patients, she almost depended on the skills in the book to escape to the ward as quickly as possible.

At the end of the corridor in the ward area, the round faced girl and the medical student, wearing two work cards on their chest, were around Yueze and said slightly uneasily, “boss, according to your instructions, the doors of these patients have been opened.”

The work cards they were wearing were just snatched from Hai Jiao.

As a security guard, he will neither cause the killing of doctors nor excessively attract the hatred of patients. At the same time, he also has the right to open the door. At present, he is a safer identity in this hospital.

After throwing out the doctor’s work card, Yueze’s chest is still empty and doesn’t wear anything.

He glanced at the chaotic ward area and said calmly, “the doctors are coming soon, and we should leave here.”

“Get out of the backyard and go to the hospital building.”



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