Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 45

A Day in Ping An Hospital (4)

Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 45: A Day in Ping An Hospital (4)

At night, in the archives.

The clock on the wall pointed to ten o’clock sharp.

“I’ve actually explored it before, but I haven’t found any useful information,” said the red haired girl as she thumbed through the medical record book.

Starscream shook his head: “little sister, your examination is too rough. All cases of Ping An hospital are here. Although they are very common, the history of the hospital itself is worth studying.”

According to records, Ping An hospital was founded 30 years ago. It was originally a private mental hospital, and has long accommodated homeless people with mental diseases. It has done a lot of charity and won many medals.

At this time, in the archives, the golden flags for the recovery and evacuation of many patients were hung.

But just ten years ago, Ping An hospital was rebuilt from an exclusive hospital for psychiatric patients to an ordinary outpatient hospital. Nearby residents will also come here for treatment of minor diseases such as cold and cough.

“From the perspective of performance, Ping An hospital seems to be a very normal and even charitable hospital.” Shen Yu mused, “but there are a lot of logic in it. It’s unreasonable to think carefully.”

“The hospital should hang the brocade flag sent by ordinary patients in various departments and the president’s office to show ordinary patients coming and going. However, Ping An hospital hangs the brocade flag in the archives unusually. Who is this for?”

“Ordinary patients don’t come to the archives, but those who can come to the archives to check their medical records generally don’t ask for anything. The move of Ping An hospital seems to be deliberately telling the visitors of the archives that they are good people and that they are an out and out Charity Hospital…”

“The taste of concealment is too strong!” Starscream commented.

Shen Yu nodded and said his doubts: “second, I just checked the medical records and found that the medical records of most patients were as far as ten years ago.”

“What about the medical records of those mental patients? Especially those tramps, there are no discharge records here.”

Starscream sighed and put the medical record book back: “don’t look for it anymore. If the hospital wants to hide anything, it’s impossible to put the useful information in the archives.”

Shen Yu bowed his head for a moment and suddenly said, “where is the dean’s office?”

If he is the Dean, he will keep any important information in the nearest place.

In this story, there are terrain restrictions. All scenes must take place in Ping An hospital, so important information about invisible people may be kept in the dean’s own office.

The red haired girl frowned when she heard him say this: “I’ve found the dean’s office before, but the door of the office can’t be opened. Just like the basement, do you have the office key?”

“No, my key can only open the iron fence in the basement.”

Shen Yu smiled: “but I have the holy sword of physics.”

[prop: Physics sword]

[you pick up the crowbar dropped by the cook. Congratulations on getting this physics holy sword, hee hee!] [props are used. You can use the crowbar in your hand to pry open all the locks and open all the closed doors.] [PS: give me a fulcrum, I can pry the whole earth… That’s all. The crowbar really can’t pry the earth.] since you have the props to open the door and pry the lock, The three did not hesitate any longer and set off straight for the dean’s office.

They are now located in the archives on the first floor of the left building, and the dean’s office is located on the top floor of the middle building.

Not far from the three talents, a middle-aged doctor in a white coat came to them in a hurry.

Shen Yu recognized the man. He was the first person he saw after entering the story, Doctor Zhang ChangLei.

At this time, Doctor Zhang, with a gloomy face and a kind of anxiety in his eyes, came to the three people and asked directly: “it is forbidden for security personnel to wander during their work.”

The red haired girl smiled and asked, “aren’t we patrolling? Why are we wandering?”

Doctor Zhang glared at her angrily: “now the back is in a mess. You have leisure here… I have something to tell you!”

Shen Yu’s eyebrows jumped and immediately asked sharply, “what’s the matter behind? The backyard of the hospital?”

Doctor Zhang said vaguely, “it’s no big deal, a little chaos… You three now put down your other work and go to the basement to guard.”

“The mortuary of the hospital is located in the basement and stores the remains of many dead people. We must not neglect it!”

It’s a morgue?

When Shen Yu heard the speech, they looked at each other in surprise.

Here, Dr. Zhang is still urging the three to rush to the basement.

Starscream smiled and said, “doctor, we’ll go in a minute. You don’t have to follow us all the time.”

Doctor Zhang raised his eyes on the bridge of his nose expressionless: “no, it’s urgent. You three go now! I’ll watch you go.”

Shen Yu also asked, “since there is something wrong in the backyard, don’t you need the three of us to help?”

Doctor Zhang’s eyes twinkled and continued to say vaguely, “no, a little trouble… The basement is more important and needs to be guarded.”

Seeing his insistence, the three had no choice but to quietly sigh and put the plan to go to the dean’s office on hold.

As if afraid of the three people being lazy, Dr. Zhang actually monitored them all the way and “escorted” them to the iron fence door in the basement.

Shen Yu took out the rusty key and unlocked the door.

Hearing the friction sound of the fence, the old man in the guard room slipped out listlessly. He was still bent with his back. His thin body leaned against the door and glanced at the three people who were about to enter the basement.

“Yo! Come back so soon? I hope you three can make it through the night! Don’t be like those security guards before. You can’t stay for half a night, climb up and cry and resign the next day!” the old man laughed.

“Lao Li Tou, what are you talking about?” Doctor Zhang was worried and scolded.

The old man still kept a lazy appearance and continued to scare the three: “do you know why the security guards here always resign?”

“I heard the former security guard say that they go to the basement to patrol in the middle of the night. They can always hear the bodies lying in the morgue chatting quietly. In the dead of night, some bodies can get up by themselves and walk two circles…”

“Don’t listen to Lao Li’s nonsense!”

Doctor Zhang was afraid that the three people were too frightened to enter the basement. He hurriedly said, “because human organs have high medical value, there are always some crazy criminals who touch into the morgue to steal bodies in the middle of the night and play tricks to deliberately scare those timid security guards.”

When the old guard heard this, he couldn’t help humming coldly: “yes! Recently, the bodies in the morgue are always lost, and you can’t find out who did it. The dean is not in a hurry. He hasn’t come to work all day…”

“All right, shut up!”

Doctor Zhang yelled at him impatiently, then wiped the sweat on his forehead and continued to urge the three to go down.

The three exchanged eyes with each other. Finally, Shen Yu took the lead, Starscream broke, sandwiched the weaker red haired girl in the middle, and cautiously walked slowly into the basement in such a formation.

Different from the imagined basement, the basement passage of the hospital is narrow and humid. Walking in it, you can only feel a pressing tide and the cold air emitted by the freezing of the corpse warehouse.

After the passage tends to be gentle, an iron door suddenly appears, on which there is a small window that can peep into the box.

Looking from the window, it was dark inside, only a row of pale and weak lights above the aisle in the middle of the room.

Shen Yu looked along the light and could only vaguely see two rows of morgues on the left and right sides of the corridor.

The corpses on the bed were covered with white cloth. From the shape of the white cloth bulge, it can be seen that the heads of these corpses were facing the inner side, and the soles of their feet were facing the outer aisle.

The white cloth did not cover the whole body, revealing two rows of gray feet of the dead, which could be seen clearly in the pale light.

The mortuary of Taiping Hospital is very simple, as if it was excavated by the hospital itself instead of being built by a formal construction team.

Shen Yu took a deep breath, pressed the black book with one hand and the door handle with the other hand, opened the iron door as quietly as possible and came to the middle of the two rows of corpses.

The bodies shrouded in white cloth were all quiet, there was no sound of chatting, let alone getting up and walking.

He carefully opened a piece of white cloth, and a pair of red raised eyes suddenly appeared under his hands.

Shen Yu paused briefly and continued to lift up the whole white cloth to completely expose the appearance of the body.

The corpse was pale and shriveled, its limbs seemed to be elongated, its joints protruded, the bones on its back bulged high, there was no hair all over, and its red eyes bulged.

The most shocking thing is that the corpse’s mouth is grinning, revealing an extraordinary sharp tooth.

Three like people, seven like ghosts.

The three took a breath, but they didn’t stop, and lifted all the white cloth around them.

Every corpse is like this. It’s not human or ghost. Some corpses even have many traces of being eaten.

There is a corpse, on which you can even see fresh anatomical wounds and sutures.

“This is the secret of Taiping Hospital? Where did they get this kind of ghost?” the red haired girl whispered.

Shen Yu looked at the corpse full of anatomical wounds and sutures. Suddenly, his heart moved and called out his own black book.

He has a new skill that is suitable for identifying the current body.

[use skill: cook and kill cattle]

[the chef’s knife is not only a killing knife, but also a meat and bone cutting knife.] [when using the skill, a bone cutting knife appears in his hand. Aim at the target. As long as there is flesh and blood, the target can be completely dismembered in one minute.] [PS: the chef asked me to bring you a sentence: “where’s dad? Where’s mom?”] a sharp knife appears in Shen Yu’s hand, The blade is sharp, and it doesn’t take much effort to cut into the skin and flesh. It shuttles between the cracks of the bones, just like rapidly decomposing a whole machine into countless parts.

When he dissected the monster’s chest, he suddenly stopped his hand.

A cold, colorless heart was beating faintly in the monster’s chest.

All three opened their eyes silently.

This monster… This monster with no breath and no body temperature is still alive?

Shen Yu frowned and stopped.

Dissecting living creatures is not acceptable to him.

Whether it’s a man or a monster.

“Do me a favor,” he said.

Starscream understood, stepped forward and used his skills.

I saw bright cobwebs like sutures, dissecting the poor creature into general and stitching it up again.

At this time, the black book in their hands was slightly hot.

[a small security guard came to the morgue.]

He will spend the longest night of his life

But in the dark, he heard the bodies whispering

You look delicious

[be careful! Sometimes several bodies are lost in the morgue.]

Several security guards are sometimes lost

After reading the new plot information from the black book in a hurry, Shen Yu felt that something seemed to be peeping at himself.

He suddenly looked up, but saw that the hastily stitched monster was still lying on the bed, but his scarlet eyes stared at the three of them.

Not only this monster, but all the monsters whose white cloth was lifted, all stared at the people strangely with blood red eyes from different angles.

Seeing this, Starscream carefully protected his cousin behind him. Shen Yu put one hand on the black book, and the three slowly withdrew to the door.

With their actions, the eyes of those monsters were also turning slowly, and their eyes never left the three people.

But fortunately, these monsters move very slowly, only their eyes rotate, but there is almost no movement to get up.

The three smoothly withdrew from the morgue and came to the narrow basement passage. In this terrain, if monsters attack, there are many skills that can’t be used.

Starscream took his cousin and walked to the basement exit.

But before leaving, Shen Yu thought of the hint in the black book and hesitated for a moment. He still lost a prop – Lumino in the morgue.

In a darker environment, the bodies of those monsters are covered with a faint blue light, which will not disappear in a short time.

After that, he turned around and ran to the basement exit.

Doctor Zhang, who had been guarding on the first floor, saw that the three people had gone and returned. He immediately shouted angrily, “who let you out, didn’t you keep it in the morgue?”

Starscream sneered, “do you want us to patrol, or do you want us to deliver vegetables?”

The old guard was still watching the excitement and shouted, “I’ll tell you! Those bodies were lost. They didn’t want to stay there…”

“Lao Li Tou, shut up!”

Doctor Zhang scolded again, and then ordered the people with a cold face: “stick to your post…”

But before his voice fell, suddenly a confused sound of footsteps rolled from the back of the hospital like thunder.

The look on Doctor Zhang’s face stagnated and looked in amazement at the direction of the voice: “the riot… Can’t be controlled?”

With the sound rolling in, a group of patients in hospital clothes, red eyes, like mad dogs, ran, jumped and howled, attacking the hospital building.

Mixed among the patients was a woman full of scars. She tried to dodge in the crazy attack of the patient, ran away in despair, and was covered with blood. She didn’t have a good skin.

The woman raised her head and inadvertently matched Shen Yu’s line of sight. Both of them were stunned.

The last time I saw Zhang Keke, it was in the story of the disappeared portrait that she was unfortunately made into a dog skin man by the big villains. When she was rescued by Shen Yu, there was only one breath left.

Why is she still so unlucky in this story?

Shen Yu couldn’t help muttering.

At the moment of seeing Shen Yu, Zhang Keke’s mood was complex and desperate.

A shaking God, the flesh on her arm was caught alive by the patient who caught up behind her.

The pain revived her. Zhang Keke gnawed his teeth and rushed to the crowd here.

Doctor Zhang in the crowd suddenly changed his face.


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