Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 46

A Day in Ping An Hospital (5)

Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 46: A Day in Ping An Hospital (5)

At this time, it is too late to escape.

After seeing another doctor, the group of patients suddenly changed their goals and rushed to Dr. Zhang.

Dr. Zhang turned his head and wanted to run. As soon as he started, a patient hugged his thigh and stumbled and fell to the ground.

Then the patients rushed up, like a zombie, surrounded Dr. Zhang, with sharp claws and teeth, tearing him to pieces in the wail of Dr. Zhang’s life.

The three people wearing security personnel work cards and the old guard without work cards were temporarily ignored by the patients.

It seems that these patients hate only the doctors in this hospital.

Taking advantage of this chaotic moment, Shen Yu and others looked at each other, seized this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and ran to the president’s office on the top floor.

Zhang Keke, who had been pursued by the patients, slipped away and fled to other buildings while taking advantage of the driver who hated the patients, and finally recovered his life.

She found a hidden department and hid it. She locked the door behind her. Ignoring to heal herself, she first took out a small silver Lancet.

The novelist who enters the story can’t get in touch with the outside world anyway.

But the Great Dragon God is omnipotent. He gave devout believers a small exception.

Members of the black dragon club have an opportunity to contact outside during the plot.

As long as you use this knife and carve corresponding symbols on your own flesh and blood, you can pass different messages to the headquarters in an emergency.

She has just seen the target with the pseudonym “mints”, and needs to convey this important message immediately.

For the Black Dragon Society, for the Great Dragon God, for


She hesitated for a long time and never dropped her knife.

Think of the experience that you have just escaped death, and then think of the boss who is the ghost of death on your head, and the mints who are strangers but have helped you

The thin lancet in Zhang Keke’s hand fell silently.


On the top floor of the hospital, Shen Yu easily pried open the door of the president’s office with the prop [physics holy sword].


The three did not expect that as soon as they entered the door, they first smelled a bloody smell.

All that you can see is thick plasma.

On the desk, on the wall, on the bookcase… The wall clock stained with blood is still turning the pointer.

Twelve o’clock sharp.

“Look at the wall!” cried the red haired girl, pointing to a group photo on the wall.

A huge photo splashed with blood drops was hung high on the wall behind the desk. The two people in the group photo were standing in front of the gate of Ping An hospital and shaking hands with each other.

A middle-aged and old man with white temples, wearing gold wire glasses, was elegant and dressed up as an intellectual with a good family.

The other man who shook hands with him was bent back, dark and thin, like a weather beaten poor old farmer.

These two people, who seem to have nothing to do with each other, hold each other’s hands and smile, as if they were long lost brothers.

“Shit! Isn’t this the doorman?” said the red haired girl, pointing to the old farmer in the picture.

Starscream then analyzed: “according to the inference, the other person in the group photo should be the owner of this office and the president of Ping An hospital.”

But why did the Dean take a photo with the doorman and hang the photo in his office?

Where’s the Dean now? Whose blood is in the office?

For a time, all kinds of questions filled everyone’s mind.

But soon, a pile of old materials turned out from the dean’s desk answered everyone’s doubts.

[… The 36th experiment.]

[subjects No. 5, No. 7 and No. 13 were exhausted and eliminated.]

[the experiment failed. On the 25th day, all experimental observations died completely.]


[the 37th experiment failed.]

[thirty eighth test…]

[thirty ninth test…]

[fortieth experiment…]

[the 126th experiment begins.]

[the experiment reached a breakthrough, and all experimental subjects lived for more than 97 days after injection.] [specific manifestations: pale skin, protruding eyeballs, elongated limbs, protruding spine joints, uncontrollable bending of waist and back. It can still survive in high temperature and low cold environment, but it has an uncontrollable desire to eat.] [the experiment lasted to 265 days, and most of the subjects were still alive, but No. 2, No. 9 and No. 17 had weak physical strength and were divided by other subjects.] [the experiment lasted to 278 days, and the subjects No. 1, No. 7, No. 16 and No. 19 were divided by other subjects.] [the experiment lasted for 297 days, and the cannibalism tendency of the experimental observation object became more and more serious…] [the experiment lasted for 321 days, and the experimental observation object No. 3 survived, and the other experimental objects died.] [after observation, the experimental observation object No. 3 seems to have a considerable degree of intelligence again, and is expected to carry out the next stage of the experiment.] [the experiment lasted for 332 days. The staff released No. 3 from the basement and moved it to the experimental room upstairs to give normal humans a diet.] [the experiment lasted for 356 days. After 23 days of recovery, the third successfully recovered to normal human appearance, with normal human IQ and extremely strong vitality. The waist and back could not be straight due to previous experiments.] [I declare that the experiment is successful. No. 3, which has been restored to human beings, is simply the most perfect new human. It can withstand high temperature and low cold without eating or drinking for several months. No matter how the body is hurt, it can survive as long as it does not hurt the heart.]

[this is a memorable moment in human history!]

[our hospital needs more successful experimental products to promote the development of drugs.] [… The 127th test.]

[recently, there are fewer experimental observation objects in the basement, and they are becoming more and more grumpy. They often attack security personnel.] [yesterday, there were fewer experimental observation objects, and someone was stealing precious experimental objects.] [I asked “Li San” Watch and guard the entrance of the basement. As a new human, he has a very sensitive sense of smell. But in order to restrain him, the staff took his heart and kept it elsewhere.] [… The experimental object has been lost all the time, and even “Li San” can’t stop it?] [“Li San” He asked me for his heart. After I refused him, I saw him wandering in front of my office these days in the evening.] [the experimental product “Li San” tends to be out of control and needs more strict monitoring of his heart.] [now the most important thing is to solve the problem of stealing the experimental product in the underground room.] This stack of information, read more and more new, until the last page, the brand-new paper just wrote two lines with a pen, full of panic and panic.

I know the reason why the basement experiment was stolen

It’s coming! It’s right at my door

[it’s knocking at the door…]

After reading this thick stack of materials, it was one o’clock in the morning.

The three of Shen Yu couldn’t help looking at each other.

Now they know where the disappeared Dean has gone. Why haven’t they come to work all day?

The Dean was eaten in his office the day before yesterday, so it gave people the illusion that he didn’t come to work yesterday.

The man who ate him was the doorman who shook hands with him in the group photo, Li San!

Long ago, Ping An hospital took the homeless without family as an experimental object under the pretext of charity to take in mental patients.

Every time the experiment failed, more than a dozen tramps were buried with their lives.

Later, many people died. In order to hide people’s eyes and ears, Ping An hospital changed from a mental hospital to an ordinary hospital, and the secret experiment was more hidden.

After I don’t know how many experimental failures I have experienced, I only survived “Li San”, the only successful experiment.

The Dean thought that he had changed “Li San” back to a normal person, but unfortunately, after long-term experimental torture, the habit of the experimenters swallowing the same kind could not be changed at all.

The Dean also thought about preventing Li San, but he still suffered the consequences in the end.

The three men’s black book is slightly hot again, and the plot has made new progress.

[a small security guard came to the morgue.]

He will spend the longest night of his life

But in the dark, he heard the bodies whispering

[we’re so hungry!]

We will eat whoever eats our flesh and blood

[be careful! Don’t be eaten before dawn!]

After reading the new plot, Starscream rubbed his eyebrows and said with a headache: “according to the tips on the data, do we have to find Li San’s hidden heart next?”

The plot is like a Russian doll, one after another!

“If you want to find a heart, we have to hurry…” Shen Yu opened the window of his office and looked down at the whole hospital from the highest point.

“Now Ping An hospital has been completely disordered.”


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