Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 47

A Day in Ping An Hospital (final)

Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 47: A Day in Ping An Hospital (final)

Under the brutal and almost crazy attacks of countless patients, even if the hospital staff were armed with drugs and weapons, they still couldn’t resist and gradually lost.

Now every corner of the hospital is full of patients like wild animals and doctors who resist cruelly.

Patients who have been imprisoned for a long time attack all doctors with hatred, while most doctors in Ping An hospital wear protective clothing to resist the attack, while looking for opportunities to use drugs to kill these “out of control” experimental objects.

The guard, Li San, was still leisurely leaning on the door of the basement, listening to the sound from the morgue, getting closer and closer.

He began to miss his heart again.

Li San thought mockingly, then opened his mouth and belched.

Even if his stomach is full, why can’t he always eat enough?

The three people who had slipped to the dean’s office had avoided the chaos along the way and came back quietly.

Looking at these fresh young people, Li San always felt that saliva began to overflow again. He moved his throat and covered up the greed in his eyes with a bright smile.

He grinned with a faint blue light on his teeth.

It was Lumino that Shen Yu had sprinkled on those monsters before.

Shen Yu was speechless.

What’s the matter with the bite marks on those monsters and the lost test objects in the basement?

Naturally, they were all stolen and eaten by Li San!

Just then, the iron fence in the basement rang.

When they looked, they saw those slow monsters. At this time, dragging the residual body just eaten by Li San, they finally came to the door of the basement and were hitting the fence. Their scarlet eyes greedily stared at the fresh meat outside the fence.

The dilapidated iron fence creaks. I think it won’t be long before it will be damaged.

Li San smiled, pointed to the monsters and said, “don’t look at these guys. When they get to the ground and breathe fresh air, they will be able to move quickly and fly over the eaves and walls in a short time. Then you kids…”

He looked at the three and made a “tut tut” sound in his mouth.

Instead of talking nonsense to him, Shen Yu directly asked, “if you had a heart again, what would you do?”

“Heart? My heart…”

Li Sanyi was stunned, and then a burst of ecstasy burst out in his eyes: “I want to eat enough. They, those people… They… They don’t want to run!”

“Then your heart is here.”

Suddenly, a cold, low voice sounded.

Shen Yu was slightly stunned. Then his eyes were as bright as stars. He turned and looked behind him in surprise: “anonymous!”

Behind them, the anonymous holds a slightly beating heart in his hand, followed by two trembling newcomers with dark eyes who are gently looking at him: “sorry, I’m late.”

“On the way from the backyard, I met this…” he bumped the heart in his hand, looked at the greedy Li San, and his expression returned to coldness. “A group of doctors took good care of him, so I just grabbed it.”

At this time, the greed in Li San’s eyes almost turned into essence: “my heart, give it to me! Give it to me! I can promise you whatever you want.”

“I’m not interested in negotiating terms with you, because I’m here, so you don’t have a chance to hurt anyone here.” Yueze said coldly.

But then he raised his hand and threw out the heart: “I’m not interested in keeping this thing.”

All the novelists present know that the plot has reached this stage. Li San, a key figure, will completely open the killing night of Ping An hospital and draw a perfect end to the story.

It was like a wild dog seeing a meat bun. Li San couldn’t wait to pick up his heart and grow his mouth. Unexpectedly, Sheng Sheng swallowed his heart.

Just at this time, the iron fence in the basement was knocked open with a clang, and those incomplete monsters poured out.

“Here comes dessert -”

Li San laughed wildly. His whole body was on the ground, his back was high, and the joints of his limbs made a “creaking” stretching sound.

But in the twinkling of an eye, his eyes turned red and completely alienated into a monster.

He hissed and rushed to the basement door.


In a hidden corner of the hospital, Zhang Keke is hiding in the room, avoiding the crazy killing outside and quietly healing.

“Where did you go just now?”

A gloomy and unhappy voice sounded from behind her and startled her.

Looking back, he saw Hai Jiao standing behind her, his face hurt and embarrassed.

He said angrily, “since you have long been free from the pursuit of those madmen, you should have come to me earlier.”

Although Zhang Keke took the doctor’s work card before, he blocked the disaster for Haijiao. However, Haijiao’s own security work card has long been robbed. Without any work card, he naturally belongs to the ranks of patients in the eyes of doctors.

Just escaped the pursuit of the patients, but almost fell into the hands of the doctors who came later. Hai Jiao almost exhausted all the skills in the book before he narrowly escaped and regained his life.

Of course, he didn’t appreciate Zhang Keke’s action to save his life before. He just blamed Zhang Keke’s untimely protection for his near death.

He is Zhang Keke’s boss. In the Black Dragon Society, there are clear classes, and the boss naturally has the qualification to deal with his subordinates.

Facing Haijiao’s resentment, Zhang Keke’s eyes sank and remained silent for a long time before he explained: “I am the last person to hold the doctor’s license. In the eyes of patients, I still belong to the ranks of doctors. Once I go out of my hiding place, I will be surrounded and killed again by countless patients.”

For her explanation, Hai Jiao snorted coldly: “timid.”

“Forget it, I don’t care about you. Now let’s talk about business!” he suddenly changed his look and said excitedly, “I saw a man in the process of running away just now.”

“As like as two peas” wanted to be seen, the “MINT” is the same. I need to quickly communicate to the outside world.

Zhang Keke couldn’t help jumping his eyelids. Then he forced himself to calm down and said, “really? Don’t be wrong!”

“After all, it’s possible to read someone wrong just now. If it’s not, we’ll be scolded? Forget it!” she advised.

But Hai Jiao was unusually silent, just a pair of eyes like a hook. He looked at Zhang Keke directly, which made Zhang Keke panic.

Suddenly, Hai Jiao sneered, “you saw that man before, didn’t you?”

Zhang Keke looked sluggish and hurriedly denied: “I didn’t…”

“You saw the mints, but you didn’t deliver the news, and even deliberately dissuaded me… You have a different heart and waver in your belief in the Great Dragon God.” Hai Jiao said coldly.

Remembering the prohibition on each believer, Zhang Keke immediately breathed and shouted wildly, “I don’t, I don’t!! please, don’t say that sentence, don’t say that sentence…”

“You are a traitor of the black dragon club!” as the boss, Hai Jiao ignored Zhang Keke’s request and issued a cruel and ruthless judgment.

“Ah, ah, ah –”

With Zhang Keke’s scream of despair, her eyes bulged, her veins burst on her forehead, and the whole person’s head swelled instantly until her skull broke and her brain spilled all over the ground.

The girl who escaped from death several times fell to the ground with a headless body and died in her own judgment.

“The end of a traitor!”

Hai Jiao looked at the body on the ground with pity and contempt. Then he sat on the ground, took out a special lancet and scratched a communication scratch on his wrist.

Until the last knife fell, a strange character appeared on his wrist.

At the same time, the black dragon club outside the story.

Good night, suddenly opened his eyes, his eyes showed ecstasy: “found, finally found!”

“It’s almost time… No, it’s still time to turn it on… Now turn it on…” he yelled nonsense, running around like a teenager around a huge strange symbol.

However, many believers in the black dragon club seem to have long been used to his crazy words and deeds. At this time, they all have no color, but bow their heads respectfully and watch the president open the dusty symbol for a long time.

In the story, Hai Jiao used his wounds to transmit important information, and suddenly felt his body collapse.

But when he thought of the rewards he would get after his meritorious service, he immediately felt that the whole person wanted to fly. He was in a good mood for a time and couldn’t care about anything.

It was not until he suddenly noticed the sharp pain of a needle in his neck that he came back at a loss.

A doctor dressed up as a character in a book was holding a syringe and had just injected a syringe full of medicine into his artery from behind him.

The doctor was attracted by Zhang Keke’s scream just before his death.

At this time, the chaos outside had already reached the extreme. Hai Jiao didn’t wear a work card at this time, so in the eyes of the doctor, he was no different from the experimental objects in the hospital.

In order to suppress these unruly experiments, doctors naturally prick them as soon as they meet.

Haijiao, who was just imagining a better future, didn’t even have a chance to say his last words. His tall body collapsed to the ground, his limbs twitched, his face twisted into a ball, and white foam came out of his mouth.

His black book fell beside him, and Hai Jiao wriggled on the ground, desperately reaching for the books on the ground.

He doesn’t want to die, he can’t die! There must be some skills in his book… Which can detoxify, there must be!

Just as the trembling fingertips just touched the cover, the drug effect finally completely broke out. Haijiao’s eyes suddenly spread. The whole person collapsed on the ground, his internal organs failed, and he completely lost his breath.

He died at the end of the story and died worthless.

After the doctor of Ping An hospital confirmed that the “experimental object” in front of him had died, he turned and left indifferently.

Just two steps away, a pair of scarlet eyes quietly stared at him.

Li San looked like a gecko. His limbs were adsorbed on the wall and cruised over the doctor’s head. He got the right time and jumped down suddenly

With the participation of Li San, the cruel and bloody ending reached its peak, but soon returned to peace.

It’s almost dawn, and those staff who do experiments with other people’s flesh and blood will eventually be swallowed up by the monsters they have bred themselves.

The wall clock points to four in the morning.

The first ray of sunshine, looming through the horizon, gently sprinkled on the Ping’an hospital shrouded in darkness.

Until then, all the people breathed a sigh of relief, nervous all night, and finally relaxed.

Through the longest night, live to see tomorrow’s sun.

This story is a smooth ending.

With the rising of the sun, more and more sunlight came in, plating a layer of gold on the dark hall for a long time.

Yueze quietly looked in the direction of Shen Yu.

The young man with gentle eyebrows and eyes is bathed in the morning sun, and the whole person is as fresh and bright as the rising sun.

Yueze seemed to want to say something, but he didn’t make a sound after all.

He just stood on Shen Yu’s side silently, and their fingertips touched each other gently.

At the end of the story, the survivors left the story one by one.

When falling into the familiar darkness, Yueze found that Shen Yu looked at his discovery, his eyes were like a bright morning star, and smiled and grabbed his hand.

So Yueze couldn’t help but evoke a shallow smile.


At the same time, the text inside the white tower.

Many novelists who were about to enter the story were suddenly confused.

Because they can’t get into the novel anyway.

Many novelists looked up at the stone tablet and involuntarily shouted.

Because the name on the white stone tablet, like a basin of ink pouring, gradually dyed black from the top.

First, the first one at the top – anonymous.

Then the second, the third… The top ten, the top twenty

It was not until the top 30 that the ink finally stopped.

People couldn’t help but focus on the last name.



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