Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 48

Rice Town

Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 48: Rice Town

“Mints? Is that the novelist whose ranking has risen rapidly recently?”

“Yes, that’s him! He was unknown before, and then his speed was like riding a rocket. He entered the top 300, then the top 100 and the top 50 in a short time… Just now, his ranking just squeezed into the 30th place.”

“Why did the top 30 on the stone tablet get black?”

“Why can’t you enter the story? What happened…”

“I have a big brother, ranking in the top 30. Just now we were in the story. The plot was just halfway through. Suddenly, the story kicked all of us out halfway. It was unheard of! And kicked the rest of us out, but the big man didn’t know where to go?”

“Thank you for kicking me out in time. I was almost killed by the character in the book just now. What happened now…”

The voice of people in the text white tower was boiling. Everyone was talking about sudden strange things. Suddenly, a man pointed to the direction in front of the stone tablet and exclaimed, “look, what’s that?”

When they looked up, they saw a floating screen suddenly appeared in front of the stone tablet, standing in front of them. On the screen, a bus for sightseeing appeared, driving slowly on a country road.

As the picture draws closer, the appearance of the passengers in the car is gradually revealed in front of everyone.

There was a sudden exclamation in the crowd.

“All big guys!”


When Shen Yugang woke up, he looked a little stunned.

But then his eyebrows and eyes cooled down.

They separated from the previous story, but did not return to the real world, but were in a sightseeing bus.

He was suddenly pulled into the story before. Now, what unexpected story has he encountered?

But the interval is too short. They have just separated from the last story

“Are you all right?” the man who took the seat with him suddenly quietly took his hand and asked in a low voice.

Yueze was sitting next to him at this time, obviously pulled in together.

In his back seat, there were even Zhang Cuihua and red spider with the same silly face.

Zhang Cuihua scratched her short hair anxiously: “what the hell? I’m walking the plot in other stories and it’s coming to an end. Why did I suddenly come here?”

Starscream, who was next to her, couldn’t care to quarrel with her at this time. Her face was very dignified: “my cousin was just with me. Now she’s gone. She shouldn’t have entered the story.”

She looked around again and glanced over the faces of the passengers in the car: “here are novelists at the top of the list. My cousin’s strength should not be enough, so she was screened out.”

“Blue cloud in the second place, Jack in the third place, ulano in the fourth place… Zhang Yun, Xuedi, Walla, sea snake, Li Babao, Xie Tiehu, black scorpion… Almost all the top 30 I know are here.”

Starscream almost murmured, “what the hell is going on in this story?”

The other passengers in the car were obviously as confused as her, looked at each other, and their eyes were cold and alert.

“No, no!”

Shen Yu silently counted the number of people in the car, and suddenly his eyes coagulated: “the passengers in the car are not 30, but 31.”

One more person!

Almost coincidentally, he and Yueze looked at the last row of the bus at the same time.

I saw a lone passenger sitting in the last row, wearing a black cap with a very low brim.

Feeling their eyes, the passenger raised his head with a smile and raised the brim of his hat to reveal a young face.

“Sugar, we meet again!” he said.

good night!

Shen Yu’s eyes were fierce. Before he could move, Yueze was the first to make trouble. The knife light in his hand flashed, and two small and thin scalpels were already rotating and cutting off to the throat of good night.

Goodnight smiled. Just before the blade was about to cut his throat, his whole body suddenly dissipated like a burst of smoke.

The bright knife light circled around and returned to the anonymous hands again.

Good night temporarily disappeared, but Shen Yu and others looked more dignified.

Some players who have witnessed the whole process have changed their faces at this time.

Some of them could not hold their breath, but also shouted out: “impossible!”

Even the best novelist can’t get rid of the limitations of the story itself and come and go freely in the scene.

Yueze’s eyes sank and said in a low voice, “because now we are not in the story. There is not even the beginning of the plot in the black book.”

Hearing the speech, they quickly bowed their heads and looked through the book in their hands.

Sure enough, nothing! A new page, completely blank.

Yueze pressed the center of his eyebrows with a headache and said, “I didn’t expect that the black dragon club had started so soon.”

Black dragon club? How could a black dragon get involved?

Someone just wanted to question Yueze. Suddenly, someone with sharp eyes found Yueze’s identity. He was surprised and said, “are you… An anonymous God?”

No. 1 anonymous!

When the passengers in the car exploded with a bang.

Not only the passengers in the car, but also the melon eating people who were forced to watch through the big screen in the text white tower began to talk one after another.

“That’s the anonymous God?”

“I also saw several idols!”

“There are all experts in this car. What can be difficult to stop them?”

Seeing that the black dragon club has been pressed step by step, Yueze pondered for a long time. Finally, he slowly explained: “in fact, there is more than one world and space.”

“Similar to our own world, there are countless different worlds. To some extent, these different worlds are different. Some are prosperous and some are gradually declining.”

“There is a world that has completely declined, and all the life in it has withered, leaving only ghosts floating. Without life, the world will disappear completely in chaos in a few hundred years.”

“Every world breeds its own consciousness. Ordinary people call this consciousness the way of heaven, God, God or other names. Obviously, the dead world consciousness is not willing to die. He wants to save himself.”

“What can save ourselves is to invade other worlds and integrate our own death and chaos with other worlds, so as to delay our own decline.”

“It’s a pity that a doomed world, even if it invades other worlds, only slightly delays its own decline. It can only invade other worlds, forcibly integrate and delay constantly.”

“And just over a hundred years ago, the dead world stared at our world.”

Hearing this, Shen Yu’s eyes moved and thought of a possibility: “that is, the stories we talked about before…”

Yueze nodded solemnly: “those are not stories, they are all real things that have happened, but happened in the death world, which is a small corner projected by the terrible death of that world.”

“The means by which the world of death invades the world is to tear many small cracks on the barriers of different worlds, and then slowly expand the cracks until they finally devour the whole world.”

“Sometimes, some innocent people inadvertently fall into the crack, into the terrible world, see the terrible deeds of the dying world, and few people can come out alive.”

“But since the world of death is conscious, the world naturally breeds its own consciousness.”

“This world consciousness does not want to be invaded, nor does it want innocent lives in its own world to be slaughtered, so it turns into a book and a tower.”

“When accidentally falling into the world of death, people with excellent spiritual strength can escape the day of birth by relying on the tips in the book, and the survivors who escape gather in the white tower to communicate. The world consciousness can use the spiritual strength of these survivors to repair their own cracks.”

“But the world of death will not give up. So more than 100 years ago, he chose an anti bone traitor among the human beings in the world, gave him different strength and long life with righteousness, and established the black dragon society to help him achieve his goal.”

“The person selected by the different world is good night! He just shuttled freely and acted recklessly with the help of the power of the different world.”

After Yueze explained, the others in the car were suddenly silent.

The onlookers in the text white tower burst into flames in the hall.

“Are you kidding me? I always thought that horror stories and black books are one, but now you tell me that these two are completely different things, even hostile forces?!”

“Shit! So those terrible stories that kill people are done by the evil gods of the dead world, and the black book in my hand is the God of the world saving my dog’s life?”

“My God! This is still a struggle between aggressors and anti aggression!”

“The Three Outlooks have collapsed!”

“Bah! Those traitors of the Black Dragon Society, the running dogs of the different world…”

However, the crowd outside was excited. At this time, the people in the car could not hear it.

After reluctantly digesting the truth of Yueze’s shock and three outlooks, Starscream was stunned for a long time, finally returned to his mind and said in a dumb voice: “in short, let’s stop the car first.”

She stepped forward, vigilantly kept a certain distance from the driver and asked, “where is this car going? Can it stop?”

The driving driver turned his back to the crowd and didn’t answer.

After waiting for a long time, a novelist sitting in the front row came forward vigilantly and patted the driver on the shoulder.

Unexpectedly, the driver’s head suddenly rolled down and rolled to the middle of the carriage. A faceless face pulled out a scarlet smile and his eyes prolapsed out of his eyes.

“Huan, welcome… Distinguished passengers… Come to Les town…” the driver’s head said intermittently, “there will be a feast… Waiting for you!”

Les town?!

Shen Yu and Yue Ze couldn’t help looking at each other.

The name of this town is very familiar. In the story of the disappeared portrait, the town they came to was called Les; Later, in the story of hide and seek, the cruise ship white angel originally wanted to go to rice town.

This Les town is the stronghold of the black dragon club in the world of death?


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