Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 49

Full of Nonsense

Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 49: Full of Nonsense

While thinking, I saw that the sightseeing bus without a driver suddenly made a sharp turn and plunged into a lake.

Through the transparent window, you can even see the swollen and festered faces in the dark river, clinging closely to the window glass and peeping into the car.

The lake is full of water ghosts!

If ordinary people encounter such a situation, they are afraid to faint on the spot.

Unfortunately, the novelists in the car are all experienced experts.

They didn’t react much to the water ghost, but quickly took out the black book, added various skills that could move in the water, and then began to break the window.

Shen Yu also carried a prop chainsaw in his hand. He quickly sawed open the carriage. Facing the swarming lake and water ghosts, he said silently, “stay away from my boat!”

[skill: Breathing]

[I learned that you are a land duck, and the water devils were overjoyed and praised you!] [skill use, as long as you say “stay away from my ship”, you can forcibly obtain the right to breathe for three minutes, and you can avoid suffocation in water, poison gas and even space.] [PS: the water devils asked me to bring you a message: “Get out! Stay away from my boat and don’t come again!”] Shen Yu, who has never been able to swim, seems to have suddenly learned to breathe. He is like a fish entering the water and moving quickly in the lake, avoiding the ubiquitous water ghosts. He waves an electric saw in his hand to cut off the bodies of the water ghosts he intends to attack.

Other novelists are also using different means to fight against water ghosts.

The water ghosts didn’t bleed. Soon, some rotten stones floated all over the water.

Suddenly, a novelist suddenly convulsed, like suffocation and drowning.

He opened his eyes in amazement and kept pressing his palm on the black book, but he couldn’t try out all his skills.

At this time, a water ghost quietly lurked behind him and opened a sharp tooth at his neck

The turbid blood belonging to human beings soon dyed the lake red.

At this time, many novelists also found this fatal problem.

The skills in their books suddenly become sometimes ineffective!

The people were so frightened that they could not kill the water ghost and hurried to the shore of the lake.

The chainsaw in Shen Yu’s hand also lost its function, but fortunately the skill [breathing] was still there. With this weakening skill, he avoided the water ghost around him at the last moment and swam to the shore in one breath.

On the shore, most novelists successfully escaped with their excellent quality, but several people failed to escape, and their bodies were floating on the lake.

But what is surprising is that these water ghosts did not eat the victim’s body, but picked up the body and hit it to the center of the lake like an order.

In the center of the lake, a tall gray statue stands.

This statue of God is carved from rock with rough lines. It is carved with a thing that is three points like a dragon and seven points like a snake. It has scales and claws, but there is no dragon horn. A pair of eyes are inlaid with rubies. It looks down on the gods at its feet, and 29 altars are placed in front of it.

Good night just disappeared. I was kneeling in front of the statue with a fever in my eyes.

Seeing this, Yueze suddenly realized and shouted: “be careful! The black dragon society is making the final sacrificial preparation for the invasion of the death world. Because of the interference of the death world consciousness, the consciousness of the world is shielded, and the skills in our book are gradually weakening.”

As soon as he said this, everyone changed his face.

Without the skills and props in the book, what is the difference between novelists and toothed tigers in this dangerous world?

At this time, the water ghost pushed the bodies of several dead novelists onto different altars.

Gigantic as like as two peas, the body of the corpse was rapidly digested and the upper part of the statue was split. A huge head was indistinct. It looked exactly like the statue, but the body was black and mist.

Inside and outside the screen, everyone stared at everything in front of them.

Good night, I was even more excited and fanatical. It was like being blessed by the mysterious power. The joints of my body were raised, and my appearance became a little different from that of ordinary people. Black bone spurs were born on my pretty face.

“My God! I feel your power. Are you happy?”

He seemed to gradually lose his mind and shouted in crazy nonsense: “when you have enjoyed the blood and flesh of 29 sacrifices, the gap will completely crack. I have prepared a container for you, and then you can come to the small and humble real world!”

As soon as the voice fell, his right hand was raised, and a bone spur in the palm of his hand suddenly stretched out, even across half the lake and plunged into the heart of a novelist on the bank.

The unlucky novelist, who had no chance to scream, was dragged to the altar by bone spurs. In an instant, his blood and flesh were sucked dry, leaving only a few remaining bones.

With another sacrifice, the crack in the sky became bigger, and good night’s body was twisted like a monster and more powerful.

Yue Ze’s face changed and shouted, “that’s the image projection of the world consciousness of death. He urgently needs fresh gods as sacrifices. Get out of here!”

The remaining people woke up like a dream, suddenly changed their faces, turned and fled in the opposite direction of the lake.

Good night, smiled. His crazy eyes were full of banter, just like a cat catching mice. He followed the people slowly.

After all, as a novelist who has experienced many battles, there is still a sense of escape. Without discussion, the people scattered silently and hid in the town in different directions.

Indeed, this is les town where Shen Yu and others came before. In the East is the lake, in the west is the cemetery, and in the middle is the church and the residence of the residents of this town.

But in the previous story, Shen Yu was not seen by anyone in a small town except the villain of the story.

At this time, Les town was like a birth machine. Residents came out from behind closed doors and filled the town like spiders guarding traps.

One of the novelists who fled everywhere carefully avoided the crazy good night, reluctantly used his skills to remain invisible and hid under a corner.

He suddenly heard a crisp laughter and looked up. He saw a girl lying on the top of the tall wall, revealing her small head. Her eyes were like apricots, looking at him qinglingling.

The girl continued to smile and motioned the novelist to hide in her house. Not far away, the figure looking for good night was getting closer and closer.

The novelist hesitated again and again. In order to avoid the pursuit outside, he finally relied on his own strength to bite his teeth and turn his head into the wall.

As soon as he landed on the ground, he found that the girl who had just called him in was still lying on the wall and didn’t move at all.

Because it was not a girl at all, but a tall Scarecrow with a bloody old clothes on his body. Only a girl’s rotten head was inserted in the part of his head, just exposing the wall.

Seeing him enter his own wall, the girl’s laughter became more crisp, the head turned behind, the skin and flesh on his face gradually became rotten, and his eyes stared at the novelist who had fallen into the trap.

“Can’t beat that crazy monster outside, can’t I control your little villain?” the novelist forced himself to calm down and pressed his hand on the black book, ready to fight to the death.

But the next moment, the expression on his face turned to amazement.

It was at this time that his skills failed for a short time

Three minutes later, on the scarecrow, the girl’s head was still missing, the novelist’s skull was placed on it, lying on the wall as usual, and his eyes were full of black malice.

The flesh and blood of his body was followed by good night. All of them were taken to the altar as sacrifices.

Other novelists are not more fortunate in Les town.

As the holy land of the Black Dragon Society in the world of death, this is a small town where there are no living people, revealing strangeness and danger everywhere.

The hoarse old woman stood in her hotel to greet the guests. Behind her, the red eyed rats hidden in the hotel rustled and sounded, waiting to pour out and devour the guests’ bones and brains.

The bony child, with pure and innocent eyes open, babbled to you for sugar, but the other hand hid behind him and quietly held a sharp long knife.

The patrolling watchman has long legs and long neck. He walks and shakes like noodles. He smiles at you outside the window on the third floor. His neck is like a snake, holding a swollen head into the room

There are even several foreign novelists, as devout believers of God, who hide in Les town. When they see a Cross Church in the town, they hide in with the intention of getting God’s protection in times of despair.

As soon as they entered the church, they found that the dome of the whole church was made of human bones and spine.

The priest who was praying with his back to them turned around with a smile and looked at them, revealing the black dragon sign embroidered on his clothes

However, after half a day’s effort, when the skills in the book were not working at the same time, more than half of the novelists were damaged in Les town. All the flesh and blood that had been nourished for a long time were taken away at night and made sacrifices in front of the altar.

The crack in the sky has been torn bigger at this time, and you can vaguely see a corner of the black snake’s huge body.

On the west side of Les Town, in the small house next to the cemetery, there is a solid and hidden basement.

The four of Shen Yu are hiding in it for a while.

“The residents of this town are all monsters. They can’t find anyone to communicate with.”

Zhang Cuihua bandaged her wound and asked, “head, how do you know there are no monsters in this building and you can enter safely?”

Yueze looked tired and pressed his eyebrows: “we came to this place in the previous story. The owner of this house is the villain in that story and has been killed by us, so it is safe for the time being.”

For now!

All four of them knew that they would find here before long.

And the more novelists die, the bigger the gap between the different worlds can be torn by the gods worshipped by flesh and blood.

However, they have a poor move in chess. Now they are completely passive in the face of the black dragon club.

“What did the black dragon society want to do when it first caught me?” Shen Yu suddenly asked in the silence.

Up to now, his voice is still calm: “the forces of the Black Dragon Society, they can find countless sacrifices… But they have been chasing me all the time.”

“What is the difference between me and other sacrifices in their eyes? I must die at a specific time and in a specific way?”

Even in the dark, Yueze could feel Shen Yu’s firm eyes and looked at him straight.

After a long silence, he sighed slightly and imperceptibly: “what the black dragon society wants is not only sacrifices, but also containers.”

“A perfect container that allows the consciousness of the different world to be injected into it can become the real God in their mouth.”

“This container can not be simply found, but needs to be married by two special people within a specific time. The best container is the child born in the form of drowned death.”

“The selected container has three chances of death… You narrowly escaped when you were three years old; in the story not long ago, you were shot good night into the sea and still survived… Now is the last chance. The whole black dragon society has been planning for a long time.”

After hearing this, Shen Yu was silent for a long time, and finally smiled bitterly: “it seems that they are bound to win this time.”


Yueze suddenly leaned forward, took Shen Yu’s hand and whispered, “you won’t die.”

“I will never allow this to happen!”

Through the dim light, Starscream looked at their two clenched hands, opened his eyes slightly for a time, and then his expression turned thoughtful.

“Do you remember what I said before good night? I’ve been fighting with the black dragon club for at least a hundred years.”

In the dark, he looked and stroked Shen Yu’s cheek. His calm voice was full of soothing power: “don’t you always want to know my true identity? How long have you lived? I will live as long as the black dragon will exist.”

“The world will always favor me.”

Shen Yu was stunned. Suddenly he understood Yue Ze’s meaning, and then his face turned white.

Since the dying world can choose the messenger to walk on its own behalf, the consciousness of the world can also.

The person selected by this world consciousness, his mission in his whole life, is naturally the purpose of defeating the aggression of the dead world.

In the process of defeating aggression, someone will die!

Suddenly, a small flame lit up the darkness of the basement.

They followed the light and saw the black book in Yueze’s hand burning.

“Head! Are you crazy?” Zhang Cuihua rushed anxiously.

Yueze waved to stop his old subordinates and said faintly: “a long time ago, the will of the world told me that when books are lit, the power of the world will fill my body, which is the end of all chaos.”

“World consciousness predicts that when burning books fall into the crack together with evil, the crack will be repaired, these horror stories will dissipate, and no innocent people will be involved in terror and die.”

But the world consciousness also told him that if his books burned out and the cracks were still not repaired, his life would burn out like books.

Just this sentence, he did not tell his companions.

In the silence, everyone only heard good night, and the crazy laughter was getting closer and closer.

Yueze finally gently clenched Shen Yu’s hand: “I said, I will never let death fall on your head.”

Then he resolutely went out of his hiding place.

Looking at the back of Yueze leaving, suddenly an inexplicable fear gripped Shen Yu’s heart.

“Don’t, don’t go!” he almost muttered, “come back…”

Unfortunately, Yueze didn’t hear it.


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