Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 5

Scarlet Apartment (5)

Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 5:  Scarlet Apartment (5)

When the others heard Shen Yu’s words, they were stunned at first, and then all showed an expression of “why so forced”.

Xu Jiaojiao stared in horror, “are you crazy?”

Her expression at this time seemed as if she was about to jump up: “why do you exchange with such a person? This person is an asshole, so bad that he is not worth saving! Don’t take your own life…”

At this time, the short haired girl put her hand on Xu Jiaojiao’s shoulder and stopped her next words.

The glasses man, who was afraid that Shen Yu would go back on his word, hurriedly grabbed the pink key, but said with a smile: “brother, who says that living in the East building will die? You don’t have to be afraid at all. It’s okay!”

He had always advocated that being alone would lead to death and that the East Tower was dangerous. Now, as soon as his tone of voice changed, he was full of nonsense.

He extended his hand to the anonymous beside Shen Yu and seemed to want to pull the little boy to his side: “don’t worry, just give the child to me, and I will take care of him and protect him…”

As soon as the anonymous dodged, he avoided the hand of the man with glasses.

“I’ll go to the East Building with him.” the little guy said expressionless.

The eye man was stunned: “but you are two people and are not alone. How can you go to the East Building according to the rules…”

“Which rule stipulates that only those who are alone are eligible to spend the night in the East building?” Shen Yu coldly interrupted him. “Everyone before was misled by your initial conclusion.”

“The administrator of this apartment asked us to assign rooms by ourselves. Although there is only one red key, she never said that only the excluded people can get the red key.”

“There is no sign that living in the East building will constitute a necessary condition for death.”

He stared at the red key in his hand and said calmly, “after all, the two people who died last night, one in the East Building and the other in the West building, were in fatal danger because they opened the doors and windows at night.”

After a word, the previous theory of the glasses man was completely overturned. At this time, he stood in place, his face red and blue.

He became angry and wanted to attack, but he didn’t dare. Finally, he gave up.

The short haired girl who had been listening carefully clapped her hands and laughed and said, “good discovery! She is much smarter than some self righteous fools!”

The glasses man’s face became more gloomy.

The short haired girl looked at him disdainfully and just asked Shen Yu: “do you take the initiative to ask tonight? Do you think the next clue is in the East building?”

Shen Yu slightly looked at her in surprise and said in a deep voice, “I’m not sure for the time being. Go dig it first and then make a conclusion.”

If they want to get information in the West building, they must knock door to door and inquire about the apartment residents. At the end of the day, there is not only danger, but also little information.

But the administrator said that the red key can open all the doors of the East building.

In this way, the efficiency of collecting information can be faster.

So Shen Yu and the anonymous decided to search the East Building tonight, and the short haired girl quickly guessed their intentions.

It has to be said that the young girl’s insight is obviously much sharper than the other two old hands.

Seeing Shen Yu’s acquiescence, the short haired girl didn’t talk any more. She just looked at them with vague eyes. After staying on the anonymous for two seconds, she moved her eyes and said as if nothing had happened: “nothing, I wish you peace tonight.”

Then she took Xu Jiaojiao away.

The rest of the people also left one after another. Before leaving, the grumpy flower arm man said lazily: “after tossing around all day, my bones are numb. Now I can go to bed.”

Little brother Huang Mao was beside him and smiled carefully: “brother, I didn’t do all your work today?”

“Yes, after I go out, I will definitely benefit from you.” the flower arm man walked away perfunctorily.

Only the man with glasses stood alone with the pink key in his hand.

He looked at Shen Yu’s departure direction coldly. His eyes were full of suppressed anger. His teeth clenched. After he endured it again and again, he gave a cold hum and clenched the key to leave.

Whether the East building is dangerous or not, let the two fools explore the way first. Anyway, they have no loss.

Of course, it would be better if those two guys died directly in the East building.

Glasses man comforted himself in his heart.


There are many rooms in the East Building, but there is not much time left for Shen Yu.

“How many rooms do we have left open with 20 minutes left before the lights go out?”

Shen Yu opened a room again and searched it quickly, but he still didn’t find much valuable things.

The East building is not only shabby and dark, but also those locked rooms are uninhabited.

It seems that all the residents of the apartment have moved to the beautifully decorated West Building and abandoned the dilapidated East building.

At this time, the anonymous came out of another room with a yellow newspaper in his hand: “we have searched four floors and two floors have not been searched.”

The East and West floors have the same number of floors, both of which are six floors.

“HMM.” Shen Yu answered, and suddenly his mind flashed, “wait!”

He turned his head solemnly and asked, “do you remember the rules told by the corridor administrator the night before?”

Anonymous: “can’t open doors and windows at night, can’t go out after turning off the lights, be polite to apartment residents, can’t take the damaged elevator, and can’t be lazy in cleaning?”

Shen Yu: “just behind the fact that cleaning can’t be lazy, what else did the administrator say?”

“You can’t be lazy. You must clean all the seven floors of the apartment…” speaking of this, the anonymous suddenly stopped and frowned.

“The seventh floor of the apartment…” he muttered.

But whether the East building or the West building, there are only six floors!

Where is the missing seventh floor?

Shen Yu is also thinking about this problem. While thinking, he holds the red □□□, and inertia opens the next door.


The key makes a sound when it rotates in the keyhole, but it is blocked by the keyhole.

“Hmm?” Shen Yu said in surprise and continued to turn the key, but the door in front of him was opened by the red key, unlike other doors.

He pulled out the key and looked up at the number in front of him.

Room 444.

What an ominous number.

The red key can open all the rooms in the East Building, but the 444 in front of them is the only door they can’t open at present.

Anonymous also came over and stared at the house number 444 for a long time. Suddenly, he turned out the old newspaper he had just found.

He found an inconspicuous notice in the gap between the newspapers.

Looking for a runaway wife

[Zhang Lili, my lover, left in anger after a quarrel with me on October 3 and has not returned yet.]

[Zhang Lili is 24 years old, about 1.6 meters tall, thin, with medium and long hair, looks ordinary, speaks with a slight accent, and wears a white coat when she leaves home.]

[hope the kind-hearted people find out and contact me in time.]

[contact: xxxxxxxxx.]

[contact address: XX construction site, or 444 pink apartment.]

[contact: Wu Jianyi.]

He stared at the message and looked up at number 444.

“There’s a clue,” he said, and handed the newspaper to Shen Yu.

Shen Yu took it and glanced quickly.

Wu Jianyi, who is on the search notice, lives in No. 444 of this apartment. His contact address also says XX construction site. Obviously, his occupation is related to the construction site.

“Master Wu”, who paints and decorates the pink apartment for free, is the foreman of the construction site and the old resident of the apartment.

The identity is right.

“Let me remind you that it’s less than a minute before the lights go out,” the anonymous said.

When thinking, time is particularly short.

Shen Yu was thinking about the clues he had just got. Hearing this sentence, he suddenly woke up, hurriedly opened a door with a red key, and then pulled the anonymous to hide in.

Just when they locked the door, the light in the house suddenly went out, and the surroundings fell into darkness.

“Creak, creak…”

Outside the window, there was another sound of scratching the glass.

Today, the sound outside the window came early and the movement was more noisy.

The monster outside the window seemed a little flustered and urgent.

The anonymous lowered his voice, leaned into Shen Yu’s ear and said, “the clues we just collected are correct.”

The closer to the truth, the more anxious the ghosts are. ”

Shen Yu glanced at the slightly vibrating window and pursed his lips: “the reaction is too strong. I’m really afraid it will scratch the glass directly.”

The monster outside the window continued to harass for a while. About finding that it didn’t work, he calmed down, only making a slight rustle in the silent night.

After a while, suddenly a pleading female voice came from outside the window: “please, help me!”

“The bald man and the man with glasses joined hands secretly and suddenly attacked us late at night. My companion is dead. Now they want to kill me and I escaped by luck.”

It’s the voice of a girl with short hair!

The cry outside the window continued: “they are about to catch up. I only know you two kind-hearted people in the whole apartment. Please let me hide and help me! I don’t want to die!!”

In the dark, Shen Yu and anonymous looked at each other in surprise.

“That thing… Is it really make complaints about how bad is your acting?” Shen Yu’s expressionless Tucao road.

“If the girl knew she was acted like this by the monster during the day, according to her violent temper, she was afraid to tear the monster on the spot!” the anonymous continued without emotion.

“Please, let me in! Let me in, let me in… Let me in…”

The noise outside the window remained the same. In the end, the monster seemed to tear his face. Even his voice changed its tone. He roared hoarsely and low, “bang bang” hit the window glass.

But no matter how it tossed, it still stopped firmly outside the window and never dared to enter the apartment.

“That monster like a blood monkey can run around in the apartment, attack and kill at will. But why does the monster outside the window dare not enter the apartment and only dare to cheat people to open the window?”

Shen Yu thought to himself about the cableway.

“Is it really so afraid of the strange man who knocked at the door in the middle of the night?”

Before Shen Yu could think about it, there was a dull drag sound in the dead corridor outside.

Shen Yu’s spirits perked up.


The strange man with the coffin came to their door as usual and began to knock on the door unremittingly.

Once the door knocks, the sound outside the window suddenly stops.

As before, Shen Yu leaned over the door and observed the scene outside the door from the crack of the door.

The feet that appeared outside the door were still frozen green, but there was no split wound. Instead, they were fat and bloated, with toes on top and even painted with red inferior nail polish.

Shen Yu, peeping, opened his eyes slightly shocked.

No, no!

Now there are a pair of women’s feet. But last night, it was the soles of men’s feet that appeared in front of the door.

Two different freaks twice?

But no matter which freak, there was a small coffin behind him.

After a short thought, the anonymous who observed the same side suddenly took out a blade.

The bright and sharp scalpel is just suitable for children to hold in their hands. The shiny blade seems to be a narrow mirror.

He put the scalpel under the crack of the door and peered at the panorama outside the door by the reflection of the knife.

A fat middle-aged woman, slightly closed her eyes, just like a puppet, stood with a dull look, carrying hemp rope on her shoulder and dragging the coffin behind her.

This woman, Shen Yu, had just met.

It is the apartment residents who let them in to clean up during the day.

But why is she here?

Anonymous carefully turned the blade and peeped into the coffin behind the woman from another angle.

It’s a very small coffin. It can’t squeeze in with the size of an adult. The pattern on it is very gorgeous. There’s no coffin cover. There’s a little baby sitting inside.

The baby peeped out a head from the coffin. It was red all over and its facial features were wrinkled. It looked even uglier than the baby just born. Its body was smaller than an ordinary baby. It was still stained with blood and amniotic fluid, and the umbilical cord on its belly was not cut off.

The baby looked around as if looking for something, and then gently knocked on the coffin.

Then, the dull looking apartment resident stopped knocking on the door, like a walking corpse, barefoot, dragging a heavy coffin, moving hard and disappearing.

When one person and one baby left, Shen Yu and the two people gently breathed out.

“We were a little wrong before,” the anonymous suddenly said.

“The strange man knocking at the door every night outside is just a tool man dragging the coffin. Even if he changes it every night, it’s no different,” he said, frowning.

“But the baby sitting in the coffin is the leader and the reason why the monster outside the window is afraid.”


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