Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 50

The End

Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 50: The End

Good night, still searching for the remaining survivors.

After the nourishment of more than a dozen novel experts, he was almost completely alienated into a monster.

He walked and crawled like a beast on all fours. His body was as slender as a snake. Bone spines protruded on his face and arms. Blue meridians burst under his thin skin. His whole body was almost broken by forces that did not belong to human beings.

His reason didn’t have much left. His eyes were full of blood, smelling like a dog, and a burst of crazy laughter came out of his mouth from time to time.

Suddenly, a man stopped him.

Good night, he raised his head. His turbid eyes stared at Yueze in front of him. Looking at the burning books in his hands, he suddenly burst into a sharp sneer: “it’s you again!”

“It’s always you who sabotaged our plans for more than 100 years! We are both centenarians. We can always maintain our youth and strength because of our world consciousness, otherwise we would have turned into a pile of white bones!”

“Don’t you accept the more powerful power of death? You have to force yourself to this point!”

He smiled wildly and rushed at Yueze like a beast.

The burning book in Yueze’s hand was like a sword blade composed of flame, which immediately forced good night away.

The fire burned good night’s body, but the books burned faster!

Although the whole person was shot away and forced to retreat rapidly, good night, the sharp laughter never stopped: “you’re dying! You’re dying soon!”

“Under the great gods, I can live forever, and I will live forever! But you are burning your life -”

Yueze didn’t speak, but coldly kept pushing him back.

When I came into contact with the cold lake water, good night, crazy head, suddenly calmed down.

After the fight just now, the two of them returned to the east of the town, in front of the statue in the lake.

At this time, the torn crack in the world is above their heads.

“Do you want to…” I want to understand everything. Good night, I immediately clenched my teeth.

But without waiting for him to regret, the flame in Yueze’s hand was burning to the maximum. He suddenly flew forward, grabbed him, and jumped along the statue to the gap in the air.

The consciousness of the dead world has invested too much power in goodnight, even distorting his body and reason.

And good night can’t control this power.

When Yueze carried this power, burned the flame and rushed into the crack, the collision of too strong force was enough to kill the two people on the spot.

It is also enough to reverse the use of this power to repair this crack and let the world consciousness of death suffer its own consequences.

Knowing this, he screamed at once. The bones of his hands entangled the head of the statue and dragged them together in mid air.

As long as he waits until the flame goes out, Yueze will die!

Yueze also knew this, so he silently burned the books more fiercely, and even spread a layer of flame around their bodies.

But his books were about to burn out.

At this moment of life and death, Shen Yu suddenly rushed out and rushed into the air with extremely light body.

Yuezedun was surprised: “go back quickly!”

Shen Yu, who suddenly acquired flying skills, finally lost his skills and fell on the statue under the influence of the world consciousness of death.

But he didn’t delay. Instead, he rushed to the head of the statue quickly, opened the book, and began to use countless skills.

Throwing knives, electric shocks, bullets, ropes, vines, birds… Some of these skills are his own, others.

At this time, the crowd around the text white tower suddenly pointed to the top ranking and shouted, “look, the ranking has changed.”

In the hearts of people, the “MINT”, which has made rapid progress, at this time, the ranking is like flying, rising rapidly with the naked eye, like a rising star, reaching the top of the stone tablet.

The name of mints, actually crowded out anonymity and steadily occupied the first place!

Suddenly someone suddenly realized: “just now, it must be just now… All the remaining novelists have torn off all their skills and gathered them all on the mint book!”

“Everyone is saving the world with their only weak power!”

At this time, on the screen, after experimenting with countless unstable skills, Shen Yu finally had a light blade skill unaffected and cut off the bone spur wrapped around the statue of God good night.

With good night’s limbs.

Good night without limbs. He howled wildly and his strength leaked out rapidly. Shen Yu took this opportunity to use a new skill [wind] again.

The strong wind curls the monster like good night, and flies to the crack with the small flame that is about to go out.

Yueze gathered together at the right time, gently let go of his hand, let the strong wind take away the burning books, and he fell from the air.

The crack swallowed good night and the little flame.

There was no earthshaking in the imagination, just a burst of dazzling white light, accompanied by a unwilling roar, the sky seemed to be repaired and healed again.

The consciousness of the dead world was finally returned to his own world.

Yue Ze, who escaped from death with blood stains on his face, fell from the sky, and the surrounding scenes began to dissipate slowly.

All the stories began to fall apart, and they were about to return to the real world.

Ignoring the surprised eyes of others, Shen Yu rushed forward, hugged Tuoli Yueze tightly, buried his face on his shoulder, trembled all over, and calmed his excited breath.

Yueze lowered his head, offset his forehead, and burst out a faint smile.

Novelists gradually came out of their hiding place. Zhang Cuihua stood in the distance, looked at his two old comrades in arms and sighed, “ah! What a great comrades in arms –”

Starscream stared at her with wide eyes and looked at her inconceivably. She wanted to talk and stopped: “…”

Zhang Cuihua was blown up: “what do you want to say?”

Starscream: “God special friendship… How do you see? The atmosphere between the two…”

After her reminder, Zhang Cuihua, who has always been rough about interpersonal relations, couldn’t help staring at the round eyes and looked at the two people tightly hugging each other again.

The false world has completely dissipated, and Zhang Cuihua finally understands it.

Just before returning to the real world, she couldn’t help but burst out a rude remark.

“Grass! When did they get together?”


Three months later.

Everything is plain, as if the previous terrorist adventures in different worlds were just a nightmare in the middle of the night.

Shen Yu, who had just attended the new book press conference, walked out of the street in the warm sunshine and stretched comfortably. The whole person seemed to be melting in the afternoon sun.

Not far away, Yueze came with a slightly nervous look, holding two melting ice cream in his hand.

Shen Yu blinked and looked at each other.

The other party raised some words and solemnly said: “now the gaps in the different world have been repaired, and the remaining organization of the black dragon society is being gradually cleaned up by the national department. I have lost my family members of the world consciousness, and finally become an ordinary person. In the future, I will gradually get old and die, and finish the life of ordinary people…”

Shen Yu smiled and interrupted him: “you came here specially to talk about work with me?”

“No!” Yueze looked more gentle and handed over his ice cream. “I came here this time just to ask if you would like to have an ordinary date with me?”

Shen Yu looked down at the melting ice cream. After a long time, he slowly reached for it.

“Of course.”

———  end

The author has something to say: it’s finally over. I’ll take the file and ask for an advance: “when AI intelligent people meet evil gods”

The ghost with long hair in blood climbed out of the toilet, and her scarlet tongue spit out a bitter curse: “I want your life ~ ~”

Yiqi refitted his circuit parts and looked indifferent: “sorry, I’m not a complete life for the time being.”

Female ghost: “… Ga?”

In the live studio, others were scared out of their wits and trembled in the face of evil spirits.

Only he kept chasing the evil spirits, full of the persistence of scientific workers: “this is another brand-new species, which needs to be registered.”

Chased Ghost: ”

Audience in the live studio: ”

good heavens! What we watched was a supernatural live broadcast, which was integrated into approaching science by you?

As the last survivor of the alien world, AI intelligent man Yiqi shoulders the important task of continuing the kindling of civilization and takes refuge in other universes through the gap of time.

He wants to be a real human.

But soon, Yiqi was embarrassed to find that the refuge world he came to… Was full of fantasy elements.

Demons and monsters are everywhere. There are many heavenly masters and monsters like dogs.

Finally, he met the evil god that everyone in the world feared.

The dark golden eyes of the ferocious God looked like a burning candle and stared at him firmly. After a long time, he lowered his eyes and smiled: “do you want to be human?”

“I’ll teach you.”


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