Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 6

Scarlet Apartment (6)

Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 6:  Scarlet Apartment (6)

Late at night, West building.

The flower arm man fell into the room, buried his head in a deep sleep, and the snore rang through the room.

His younger brother, Huang Mao, was a little frightened.

“Brother, let’s just fall asleep. Really? I heard those people say that they often hear movement outside the window and knock at the door at night!”

Huang Mao asked worried.

Half asleep and half awake, the flower arm man reached out and scratched his greasy bald head, and then groaned impatiently, “what are you worried about? You don’t do anything bad all your life, and you’re not afraid of ghosts knocking at the door in the middle of the night.”

Huang Mao forced out a smiling face: “but brother… We two used to steal and break into the house. It’s not that we didn’t do anything wrong. Just in case…”

Both of them are professional thieves. Sometimes they bully primary school students and charge protection fees. This time, they just want to step on the spot in the community and find the next theft target. Who could have thought that they were involved in such bad luck and confusion.

“Don’t embarrass me!” the flower arm man took out his eldest brother’s style and scolded, “those people are alarmist because they are timid, so they scare themselves.”

“What are you afraid of when you’re with me? Go to bed quickly. I’m tired all day!”

Humming, the flower arm man muttered and fell asleep: “son of a bitch, do you worry about it…”

Seeing that his eldest brother was asleep again, Huang Mao didn’t dare to shout any more, so he had to make a floor shop and retract into the quilt muttering: “you’re tired! I did all the work… I cleaned the windows all day, so tired that my back hurt and didn’t speak. What did you do?”

He didn’t dare to speak loudly. He could only whisper a few curses behind his back, and he fell asleep.

In the middle of the night, Huang Mao felt a little noisy in his sleep.

It was like the sound of hair rubbing against the floor.

He muttered in his dream and turned to sleep. Unexpectedly, his palm touched a cold thing.

It is smooth and cold, and feels like a woman’s long hair.

Huang Mao a thrill and suddenly woke up.

The hazy moonlight sprinkled through the window.

With this faint moonlight, Huang Mao saw the original pink walls in the room, as if they were constantly changing and twisting.

The blood like hair, as if there was life, continued to extend from the wall, slipped past him and went straight to the bed.

The flower arm man who slept in bed and snored all the time was quiet at this time.

The room was so silent that you could hear a needle fall.

The blood quietly bypassed the bewildered yellow hair, and constantly penetrated into the flower arm man’s body, winding up layer after layer.

Soon, a human shaped “cocoon” appeared on the bed.

Huang Mao collapsed on the ground. He looked at everything in front of him tremblingly. He felt that his crotch pants were wet, and a smell of urine came from under him.

Although the blood did not hurt him, he saw such a strange scene for the first time in his life.

Terrible, bloody, but quietly devouring a human life.

Finally, it was like Huang Mao, who had reached the limit of endurance and came back to his senses. He shook his voice and screamed, “help, help… Kill!”

“Kill, someone is dead!” he shouted madly. Then he opened the door directly regardless of any rules, climbed out of the room, and tried his best to stay away from the human cocoon.

With the smell of urine on his body and tears on his face, he hurriedly knocked on all the doors on this floor, screamed for help and said, “help, there are ghosts! There are ghosts and monsters in my room…”

Most of the residents who were knocked on the door ignored his cry for help. Only one family quietly opened the door.

The door opened a crack, and an eye leaked out from behind the door, staring coldly at the embarrassed yellow hair.

Huang Mao pushed open the door, grabbed the apartment resident behind the door, and shouted, “monster, monster, dead…”

The resident is a thin old man with white hair.

The old man opened his cloudy white eyes and looked up and down at the yellow hair flowing with tears. After a long time, he opened his mouth full of sparse yellow teeth and asked with a smile, “why did you come alone?”

Yellow hair was paralyzed on the ground and trembled and said, “my eldest brother died and was killed by a monster. A monster like blood…”

Unexpectedly, the old man he asked for help suddenly stretched his face: “he was lazy and didn’t work during the day?”

Huang Mao nodded.

The old man’s eyes gradually became greedy: “are you lazy during the day?”

“No, no! I didn’t. I’ve been working all the time, so the monster let me go…” he noticed some bad yellow hair, quickly shook his head and retreated tentatively.

Seeing that he wanted to leave the room, the old man grabbed his wrist, his greedy eyes were exposed, and a sharp tooth gradually grew in his mouth: “you didn’t work lazily, but you disturbed me to sleep in the middle of the night.”

An ominous premonition drove away the previous fear and occupied Huang Mao’s heart again.

As soon as he was cruel, he suddenly kicked the old man and shouted, “dead old man! What are you doing grabbing my arm? Hurry to release it!”

Unfortunately, the old man’s thin body at this time can not stand down like an iron tower. Huang Mao kicked it up and felt that he had kicked an iron plate.

The old man’s hand, still like a vise, firmly clamped down on Huang Mao’s arm. With more and more strength, he dragged him into the depths of his room.

“Young man, your tone of voice is impolite!” the old man said with a smile, but his sharp teeth are getting longer and longer, aiming at the yellow hair’s neck


The door is closed.

The scream of yellow hair came from the house one after another, but it became weaker and weaker. After a long time, it was completely silent.

The floor was silent again, but a pool of blood seeped from the crack of the old man’s door.

The smell of blood began to diffuse.

The next day, the people came out of the room.

When others saw Shen Yu coming out of the East Building intact, they all brightened up.

Only the man with glasses saw them. The originally satisfied smile on his face suddenly stiffened, and then quietly squeezed the key in his hand.

Living in the East building is indeed not fatal. Living alone in a room does not constitute a condition of death.

His previous theory has indeed been completely overturned.

But soon, others found that the flower arm man and yellow hair, who liked to complain most, were gone.

With an ominous premonition, they went to the room where they stayed last night again.

As soon as the door was opened, everyone was shocked.

In the flower arm man’s room, layers of blood red silk thread stretched out from the wall and ceiling and almost filled the whole room.

These blood filaments were thinner than hair, and the dark red color was full of resentment.

There were no two people in the room, but people found a “cocoon” wrapped in layers on the single bed, barely maintaining a little human shape.

From the body shape, it looks like a stout flower arm man.

They dared not touch the blood easily, but Shen Yu walked around lightly and picked up the black book that huaarm man fell on the ground.

He opened the page.

Thirteen brave cleaners stepped into the pink apartment

[a bald head is the laziest. He doesn’t want to do anything. So he puts all his work on his partner ah Huang.] [how can such a lazy person survive in an apartment?]

[the pink apartment was angry. She felt that she had not been cleaned and her body was very dirty, so she sneaked into the room at night and wrapped her bare head.] [she wanted to punish the bare head soul and clean her forever.] [so, the bare head story is over.]

Shen Yu closed the book with a complicated complexion.

“Bare head” refers to the flower arm man, “ah Huang” is the little brother with yellow hair.

The cause of the flower arm man’s death should be that he was lazy yesterday and pushed all the cleaning work to his little brother, so he violated the rules of the apartment.

But what Shen Yu cares about is why “she” is used to refer to the “pink apartment” mentioned in the black book?

What’s more, it was the monsters in the apartment that killed boss Qian and Xu Tingting the night before yesterday. It was the pink apartment itself that killed last night?

Pink apartment has personality, and this personality is a woman?

He thought to himself and handed the black book to the anonymous.

After seeing the above story, anonymous frowned.

The glasses man and the bald man on one side are still not interested in novice books. They just look around and shout, “one person is dead, but what about the other?”

Where’s Huang Mao?

Shen Yu glanced for a week, then walked to the door: “the little brother of the deceased undertook all the cleaning work, so he should not be killed by these blood threads, but he would not be frightened. So last night he was excited and ran out of the room.”

“Run out? Break the rules, I’m afraid there will be an accident.” the bald man “tut” and said like a joke, “it’s not a novelist, it’s just an audience. It’s as timid as a mouse!”

“Some people, as novelists, are still old hands and may not be of any use. What clues have they found so far?” the short haired girl sneered coolly nearby.

The bald man was suddenly burst: “little girl, what do you mean?”

The short haired girl smiled coldly: “literally.”

“You are so… You…” the bald man blushed with anger.

He seems to want to be tough, but his strength doesn’t seem to be high.

He usually ridiculed the audience and pretended in front of the newcomers, but it can be seen that the short haired girl is also an old hand. The bald man was afraid of being hated by himself. Finally, he chose to swallow his anger and counselled silently.

The short haired girl glanced sideways at him again, and then looked at Da Zhuang who followed him: “some people seem to be good people, but Neri is a scum. Some people seem to be very strong, but they may also regard you as cannon fodder. In short, it’s better to ask others than yourself. Be careful in everything.”

At the same time, she scolded the man with glasses and the bald man.

Their faces suddenly changed.

On the contrary, Da Zhuang, who was secretly reminded by her, looked puzzled. I don’t know whether he didn’t understand or understood but didn’t believe it.

The short haired girl’s combat effectiveness is amazing, and she obviously means to protect the new people. She scolded two of the three old hands in the apartment, but they couldn’t help her.

On the contrary, Shen Yu is also an “old hand” in the eyes of others. He is accompanied by a weak child, but he has never been scolded by a girl with short hair.

Did she see through her novice identity, or

Shen Yu looked down at the anonymous beside him, and the tip of his eyebrows jumped gently.

Last night, the short haired girl’s eyes stayed on the anonymous for a longer time than looking at herself.

While he was thinking in secret, anonymous seemed to feel something, raised his head and looked at him.

Their eyes touched again in the air.

This time, Shen Yu took the lead in moving away from his sight.


Just then, the crowd looking for yellow hair in front suddenly screamed.

Shen Yu and his wife came forward and saw a pool of blood seeping from the crack of a tightly closed door.

Shen Yu looked up at the closed door of the apartment residents and the blood under his feet. He sighed silently in his heart.

It seems that yellow hair is also bad.

Thirteen people originally entered the apartment. Now it’s only the third day, and only nine people are left.

Four of them are “audience” and five are “novelists”.

Among novelists, only oneself is a real novice.

About aware of Shen Yu’s instant depression, the anonymous looked at him thoughtfully, came forward and gently shook his palm.

At this time, the administrator of the apartment building paced slowly again, found them calmly and began a new round of recycling keys.

But this time, after taking back the key, she stared at Shen Yu with a pair of cloudy eyes covered with white clouds.

“It’s the third day,” she said hoarsely. “You said you’d kill those runaway… Pets and bring back their bodies.”

Shen Yu threw his hand at her and said with a smile, “next time.”

Administrator: “…”

Looking at the old lady’s expression, it seems that she was almost smoked by anger.

After a long time, the administrator regained his look, glanced darkly at the people and said, “the whole apartment must be cleaned in five days.”

“Your time is running out.”


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