Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 7

Scarlet Apartment (7)

Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 7:  Scarlet Apartment (7)

Facing the administrator’s threatening tone, Shen Yu just nodded perfunctorily: “I’m doing it, I’m doing it!”

Administrator: “…”

Finally, the old lady left with a cold face and scolded when she left.

Shen Yu used the spirit of perfunctory editing and expediting in the past. After perfunctory leaving the administrator, his face gradually sank.

The information they collected before seems to be a lot, but the clues are messy and can’t find a clue at all.

He felt that now he was only a thread away from the truth behind the apartment.

A thread that connects all the clues.

After seeing Shen Yu choking away the administrator, they gradually dispersed to do their own work.

Only the short-haired girl stayed.

Shen Yu raised one eyebrow to look at her, but saw her smile brightly, stretched out a hand, introduced himself and said, “officially, my pen name is Cuihua. What’s your pen name?”


What he thought before was right. The “novel” is really immoral. It’s all a mess of pseudonyms!

Shen Yu’s mouth could not help twitching, but he shook hands with the other party friendly: “mint.”

Sister Cuihua said admiringly, “your pseudonym is really nice!”

It’s really much better than Cuihua pickled vegetables and bald fat people.

“I think you should stay deliberately, not just to praise my pseudonym.” Shen Yu stared into her eyes and asked seriously.

The words had been said, and Cuihua no longer pinched and asked directly, “what clues have you found?”

As she spoke, she took out a stack of small cards: “I am willing to exchange with you with the clues I found.”

Exchange information?

Shen Yu looked at the anonymous in silence. After getting the old hand’s slightly undetectable nod, he was sure that there should be no trap.

He opened his black book and took out the old newspaper sandwiched in the page.

After exchanging a stack of small cards with each other, he looked closer, but his eyebrows jumped.

[infertility hospital, give you a better tomorrow.]

[ancestral secret recipe, Bao Sheng boy, invalid refund.]

[XXX clinic, painless abortion, surgery today, work tomorrow!]

Unexpectedly, the people who distribute small advertisements are so crazy that they don’t even let go of the world of horror novels!

When he was speechless, Shen Yu inadvertently thought of the missing person notice in the newspaper, and his heart suddenly moved.

Infertility… Bao Sheng boy… Painless abortion… Wife running away from home

It’s connected!

On the other side, Cuihua really saw the notice of looking for someone in the newspaper. At this time, she also looked dignified and continued to ask, “I found these small advertising cards at the West Building resident’s house. Where did you find this newspaper?”

Shen Yu: “East building.”

He paused and took the lead in telling the other party the other information he collected: “the person who paints and decorates the West Building for free, the residents call him master Wu, which should be Wu Jianyi on the notice of looking for someone.”

Cuihua also pondered for a while, slowly said the information she inquired about yesterday: “the small advertising card in my hand was forced by an aunt to me when I was chatting with a resident yesterday.”

Recalling aunt’s face yesterday, her eyebrows could not help but wrinkle deeply.

Aunts and uncles in their forties and fifties are the ones who love to match young people.

In the chat, I learned that the young Cuihua in front of her was actually not young, and she didn’t intend to get married and have children, so my aunt warmly wanted to introduce her to someone, and stuffed her with a pile of small advertising cards.

“This woman can’t live without marriage. It’s incomplete to have children without marriage all her life.”

Aunt used her sparse teeth to eat melon seeds, turned her eyes covered with white clouds, and spit.

“You’re not going to get married all your life. You can’t have children? That’s not good. What’s the name of a woman if you don’t give birth to a white fat boy to your mother-in-law’s family?”

“This is not the case with our family downstairs. They have no children. The couple are so anxious that they quarrel at home every day. Later, they don’t know how many times they went to the hospital. Finally, they found out that the problem lies with the man and finally cured the disease.”

“Tut tut! It’s not the woman’s problem. Otherwise, what does she have to do with a chicken that can’t lay eggs?”

“Later, after the man’s illness was cured, the woman was finally pregnant. The men in the family were happy to pray for God and worship Buddha. They were looking forward to having a son. They made some secret prescriptions for ancestral sons every day and forced the woman to drink… Gee, what a good man! The woman didn’t appreciate so much money spent on her wife and refused to drink. It was unkind!”

“Finally, the man stole the woman into the small clinic and checked her gender. The result was a girl without a handle. He felt unlucky and asked the woman to beat the child and have a son again.”

“You see, auntie, I’m not a man who favors boys over girls, but in the final analysis, a girl is no boy! She doesn’t even have a son all her life. What’s the strength of being alive?”

“The woman also doesn’t know the weight. She just keeps doing it! She not only refuses to have an abortion, but also makes a fuss about giving birth to the child. She is so angry that the man has swollen her face.”

“But no matter how, the woman just doesn’t want to have an abortion.”

“Alas, the man is the head of the family. What if he fights twice? She doesn’t lose skin and meat! But the woman’s life and death is to call the police… Call the police! Can the police be involved in the private affairs of the family? It’s a shame for our whole apartment. Fortunately, the police were fooled back by our old residents.”

When I said this, my aunt’s face showed an ambiguous smile: “girl, don’t learn such an unkind woman. Remember, after a woman gets married, she must learn to win over a man’s heart, or the man will run away.”

“It was the same family. The woman made trouble and refused to have an abortion. In the end, the man had no choice, so he found another small one outside and took it home every day.”

“The man has money and contracted a construction site. The woman is a housewife. She has no job and no money, so she can only swallow it. Since Xiao San swaggered in front of her every day, she was forced to wear pajamas at night.”

“Tut Tut, so rich good men can’t be seduced. She really made it herself! Now in this world, bad women force good men to learn badly.”

“Later, I heard that the woman was getting divorced again and wanted to divide the man’s family property. You said that she was a hen who couldn’t lay eggs. How nice to ask for other people’s money… The man locked her at home in order to prevent her divorce. As a result, she just ran away from home.”

“The man of that family, in order to find such a woman, heard that he also published a notice of looking for someone in the newspaper. He’s really a good man who can’t be found with lanterns!”

“You ask what happened later? What else can you do? People can’t find it all the time! It’s running away from home. It’s probably running away with wild men outside!”

“The woman the man raised outside lived in the house openly. Later, he gave birth to a white fat son. The three members of the family lived happily and happily!”

Until now, Cuihua can still remember the disgusting smile on the face of the apartment resident and the voice of persuasion: “I advise you for your own good…”

After hearing Cuihua’s story, for a time, the three were silent.

From that broken mouth aunt’s nagging, she may inadvertently tell a creepy story.

A woman who was raped by her cheating husband every day finally filed for divorce, but she was locked at home by her husband, and then ran away from home. So far, her whereabouts are unknown.

It’s ok if you really run away from home, but what if… Not?

Where is this woman now?

Shen Yu read the old newspaper over and over again several times.

A small piece of notice for looking for someone, the size of a piece of tofu, sandwiched in a pile of text content, is inconspicuous and easy to be ignored.

Since men are not short of money, why not spend more money and make the missing notice more conspicuous?

After a woman filed for divorce, she was locked at home by him. Then how did she run away from home?

Or is it that this revelation is just an act, and men don’t really want to find people back?

Shen Yu pondered for a long time and finally said, “the male owner of the family you mentioned also works on the construction site and is very rich. It can be basically concluded that he is the same person as Wu Jianyi on the missing person notice.”

“Wu Jianyi’s contact disciples, in addition to the construction site, also have his home address, room 444, pink apartment.”

“Yesterday we tried to open the door of room 444 in the East Building with the key, but it didn’t succeed. The whole East Building, only that room can’t be opened, no matter what method we use.”

Hearing what he said, Cuihua realized in an instant: “but there is also room 444 in the apartment.”

The room layout as like as two peas in the East and West buildings is the same, and the other 444 is naturally in the West building.

“So, let’s go to No. 444 in the West building now.”

When the clue came here, it gradually became clear. Cuihua was eager to try: “I’ll call Xu Jiaojiao that silly girl to avoid her running around when I’m away.”

As I said before, although Cuihua is an old hand, she will protect new people to a certain extent. She is just a different kind of old hand.

Because Xu Jiaojiao has been living with her, it is natural for her to be included in her scope of protection.

Xu Jiaojiao was also clever. She hugged the big man who was willing to cover herself tightly and followed her all the time. In addition to hating the glasses man who killed her sister, she was like a small tail who never made trouble and blocked her teammates.

Shen Yu didn’t see her little tail at this time, so he asked casually, “where’s the girl who has been following you?”

Cuihua waved her hand: “because I wanted to exchange information with you just now, let that silly girl wait for me in the hall on the first floor. I’ll find her later.”

It is daytime at this time, so the rotunda on the first floor is still a safe place for the time being. It is reasonable to say that even if you are alone, there will be no danger.

But Shen Yu changed his face slightly: “Hall on the first floor?”

Cuihua said curiously, “yes, what’s the matter?”

The anonymous, who had not spoken for a long time, suddenly said, “after the man with glasses left just now, it seems that he went in the direction of the hall on the first floor.”

The glasses man killed Xu Jiaojiao’s sister. Xu Jiaojiao gave him a hand when he distributed the keys. Everyone in the apartment knows the gratitude and resentment between them.

If Xu Jiaojiao, alone, meets an ill intentioned glasses man

Suddenly, Cui Hua’s face changed.


On the first floor, Xu Jiaojiao sat uneasily on the sofa in the hall. Without sister Cui’s protection, the whole person trembled.

But sister Cui wants to talk business and let her wait here.

Xu Jiaojiao has no other skills, but it is true that she has always been obedient.

While she was fidgeting, suddenly a shadow came down.

She looked up blankly and saw the gentle and scum face of the man with glasses.

“Miss Xu, we meet again.”

The man with glasses said hello slowly, with a creepy smile on his face.

Xu Jiaojiao’s back was hairy and excited. She jumped up from the sofa and was about to run.

She knew that the man with glasses was not a good man, and she knew that she couldn’t provoke him without sister Cui’s cover.

But as soon as she started, the voice of the man with glasses came from behind her: “don’t you want your sister’s relics?”

Sister’s… Relics?!

With these words, Xu Jiaojiao’s footsteps were firmly nailed to the ground.

She struggled to restrain her impulse to escape, turned around and looked at the man with glasses tremblingly.

The glasses man still smiled: “I know Miss Xu misunderstood me, but I swear, your sister’s death was definitely an accident, not me.”

“Less, less nonsense, I just want to know, where are my sister’s and her relics?”

Xu Jiaojiao was so sad and scared that she was almost crying, and her words trembled and broken.

She was involved in an inexplicable horror story. Her sister died inexplicably, and their parents must still be waiting for them.

She couldn’t take her sister to see her parents. Being able to bring back her sister’s relics was the last comfort to her parents.

Looking at the girl with red eyes like a rabbit, the man with glasses held his eyes and turned to the elevator in the center of the hall: “do you want to know what your sister left for you before she died?”

“I hid my belongings in the elevator.”

He reached out and stroked the closed elevator door, turned his head and looked at Xu Jiaojiao.

Xu Jiaojiao was instantly Alert: “sister Cui said that one of the rules of the apartment is that you can’t enter the elevator.”

This elevator must be dangerous!

But the glasses man said with regret: “but if you don’t open the elevator, you’ll never know what your sister left you?”

Xu Jiaojiao stared at the seductive eyes of the man with glasses. After a pause, she turned around without hesitation and ran away.

Now, a fool can see that the bad thing is trying to trick her into opening the elevator door.

She cursed in the bottom of her heart and tried her best to run upstairs, but as soon as she stepped up the steps, she suddenly tripped under her feet and fell to the ground.

She looked back in amazement and found a transparent rope wrapped around her ankle.

The other end of the rope is now in the hand of the man with glasses.

The man with glasses “snapped” and closed his black book. The smile on his face had disappeared.

“What a disobedient girl. Why isn’t she as easy to cheat as your sister?”

His tone was still gentle, but his men kept moving. He directly dragged Xu Jiaojiao, who was struggling, to his side with brute force.

Using his skills in the black book, he tied Xu Jiaojiao into a zongzi, and then used her as a meat shield between himself and the elevator.

“Don’t you wonder what’s in the elevator?” he sighed. “I’m really curious anyway.”

Since the administrator did not allow them to take the elevator, the glasses man had a strong interest in the interior of the elevator.

Later, the administrator told them that as long as she could kill the monster and bring the monster’s body to her, she could give them rich rewards.

The man with glasses admitted that he was very jealous of the reward.

He guessed that the reason why people were not allowed to take the elevator was probably related to monsters.

But he did not dare to face the monster. If he took his life just for a reward, it would be too much to lose.

He needs to do what he used to do best – find a new person to explore his way.

Unfortunately, after being disturbed by the short-haired woman several times, the new people are very vigilant and unwilling to cooperate with themselves. It is more difficult to deceive them to die.

“But who would have thought that I was so lucky that I caught an unattended rabbit!”

His smile at this time revealed a trace of metamorphosis, raised his hand and lifted the broken hair between Xu Jiaojiao’s forehead.

Xu Jiaojiao stares round her eyes in horror and tries her best to twist her body.

But her little resistance made the man with glasses more excited and raised his hand and pressed the elevator button.

The numbers on the screen gradually sink until they come to the first floor and the elevator door opens slowly.

It’s red.


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