Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 8

Scarlet Apartment (8)

Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 8:  Scarlet Apartment (8)

“Son of a bitch!”

A violent drink came over their heads.

Before she could see the scene in the elevator, Xu Jiaojiao, who was frightened, looked up happily after hearing the familiar voice.

Cui Hua came from the narrow staircase with an angry face. Seeing that it was too late, she simply flew down the spiral staircase on the second floor.

A flying shadow flashed in front of Xu Jiaojiao’s eyes, and then she felt the earth spinning. When she came back, the whole person had been knocked down and fell heavily to the ground, causing pain in her back.

All this only happens between lightning, stone and fire.

Before the eyeglasses man who took the hostage reacted, he was heavily kicked by Cuihua on his back waist. The whole man screamed and was kicked directly into the elevator door.

The red everywhere in the elevator immediately swept up and wrapped half of his body firmly.

Then they saw that the elevator door was full of bright red meat.

The meat is like meat / wall. It is adsorbed in the elevator space, and the exposed muscles are jumping. Unexpectedly, it is still alive. The whole elevator is like the shell of this monster.

This pile of meat has no hands or feet, but in the middle, it has a man’s face.

The face seemed surprised when the elevator door was opened. The muscles on his face twitched and twisted. He immediately opened a crack full of fangs and bit the person who fell into the elevator with a ferocious expression.

“Ah… Ah…”

The man with glasses suddenly screamed. In a panic, he took out the black book again and grabbed the rope with his other hand.

The other end of the rope was tied to Xu Jiaojiao’s ankle. She was pulled by the man with glasses and almost dragged her into the elevator.

Fortunately, Cuihua grabbed her in time.

The monster with only one face is opening its mouth and swallowing the man’s body bit by bit. In the twinkling of an eye, it has reached the waist.

The elevator door “clang” wanted to close again, but it was stuck by the man with glasses, so it kept making strange drops.

The man with glasses grabbed the rope like the last straw, but his face eased down. He cried to Xu Jiaojiao: “help, please.”

“Your sister ran out by herself that night. It’s really none of my business! Please… Please help me. I’m also a person and I’m also a living life…”

The man who had just been very proud had abandoned the disguised Sven in the twinkling of an eye. In order to live without dignity, he begged with tears and snot on his face.

For the first time, Xu Jiaojiao intuitively saw such a miserable wail before a living man was dying.

In real life, always kind and cowardly, she turned her eyes and trembled her lips, and finally said the first dirty words of her life.

“I’ll save you XX!”

She roared, adding new hatred and old hatred, and kicked him in the face.

“Ah ah –”

The man with glasses suddenly gave a scream, covered his broken nose bone with blood on his face, and was distracted. The whole person was immediately dragged into the elevator by the monster.

The elevator door closed with a click.

Screams continued to come from the elevator. At the same time, there was the sound of turning pages and the strange and stuffy cry of monsters.

Obviously, the glasses man who was dragged to death tried his best to fight to death.

But in the end, the scream in the elevator stopped.

Xu Jiaojiao, who has been nervous, saw that she had just breathed a sigh of relief, but the rope tied to her ankle suddenly tightened.

The elevator wanted to rise and continue to swim between different floors, but the other end of the rope was brought into the elevator by the man with glasses.

“Sister Cui, sister Cui!”

Xu Jiaojiao exclaimed repeatedly, her hands on the ground, her fingers bleeding from the floor, or being dragged to the closed elevator door by the shortening rope.

“Grandma has a leg. It’s a small shriveled calf that can hurt people when she dies!”

Cuihua scolded, but she didn’t dare to drag Xu Jiaojiao’s body again. For fear that her whole leg would be torn off alive, she had to pull the tightening rope with fear of hands and feet.

“Head! Now life is at stake, don’t hide!” she suddenly looked up and shouted.

A small figure appeared on the second floor and looked down on them. It was an anonymous person whose appearance was only the age of a little boy.

Then, Shen Yu also appeared behind him with complex eyes.

He recalled the small details before, frowned slightly, and then said definitely, “you two really know each other, but you are hiding your identity.”

Not only in the novel, the two are more likely to know each other in reality.

Anonymous didn’t speak, just pursed the corners of his mouth, looked at the tight rope, his dark eyes coagulated slightly, and those blades appeared between his fingers.

The young body jumped straight down from the second floor. The thin and sharp scalpel flickered with cold awn. It just vibrated a few times. It cut the invisible transparent rope into several pieces.

Xu Jiaojiao, who was finally saved, suddenly fell off her strength and collapsed on the ground. She was trembling all over and had not recovered from her fear.

Cuihua sighed with a sigh of relief and laughed and walked to the closed elevator door: “really, head! This broken rope made of skills. I pulled it hard for a long time and couldn’t break it. It’s still your old man!”

With that, she had pressed the elevator button again.

The elevator, which had just risen to half, flickered a few times, and finally fell back to the first floor, but the closed elevator door did not open.

As if the monster in the elevator was hiding and afraid to come out.

Cuihua waited for a moment and saw no response from the elevator. As soon as she picked up her eyebrows, she suddenly took a step forward, grabbed her hands tightly, “Hua La”, and forcibly separated the elevator door with her strength.

A smell of blood came to my nose.

At this time, Shen Yu, who had come to the first floor, opened his eyes slightly and looked at the torn and deformed elevator door. Although his face was not obvious, there was a storm in his heart.

The real masters in these stories seem to be more monstrous than monsters.

He quietly touched the cover of his black book.

I may be able to achieve the same strength in the future, or… Die miserably in the story.

Who knows?

The elevator door was torn open, and the internal scene was exposed to the public.

A piece of blood red and broken meat.

The body of the man with glasses could not be found. All of them were mixed with the monsters in the elevator and turned into a pool of rotten meat.

The meat / wall originally attached to the elevator also rotted into a piece. The monster’s face was full of scratches and lay ferociously in a pile of meat crumbs, but did not move.

Although the glasses man’s means are obscene, Cuihua can tear open the steel, but he can’t pull his rope, so his own strength should not be too bad.

No wonder he and the monster died together in the end.

Several broken pages stained with blood fell in the narrow elevator, and his black book was buried in a pile of flesh and blood.

Shen Yu came forward, picked up the Black Book soaked in blood, opened it and carefully identified the red text.

Thirteen brave cleaners stepped into the pink apartment

[the cleaner Jinsi Jing met two little friends, a fool and a fool.] [Jinsi Jing smiled. He was lucky.]

[he told the fool that the dark night was not dangerous, so the fool stepped out of the door and died under the shower head. It is said that her eyes have not been closed yet.] [he also told the fool that the closed elevator was not dangerous, but the fool was not confused and escaped by luck.] [so his luck ended here.]

[he was pushed into the elevator, and the story of the golden mirror is over.] in addition to the end of the story of the man with glasses, there are many words with pictures, and there are brief descriptions under the pictures.

Shen Yu saw a familiar page in these pictures.

A picture of a rope, which reads:

[rope of love]

[the obscene artifact of an obscene person is composed of the sticky love of gentlemen. Any girl who is stuck can’t escape. Hey, hey, hey ~ ~]

[current status: damaged and unusable.]

This introduction is also very obscene!

Shen Yu frowned and finally handed the book to the anonymous.

Anonymous roughly browsed through it, and then threw the book to Cuihua: “saving people is mainly your credit, and the booty should also be yours.”

Cuihua didn’t refuse. She opened her eyes and picked up the man’s book: “eh ~ ~ where did the little shriveled calf get the skills? Zhennima is obscene… But the wind blade is still good. I want it.”

When she saw the picture on the page, she tore off the page with the picture and sandwiched it in her black book.

Shen Yu suddenly realized that this was what the bald man and the man with glasses called “picking up the leak”.

No wonder the two people didn’t read the books of novice novelists because the newcomers didn’t have the skills to pick them up.

But the smell in the elevator is getting stronger and stronger.

He sniffed and frowned. He just wanted to leave the narrow elevator. When he turned around, his toes seemed to kick something.

The golden color, mixed in a pool of fishy flesh and blood, showed a slight light.

Shen Yu squatted down curiously and picked up the thing from the pile of flesh and blood.

A golden key.

He accidentally turned the key handle, but unexpectedly found that a name was engraved on the back of the key.

Wu Jianyi.

His pupils contracted.

The “Master Wu” who decorated the whole apartment, the contact on the search notice, the cheating man who raped his wife… Is this monster hidden in the elevator?

The three of them were still guessing that Wu Jianyi’s wife, Zhang Lili, was nominally running away from home, but had she been secretly killed?

But in the twinkling of an eye, the story that was about to become clear suddenly began to be complicated and confusing again.

At this time, other people who had been scattered in the apartment building finally came panting after hearing the sound of the hall on the first floor.

Seeing the muddy pool of flesh and blood in the elevator, many people threw up before they could speak.

Only the bald man, an old hand, narrowed his small eyes when he saw the scene in front of him, and his eyes rolled back and forth on Shen Yu.


If you don’t see a man, smell his voice first. The administrator, who had never shown up, even bent her back and appeared in front of everyone.

She looked at a pool of flesh and blood in the elevator. Her turbid eyes moved and didn’t get angry. Instead, She pursed her shriveled mouth, smiled and said, “good, good! You really caught one of the runaway pets… This little beast!”

She stared at the people in the elevator: “where are the things?”

Looking at the undisguised greed in his eyes, Shen Yu jumped in his heart and instinctively felt something bad.

So he gently moved his fingers, hid the golden key in his sleeve, and said innocently, “isn’t the body here?”

The administrator’s eyes suddenly snapped: “no, more than that, what we want is…”

“What is it?” Shen Yu asked tit for tat.

The administrator suddenly got stuck and looked gloomy. He didn’t seem to know what to say.


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