Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 9

Scarlet Apartment (9)

Third-Rate Thriller Novelist Chapter 9:  Scarlet Apartment (9)

The administrator stuck for a long time. After a long time, a ferocious smile came out of her wrinkled face: “no, nothing. What we want is the body of this little beast.”

“Who killed the little beast?” she turned her blindfolded eyes and stared at the people present.

Xu Jiaojiao, who had been paralyzed on the ground, finally struggled to get up and shivered at the stall of rotten meat: “it’s the pervert wearing gold wire glasses. He died with the monster.”

“The man is dead? That’s a pity. The reward promised to him can’t be sent out.”

The administrator said with great regret, “however, there are several other lost little animals in the apartment…”

The bald man on one side heard that his eyes were red with jealousy, and a pair of small eyes rolled fast.

Then, the administrator closed the elevator again and drove the people away. With a serious expression, he warned, “the residents will naturally clean up the remains of this little beast. No one of you is allowed to move.”

After they were driven away from the first floor, they dispersed bitterly.

Only Shen Yu, before leaving, stood high and looked downstairs.

I saw the administrator, who had never been active during the day, sneaking into the elevator with several apartment residents and looking for something in the dead body of the monster.

He knew that the other party must be looking for the golden key.

Because of the previous scare, Xu Jiaojiao adhered to Cuihua tightly at this time. She was shocked and followed closely step by step.

Cuihua comforted her for a long time, then placed her in another safe place, and then came to find anonymous and Shen Yu.

When the three came to the secluded place, Shen Yu finally found the opportunity to show the anonymous and Cuihua the golden key hidden in his sleeve: “I just noticed that the corridor administrator’s eyes were wrong, so I didn’t hand it in.”

The golden key is completely different from the previous red or pink key.

The anonymous took the key and looked at it for a moment. He couldn’t help exclaiming, “you react quickly. Some characters in books sometimes deliberately deceive us.”

The residents and administrators in this apartment don’t want the monster body, but the key.

“But how to use it?” Cuihua asked.

Shen Yu thought for a moment: “the name of Wu Jianyi is engraved on the key. Maybe this key is the key to open room 444?”

A few people were ready to go to 444. At this time, they hit it off and decided to try it on both the East and West floors with this key.

However, room 444 in the East building still couldn’t be opened. Whether it was using the key, or directly storming the door, or even Cuihua’s brute force, she couldn’t successfully open the door.

The three had no choice but to try the West building again.

And room 444 in the West Building… It’s not locked!

The door of Wu Jianyi’s residence in the West building was opened with a slight push.

Shen Yu stood in front of the door, holding the key that was not used at all, and his doubts were even more serious.

In the room, the furniture and facilities are very messy, as if they had been looted.

The dresser by the window was overturned, the rusty razor fell to the ground, the double bed was dilapidated, and the alphabet on the wall was covered with a thick layer of dust.

After a general survey, the anonymous speculated: “according to the traces of life left, there was a family of three here.”

Alphabet for children to read, dresser for women, razor for men, double bed for husband and wife.

Wu Jianyi checked into the room with his little three and gave birth to a son, which can match the trace of the three members of the family… But what about Zhang Lili?

Although she has disappeared, she is the real hostess of room 444. She has lived here for many years. She should have left some traces of life more or less.

But no, not at all!

Her trace was deliberately eliminated, as if it had never existed.

At this time, Shen Yu turned out a diary from the overturned desk drawer.

Open the diary, the handwriting on it is messy, like someone’s crazy nonsense written casually under anxiety and panic.

[September 16th, sunny]

She asked me for a divorce. How dare this bitch

[not only eat and drink my food, but also have no son. How dare you share my money now?] [September 20th, sunny]

I locked her at home and wanted her to reflect, but the bitch dared to escape?] [there was no way but to lock her in the wardrobe.]

[September 21st, overcast]

[no, what to do? What to do? What to do???]

[September 22nd, overcast]

[I can’t go to jail. Ah Xiang told me that she was pregnant and was a son!] [my son must have a father!]

[September 23rd, sunny]

The apartment we live in is too dilapidated and needs to be renovated

[October 2nd, sunny]

The whole apartment was renovated in less than ten days. I have used the fastest speed

I just want to paint the apartment white, but the walls are a little pink

[October 3rd, sunny]

Publish a missing person notice in the newspaper, although I know she won’t go home

[take Ah Xiang home and wait for the baby son to be born.]

In the next diary, the handwriting gradually tends to be gentle, and the records are all frequent trivial things, such as “son was born”, “Xiaobao will call his father”, “Xiaobao can walk”, “Xiaobao has made trouble again and is becoming more and more naughty” and so on

These brief records in a few words are about a few years away from the previous diary.

Then, the words in the diary suddenly began to panic again.

[September 20th, overcast]

Xiao Bao is so naughty that I don’t know where to pick up a newspaper from a few years ago

[inexplicably, I’m a little flustered.]

[September 21st, overcast]

Remember, seven years have passed

Today also happens to be the 21st

[October 3rd, overcast]

What? As like as two peas, I did not do anything at all. Why did the newspaper find her missing person today? This revelation is exactly the same as it was seven years ago.

[who did it?]

[October 10th, overcast]

As like as two peas in the newspaper, seven days after the next day, she can’t return.

The neighbors theorized and looked at me wrong

[a group of bastards want free benefits again. Didn’t you give enough sealing fee last time?] [October 11, overcast]

There was a notice in the newspaper, and then she really came back

[I had already hidden her!]

When the diary arrived here, the handwriting was so scrawly that it was difficult to distinguish. Blood stains even appeared on the paper in the middle of the diary.

Finally, the recorder of the diary seemed exhausted and just wrote down the last paragraph with weak words.

I don’t know what month it is

I only know I want to hide

[Ah Xiang and Xiao Bao have been hiding first. Now everyone in the apartment is crazy looking for us.] [they can call me “Master Wu” face to face, but they want to stab us in the back.] [because they want to leave here.]

[but she has come back. Each of you is an accomplice. Everyone can’t escape.] [no one can leave the apartment…]

The disorderly and scribbled words came to an abrupt end here.

Shen Yu sighed in his heart and closed his diary silently.

Their previous concerns have become a reality.

Zhang Lili, the hostess of No. 444, had died and was not lost.

The cause of her death may be manslaughter. The greatest possibility is that she was locked in the wardrobe. As a result, she died of hypoxia and suffocation.

She must have been in pain before she died.

Seeing his expression, anonymous read his diary again, and then said thoughtfully, “we have found the core of this horror novel.”

“This is a story of female ghost revenge.”

The husband of cheating and domestic violence accidentally locked his wife in the wardrobe and suffocated. He didn’t want to bear the responsibility of murder, so he hid his wife’s body, and then published the missing person notice in a fake model.

The reason why the husband decorated the whole apartment for free was to hide the traces of his wife’s body and to benefit the apartment residents so as to block their mouths.

Then seven years after his death, his wife turned into a fierce ghost and came back for revenge.

Obviously, the object of her revenge was not only her husband’s junior family, but everyone in the apartment.

It also includes those greedy, hypocritical, long tongued and broken mouth residents who pushed her step by step to the fire pit.

So the residents in the apartment panicked.

They can praise Master Wu’s good people for free decoration. Naturally, they can hunt down three members of Wu Jianyi’s family and scold them for their own lives.

The wife who turned into a fierce ghost wanted to kill them, and the residents of the apartment wanted to kill them.

So Wu Jianyi hid in the elevator, perhaps because of Zhang Lili’s resentment, he became a monster.

It’s just

Shen Yu looked at the key in his hand in doubt.

The key taken from the monster’s body can’t open the closed door of room 444 in the East Building, while room 444 in the West building is not locked, so what’s the use of the key?

Why do apartment tenants want this key?

The monster Wu Jianyi turned into has keys. Do other monsters also have keys?

While he was thinking hard, Shen Yu suddenly felt that the black book in his hand was a little hot.

The original cold cover looks like the skin of a living person.

He opened his book and found that after finding new clues, the story in the black book was updated as expected.

Thirteen cleaners stepped into the pink apartment

[Mint accidentally discovered the secret behind the apartment.]

[Be careful, they all know now.]

[Guess how long you can live?]


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