TTG Chapter 1

Drunk beauty Xiangxi

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 1: Drunk beauty Xiangxi

[death countdown 00:03]

A line of extremely eye-catching words floated in the dark space, occupying all the consciousness of Darren.

[death countdown 00:02]

The number kept decreasing like invisible thorns, wrapping around his heart and tightening.

Horror and fear surged down, and the depressed people could not breathe and could not escape.

However, when he felt the pain of dying, a happy and morbid smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

[death countdown 00:01]

He liked pain, which made him feel that he was still a normal person.

But unfortunately, even when he was dying, he couldn’t feel the pain.

“The death countdown is zero!”

The scarlet 02 words “return” suddenly enlarged and pounced on him!Violent pain swept over, and he instinctively struggled and roared crazily, but there was nowhere to escape!

The bones were broken, and the skin was peeled off. Blood gushed out, and the white sharp bone spur cut through the abdomen. Seeing that his heart fell from the broken chest, and the fist sized red meat was still beating in the blood,

Plop! Plop! Plop.

Subconsciously, he wanted to pick up his heart, but when he lowered his head, he saw the reflection in the blood.

It was a huge scarlet monster with spiral horns on its head. It was as terrifying as a demon. As he bent down, the monster did the same thing. The huge curved claws did not control the strength, instantly crushing the beating heart.

The monster killed Darren — no!

The guard opened his mouth and let out a shrill roar like a monster.

This monster was none other than Seth!


Suddenly, he woke up and found himself sitting in the front row of the bus.The half new and clean seat and the yellow brown stained window at the corner.It was raining outside, and the raindrops left water marks on the glass. The sky was gloomy, as if a heavy rain was brewing.

It was indeed just a nightmare.

But — where am I?

He clearly remembered that he was sitting on the rooftop and enjoying his last life.

He was dying. He couldn’t leave the house, let alone on a tourist bus.

There was still a trace of blood in his throat. He bit the tip of his tongue. Except for the smell of blood in his mouth, he could not feel any pain.

There was no pain. Now it was not the extension of the nightmare, but the reality.

Since he was a child, he couldn’t feel pain. The rare disease caused by the gene mutation was incurable at present. And as he grew older, there were more and more problems with him.

He was not anxious or timid, and could hardly feel any negative emotions.His parents were worried about him.

“It’s normal for you to feel pain,”

When he was a child, when he saw his parents worried about his own health, the smart little guard comforted them with the words’ I won’t hurt ‘, but his mother hugged him painfully and burst into tears.

It was normal for her to feel pain.

He was abnormal.

Somehow, his pursuit of normal turned into a strong desire for pain. He pursued pain, all stimulation, and even indulged his illness.Especially after his parents and brother disappeared, he refused to receive treatment, and his health condition was getting worse and worse.

Although he was not an ordinary person, no one would find out that he was dying if he didn’t go to the hospital for examination.Although she looked beautiful, her internal organs were constantly depleted. In the end, she had to stay at home and wait for his death.

This was the most unbearable torture for the man who pursued excitement!Just when he was about to make something big before his death, a month ago, he began to have nightmares again and again.

The nightmare was so exciting!It was great to be able to feel pain in his dream. After having nightmares for a month in a row, he was so passionate about life again. Don’t stop dreaming!

Now, as he wished, the nightmare came true!

[death countdown 1 hour!]

A line of pale words floated in his sight like a nightmare. The next moment, the string of numbers began to jump, changing from 1 to 00:59:59, accompanied by two lines of blood red words.

“When the death countdown returns to zero, the nightmare will come true!”

“Your omen of death is sudden death!”

His heart beat faster and faster, like an out of control motor.And he was fixed on the seat and couldn’t move!The soaring blood pressure made him difficult to breathe, numb all over his body, and completely powerless. In front of him, except for the death countdown, there was a scarlet red color!

No, he longed for pain, but he didn’t want to die!

Especially when he was so motionless, he was so depressed that he lost all his strength!

The strong desire to survive occupied all his consciousness. The next moment, the sense of suffocation began to weaken!

Darren could breathe again. He took a deep breath of the cold air. At the same time, a childish mechanical sound rang in his mind.

“Distinguished guest, congratulations for passing the survival test and successfully joining the creepy global hotel!I’m your new guide! ”

“I’m creating your exclusive information. It’s… it’s done. Please check it!”

[passenger information]

[Name: guard!]

[level: preliminary stage]

[death Countdown: 00:59:23]

[omen of death: sudden death]

[title of achievement:

Painless person (green title): you won’t feel any pain, even if you are green. ”

[title has been worn]

[Special Item: fragments of Marian butterflies (1/4)]]

[customer type: X type of special passenger]

Next was a line of blood red words:

“Your goal is to survive!”

The more information he got, the more control he had over his body. Except that he couldn’t leave the seat, he could turn his head and raise his hand. It was just like when he was healthy. It was incredible!This made him continue to browse the information subconsciously.

“This is a mysterious and special hotel, dedicated to exploring the strange legends, customs and inconceivability all over the world. As a distinguished guest, what you need to do is to enjoy this trip, clocking in the tourist project, and complete random quests full of surprise.”

“Every time you go through a journey and complete a random task on the journey, you will receive points. Points can achieve any wish.”


After confirming that the other party could communicate, he took a deep breath and said politely, “Hello, coward.”

“I’m your new assistant guide. It’s creepy!”

“Okay, creepy. Do you mean this token can satisfy any of my wishes?”

“Yes!It was the best choice for tourists to stay in a hotel in the world!As long as your points are enough, you can even return to health and live a long life — ”

“You are such a good person.”

“It doesn’t matter if I’m a hundred years old. Can the token you said hurt me?”

He had never heard such a strange request. Even the creeps stopped for a moment, and then it threw out several plans.After taking a glance at them, he found that some of them were very expensive, such as “permanent repair and optimal gene”, which cost him one million points.There were also some cheap ones, such as the one-time experience ticket of dysmenorrhea, which cost only 10 points.

The more he looked at it, the brighter his eyes became——

[death countdown 00:56:32]

He didn’t have any points or time. No matter how good those projects were, he couldn’t enjoy them.

“Creepy tip: your remaining survival time is too low, so I advise you to start your journey immediately and complete the newbie passenger quest. You will get points to extend the death countdown.”

“Creepy, sweet!”

Darren gave a thumbs up to the items it had listed.

[Name: lengthen the death countdown]

[time: 24 hours]

[price: 10 points]

[Note: Oh my God! 10 points can exchange for one day. This is a benefit only for newbies! ”

It didn’t look expensive, just like experiencing dysmenorrhea.However, it made him even more confused about the existence of the hotel.

How could he control his life freely.

“Why did you choose me?”

“Because I’m dying?” asked Darren tentatively

“Countless people in the world are on the verge of death every minute and second. The reason why the hotel chose you is that you are special.”

“Where is my special?Why didn’t I know? ”

“Is it because I’m particularly handsome?”

He didn’t answer in a trembling voice, but said in a businesslike tone

“You will know the answer after completing the first journey.”

“After a trip… Okay.”

Indeed, only by personally experiencing it can the result be the most real.

“Then let’s begin.”

Terrified, she immediately sent her schedule message.

[schedule information]

[small dragon manor, fierce bone Road, ghost gully, cliff village, 6 days and 5 nights, drunk beauty Xiangxi, group tour!]

[level: dangerous level]

[group type: 8 people team’s special vehicle director]

[team leader C nine]

[schedule: set out on 8.15 Tuesday -8.20 Sunday.]

[schedule brief:]

“It’s said that in the cut village in the depth of the Black Snake Mountain in the Wandu town of Xiangxi City, villagers chase corpses for generations.The corpse expelling skill is passed down from man to woman, but a hundred years ago, the village head of the cliff village secretly passed it on to the only [女萍萍]… ”

What was it that caused the villagers of the cliff village to die miserably and no one was alive?

What made the evil spirit in red cry and marry every night?

All the people investigated in the past hundred years had disappeared. Were they killed or there were other hidden facts?

It’s a six day and five night deep folk tour to the drunk beauty Xiangxi. Let’s walk into the life of penny, the corpse chaser, and the unknown secrets deep in the mountain of Xiangxi. ”

It rained more and more heavily outside the window, as dark as night. Suddenly, he felt that the window beside him was knocked.When she looked over, there was no trace of anyone in the rain. There was only a [小小] bloody palm the size of a baby’s palm.

The rain messed up the bloodstains, causing blood to flow down the water marks, like blood tears full of resentment.

“The journey begins. Today is the first day. Please wait patiently for other tourists and tour guides to come.”

[wish you a happy trip!]



The sound of something heavy falling to the ground suddenly rang in the quiet bus. A heavy travel bag fell to the ground with a smell of mud and water vapor. The second passenger got on the bus.

It was a stooping thin middle-aged man with mud stains on his clothes.

The two men’s eyes met, and the middle-aged man immediately lowered his head as if he was scalded.She picked up her travel bag and sat down behind the bus in a hurry, full of autism.

He was really a passenger. Wasn’t he an escaped criminal?

At first, he wanted to try to communicate with other passengers, because there was something wrong with his newbie quest!

[newbie tour guide quest]

[task name: make a passenger collapse!]

[task level: extremely difficult]

[task description: shudder! Collapse! Make your passenger tremble for you and surrender to your guide! ”

[reward: 10 points, activate the special identity and get the hidden items]

He was a passenger, but why did he receive the task of a novice tour guide?Or extremely difficult level??

Not to mention anything else, just looking at the description of the task — “make a passenger collapse”, it was full of malice. Was this really the task that a newbie should receive?

Even the customer service staff got goose bumps and didn’t react. Was it a bug?

What the hell was going on!

Drip, drip, drip.

[death countdown 00:48:30]

A normal person would probably be flustered by the ticking sound of the death countdown, but he was not a normal person. He was not nervous and anxious, and he was still calm until now.

——She even felt that this task was a little exciting.

It was much more interesting to be a tour guide in a hotel all over the world than being a passenger.

But for unknown things and mysterious hotels, he cherished his hard won life.He wanted to know what kind of mission the other newcomers had received before making a decision.

The middle-aged man who had just got on the car was not like a new comer. Although he was so flustered that he was about to collapse, he was fully equipped, different from the guard who had been rushed over without any preparation.

The guard continued to wait, but to his surprise, none of the passengers who got on the car next looked like new comers.

Some of them were full of malicious aura, while some were silent. However, no matter whether the passenger or the passenger had one thing in common, they all carried very professional travel bags, and they all boarded the bus by themselves. They didn’t appear in the bus out of thin air like guard.

too bad.

When the last person got on the car, he realized this.

He might be the only new comer on this trip.

And there was only less than half of his death count left.

[death countdown 00:24:35]

There was not much time left. He had been trying to contact her, but there was no response. He had to make a plan in advance.

What if the horror never appeared?

What if he still had only one task in the end?

This kind of question could not be asked to other passengers. From the description of the task, the guide and the passenger were more like enemies!

It rained more and more heavily outside the window, and the sound was like hail, and it was like the sound when the bloody palm hit the window before. The light was sometimes bright and sometimes dark.After the last passenger got on the bus, the bus shook slightly, as if it was about to leave.

The horrifying voice like whispers echoed in the bus, and every passenger’s ears.

“On this trip, everyone has his or her own secrets.”

“Some people have killed people, some have made irreparable mistakes, some have killed the most important relatives, and some have a dark crime in their hearts.”

“Shudder, pray, and then -”

“Make your own choice in this trip.”


Suddenly, there was a noise on the roof of the car, and the whole car shook, as if something had fallen to the roof.The snow-white lightning suddenly lit up the darkness. The windows of the bus were filled with densely packed bloody fingerprints!There were several exclamations. Even an experienced passenger could not hide his fear in this situation!

But he was still calm.

Drip, drip, drip.

[death countdown 00:22:45]

Under the dim light of the car, in the bus which was gradually filled with fear and panic, he made his own choice.

“Di, you have successfully accepted the novice tour guide quest!”

“Please make a passenger break down in ten minutes, or it will be regarded as a failure of the task.”

This was the only mission he could receive and the only possibility for him to continue his life.

He didn’t want to die. As long as he had the chance to live, he would try his best no matter how difficult it was.

To obtain a slim chance of survival!


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