TTG Chapter 10

Drunk beauty Xiangxi (10)

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 10: Drunk beauty Xiangxi

“Well -”

A very reverie dull hum sounded in the bathroom with rising water mist.

What kind of fairy enjoyment is it to take a hot bath in the dangerous journey and the wilderness surrounded by corpses?

Wei Xun is hard to describe. He is even so comfortable that he wants to sleep directly in the bathtub, but he can’t.

He was so weak that he fainted after soaking for a long time.

Moreover, he kept arguing in his ears. Obviously, Wei Xun just hummed comfortably when taking a bath. The Yellow value has been + 1 + 1. The judgment standard is confusing.

Wei Xun doubted the criteria for the title of “engaging in yellow”. I’m afraid any part below the neck is engaging in yellow!

Unfortunately, he smashed his mouth. Wei Xun climbed out of the bathtub with top heavy feet, revealing a thin body carved like ice and snow, too white and too thin. People can’t help but want to leave some traces on it.

But what’s more, he still wears a bronze ghost mask on his face.

The one that scares people away.

Wei Xun is too cautious to take off [the mask of the tour guide] even when taking a bath

After a brief flush, he put on his bathrobe. Wei Xun lay on the two meter bed wrapped in a quilt and sighed comfortably. It is reasonable to say that the tour guide should have slept in a narrow companion room, which is worse than the treatment of passengers, but the VIP experience coupon really deserves its reputation.

As soon as Wei Xun pushed open the broken door with air leakage everywhere, there was a spacious and tidy guest room with bathtub, big bed, air conditioner, washing machine and even carpeted.

That’s great! As soon as Wei Xun fell into bed, he didn’t remember, leaving Lin Xi, Miao Fangfei and others behind. Today’s journey is too overdrawn for his broken body.

Turning over, Wei Xun glanced at his arm at will. The half finger gloves he had been wearing were taken off during the bath, revealing his bony, pale to abnormal hands.

The left wrist has a large nail cap and a small half of the blue and purple butterfly wings. They can’t be washed off with water, as if they were really tattooed. It’s just that there are no details, only the general wing lines.

Maria butterfly fragment, what is it?

Wei Xun remembered that when he used the flagpole with his left hand, he almost cut the corpse flying fox into two sections. Then came the release of the left arm, which is still a little weak.

Does the butterfly tattoo bless his strength?

Golden left hand?

Wei Xun is going to find a chance to test it.

The wound on his right wrist, which was bitten by a flying fox, is now almost healed.

Wei Xun’s physical resilience to trauma has always been strong, and has even been studied before. It’s a pity that those white coats didn’t come up with anything. In the end, they were only attributed to “gene mutation”. However, Wei Xun’s resilience was more scientific and could do nothing about the failure of internal organs.

In fact, he is a little uncomfortable now. It’s not pain, but a little laborious breathing, a little flustered, a little stomach blocked.

And even after taking a hot bath and wrapped in a quilt, Wei Xun was still shaking

The title of cold-blooded person will have a negative effect when it takes effect. But Wei Xun’s bad situation has kept this title in effect.

It doesn’t hurt. It’s cold.

Wei Xun is almost used to shivering. When he shivers in the quilt, he even wonders whether the title will be upgraded if he uses too many titles?

This is Miao Fangfei’s inspiration from the title of “novice Gu Po”.

So far, Wei Xun has seen the titles of four colors.

Green, blue, dark blue, purple. Their rank should be progressive.

The green title is a single function. For example, Lin Xi’s “eyes to see beauty” and Miao Fangfei’s “caring reptiles” are all aimed at a single aspect.

The blue title either has two functions, such as Shi Tao’s “athlete”, good physical strength and resilience. Or it is the advanced title of the green title, such as “Xiangxi, repeat customers” owned by Miao Fangfei and fatty.

Since there are repeat customers, there should also be green titles such as “Western Hunan, new arrival”.

The higher level is the title of dark blue owned by Miao Fangfei. The biggest feature of this title is that it not only has the two functions of identifying poisons and refining poisonous insects, but also gives Miao Fangfei a strong restrictive weakness!

Wei Xun speculated that if Miao Fangfei could upgrade her title and remove the word “novice”, maybe the color of the title could change again, and her weakness would be greatly weakened.

Just like the purple title of “cold-blooded person”, there is only a painless weakness of “you always feel that your surroundings are not warm enough”, but it brings many benefits.

How to get the title and how to evolve?

This makes Wei Xun very interested. His own title is green painless, and his future evolution direction is cold-blooded. I don’t feel any negative emotions, which is very similar to Wei Xun’s real symptoms.

If he is more seriously ill in reality, will his title be upgraded?

Moreover, Wei Xun feels that he needs an aggressive title. For example, Miao Fangfei’s Gu Po is actually very good.

You can talk to Miao Fangfei later to see how she got the title.

Wei Xun thought for himself, but he was lazy and refused to move. He sorted out today’s harvest. He looked along his panel. Sure enough, the countdown to death was reduced a lot because of the toss of the day.

[death countdown 11:26:35]

Wei Xun has just been in the car for 24 hours. Now it’s only 7 p.m. and the countdown to death is less than half.

Calculate the time, only enough to last until more than six o’clock tomorrow morning. He must find a way to get more points.

To continue to experience the exciting journey, the countdown to death is one of them. Wei Xun wants to save some points. If he is forced to commit suicide and return to zero in the most critical time, at least there must be points that can be exchanged for the time of death.

It is a to complete the scenic spot exploration of “flying fox mountain forest”, but Wei Xun has a debuff of “corpse turned flying fox resentment”. It is too hard to challenge this when the countdown to death is already low.

I don’t know if the points between tourists and tour guides can be transferred. If so, it’s simple.

Wei Xun sat up with his eyes wandering.

His lovely passengers must not be stingy with a little points to support his conscientious guide.


Wei Xun just thought so, and the hotel gave him a clear answer.

[in order to prevent the tour guide from threatening passengers with violent extortion, it is forbidden to transfer points between passengers and tour guide during travel]

Damn it, can this be called blackmail?

Wei Xun refused.

What bad will a tour guide have? This is just a little love from the tourists for his little guide!

Pity him for his hard work, strange fighting and mountain climbing. After a hard day, the score is still zero in the end——


Wei Xun was surprised to find that his score reached 62!

Where did this score come from?

What’s going on? Can you say——

Wei Xun suddenly remembered what he had forgotten, the so-called “live broadcast”

After all, there was no sense of existence in the live broadcast. Wei Xun couldn’t see the picture and communicate with the audience. The situation was urgent along the way, and Wei Xun almost forgot this stubble. He remembered when he saw the plain points.

If you don’t count the reward, 62 points, that is to say, at the peak of his live studio, 6200 people came to see him.

Do more than 6000 people really pay attention to this journey?

Wei Xun picked his eyebrow and thought deeply.

I’m afraid the number of people in this scary global hotel is more than he thought.

Is the live camera a tourist or a tour guide? What angle is the lens taken from?

Wei Xun got out of bed and wandered aimlessly through the room. For a while, he opened his bathrobe and appreciated himself in front of the floor mirror. For a while, he took out a small bottle of bile and played it as a marble.

After wandering for a while, Wei Xun glanced at the integral and found that it still stayed at 62 and didn’t move.


Wei Xun suddenly felt bored.

He can’t watch the live broadcast. Naturally, he doesn’t care about the audience behind the live studio. In Wei Xun’s eyes, that is the tool people who give him points. The tool people didn’t respond, and Wei Xun soon lost interest in them.

It’s better to control such a very revealing thing as live broadcasting under your own hands.

Wei Xun sat up from his bed and thought deeply, but he remembered that the live broadcast could not only bring points, but also “supervise” the tour guide.

Wei Xun doesn’t want to be stared at all the time, especially when he wants to do something bad.

[engage in yellow (blue title): you seem to like engaging in yellow, but engaging in yellow is not allowed! When your yellow value is higher than 10 points, your live shot will be temporarily blocked!]

[current yellow value: 6]

Block live broadcast? How long can it be shielded? How?

Staring at this title, Wei Xun’s eyes gradually deepened. Then he lifted the quilt and took off his bathrobe——

At the moment he took off his clothes, the Yellow value soared, dropping as fast as a regular bomb!

[current yellow value: 25]

[current yellow value: 42]

[current yellow value: 50!]

[drop! Your yellow value burst! Your live shot will be temporarily blocked and unsealed in 4 hours!]

That’s it? That’s it? Useless things

Wei Xun mocked and casually stroked the dejected Jiji. If he wasn’t too weak, he could seal the live studio for a year!

After all, after being ill for so long, Wei Xun’s pure heart and few desires are about to become an immortal.

Standing up, Wei Xun wrapped up his bathrobe, stepped on his slippers and staggered to Lin Xi’s house.

I don’t know. At this moment, in the live broadcasting room with a full audience of 6234, suddenly on the screen full of mosaics, the barrage is fiercely divided into two factions——

[shit, I’m crazy. Is Bingjiu a psychopath?]

Let me see! Let me see!!!]


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