TTG Chapter 100

Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (43)

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 100: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (43)

Under the dark night, the silver white large feline beast was stunned for a moment. Then he looked down at the person under him. The mood in the gray and blue beast’s eyes was dark and difficult to distinguish.

They are so close that the snow leopard can almost touch the tip of the nose of the person under them. The sharp canine teeth in the slightly open mouth loomed, facing the man’s defenseless fragile neck.

“You are too heavy.”

Wei Xun complained. He flicked the tip of the snow leopard’s teeth intimately, pulled the hair on its cheek without fear, pulled down the snow leopard’s brain bag and put it close to its semicircular ear. He whispered, “is it delicious?”

Although it is difficult to see the ‘expression’ from the leopard face of Xuefeng, the body language of wild animals can not be fake. When he fed the snow leopard purified magic honey, the snow leopard’s Plush long tail directly wrapped around his calf, and there was a low snoring sound in his throat, which was obviously very fond of eating.

The exhaled heat lingered in his ears. The snow leopard suddenly got up and retreated, shaking his head as hard as he couldn’t adapt. Wei Xun, who had been pressed all the time, sat up and patted the carbon ash on his body with him. After that, he simply took off his charge suit and looked at the black ash behind him and tutted.

“This dress can’t be worn.”

The ruins of Xiaolin temple were covered with carbon black, and the snow leopard didn’t attack the place. Wei Xun almost felt that the back of his head was stained with carbon ash. But for the conditions, he would have to take a bath on the spot.

The snow leopard’s throwing power is too great, and the fox cub is not strange in strength. Wei Xun thinks of the warm husky raised by his neighbor in reality. When he was just pressed by the snow leopard, he couldn’t get up at all. Fortunately, guard Xun became stronger when he entered the hotel. Otherwise, the snow leopard threw him into the urn as he had been weak before.

“Xuefeng, you can’t rush, you know.”

Although the snow leopard is a wild animal, it is very sensitive to the emotions contained in people’s tone and smart, just like a child. Wei Xun didn’t know “Xuefeng” for more than ten times. Without special training, snow leopard knew that “Xuefeng” was its word.

Just like now, the snow leopard who used to stand and look around suddenly turned back and stared at Wei Xun while listening to Wei Xun call him “the word”. The sharp eyes, like locking prey, fell on Wei Xun without blinking. The eyes were very aggressive, and the plush long tail beat the ground like irritability.

Wei Xun has two functions: educating snow leopard and summoning dinggou. The Kobayashi Temple just opened is a kind of special boundary, which is completely isolated from the outside world. After Wei Xun came out, he called him anxiously for more than 30 times.

What’s the matter with you?

In the process of waiting for dinggou, Wei xunluo’s eyes fell on the snow leopard again. Xuefeng’s reaction seems a little wrong. Compared with before, its eyes are too aggressive. It will make people feel cool behind their backs, and it is more irritable and dangerous.

Just like Wei Xun’s feeling when he first met the snow leopard on the off-road vehicle when he just entered the “journey”, the sense of danger is far better than that at that time.

Did purified magic honey play an unexpected role in snow leopard?

One person and one leopard looked at each other for a short time. The snow leopard couldn’t stand shaking his ears and twisted his head. The rest of his eyes were paying attention to Wei Xun’s trend. The snow leopard didn’t move. Even the long Plush tail that had been swinging fell down . Only the tip of the tail swayed rapidly.

When Wei Xun walked closer to him, his whole leopard leaned back slightly. It seemed that he couldn’t adapt to outsiders’ approach, but his claws were firmly nailed to the ground and didn’t retreat. He let the distance between Wei Xun and him get closer – but suddenly, the snow leopard rushed to the stone gap in the northeast!

Ding Goujiang stayed where he was. He ran as fast as he could to find Wei Xun, but even before he saw Wei Xun, he was shrouded in a great sense of death crisis.

Come on, run

The brain and the body are trying hard to warn, but its body is completely out of control, unable to move, and even the body is frozen. I can’t even resist at all. I can only let death reap its life at the throat of the sickle rack.

Dinggou trembled violently all over. He didn’t know from the beginning, but his fear-filled his body. He felt that he was expanding like a balloon, his flesh and blood cracked, his breathing stagnated, his consciousness distorted, and a dark double shadow in front of him.



Wei Xun saw that the Ding dog was about to be slapped by the snow leopard. It was clear that Ding dog was not as weak as it looked. In fact, it was an inferior magic dog with extremely strong vitality, and the snow leopard was just an ordinary snow leopard. But Wei Xun intuitively felt that if he didn’t stop it, dinggou would be slapped to death by the snow leopard.

In a hurry, Wei Xun grabbed the snow leopard’s Plush tail and saw that the snow leopard’s body was suddenly tight and suddenly ran up. His silver hair blew up. The leopard claws that had been shot on dinggou fell into the air and only lifted dinggou out.

The fainting devil pup threw an arc and fell into the darkness. His life was free for the time being. At the moment, Wei Xun was facing a very thorny scene.

I saw the fierce nature of the snow leopard, who had always been very docile and friendly, turned back and violently knocked him down again. The flexible and powerful leopard tail like a steel whip tightly wrapped Wei Xun’s wrist and pressed it to the ground to imprison all his movements.

Wei Xun looked at the unknown scarlet floating in the depths of his pupils, replacing the rational gray-blue. The snow leopard showed its teeth fiercely. The sharp teeth like a dagger pressed on the fragile skin, pressing out purple blood marks. The ferocious and bloody hot breath spit out at Wei Xun’s Adam’s apple, which excited his keen skin to have a layer of goosebumps.

But the snow leopard didn’t bite hard after all. He buried his head and sniffed the smell of Wei Xun’s neck repeatedly, almost lost control.

“Roar -”

When Wei Xun moved a little, he was yelled by the deterrent warning of the snow leopard. The sharp leopard claws were pressed on the land beside Wei Xun’s ears. The long and sharp nails clasped the earth deeply and pressed several strands of Wei Xun’s silk, which was cold and terrible. Snow leopard is a natural hunter. No one can survive being completely knocked down by snow leopard, but Wei Xun is calm and really doesn’t move anymore.

The snow leopard stared at him as if to assess whether the prey was really obedient. It catches Wei Xun’s eyes in front of his house. The scarlet blood in his eyes twinkles, as if he has strange and frightening power. He can nail the prey in place and can’t move and struggle.

Although the momentum is violent and manic, the action of the snow leopard is inherently elegant. It lowers its head and sticks close to the collar of Wei Xun’s cashmere sweater. With sharp teeth, it tears off the black cashmere sweater and immediately discards it, revealing Wei Xun’s almost pale collarbone and chest.

The snow leopard’s huge body is firmly above Wei Xun. Its hot breath is close to the fragments of the collar of the cashmere sweater. Its hot and thick tongue tip is like tasting prey. It licks roughly and wantonly along Wei Xun’s clavicle and is as meticulous as looking for . Human fragile skin can’t bear the flesh prickles on the leopard’s tongue, and it turns red like a brush.

Wei Xun’s eyes narrowed slightly and his body trembled uncontrollably, but it was not because of fear. His pale cheeks were red and his breath was hot. When the snow leopard continued to explore and was about to touch his mouth, Wei Xun pulled out his mouth and pushed his big head.


The snow leopard had to intimidate the prey as before, but its body shook as if it suddenly lost its strength, could no longer stabilize its weight and fell sideways. Wei Xun, who had been particularly docile before, turned over and rode on the snow leopard and pressed its upper body. The magic mosquito mouthpiece still pressed under the snow leopard deeply penetrated into its body.

After sucking blood for ten seconds, Wei Xun finally put down the snow leopard. Wei Xun really suspected that there was variation in it. Otherwise, how could he be so energetic? Even if he expels Xiaocui from the magic insect ball in advance, it is difficult to suppress the natural reaction caused by Yang Qi.

But Wei Xun didn’t accept it. He was calm, almost cold, and stared at the movement of the snow leopard. Sure enough, the snow leopard who was half squinting suddenly woke up because of the weight of Wei Xun. Wei Xun’s sight hit his scarlet eye pupil. It was a kind of wild beast, full of wild and instinctive desire, but it was not completely a beast, as if it was mixed with a trace of human repression.

Wei Xun didn’t know if he was wrong, but he was so dangerous and ferocious that he had a humanoid mood, which was much more exciting than imprisoning a pure beast. Wei Xun breathed more quickly. This time, it was not just a reaction caused by the impact of Yang Qi.

His eyes were deep and he lived near the snow leopard. He put the magic mosquito mouthpiece deeper into the snow leopard. The face at the corner of his mouth was friendly and soft, calling the word “Snow Leopard”.

“Xuefeng, are you okay?”

“Xuefeng, Xuefeng…”

I don’t know whether it was more blood loss or confused by Wei Xun’s harmless and friendly tone, and the snow leopard’s tight body gradually relaxed. It slowly closed up its eyelids, and the black circles around the eyes made it look like a line of eyeliner. It was so mysterious and expensive that the plush tail was put down on the wrist of Wei Xun. Wei Xun just pressed it on the chest of snow leopard, and the snow leopard opened its eyes again.

“Let go, I won’t go.”

Wei Xun coaxed in a low voice and grabbed the tip of the snow leopard’s tail so that its tail could rest on his wrist. Just now, he felt the snow leopard jump, estimated the amount of blood drawn, and pulled out the magic mosquito mouthpiece. Sure enough, even if the mouthparts were removed, the snow leopard didn’t fight back again. It looked slow and sleepy, and its eyes were soft. It looked very docile. It was more harmless than a cat.

But Wei Xun still didn’t relax. After the snow leopard completely fell asleep, he fell off the snow leopard.

“The snow peak is refined?”

Wei Xun talks to himself, but in fact, he is talking to the fox cub.

“But master, you can still absorb the Yang in it.

If he really becomes an elite, the fox cub can definitely detect the Yang, and Wei Xun can no longer absorb the Yang of the snow leopard.

“That is, there is something wrong with it.”

Wei Xun confirmed. Purified magic honey is nourishing and mild, with strong energy and healing effect. He, mink cub, Xiao Jin, Xiao Cui, three brothers of mantis, as well as the iron stick Lama and Cuocha Lama all tried. It has no side effects on people, animals, demons, and ghosts.

Snow leopard mania should not be the cause of honey, but its own problem. I think when I first entered the journey and was on the new off-road vehicle, the snow leopard had scarlet eyes and wanted to eat people. It was thought that the snow leopard’s eyes gradually returned to gray-blue after getting along these days. Wei Xun thought it was a sign of improvement.

But now, the problem in the snow leopard has not been solved, but it has been suppressed and hidden. Moreover, it has a serious problem. A drop of purified magic honey can’t completely cure it. On the contrary, it aroused the madness of the snow leopard and made it almost out of control.

On the one hand, Wei Xun was thinking about the serious problem of the snow leopard. On the other hand, he was keen to think that the previous bloodthirsty mania of the snow leopard was calmed down.

Because… By his side?

If Wei Xun has a good medicine, if the snow leopard gets close to him, it is not just because of the influence of the title of wild spirit, but because the seriously wounded beast instinctively seizes a glimmer of vitality and looks for a good medicine that can cure himself. Is there something special about him?

Left wrist, left shoulder, mouth, snow leopard’s favorite places to smell and lick

The only thing they have in common is that they are where Maria Butterfly Tattoos were.

Wei Xun looked at the snow leopard sleeping quietly and suddenly said in the snow leopard:

“Fox cub, what do you think if I feed him a drop of blood?”


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