TTG Chapter 101

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 101: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (44)

“Master’s blood…”

When the fox cub hesitated, Wei Xun said, “No.”

At present, the blood at the butterfly tattoo is known to be useful to magic insects, such as “golden”, “green”, etc., which can make them alienated and stronger. It can be seen that the blood has strong abyss energy. But the snow leopard is restrained from the abyss system. Feeding blood to it will be counterproductive.

When the snow leopard got out of control just now, he patted dinggou half dead without slapping him. His physical potential is definitely greater than that of an inferior magic dog. Wei Xun is not easy to mess with. Feeding 10000 blood makes the snow leopard more serious. What should we do.

“Get dingo”

Wei Xun took off the cashmere sweater torn by the snow leopard and replaced it with a spare one. He brought enough spare clothes, not afraid of snow leopard tearing. Without wearing any more charge jackets, Wei Xun even felt that it was too hot to wear only cashmere sweaters. He covered his mouth and pressed down the rising hot sun.

He has just opened the essence of leopard blood and drank more than ever before. There are too many real insects. The influence of insects in the ball of the devil’s insect is more than that. The outer side of the jade is far away, and the patterns are changing to the ink green color. Hesitant with the proposal of Wei Xun, or Yang Shaopian’s Yin constitution is the most suitable for raising the worm.

After all, Jin, Jin and Cui have a blood contract with Wei Xun, and Wei Xun’s physical changes will affect the sharp devil bug. Just like the excess Yang in Wei Xun’s body caused the impatience of male insects such as Jin, and as a mother, she unexpectedly changed her pseudo male state. The blood Ladybug pretended to be dead more thoroughly, just like a ruby.

Although it’s not a big problem for Wei Xun to make a mistake once in a while, if he keeps on doing so, the demons on Wei Xun may change in an unpredictable direction.

Wei Xun is more interested.

He was acutely aware that the snow leopard’s own potential may be very □□ Xun, and even enough to affect the green. Moreover, the snow leopard only fainted to this extent, and his body was not affected by other effects.

Can this be an ordinary snow leopard? Absolutely not.

Before, when cuocha Lama Luo sent Wei Xun away from the Wulin temple, he sighed with him that the Buddha foreboded that there would be demons who would completely solve the demons raging in the north of Tibet next year, but with Wei Xun, they might not have to wait until next year to finally seal the demons.

Wei Xun didn’t let go of the idea in the words of the cuocha Lama. He guessed that the current difficult journey of the brigade should not be exposed to the devil, or only a little bit, which is related to the front task.

Until next year’s journey in northern Tibet, a dangerous or extremely dangerous journey, it will involve the final solution of the devil.

In that case, the snow leopard may also be a part of the next journey.

If they finally want to release the snow leopard to the Qiangtang no man’s land, maybe in the journey next year, the out of control and crazy snow leopard will come out for a special task. If the brigade doesn’t realize the importance of the snow leopard and kills the snow leopard, they won’t get help.

On the contrary, if they can cure the snow leopard, the snow leopard will become the real snow mountain holy beast and become their golden finger against the great devil.

The snow leopard will appear on the novice off-road vehicle, and it shows that there are many differences. Wei Xun is also the nearest passenger to it, but he has not received any special task tips.

In the final analysis, snow leopard has no chance with him for this journey. It is saved for the special task of the next journey!

“How can this work?”

Wei Xun ran his fingers through the snow leopard’s soft and thick silver long hair, and his eyes were deep. If the snow leopard is really just an ordinary wild animal, it’s ok if it can’t be taken away. But since it is made, it has its own miracles

He’s going to take this snow leopard.

The cuocha Lama said that it should have been the work of the next “demon killer”, and He Wei Xun could do it.

If you are doing what the other party should do, you should take the snow leopard away in advance. His eyes fell on the sleeping snow leopard. Wei Xun pondered that the energy of the purified magic honey was not enough to cure the snow leopard’s abnormal mania. Would it be successful to feed more than a few drops, more than a dozen drops?

“Oh, forget it.”

It’s better to be safe. The snow leopard is not cured. If it goes crazy again, it will have to suck blood again. Wei Xun (he Yucui) can’t stand the bad health of the snow leopard.

In this way, the key to stimulating the state of the snow leopard should be the time to confront the great devil at the third scenic spot Selin fault.

* *

Me, I’m not dead yet?

I don’t know how long later, dinggou came back to his mind. His brain was buzzing. Finally, his memory still remained that he could not resist. It was like being scared out of his mind. He couldn’t return to normal for a long time.

Wei Xun didn’t waste time, so he simply controlled dinggou. He asked and answered. He soon knew why dinggou was so hurried to find him.

The herald of the eagle flute is missing!

Right under the eyes of Luo dinggou, the descendant of the eagle flute at the foot of Luo Blackstone mountain was dragged into the ground by a thick black magic gas, so fast that no one could react. The ground where he disappeared was still intact without any gap. If Ding hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, no one would know that the descendant of the eagle flute had been dragged into the earth.

After listening to Ding Gou’s story, Wei Xun thought of sending ghost B 49. Did he finally get rid of ghost B 49?

But the parasitic wasps in the human body are still alive. If it’s B 49’s hand, he should kill the parasitic wasps first. And the two ghost hair in the human body are not quiet.

“It’s the devil. The devil took the descendant of the eagle Flute”

Ding Gou was silent and his voice trembled slightly. Although he was under the control of Luo, he still instinctively feared, “Taoist bee contacted me to kill the descendant of Eagle flute tonight, but because the descendant of Eagle flute is missing…”

Originally, he was afraid that dinggou could not talk to the bee Taoist in two directions and could only accept orders. Moreover, he blocked the live broadcast under the command of Wei Xun, so the bee Taoist could not get his information in time.

Because there is only one bee cocoon left. If the bee Taoist wants to kill the eagle flute descendant at any cost tonight, the bee cocoon will disappear after hatching, and dinggou doesn’t report in time and wastes the parasitic wasp, he will definitely be angry.

It’s not a ghost or a bee Taoist. That’s… The main line of the journey?

We all know that Wei Xun, Ding Gou, threw him to the side of him. He thought that the scenic spot in the first place has come to the middle. As a guide, he is close to the main line of the journey. It’s time for the descendant of the eagle flute to show something different… He was taken away from the ground by the evil spirit, and the strength of the other party exceeds Ding Gou. Is he a great demon of recovery?

Hawk Piper has something to do with demons? He seems to be looking for the bone flute with the golden right wing of the ROC, but he is actually looking for the chabalaren demon?

Wei Xun recalled the hotel tips he heard when he left the temple.

[100% of the total process of branch attractions]

[cuocha Lama has regained his senses. I told you what happened in Lin Temple a hundred years ago. The devil that revived a hundred years ago, today, a hundred years later, is stupid. The Black Lake, the remains of ZhangXiong buried in the earthquake, once again wreaked havoc and destroyed the magic fire, and the deeper and deeper shadow in the lake. When will the desolate and pathetic sound of the eagle flute end, and how can the land in northern Tibet return to peace?]

[your secret experiencer, but not the terminator. You’ve done what you can. Let’s leave the rest to later people]

The branch line scenic spot Luolin temple came to an abrupt end, without any reference to selinco lake. Obviously, due to the difficulty of the journey, they should not face the original body of the great devil. Just as the hotel and the cuocha Lama initially said, “leave it to the later people” and let the next brigade solve it.

But Wei Xun just listened to these words and didn’t take them to heart. Moreover, he realized that his exploration and Exorcism had probably changed the journey. It’s like that the herald of the eagle flute was suddenly caught by magic Qi – if it was a normal difficult journey, Ken wouldn’t happen.

Wei Xun is Ken Yu, who is going to do the main line of the journey. This main line is related to the messenger of Eagle flute. He will definitely face the great devil.

In that case, you have to prepare early.

“You’re back!”

Seeing Wei Xun coming, Ji Hongcai and others on the night watch excited him to get up. Wei Xun raised his finger and “shush” and said, “don’t wake everyone up.”

“I’m here to move the tent.”

In order to observe the sleeping snow leopard at any time, Wei Xun simply moved his tent to the edge of the ruins of the forest temple. After he cleaned up everything, it was almost dawn at 5:30. Wei Xun didn’t feel sleepy at all, so he simply combed the things he got from his line of work.

There is nothing else except the magic gas absorbed from the charred corpse, the spider silk condensed by the big magic gas, such as the magic gasification shape of the whole giant snow crab.

On the contrary, he gained a lot from various tasks. Except for the branch scenic spots without additional rewards after complete completion, Wei Xun made progress in both title tasks.

[task name: Master]

[task introduction: phased Title Task]

[task reward: unknown title]

[task progress: 17.5%]

[task tip: observe more and more complaints]

When I went to the forest temple, the task progress increased by 2.5, which is really fast. Wei Xun thought that after finishing Selin’s mistake and seeing the devil’s original body, the progress of this task should be up to 20%.

20% is like a key node. The previous title task of Weixun Treasure Hunter series is that after the task progress reaches 20%, he won the archaeological expert (green title), and after 40%, he is the key point. Previously, Luo refused to go up when the ruins of Zhang Xiong rose to 35%. After exploring the Lin Temple, Luo finally rose by 5%

Wei Xun won the title of ‘adventurer’!

[task name: Treasure Hunter series]

[task reward:

Archaeologist (green title) [obtained]

Adventurer (blue title) [obtained]

Treasure Hunter (purple title) [not obtained]

[task progress: 40% (after completing 100 adventures, the progress continues to rise)]

[adventurer (blue title): you are a very bold adventurer. Adventure is the meaning of your life. You can ‘risk’ anything!]

[for non living creatures’ adventure ‘, you may get various conveniences (such as obtaining information, opening secret mechanism doors, opening treasure boxes, etc.) or encounter various dangers.  when you ‘risk’ life, you may get high returns (such as the other party’s contract, discover the other party’s secret, obtain the other party’s high good, etc.), but you may also be hostile, killed and imprisoned by the other party]

[whether it’s opportunity or danger, it’s all adventure!]

[number of adventures on non living bodies: 0 / 10 every 24 hours]

[number of adventures on life: 0 / 1 every 24 hours]

This title is very interesting. It says “adventurer”, but after “Russian turntable”, is it good or bad? By luck,  heaven  hell – it’s the most exciting!

Wei Xun thinks this title is very suitable for you! He is so stupid that he wants to try something.

But the number of times is limited, so we can’t try it randomly. Suddenly, Wei Xun thought of something. In the dark tent, he took out the * * *mountaineering rope from Wang pengpai in Zui Meixiang West.

[due to the particularity of the item, do you want to take a risk on the ‘* *’ climbing rope, or on the ‘* *’, or on the owner of the climbing rope, an Xuefeng?]


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