TTG Chapter 102

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 102: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (45)

Can you risk the owner of the item through the item?

This is something Wei Xun didn’t expect. He immediately divergent his thinking. If he took risks against his owner through items, did he consume the number of right and wrong lives or the number of right and wrong lives?

After all, you can take risks on non life bodies 10 times every 24 hours, and you can only take risks on life bodies once, so you should think more carefully.

[it depends on whether the owner of the item belongs to the life body]

The hotel replied as Wei Xun expected. The mountaineering rope is very special. Wei Xun has always been in a state of “no owner” whether he gets the props or buys them from the hotel. That is to say, anyone who gets it can use it.

Even the magic bug ball is only a ‘Title Limit’, not a ‘Wei Xun limit’. Only this mountaineering rope, Wei Xun’s initial attempt to find out its information failed. The hostel said, “you are not the owner of the mountaineering rope and can’t see the specific information of the mountaineering rope”. Only when Wei Xun becomes its vice owner, can you use the mountaineering rope.

This climbing rope was brought by Wang pengpai. Its owner is an Xuefeng, the brigade leader. But at the same time, its name is * * *climbing rope. Look at the tips of adventure at this time

In other words, an Xuefeng and * * * are both owners of the climbing rope.

Wei Xun paid attention to the ‘right * * *’ adventure and was eager to try. This * * *is too mysterious, too dangerous and makes Wei Xun want to explore. He can access a lot of information about an Xuefeng on the Hotel Forum, but in any case, he can’t find * * *because he doesn’t have enough authority and the other party’s level is too high.

What kind of deposit does the host of the hotel have?

Is he a man or a monster, a living body or a non living body?

Does he… Control the thriller global hotel?

The more powerful, mysterious and unknown it is, the more it can arouse Wei Xun’s infinite desire to explore.

“If I risk my life, will the other party know?”

Wei Xun asked, but the hotel didn’t respond. He asked another question: “if I took a risk on a non life body with a master, would the other party’s master know?”


Wei Xun’s 60.

“I’m going to risk * * *climbing rope”

When Wei Xun thought about it, he saw that [the number of adventures against non life bodies] became [1 / 10 every 24 hours]

[adventure succeeds! You were bitten by * * *climbing rope!]

The climbing rope in Wei Xun’s hand was like a flexible poisonous snake. Wei Xun was stiff and couldn’t move.

If someone took off his cashmere sweater at the moment, he could see that the dark climbing rope tied him everywhere, from the neck to the ankle, such as strange and evil black tattoos, and red marks on his pale skin.

Wei Xun didn’t resist. As the vice owner of the climbing rope, he didn’t feel that it had a “killing intention”. Instead, he felt more like a child who was uncomfortable and needed to be coaxed by adults. As a result, Wei Xun’s mountaineering rope “communication” found that as long as he sang three lullabys to it, it would “stop swallowing”

The only thing Wei Xun can sing is “sleep, sleep, my dear baby”. He finished “climbing rope and fruit” in Chinese, English and German. He loosened his shackles and returned to his hands skillfully.


Wei Xun smiled unconsciously, which was a funny title. As the title remark says, “no matter opportunities or dangers”, they are all risks. That is to say, no matter how Wei Xun uses the title, the first thing he gets is the prompt of [adventure success]. In people’s consciousness, success is always connected with good development.

When people see [success in adventure], they will relax their vigilance. However, they do not realize that the success of adventure may be dangerous, such as the “mountain climbing rope backfire”. This feeling is like opening a blind box. People can’t extricate themselves.

“I’m going to risk * * *climbing rope”

Wei Xun came again immediately, and he was trapped again. Wei Xun took risks four times, but Leng was backfired four times. There was no new progress except backfire, which calmed the smile on his face.

It seems that he is opening the blind box. His luck is not good.

For the remaining six times, Wei Xun kept it for the second visit to Xiaolin temple, but he still didn’t finish it. Then he picked up the climbing rope and looked at the hint of “adventure against an Xuefeng”. Wei Xun fought with the people in heaven in his mind.

The risk of life body is used once every 24 hours. It’s better to use it early.

He hasn’t risked his life yet. He should be sure of it for the first time. He is not interested in other passengers, and the wrong Lama is not sure. The little Jin Xiaocui fox cub has no privacy for him, so there is no need to waste his adventure opportunities. Snow leopard… Snow leopard is a good choice, to be determined.

An Xuefeng, what would you say if you took a risk on him?

Wei Xun is ready to move and is always within his control. After all, he signed a contract with an Xuefeng. Just like the climbing rope, even the reverse bite will never hurt him. In the same way, he takes risks on an Xuefeng, and neither of them will be in great danger.

What’s more, an Xuefeng is not on the journey, he is on the journey. After taking a risk, Wei Xun can find out a lot of information, such as whether he can take a risk on people with too high level and whether he can take a risk outside the journey. He is the most perfect first-time adventure object.

“An Xuefeng”

After several adventures, Wei Xun became proficient and directly held the climbing rope to think of an Xuefeng’s name.

[adventure succeeds! You gain an Xuefeng’s exclusive desire!]

Wei Xun:??

He looked at the hint consciously, and [the number of adventures in life] became [1 / 1.23:59:59]. That is to say, he heard correctly, and his adventure just now was successful.

But what is an Xuefeng’s desire to monopolize his products? Is this really a serious adventure? That’s all he’s got to do with being an adventurer?

Wei Xun was unimaginable, but at that moment, the tent trembled slightly and the door curtain was pushed open. Wei Xun’s pupils narrowed suddenly. When he saw that the shaky snow leopard came in with the tent curtain open, he looked a little slow, laughing and laughing. He just thought about whether an Xuefeng was on the journey.

It seems that it is more convenient for people outside the journey to take risks. After all, the other party can’t catch up with the journey immediately.

The snow leopard, still sleepy, went into the tent and lay down next to Wei Xun. His brain bag rested on his leg. He yawned and continued to be sleepy. Wei Xun rubbed the snow leopard and became more energetic. His eyes were shining – he hadn’t played enough!

It’s like a child with a new toy who wants to have fun at once.

Take another risk on what? Climbing rope? See what it can do besides reverse phagocytosis? Or another… Huh?

Wei Xun was surprised to find that when he picked up the climbing rope, his choice of * * *adventure was not enough!

The option of “taking risks with an Xuefeng” is no longer available. This is what you should do. After all, you can only take risks with your life once in 24 hours. But why is the option of taking risks with * * *still available?

Isn’t * * *a life body?

Wei Xun’s original idea of “suppressing” was revived, and Wei Xun felt infinite curiosity. * *** What kind of deposit is it? What is the host of the hotel?

Why do you value him so much.

Is it because of Maria butterfly fragments? What is the meaning of these fragments? Why did * * *let him sign a contract with an Xuefeng and let him enter the return brigade?

*** * *there are too many secrets, just like a huge and dangerous mystery. Even though he knew that the “unknown” in the hotel showed endless danger, Wei Xun couldn’t help it. He wanted to have a try.

When he came into the hotel, his biggest wish was to pursue excitement?

Since you pursue stimulation, carry it out to the end!

“I’m going to risk * *”

Wei Xun said, but the hotel seemed to be stuck, and the prompt didn’t ring for a long time.

Failed? The other party is too strong and the level is too high to take risks?

Wei Xun patiently waited for a quarter of an hour, but he still didn’t respond. When he thought the adventure failed, the [number of adventures for non life bodies] changed from [4 / 10 every 24 hours] to [5 / 10 every 24 hours]

[take… Risk… Success…]

Every sound of successful adventure is long and thick, as if it sounded from a very distant place, or as if the signal was disturbed. Each word is distorted and unknown, which makes people feel creepy.

[you… Get… To…]

The climbing rope wrapped around Wei Xun’s wrist quietly, and the smooth surface protruded like thorns. Countless fine thorns pierced into Wei Xun’s skin. The blood soaked the climbing rope, and the surface of the climbing rope began to expand. The original rope was just a rope as thick as an electric wire. In a moment, it turned into a thick finger belly, and the surface was distorted and uneven, like a black and red tentacle.

A scarlet eye quietly appeared on the tentacle, turned around and closed again, followed by the second and third, but Wei Xun didn’t respond. He still sat where he was, and he didn’t seem to have any vision, but Wei Xun’s eyes were completely distracted.

Countless unclean distortions and powerful information impacted his consciousness. He felt his mind swollen, like being watered by boiling water, which was about to crack. At this moment, Wei Xun seemed to know countless, but he couldn’t remember anything.

There was an unknown noise buzzing in his ear, as if countless people were whispering. At one moment, Wei Xun almost thought he would go crazy, but he didn’t go crazy. From the blurred voice of the fragmented information, he vaguely knew that he didn’t go crazy because he had a contract between himself and * *, so he didn’t impact and pollute the information.

But… The contract… Wei Xun remembers that he only…

He couldn’t think any more, because there seemed to be a pair of gray blue eyes from above. The desert opened and the high Lin looked at him. Let Wei Xun’s spirit tremble uncontrollably. He sees Wei Xun and everything related to Wei Xun.

The invisible and strong will swept the whole journey, making the magic fire in Xiaolin Temple suddenly extinguish, and the expanded shadow in selinco lake suddenly shrink into a small point. The devil spirit rolled the eagle flute and the messenger threw it on the lake. The bee in his body was stiff into stone sculpture, and the ghost hair root was broken. Dinggou fainted again unprepared, and the connection between the bee cocoon and the female bee in its fur was cut off instantly.

“Well, what’s the matter?”

Outside the journey to northern Tibet, in the hotel residence, the bee Taoist who was carefully transforming the third female bee stopped and looked frightened. In the twinkling of an eye, he became a huge magic bee. The female bee in his hand burst and broke, but the bee Taoist had no time to take care of it. Because of his crazy impact on the wall and the ground, he was black and blue, dying, and his membrane wing was broken, so he finally couldn’t fall to the ground and survived.

Terrible, good, terrible.

The bee Taoist’s brain is blank and he can’t remember anything. The only thing left in his consciousness is the horror of breaking his heart. Taoist bee can drink purified magic honey. He doesn’t dare to keep it at all. He did not dare to think about anything related to northern Tibet. He even thought independently and resolutely gave up the polluted spirit.

The sharp pain of tearing the heart and lungs and the complete loss of consciousness have long been insignificant in the babble confusion. The bee Taoist directly drank 20 kilograms of purified magic honey before he finally felt that his spirit was stable. Dare not think more, he directly formed a cocoon and wrapped himself in it. The cocoon trembled and seemed not to be separated from fear.

“Ah! Ah –! ”

At the same time, in the residence of hair ghost B 49, huge black hair groups rolled and collided like crazy. Countless black hair fell off layer by layer, but the fall off was not as fast as the growth rate of more black hair! B 49’s huge eyes are blinded by the infinite growth of black hair. When you look carefully, it seems that even the surface of the eyes are covered with fine stubbles, which is strange and terrible.

“I don’t want to listen, I don’t want to listen -”

He screamed bitterly and waved his hair wildly, but he couldn’t get rid of the nonsense everywhere. The original trick of hair loss to control the change of San value is now useless. The new long hair seems to sprout from his flesh and blood. It is scarlet and wet. Several strands of hair stick together. There is scarlet mucus on the surface, which looks like deformed and cracked tentacles.

“Help me, help me –”

B 49’s voice became hoarse and hard to hear, as if with stress. He exhausted his most strength, took a strange clay figure from his crazy hair and fell directly to the ground. The clay doll broke at the same time. His whole body was covered with a dark gray light. All the hair in the gray spread was stiff and could not move again until it spread all over the whole hair mass.

But those changed hairs struggled so hard that the clay like hair balls were full of cracks – they were finally sealed.

“Did you use a clay doll?”

In the headquarters of the shepherd League, the exclusive residence of the puppet master, the beautiful woman waved back the puppet attendant and lazily took a thumb sized clay puppet… But when she saw the clay puppet, the smile on the puppet master’s face disappeared. She glanced at the cracks on the clay puppet and threw it into the sealed jar without hesitation.

“Don’t listen, don’t look, don’t think.”

The puppet master whispered. Her eyes were closed. On her snow white skin, there were dark lines like doll joints at every joint, but the puppet master responded in time, and these lines soon disappeared.

When he opened his eyes again, the puppet master rarely showed his frightened eyes.

“Who did this provoke? Dreamer? Hippies? Or those on the west side… No, B 49 is still alive. Not specifically for him, mental pollution, can you say… ”

“Go and bring the bee Taoist.”

The puppet master ordered the puppet she was serving in front of her to say, “no, don’t bring it to me. Go and see him. You know what to do. ”

When the puppet was ordered to disappear, she ordered the other puppets: “let Pinocchio come to me.”

“Master, Pinocchio is going to the death party held by the butcher psychic tonight. He reported to you.”

The puppet said, “the psychic medium invites you -”

“The situation has changed. Let Pinocchio come to me immediately.”

The puppet master could not refuse to retort. Her eyes narrowed slightly and ordered several more people.  quick, in addition to the tour guide of the taking out team, the high-level leaders of the shepherd alliance gathered in the high tower conference room.

The Puppet Master said, “the agreement and cooperation between the butcher alliance will be cancelled if they are under negotiation.”

“Hee hee, funny, funny, those crazy people are really crazy.”

A little man applauded. His skin was strange wood color, his fingers, arms and joints were wooden balls, his facial features seemed to be painted on his face, and his huge eyes accounted for one of the second parts of the whole face. He looked very scary.

He stood on the chair, made an exaggerated bow to the puppet master, smiled and said, “my noble Queen, are you ready to challenge the S1 throne of life playing people? I will take the lead as your most loyal knight! ”

As he spoke, he took off his head and put it in his arms. He looked like he really wanted to “take the lead in the charge”. Some of the other tour guides except him were expressionless, others looked worried and hesitant, but all looked at the puppet master for her further explanation.

Dissolving all transactions between the butcher alliance is bound to lead to bad relations with each other. If the puppet master didn’t want to overthrow the hippies and seize the S1 throne, she suddenly ordered to do so. It’s hard to explain.

“Don’t ask, don’t think about it, do what I say.”

The puppet master is autocratic and dictatorial without any explanation. But when the original tour guide, with a puzzled look on her face, heard her say “don’t ask, don’t think about it”, her face changed sharply, and she really stopped asking one by one.

At the end of the meeting, others left one after another, but Pinocchio stayed.

“You don’t have to think about anything else.”

The Puppet Master said, “I want you to stare at a man.”

The smile on Pinocchio’s face became more and more strange and terrible: “you say.”

“Return brigade, Wan Xiangchun.”

* *

“Xiao Peng hasn’t come back yet?”

Whether it’s Baixiao, who is staring at the Inca Sun Gate, or Wang pengpai, who is unlucky to find the butcher alliance, Qi Qi returns to the hotel. The six people stand in front of a locked gate with dignified expression. The area of the brigade station needs to be purchased and expanded from the hotel, with a total area of 10000 square meters. Everyone in the returning brigade lives together, and the whole main station is nearly 1000 square meters.

However, only the first 400 square meters are places with various functions for everyone in the brigade to live. A special gate separates the space of the surface. In addition to the team leader, at least four team members can open it.

At the moment, the door was opened by Mao Xiaole. There was deep darkness inside and no one entered. Mao Xiaole’s face was full of complex expressions of fear, anxiety, tension and confusion.

Until a bell rang, the strong wind blew away the wooden hairpin on Mao Xiaole’s bun and blew away Wang Yushu’s hat. Lushu orange held wolf’s ear and looked back, surprised and waved: “brother Peng, this way!”

I saw a tall and thin figure coming with the strong wind and suddenly appeared in the crowd. His shoulder blades are a pair of huge golden red wings, each feather is as bright as gold, but the surface of the feather is attached with a diamond shining crystal layer, which is so dazzling that people can’t look directly.

“Maria, the butterfly fragments moved.”

No, Wang pengpai asked questions. The visitor was the first to speak. He was young, but his eyebrows and eyes were cold, unsmiling, holding a crystal feather in his hand. The feather gradually turned into an ice crystal rose between his fingers.

Wanxiang spring threw the rose into the crack of the door. Just listen to the sound of glass breaking with a click, a clear ice curtain spreads outward from the crack of the door, and the most condensed into a crystal thin surface the size of a mirror.

Everyone stared nervously at the round crystal on the ground and saw that it reflected cobweb like fine white traces, which gradually outlined an extremely beautiful white ice crystal rose. Above the rose are fragments of broken butterfly wings in dark blue and purple.

Maria butterfly fragments, Versailles ice crystal rose in the deepest part of the Antarctic glacier. Both are extremely rare items, not to mention the fragments of the Maria butterfly. This ice crystal rose is only one in the whole Antarctic. Its long-term environment is extremely harsh, and only absolute zero can be preserved.

The returning brigade put it together, hoping to use it to observe the situation of “that”.

“Amitabha, is there any change in this? Why can’t I see it? Come on?”

Wang pengpai was so nervous that he nagged: “Xiaole’s signature box cracked, Shuer’s alarm exploded, sister orange lost her hair, and Baixiao’s paper crane was broken. I can’t breathe. It must be the captain… Well, what’s the big deal over there.”

“Xiao Peng, see if you have anything.”

Wang Yushu was rarely serious and looked at the ice crystal rose pattern on the crystal surface: “is this flower… A little open?”

“If you wade through the water with wood, you will get good luck in case of water and evil in case of fire.”

Mao Xiaole took the compass and said, “water, soil, wind, mountains, variables, hidden places in the mountains.”

“Mountains? Isn’t this where the captain is now? ”

Wang pengpai lost his voice, hurriedly turned around and looked: “Baixiao, do you have any new information?”

Bai Xiao held his mobile phone to broadcast live, but Wei Xun’s screen was still dark and could not see anything.

“From 5:48 a.m. to now, it hasn’t changed for a quarter of an hour.”

“Five forty-eight, five forty-eight…”

Mao Xiaole began to calculate again. Wanxiang Chun, who stood silently in front of the crystal, suddenly closed his eyes, and two thin red blood lines flowed from the corners of his eyes to the crystal.

“Flowers bloom, sprout, machine, variable.”

Wanxiang spring jumped out word by word. At first, it was difficult to say, but it gradually became smooth: “the flowers will not open, and the changes are uncertain. The pattern turns black, which means that the variable may die before it is stable.

With sharp eyes, Wang Yushu asked, “is it flower death or variable death?”

“Variables die. When the variable dies, the change terminates. If the variable is alive, the change continues. ”

Lu Shucheng asked nervously, “what will happen if the change continues?”

“Butterflies flapping their wings, ice crystals, roses in full bloom, is -”



Wanxiang Chun and Mao Xiaole opened their mouth one after another. Obviously, they said the two words “you” with great seriousness and solemnity, but Wang Yushu was speechless and had a strange expression on his face.

“Love, reproduction?”

Wang pengpai murmured, “fuck, is it my ear? Why can’t I see? Come here. It will be linked to love. ”

“The pattern / hexagram image says so.”

Wanxiang Chun and Mao Xiaole spoke in the same voice. At the same time, the crystal surface extending outward from the crack of the door seemed unable to bear the energy and was broken.

“Anyway, there… Must be changes to be made.”

Bai Xiao said calmly, “I suggest everyone keep the brigade station, and everything on the sunset brigade can be as usual. The shepherd alliance and the butcher alliance all have people. During the journey to northern Tibet, the Fagui B 49 puppet masters have a close relationship, and the bee Taoist is used to being alone. It should be that the shepherd alliance will test us… This is good news. ”

Bai Xiaoyu rarely bent his mouth: “as long as… There is a change, according to the prudence of the puppet master, I’m afraid the cooperation between the shepherd alliance and the butcher alliance will be suspended, which can leave me more time.”

“No, I mean, that’s what.”

Wang pengpai looked tangled. The fat meat on his face was crowded into a lump, like a lump in his throat. He said, “if, if it’s really what love breeds, do we have to find out who the love object is first?”

“When it comes to * *, I can’t take the initiative to explore.”

Wanxiang Chun said coldly: “ when the captain comes back, I’ll see who he prefers ”

“The captain and Sanshui will be together!”

“Well, no, I mean, if this is the bad design of the tour guide, so that the object of… Becomes a butcher tour guide, what can I do?”

“No one can calculate * * *except the hotel.”

Wanxiang Chun said coldly, “maybe this is a change directed by him.”

“Now that the seventh journey of 30 degrees north latitude is over, it’s almost time to give it a go.”

Hearing what he said, all the people in the field looked different. Only Wang pengpai was still worried and talking about “blessed by the Tathagata Buddha and Guanyin Bodhisattva”

“He’s not going to kill his object.”

Wang Yushu noticed the blind spot and said, “Damn it, * * ** if you want to kill someone, no one can stop it.”

“Only the captain can stop it.”

Lu Shucheng said helplessly, “but the captain is a snow leopard now. Even if you want to stop him, you don’t have enough spare power.”

“Go with it, everything will go with it, and there will be good results.”

Mao xiaolesu said, “I’ve calculated that feilezhi, Yin Baitao and Ji Hongcai have no worries about their lives.”


Lu Shucheng didn’t respond. Bai Xiaoxiang pushed his glasses and said rationally, “Fei Lezhi’s survival means that Wei Xun is healthy. Wei Xun, I have a chance with the brigade and the captain. If Wei Xun is OK, the captain is OK, and the brigade team has a turn for the better… This’ love ‘event can go smoothly. ”

“Also, can you draw the number like this?”

Wang pengpai was speechless, but Wanxiang Chun frowned: “Wei Xun?”

“It’s the Sanshui division that Xiaole has been talking about for five years, which has a special affinity with our safety team. Brother Peng, you’ve been traveling outside. I don’t know. ”

After hearing Bai Xiao’s words, Lu Shucheng relaxed a little and said, “come and see the snow leopard Wei Xun mixed scissors made by shu’er. From the first encounter to love, come and witness the love of a snow leopard.”

* *

Is there love that wants people to die?

Wei Xun is now in an extremely dangerous situation. He was mentally disordered and lack of five senses. He can only vaguely get the glass broken and effective information from those noisy nonsense. Just like the fruits of his adventure, Wei Xun listened repeatedly before he finally heard it clearly.

[successful adventure!]

[you get * * *love!]

Some love! A non life body, the head of the hotel, talk about love. Wei Xun feels toothache. The title of adventurer is really abnormal. People take risks for higher interests or more dangers. One of his adventures is counted as one. Why did he get people?

He didn’t feel any “love”. Those distorted and polluting information still kept pouring into Wei Xun’s brain. Wei Xun did seem to hear someone whispering in his ear, the familiar elegant and low voice like a cello. But Wei Xun couldn’t tell what the other party was saying. He just felt that he was suffocating from the noise.

If we need to know each other before falling in love, Wei Xun can die directly just by “understanding”. But Wei Xun didn’t die, not only because those noisy voices made his head swell, but kept a critical point that would collapse but had not yet collapsed.

Moreover, Wei Xun felt that something was biting his wrist, so he would not feel pain. This bite was like holding the string of a kite, so that he would not get lost. In the chaos, he still kept in touch with the present.

Can’t look directly, can’t listen, can’t think.

The heart is hot, like carrying a heavy stove. With the strength on his wrist, Wei Xun found his reason from the storm like torrent of information. His soul, spirit, and baptism have become more tenacious and powerful.

Obviously, he closed his eyes, but Wei Xun seemed to be able to see the outside scene. He saw the snow leopard biting his wrist, sometimes whining anxiously at him, and sometimes roaring in the other direction. The sharp leopard claws waved like a fight.

He “saw” that the strange climbing rope holding his wrist was torn to pieces by the snow leopard and dropped to one side. The snow leopard came close, sobbed and licked his face. The snow leopard’s head is getting closer and bigger in Wei Xun’s eyes, together with its body——

No, it’s not the snow leopard that gets bigger, but he gets smaller.


Wei Xun heard his hair as tender as a bird, and his body fell, but before he completely landed, something gently and forcefully grabbed his neck and fell with him into a piece of soft and thick silver hair.

* *

“Breakfast is ready. Would you like to call brother Wei?”

At 7:30 in the morning, everyone in the brigade gathered themselves and sat around the fire. Feilezhi stretched his neck and looked at Wei Xun’s tent. He didn’t see any movement.

“The guard still has a rest. He just came back at four in the morning.”

Fang Yuhang made himself a cup of hot coffee. The warm current poured into his stomach. He sighed comfortably.

“I’ll have a look. Brother Wei didn’t eat anything last night. I must be hungry when I venture back from Xiaolin temple. ”

“I’m with you.”

Yin Baitao carefully brought a cup of hot milk tea, several pieces of Zanba and a bowl of freeze-dried vegetable soup: “don’t be bitten by the snow leopard.”

They walked towards Wei Xun’s tent and stopped when they came to a place ten meters away from the tent. This is the warning line of the snow leopard, but strangely, the snow leopard didn’t come this morning.

Feilezhi and Yin Baitao looked at each other, and feilezhi coughed and took a step forward on tiptoe.

No response?

He took another step.

Or no response?

Feile’s nerves are tight. What’s the matter?

“Brother Wei, brother Wei?”

No, brother Wei didn’t respond!

As soon as Feile’s scalp tightened, he hurried to the tent with Yin Baitao. When he reached the tent curtain, he heard the familiar, warning snow leopard roar. Feilezhi was a little relieved, carefully opened the curtain with a climbing stick and looked in.

“Brother Wei -”

“What’s the matter?!”

Feilezhi suddenly stood still and let Yan Bai’s heart burn. She pushed feilezhi away and looked in – but when she saw the scene in front of her, she was as stiff as feilezhi.

In the dark tent, two snow leopards, one big and one small, folded together and looked at him.


“Ha ha, ha ha, brother Wei is so powerful that he has become a leopard so quickly.”

Beside the tent, Feile giggled like an active atmosphere: “I just thought brother Bao was a mother and killed the cub, ha ha ha.”

Yan Baitao gave him an elbow, winked and made Feile shut up. He turned his head carefully, but he couldn’t help smiling and asked, “brother Wei… Can you still be vegetarian?”

“Brother Ji, there are still some ham sausages. Would you like some?”


Wei Xun chirped, Xuefeng got up immediately, and the leopard’s tail swept away feilezhi and Yin Baitao, together with his people who cared about / watched the excitement. With the snow leopard sniffing the cup and bowl that Yin Baitao put in front of the tent, he propped it with his nose and put it into the tent.

Wei Xun stood up tremblingly and licked some milk tea with the support of the snow leopard’s powerful tail. He didn’t use his tongue skillfully enough. He was stained with his own milk. He was held in his arms by the big snow leopard and licked it carefully from beginning to end.

Wei Xun narrowed his eyes and let it lick. Who let him now? He is just a young snow leopard and has no strength to resist the big snow leopard.

The good news is that his wild mind has become a leopard successfully, and he is temporarily out of the state that his spirit is about to be polluted. It has the title of wild soul. When Wei Xun becomes a beast, he can get rid of all the negative states of human beings.

This shows that * * *love is a kind of negative state for him.

The bad news is that something went wrong. He became a snow leopard and a young leopard. And Wei Xun doesn’t know how long the love of * * *will last.

Wei Xun could feel that the other party was not trying to kill him. He probably just looked at him. But at this glance, Wei Xun fell into the storm of mental pollution, and he almost couldn’t come back. Make sense, this is too risky, too

It’s so exciting.

The title of adventurer was so suitable for him that Wei Xun couldn’t wait to take risks. But before he takes another risk, he must first find out how long these “monopolies” and “love” will last.

It’s reasonable to say that an Xuefeng and * * *are both strong men standing at the top of the pyramid. It’s incredible that they can succeed in this adventure. Besides, for the time being, an Xuefeng’s adventure to * * *has really won the love of * *, which is particularly thought by Wei Xun.

If, if the particularity of all this is because of his contract with an Xuefeng… Wei Xun recalled that he got a few words of information when he fell into the storm of mental pollution before.

He has a contract with * * *- but Wei Xun is convinced that he only has a contract with an Xuefeng.

An Xuefeng and * * *are both owners of mountaineering ropes

Wei Xun’s heart.

An Xuefeng and * * *are probably the same person.


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