TTG Chapter 103

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 103: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (46)

If an Xuefeng is the same person, let alone how they are divided, Wei Xun is curious about how they develop. One is the owner of the hotel, the other is the leader of the brigade?

Isn’t this equivalent to being a board worker while working in a board company? Is it just a pain in the neck?

Or is it that the owner of the hotel, including people, is not the real owner of the hotel?

Wei xunruo said that the key to leaving the hotel is the journey of 30 degrees north latitude. But there is a legend that some big man really left the hotel through 30 degrees north latitude. Are you really leaving the hotel?

If you are a person, you must be the top person. An Xuefeng, as the strongest passenger who has traveled two 30 degrees north latitude, is still in the hotel, and another hotel owner has your identity… This may be the essence of the thriller and the ball hotel?


Wei Xun, who was sinking, was almost licked away by a strong lick. Cats lick each other hard. Although he now has hair on his body and doesn’t feel pain, he is licked by the snow leopard directly, which still makes Wei Xun’s guard against.

The snow leopard’s name is very tender. It really looks like a bird chirping. Wei Xun’s conditioned reflex refused to speak again after calling a snow leopard, and only pushed it on the big snow leopard’s face with his claws.

Returning to the current topic, Wei Xun certainly knows how to turn the snow leopard back into a person. He is just not sure that the negative impact of * * love will disappear.

There are still a lot of people around. Wei Xun simply earned it from the big snow leopard’s arms and stumbled to practice the basic skills of walking, running, biting and how not to trip over his tail.

After he became a snow leopard, the fox cub couldn’t be attached. Wei Xun was like a sick snow leopard because of his keen five senses and body control brought by the fox cub. Not to mention running, just jumping around, you’re so depressed and sleepy that you yawn.

What’s more irritating is that Xuefeng’s long Plush tail kept shaking in front of him. Wei Xun found that after becoming an animal, he became more animal, and it was difficult for him to control Ben.

For example, when he saw a plush leopard tail shaking in front of his eyes, he thought about what had happened. When he recovered, he had bitten on that tail.

It’s hard to describe Wei Xun’s watch. Fortunately, people can’t see what watch is on the plush face of the snow leopard cub.

With its tail in its mouth, the snow leopard really gets a sense of security.

Moreover, Wei Xun found that the more he indulged his book and didn’t go to the exam, the more relaxed he was mentally. Sure enough, the title “wild soul” allows people to lift the negative state of human form, that is, to let him seriously be a beast, not just a person with the shape of a beast.

The closer to the true state of the beast, the faster those negative effects disappear.

Don’t go to the test, don’t look at things by human standards, be a happy silly leopard and follow the nature of wild animals.

After realizing this point, Wei Xun let himself go. He stepped on Xuefeng wantonly, jumped and bit, simulated attack, fought wits and courage with his tail, and waited for noon. Wei Xun has been able to lick each other’s hair with any psychological pressure.

Wei Xun can’t lick his paws for the time being, but Wei Xun always studies the extreme of various titles to make it give full play to its effect. He thought it would not be the first step to lick his claws if he cleaned them well first, then disinfected them with alcohol wipes, and the claw seams were clean.

Then Wei Xun changed back into a man.

“Buzz –”

When the trance buzzing and whispering rang through his ears, Wei Xun immediately changed back to snow leopard before his spirit lost control again.


Wei Xun’s attempt was not dangerous, but Xuefeng was startled by the snow leopard’s “suddenly bigger and then bigger”, and directly knocked down the tent. With a crackle, a vigorous silver-white figure sprang out of the collapsed tent in the chaos of war. Wei Xun also reacted and was quickly carried away from the battlefield by Xuefeng.

The collapse of the tent surprised feilezhi and others. They ran nervously and saw a big snow leopard hiding behind a round table black stone with a snow leopard in its mouth. The eyes of the two leopards were the same.

Wei Xun’s heart was beating fast. The big snow leopard behind him was also beating fast. In fact, if it weren’t for Xuefeng reaction block, Wei Xun would almost jump up. Snow leopard is a slightly neurotic and easily frightened cat. Wei Xun also integrated into the identity of snow leopard, which is the original beast Ben.

However, Wei Xun originally thought that after the negative state of human beings was full, he could reasonably avoid it by turning the wild soul into a beast. However, under dangerous conditions, simple wild animals are more vulnerable and vulnerable, and the wild animals are not easy to control.

If human beings are more rational, the negative state will recover slowly. If all the animals are handed over to the beast Ben, the beast will make all kinds of unpredictable actions.

For example, the snow leopard startles, hunts, even pees, delimits territory, and so on.

How to weigh the two sides?

“You have something!”

Seeing that “Wei Xun” was held in his mouth by the big snow leopard, Fei was so happy that they didn’t dare to come forward. The body comparison was so different that people were afraid that the big snow leopard would slap his cub.


I have.

After becoming a wild animal, human communication is also a problem.

Seeing that Fei Lezhi and others understood his leopard language, Wei Xun thought silently.

But Wei Xun was smart, and soon he succeeded in using body language to make feilezhi them set up the tent again.

After all, the clothes are still inside.

Of course, when wild animals return to human beings, they are in the state of wearing clothes. This should be common sense.

After all this, I went back to my tent for about a year. The influence of the nonsense that polluted the spirit has disappeared. This time, in fact, it is not as terrible as the first time. At most, it is only some residual “afterrhymes”.

Wei Xun first drove Xuefeng out of the tent, and then became a human again. This time, it took him a quarter of an hour to become a leopard cub. When he had a good rest, he became a man again. Three times over and over again, the noise and buzzing in my ears finally turned into a whisper I reluctantly endured.

Wei Xun has strong endurance. It is a problem for him to bear reluctantly. When Wei Xun calmly put on his clothes, the whispering finally stopped.

However, the suspension does not mean the end.

Wei Xun picked up the broken climbing rope and found that it was broken in two. One of them is still the ‘climbing rope of * * *’, and the prop information is different from that before. But another section of climbing rope looks very different from its original appearance.

It became a double strand purple black rope, which was flexible and soft. It felt like the skin of some living creature. And its name changed to ‘shackles of * * *’

[Name: * * * shackles]

[quality: unknown]

[function 1: marking]

[function 2: record]

There was a half circle of purple and black thorns on Wei Xun’s left wrist. When he picked up the * * shackle, it naturally attached to Wei Xun’s left wrist, making the half circle of thorns disappear, just as it had never been before.

The other half circle of Wei Xun’s left wrist is naturally the tooth print of the snow leopard.

In fact, when the snow leopard bites hard, it’s not too much to break his wrist. But in fact, it was strange that even blood came out, leaving only very eye-catching tooth marks, which looked terrible.

Wei Xun moved his wrist and was as flexible as usual to avoid any impact. He paid more attention to the prop ‘shackles of * * *’.

The word “shackle” doesn’t sound like a good word, but Wei Xun doesn’t feel that he is controlled, but vaguely feels that he has a subtle connection with a mysterious party far away. The owner of this prop is also him. Wei Xun easily knows the role of its two functions.

[function 1: mark (* * * is your admirer, he marked you)]

[function 2: record (record every bit between you and * * *)]

[record 1: on a certain day, * * * looked at you for 1 second and whispered to you. Maybe he’s worried that you don’t wear clothes on the plateau  catch a cold]

Wei Xun:??

Wei Xun subtly read this sentence several times and sank for a second, then he took off his clothes again.

Take off your stormsuit and react. Take off your cashmere sweater, take off your pants——

Wei Xun’s ear whispered again, and the whispering became bigger and bigger.

After several attempts, Wei Xun was generally sure. However, his conclusions are not quite the same as originally expected.

Why did * * * become his admirer after his adventure to * * *?

This made Wei Xun search for a long time, and then he divided it into two parts.

The first is the gaze of * * *. After Wei Xun succeeded in his adventure, the other party did not notice him, but looked at him for a second. It was this second that almost drove Wei Xun crazy. Later, Wei Xun’s whispering about whether he was wearing clothes was also a mental erosion and torture, but the intensity was much lower than before, which was enough for Wei Xun to endure and adapt.

If you say that one eye, it is the most direct and strongest spiritual pollution from * * *. The whispers behind him should not be what * * * said directly to him, but some kind of indirect. For example, * * * thinks that it’s not good for Wei Xun not to wear clothes.

And “he thinks” this point is enough to produce all kinds of mental fluctuations, so that Wei Xun can listen to all kinds of nonsense without clothes.

Second, the difference between tour guides and tourists.

When Wei Xun was a tour guide in Zui meixiangxi, he listened to the sound of * * * normally and talked to him normally. How come the tour guide’s waiting list includes, when the passengers are waiting, they are almost crazy at first sight?

It is reasonable to say that the tour guide is near to death and mentally fragile. The existence of San value should be more easily disturbed and polluted, while the passengers have San value.

Is it because the tour guide is an employee of the hotel, so he is not polluted by the owner of the hotel? Or is it because he was a newcomer and the hostel owner gave him preferential treatment?

Is it because of the fragments of Maria butterfly, which is different from Wei Xun as a tourist guide and Wei Xun as a tourist?

Wei Xun checked the status of the fox cubs and demons. The fox cub was normal. He even felt the difference just now. The three brothers of “golden” and “mantis” in the magic bug’s ball are all normal, but “Cui” outside fainted. Wei Xun found that he could not maintain his mental state, which was obviously a manifestation of extreme mental instability. And there are some eyeball like unknown patterns on its body.

However, Chui is in good condition. Wei Xun feels that he is undergoing some variation. After perceiving that this variation is developing for the better, Wei Xun will disturb it again.

When Wei Xun felt the parasite wasp, he was surprised and raised his eyebrows.


The state of parasitic wasps is strange, in the intermediate state of collapse and non collapse, and it seems to be wrapped by some kind of stone shell, as if sealed, so that its various states stagnate at that moment.

Wei Xun tried to communicate with the parasitic wasp. It was soon relieved of its petrification and was still active. It seemed that there were no problems.

But it must have happened, because the eagle flute said that the ghost hair in the human body was broken and out of control. Wei Xun commanded the parasitic wasps to devour those hair segments, and they also resisted.

Not only is it ghost hair, the state of the bee cocoon on dinggou is also different.

Although the bee cocoon was swallowed and assimilated by Chui Tsui, its connection with the female bee in the hands of the bee Taoist was cut off. However, now Wei Xun no longer feels the connection between him and the female bee. Only the connection with his mother bee is left on the bee cocoon.

The state of parasitic wasps in dinggou is similar, which are petrified and comatose. Fortunately, the props used to block the live broadcast have been working, and they are not interrupted by the owner’s coma.

It seems that… Various means of external invasion have been roughly cut off?

Wei Xun wakes dinggou and asks for help.

This can only be caused by * * * gaze. But it was also an external invasion. The wasp cocoon was only petrified, but the ghost hair was broken out of control… Because the wasp cocoon was directly brought into the brigade by dinggou, and the ghost hair invaded after the beginning of the journey?

Or is it because… The cocoon and parasitic wasp are in contact with him, so he has been cleared?

At present, Wei Xun is still unable to determine whether “an Xuefeng’s desire for occupation” has disappeared and how long “* * * love” will last. If the impact on each life adventure is limited, his future adventure objects must be more careful.

“Xu Yang found that there was still a deeper space under the cave.”

At 6:00 p.m., the passengers withdrew from the forest temple and exchanged information as usual. Wei Xun instructed Jiang Hongguang in the afternoon after he recovered his human form. The passengers who had been unable to do anything about the burning ruins of the forest temple found the direction. Now everyone has completed the basic exploration goal.


Jiang Hongguang took out a crystal and gave it to Wei Xun: “when we go to explore the cave, the crystal is hot.”

This crystal is the fragment of the nine fold zigzag Crystal Tower. Wei xundang gave each passenger one. It is pure white, very pure. The reaction to magic Qi is a sharp crystal, but now the crystal surface handed by Jiang Hongguang is suffused with a faint unknown red light.

“Hongcai, white peach, their crystal has also changed color.”

A total of six people’s crystal discoloration, including four exploring the relics of the Sutra cave and crystal discoloration. Only Yin Baitao explored the main hall and feilezhi explored the side hall.

“We explored everywhere yesterday, but crystal did not respond.”

Fang Yuhang added: “I also had a reaction this morning.”

Or in the afternoon, something special happened to the ruins of Lin Temple, which made the evil spirit explode.

Jiang Hongguang and others think it is the latter. This is their last night at the second scenic spot, but they have encountered too much danger. The evil spirit broke out this afternoon, which may mean that it is not peaceful tonight.

And what they are most worried about is Wei Xun, because Wei Xun will explore the Linsi temple again tonight.

Wei Xun knew that the crystal turned red and hot when he burned the immortal magic fire in Lin Temple. It should be that the magic fire and magic gas were exposed. Wei Xun looked at the crystal in turn and found that the four pieces of the Sutra cave were light red, the main hall was bright red, and the side hall was dark red and purple.

The reaction in the morning and the change in the afternoon. Excluding the influence of * * * gaze… Is it the wrong Lama who made the lamp and caused the magic fire to counterattack?


Wei Xun held the darkest crystal and launched an adventure.

[adventure succeeds! You can turn the crystal stone polluted by magic gas into food!]

Wei Xun:.

So far, Wei Xun is still unable to determine the result of “adventure” and what law. The good news is that the effects of adventure are so many that people can’t confirm that he used such a unique skill. It is the title used by Wei Xun when he is a tour guide and when he is a passenger.

Wei Xun’s face remained unchanged. He washed the crystal stone with water, and then ate it in front of Jiang Hongguang and others.

The crystal stone was cold. With a little force from Wei Xun’s teeth, its thin and brittle shell broke and melted, and a warm and sweet viscous magic gas flowed inside.


Wei Xun tasted the product. The effect of this adventure is not only that the crystal stone becomes food. After eating it, Wei Xun obtained the details of the crystal stone and its magic Qi.

It was a dark black flame. The flame has three layers of flame color. The inner flame is dark, the middle flame is purplish red, and the outer flame is red. It burns in a bronze lamp. The flame color changes constantly, and the flame turns over. It looks like countless demons struggling and howling in the flame, but they can’t escape. The demon charm is extremely strange.

Wei Xun’s “look at” a pair of thin hands holding lamps, walked into the deepest part of the Sutra cave, and the flame poured into those precious sutras. Suddenly, the magic fire roared and burned, and the forest temple collapsed and destroyed in the magic fire.

The red outer flame burns wantonly and invades people’s bodies, and the monks protecting the temple turn into burning ghosts. The deep purple flame turns into countless demons, devours the souls of the lamas, and finally turns into a demon phantom.

When the wrong Lama returned, he sealed the demon shadow with his own flesh, body and golden Dharma wheel throne, resonated with several generations of lamas in the Lin Temple with his own soul belief, blocked and hidden the temple and sealed the red flame.

Only the innermost dark black has been hidden in the dark since the beginning.


“Brother Wei, you, you have something.”

Watching Wei Xun open his eyes and breathe a sigh of relief, Fei Lezhi and other talents asked with concern.

“I have. Lezhi, Hongguang, the news you told me is very useful. ”

Wei Xun smiled. He pondered for a moment and took out most of the crystal stones in the fox cub’s body.

“The magic fire in the ruins of Lin Temple has been burning for a hundred years. Last night, I woke up the soul of cuocha Lama. Tonight, we dispel the magic fire.”

Wei Xun said, “the evil fire of the riot can penetrate the seal of Lin Temple at the last moment and spread wantonly. People polluted by magic fire become ghosts. ”

The people who were shocked and looked at the mountain like crystal stones turned back and listened to Wei Xun’s orders seriously.

“You first… Then…”

After everything was arranged, Wei Xun entered the burning forest temple at 7 p.m. This time he appeared directly in the Sutra cave.


I only heard the bad Lama’s exclamation, and the blazing flame roared to my face. It was so fast that people couldn’t respond. Wei Xun leaned back, just in time to avoid the coming fire. Then he added two crystal narrow knives to his hands, cut them alternately, and smashed the red fireball with the size of his head.

However, the broken magic fire did not disappear, but became more manic into a dozen fire groups, which attacked Wei Xun like a meteor fire shower. After them, dozens of huge fireballs followed.

Brush and pull——

The broken wind suddenly sounded, and a tough thin skin was thrown in front of Wei Xun. More than ten fires fell on human skin, but they did not burn, but went out directly.

“Messenger, come here!”

Under the cover of pitanka, a Guxin man, Wei Xun retreated into the third layer of the Sutra cave by mistake, and the crazy magic fire came, but he couldn’t move forward after burning a meter in front of Wei Xun and the wrong Lama.

With sharp eyes, Wei Xun saw that the soul of cuocha Lama, who had eaten a drop of purified magic honey last night, turned translucent again and looked very weak. In his hands, he was solemnly holding a treasure box inlaid with gold and ruby, which he used to hold crystals, radiation mines and devil limbs last night.

Wei Xun knew clearly that this treasure box should be the lamp made by the wrong Lama. Sure enough, the evil fire spirit, its crazy riots probably sensed the existence of the lamp and wanted it to be destroyed.



Wei Xun saw the wrong Lama’s pupil shrink suddenly. For a moment, his body almost disappeared due to the excessive fluctuation of his mind. He couldn’t even touch the treasure box in his hand and fell straight to the ground. Fortunately, Wei Xun reacted very quickly, lifted his foot, hooked and kicked it, and then connected the treasure box to his hand, so that he fell to the ground.

At the next moment, Wei Xun did not hesitate to hold a crystal narrow knife and rowed back. Just now, the wrong Lama was clearly looking behind him! The magic fire hit by the burning place of the crystal narrow knife was cut, and the narrow knife could not bear more magic gas. It broke into slag and was sprinkled on the edge by Wei Xun, which made the tongue of fire of his legs retreat and dissipate.

But there was nothing behind him but magic fire.

“Lama, you have something.”

When Wei xunsu asked, he saw that the wrong Lama had no God in his eyes and was still staring behind him. The gray pupils of his soul were extraordinarily penetrating. His soul trembled like catkins floating in the wind. After a long time, he became hoarse and lost his Shinto:

“Behind you.”

“Behind you…”

Wei Xun looked back again. There was nothing behind him except the wanton burning magic fire, but the watch of cuocha Lama definitely didn’t see the magic fire. He must have seen something else.

“What’s behind me?”

Wei Xun didn’t move. He held the gold box to return it to the wrong Lama, but he suddenly stepped back and his frightened eyes fell on Wei Xun’s hand.

left hand.

Wei Xun’s mind turned and he guessed. He strode forward directly, regardless of the mistake, the Lama dodged, grabbed his shoulder and stuffed several crystals into his mouth. In fact, the crystals were stained with purified magic honey.

After two drops of honey, the wrong Lama’s soul is no longer weak. It’s going to be transparent and solidifying. He also returned to his senses, smiled bitterly at Wei Xun, and felt a lingering fear: “I spent a lot of mana to make lamps. My soul and body were weak and contaminated with magic Qi. It’s also right to be regarded as a devil by the snow mountain holy beast. Fortunately, the messenger helped me. ”

“Snow Mountain holy beast?”

“Yes, it’s behind you.”

Cuocha Lama described in detail that it was the virtual shadow of a huge silver white snow leopard behind Wei Xun. Snow leopard is the guardian of the sacred mountain. It has many characteristics, such as hardness, purity and coldness. When you see the devil, you will tear it up completely. Cuocha Lama was shocked by the snow leopard’s virtual shadow behind Wei Xun when his soul was weak and contaminated with magic Qi.

Wei xunruo looked at his left wrist. According to the cuocha Lama, the whip tail of the snow leopard’s virtual shadow was wrapped around his left wrist. This reminds Wei Xun of the tooth marks of the snow leopard on his wrist.

Did the wrong Lama see the snow leopard? In fact, Wei Xun thought he had seen * * * virtual shadow and so on. After all, there is a thorn line left by * * on his left wrist.

Since the snow leopard’s tooth print is a virtual shadow, does the thorn pattern also have a vision? Just covered by * * * shackles?

Wei Xun did not dare to show the thorns in front of the Lama. If there was a virtual shadow behind him, the wrong Lama might be directly dispersed.

After the evil Qi on the wrong Lama was dispelled, he returned to normal and approached Wei Xun again. Hearing this, the wrong Lama said solemnly: “the evil fire has been raging for a hundred years and has been in the spirit. This morning, the magic fire disappeared after three years, and then returned to normal. He began to make a crazy counterattack. I’m afraid he realized that today is the period of death and had to struggle. ”

“The virtual shadow of the devil imprisoned on the throne of the golden Dharma wheel is integrated with the magic fire. At 0:00 in the morning, the devil is the most powerful. It can destroy itself, so as to break through the seal of the forest temple. The central gold treasure chest contains the smell of hidden lamps. We should first find the core of the fire, and then take out the lamps, otherwise it is extremely dangerous, and we can take the opportunity to escape. ”

“I see.”

Wei Xun knew clearly: “if the seal of Lin Temple is broken and the ghost of the devil is taken in, you can go back to your body.”

“My body has sealed the devil for a hundred years. It is a magic weapon, not a human body.”

The cuocha Lama shook his head and said, “when the magic fire and the virtual shadow of the devil are solved, as agreed by you and me, this body belongs to you.”

The cuocha Lama has a firm will and a resolute attitude. It is clear that if he still stays in the Wulin temple, his soul will survive for more than ten years, but he has not left any way back for himself. He left the third floor of the Sutra cave together with Wei Xun. Everything he wanted to take away was only an iron gray demon subduing pestle.

The Lama skeleton spider lay on Wei Xun’s shoulder. It turned its head and watched the devil fire surge down. It completely swallowed the third floor of the Sutra cave.

The magic fire was completely crazy. The Lama Wei Xun walked in a sea of fire. There were flames in front, back, left, right and top of his head, which were raging and burning half a meter away from them.

Even if the flame really touches their bodies, the terrible heat will turn people into ashes. In particular, the more you go to the second layer, the more vigorous and hot the flame burns. The scarlet flame seems to be mixed with strands of purple flames. The temperature rises again, and even the surrounding air is distorted by the high temperature.

The cuocha Lama walked calmly in the fire, and smoke came out of his Guxin pitanka. The soul can’t feel the temperature, but the burning of magic fire erodes the human soul. Bits and pieces of scarlet flame appeared on the soul of cuocha Lama, but they all went out in an instant.

He is like an ascetic monk who practices around thorns. He has been tortured by demon gas pollution for a hundred years, but he still has a sense. Wei Xun’s help is his opportunity. The soul of cuocha Lama shines with a faint white light, which is quite ethereal and pure, like the golden characters flashing and floating in the white light.

Wei Xun vaguely listened to the sweet and solemn chant of Brahma, which made the hot fire dissipate directly, and his state of mind was clear and empty, as if he had been washed by clean water. It’s really enjoyable. It’s much better than * *’s nagging.

After all, the cuocha Lama wants to preserve his strength against the core of the devil fire and the next devil original body. The Brahma singing will be calm in a few seconds. The evil spirit disturbs the mind, and the rest of the hot and fiery are harsh practices.

But Wei Xun doesn’t like hot sweating, so after the wrong Lama stopped, he smiled and said, “Lama, how do I purify demons?”

The wrong Lama said, “it must be thunder.”

“I think the magic fire had better be smart and take the initiative to throw.”

Wei Xun’s fingers moved slightly, and the corners of his mouth smiled even more: “otherwise, something bad may happen, including .”

Flame marshmallow is warm, soft and rusty. It melts in the mouth – Wei Xun was very skilled at eating fire in the air last night. Unfortunately, these flames are weak to eat. What’s the feeling of satiety. After all, the real magic fire is only a wisp. The magic fire raging in the forest temple is more magic gas than real magic fire.

“Haha, haha, haha -”

The shrill laughter resounded through the second floor of the Sutra cave. The purple red devil was cremated into a towering fire wave, which was swept away by the wrong Lama’s Vajra pestle. In the flame, I saw that the golden throne was melting gradually due to the high temperature, and the Lama on the throne had a distorted face, fierce eyes and strong devil gas. Obviously, as the wrong Lama said, the devil’s virtual shadow was a fight!

“No, the seal is about to break! I’ll stop it, Messenger, go and take over the core of the magic fire! ”

Cuocha Lama immediately sat down with his knees crossed, and Zhuang solemnly read the Bon scriptures. Each one was powerful, like a thunder, which made the magic fire piled up around unstable. The magic fire dissipated and the melting speed of the golden throne slowed down.

Seeing the false shadow of the devil facing the wrong Lama, Wei Xun did not hesitate to go directly through the second floor of the Sutra cave and go up to the first floor. Just as the cuocha Lama said, the ghost of the devil has been closely connected with the golden Dharma seat at the core of the seal of the forest temple. Once it goes crazy and destroys itself, the seal of the forest temple will also be destroyed, and the magic fire will leak out and wreak havoc on the world.

Therefore, if you don’t solve the ghost of the devil first, you must subdue the core of the devil fire. However, once you take out the lamp, once you finish taking over the magic fire, it will destroy itself and fight back, so the machine will only attack once.

In other words, the machine will not work at all times. After all, Wei Xun understood that the magic fire was divided into three strands, and the three strands were hidden separately. If you don’t know this, even if you find one of the magic fire cores and store it with lights, I’m afraid other magic fires will also escape from the riot.

Wei Xun even estimated that it was inevitable that it was so difficult here. After all, this journey should not have been on this line. If the magic fire really breaks the seal, the cuocha Lama can sacrifice himself and die with the magic fire.

Under the guidance of the cuocha Lama, the seal of the great devil in Selin cuohu is naturally nothing but a solution in the future.

“Fun, really fun.”

Wei Xun muttered to himself, his eyes full of interest. The more so, the more excited he is – he just wants to complete those impossible things, which is enough to challenge!

Wei Xun went directly to the side hall of the Wulin temple. Along the way, the magic fire tried to get close to him, but the red magic fire was quietly decreasing. Wei Xun’s eyes were full of fire. He didn’t know whether he was red by the magic fire or red from inside to outside. When he walked one place, he suddenly stopped and looked at the ground.

This is the last place where he burned ghosts last night.

Wei Xun has a good memory. He remembers that the burning ghost is a ghost——


The shrill sound of the temple roof burned by the fire sounded, and with the cold wind, Wei Xun hit his head. When he looked up, he saw that large pieces of earth and rock fell like rain, and he was buried alive. At the break of the roof, a scarlet fire line like a snake quietly showed a glimmer of fire.

I’m looking for you!

In a second, the burning earth and rock fell to Wei Xun’s head, and his figure was buried by the flame earth and rock in an instant. Just listen to the roar, the falling earth and rock pile up into a mountain, like a burning tomb, and there is no more Wei Xun. The gold box fell to one side and was hit by earth and stone. There was a lamp in it!

A few seconds later, a red line of fire like a snake came winding, and the target was the gold box. It is like a wisp of hot magma, where all the earth and rock melt, leaving a red and black fire line.

The items in the golden box make the demon fire Ben grow fear and hostility. You must destroy it. But right next to the gold box, it turned into a red magic fire to burn it up. A silver figure suddenly appeared in the cracks of the accumulated earth and rock.

He was not proficient in flying and running. He rolled on the way, but he was still a natural Hunter even when he was young. He pressed the end of the flame with an unusually accurate claw and swallowed it.

It was Wei Xun who turned into a young leopard!

The red devil fire seemed to be swallowed by him, but it was actually put into the crystal container in the belly by the fox cub. The falling earth and rock covered up Wei Xun’s figure. No one knows how he turned into a young leopard. The effects of “occult” and “combatant” brought by the magic insect ball are more effective in the animal state of snow leopard.

The young leopard pounced too hard, rolled around the ground, stood up and shook its hair. A touch of potential is bound to be seen in the beautiful gray blue eyes. The red flame core has been obtained, and the purple flame core has turned into a demon virtual shadow. What he wants to capture again is the dark flame hidden in the deepest place!

However, there are not many between Wei Xun and Lin, and the three strands of magic fire seem to be connected with each other. He captures the moment of red magic fire. The whole magic fire in Lin Temple changes to a more unstable and manic state. I’m afraid that before long, the demon shadow will explode itself and destroy the seal.

If he can’t find the dark magic fire before, I’m afraid it will escape into the vast dark night!

Although Wei Xun has made preparations in the outside world, he is the best in the forest temple. However, the current situation has reached an impasse, and the black fire is the most hidden and cunning.

It is hidden in the shadow. There are countless places for it to hide in the shadowy magic fire. Unless Wei Xun lights up the Lin Temple with absolute light, it can hardly be forced out.

What is more ubiquitous than shadows!

In the fire, the young leopard’s body stretched higher, its snow-white fur turned into pure white hair, its gray and blue animal eyes turned into ice blue eyes, and its too pale skin was warmed by the fire.

Whispering reappeared, the magic fire twisted and deformed, and retreated abruptly, as if it had encountered some extremely terrible existence. In the fire, Wei xunhun didn’t care and smiled. He took out a dark green cloak and put it on his body. The contrast between fiery red, dark green and snow-white is so strong and amazing.

Wei Xun’s movements were too casual. He refused to dress well. He was naked in a dark green cloak. He still showed his pale legs and arms. His bare feet stepped on the fire. His whisper became louder and faster, and countless distorted sounds filled the whole space. Where nonsense exists, the red magic fire goes out one after another. Finally, there is no more flame in the whole side hall!

Wei Xun’s eyes locked at the intersection of the side hall and the main hall. On the side of the Buddha statue, a faint black flame had nowhere to hide and trembled.

*The whispers of * * * are more everywhere than shadows.


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