TTG Chapter 104

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 104: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (47)

Some people can see the dark flame, which is almost integrated with the surrounding darkness, but there are stars on the flame. At first glance, it looks like many fine pearls, sometimes gathered and sometimes surging. It looks like black sesame paste inlaid with diamonds.

Especially when Wei Xun approached, the dark flame was pressed lower and lower, and almost all the fine starlight disappeared. It shook very badly, and the fire line twisted and deformed. When Wei Xun asked the fox cub to swallow it, the black flame could hardly wait to escape to the fox cub’s belly and shrink in the crystal glass bottle next to its good brother red flame.

Without the raging magic fire, the ruins of the side hall of Xiaolin temple are extremely dark. This darkness is completely matte and seeping black. In this boundless darkness, people are very easy to lose their sense of direction and time. It seems that there are some terrible monsters hidden in the depths of the darkness. Malicious peeping and invisible heavy pressure fall on the nerves, which can drive the mentally fragile people crazy.

However, Wei Xun never forgets to exercise himself. His ears whisper so much that he distorts his spirit. He is willing to wear good clothes only when he has no (tolerance. This dark green cloak used temporarily is the guide cloak Wei Xun collected from Ding Yi before. That is, only the guide cloak is absolutely clean and will not be contaminated with dust and dirt.

When he put away his cloak, Wei Xun looked thoughtfully at his left wrist. The tooth marks of the snow leopard have not dissipated, and the tooth marks are really strange. There is no redness and swelling around. There are only red marks on the pale skin. It looks more like a special ferocious tattoo, and the color seems deeper than before.

When he was taking off his clothes just now, he had his left wrist ironed. Wei Xun didn’t know for the time being. He was sure whether it was the influence of snow leopard’s tooth mark or * * thorn pattern. It seems that when he tried to put on and take off his clothes in the tent, his left wrist was always slightly hot, but Wei Xun used all his will to fight against whispering and had no time to take it into account.

Quickly put on his clothes and Wei Xun walked to the second floor of the Sutra cave in Xiaolin temple. Obviously, the evil fire in the wanton temple has disappeared, but the sense of danger is even more serious. The whole Xiaolin temple is crumbling. When Wei Xun was on the road, he even saw a distorted scene outside the broken temple wall – the seal of Xiaolin temple is breaking!

The real Kobayashi temple, which has been sealed for a hundred years, will be revealed to the reality!


When he arrived at the first floor of the Sutra cave, Wei Xun had heard the explosion like thunder, crackling and chasing like firecrackers, which made people upset. Darkness swallowed up all the light, and there was evil gas everywhere. Only a faint white light is the light when the wrong Lama recites the Scriptures.

But this (light was constantly eroded and weakened by the evil spirit, and became shaky. In contrast, the body of the Lama sitting on the golden (· wheel throne became blue faced and fanged, completely demonized.

Several thin arms stretched out from under his ribs and waist. His chest became more and more concave, like ribs wrapped with a layer of shriveled skin bag. The purple black halo circulated, and the ferocious and evil magic gas was continuously released, which was as terrible as the magic gas tsunami.

The purple flame that controls countless demons began to riot!

However, under the increasingly powerful impact and pollution of the magic gas, the light on the cuocha Lama, which was originally as weak as a candle in the wind, became brighter and brighter. When it was more and more dangerous, it became more and more tenacious. This is the tenacious will honed by the cuocha Lama’s hundred years of practice!

However, it overdrafts the last power in the soul of the wrong difference Lama. If time is enough, the wrong difference Lama can kill the evil flame, but now the unsealing of Xiaolin temple is imminent. If it continues, the wrong difference Lama may explode all his power in order not to let the evil flame leak and die together with the evil flame.

But now the situation has changed. Wei Xun has stepped into the battlefield! The evil spirit that raged around him madly impacted his five senses, and his ears echoed with crazy laughter and charming soft laughter. The devil has always been good at distorting and polluting the enemy mentally, so as to devour each other’s soul.

However, Wei Xun found that the devil whispered so vaguely that it was like a layer of glass, intermittently and completely without any influence on him. It’s the embodiment of Wei Xun exercising himself under the whispers of * * for several times. He can survive the highly polluting * * whispers. It’s useless for the devil to try to seduce him with the magic sound!

With incredible speed, Wei Xun broke through a lot of magic Qi and went directly to the Lama’s body. The crystal narrow knife appeared. Wei Xun took the knife in both hands and cut off the two new magic hands from the Lama’s body!

“Ah –!”

The evil ghost who was fighting with the wrong difference Lama screamed angrily and painfully, but it had been premeditated. The Lama’s body cracked from the middle like a torn cocoon shell, the golden throne under him collapsed at the same time, the wrong difference Lama was swallowed, his face was pale, and his whole body was suddenly unstable and weak.

“No, the seal has been broken!”

The Lama hissed anxiously. All the mana on the Vajra pestle waved to the devil body, but the devil flame did not resist. Only a small part of the devil gas was torn off by the Vajra pestle, but most of the devil gas crashed down like a waterfall. Unexpectedly, it was to break away from the Lama’s body and attack Wei Xun to seize a new body!


Wei Xun’s eyes were fierce. Although the move of demon Yan was tantamount to throwing himself into the net, he could take out the lamp and subdue it in minutes. But if the devil flame is completely separated, the Lama’s body may be destroyed by the devil Qi.

Wei Xun directly put his hand on the magic flame and wanted to press it back into the Lama’s body. At the same time, he looked at the Lama’s body, which was on the verge of being broken. This body was the key to the change of the blood ladybug. Wei Xun’s dead horse worked as a living horse doctor and took a direct risk on it.

[adventure succeeds! The Lama’s body has its own consciousness!]

“Ah –!”

Before Wei Xun could see the change of the Lama’s body, something unexpected happened. He saw the devil’s flame wrapped around Wei Xun’s left hand to invade his body from now on, but the next second it screamed and flew out like a purple top.

Large tracts of black magic gas were dissolved like ice and snow. The second floor of the whole Sutra cave was instantly cleared, and even the purple core magic flame was fading. The magic gas was getting weaker and weaker, but it was going to dissipate directly!

Just then, the Lama suddenly stretched out his thin arms and closed the purple flame. The magic flame that was about to dissipate was like grasping the last straw and directly drilling into the Lama’s body. But then it screamed in horror:

“Let go, let me out!”

Wei Xun saw that the eyes of the Lama’s body burst out purple light and no longer cracked. The Lama’s body with self-consciousness had a survival instinct and wanted to swallow the purple fire and preserve himself. At the moment when Wei Xun looked, the Lama’s body was like a corpse spider, and he climbed up from the throne with his hands and feet. Two thin magic arms shot at Wei Xun and cuocha Lama like a sharp arrow.


How can Wei Xun do what he wants! He turned sideways to avoid the magic arm, and his fingers bounced. One red and one black flame fell directly on the Lama’s body. The attraction between the devil flames is far better than the control of the Lama’s residual body.

At this moment, the scream has changed into the remnant body of the Lama. It has changed into a burning three-color torch. No matter how it is twisted, it will not get rid of the magic fire burning.

If the three evil flames were to merge again, even if Wei Xun collected them with lamps as quickly as possible, I’m afraid the Lama’s body would have been burned into coke.

So when Wei Xun ejected the two flames, he took the smuggled goods and bounced the blood ladybug.

The left and right Lama’s body can’t be preserved. We can only take advantage of this to drain its final value. The blood ladybug can eat a few bites. If it doesn’t wake up, it has no chance with the Lama’s body.

Wei Xun has opened the treasure box and taken out the lamp. The lamp is small and exquisite. It is made of a whole piece of white crystal. The base is a magic mine intertwined with black and emerald green. The gold wire is wrapped around the lower part of the lamp like a vine and intertwined with silver wire in the middle. The gold and silver wires outline a zigzag Buddha shape, making the lamp as delicate and solemn as a precious utensil, Its wick is a trace of the original magic gas.

“Ah –!”

As soon as Wei Xun took out the lamp, he heard three screams in the Lama’s body almost at the same time, and then a black, red and purple fire mass rushed out of the Lama’s body like a kicked ball.

The scene seemed a little familiar. Wei Xun opened the lamp and stretched out his arms. The panicked three-color magic fire sensed that he was familiar with the original magic gas. Ignoring others, he directly went into the lamp and fell on the magic gas wick.

Before they could sit still, Wei Xun turned off the lamp and took back the fox cub’s belly. Then Wei Xun’s eyes moved to the Lama’s body. Even if he lost the magic fire, the Lama’s body did not collapse, but it trembled slightly, and the surface anomaly was very obvious.

The original purple black face of the Lama’s body turned into scarlet blood. It was like gradually melting into blood, and the rich blood gas came to his face, suffocating.

“Lama, what’s going on?”

Wei Xun picked up the wrong Lama and asked questions first. As long as he asks fast enough, the pot won’t fall on him.

“This, this is…”

The cuocha Lama was also stunned and hesitated: “it is said that the center of the earth is Wei molongren, where the soul belongs. But those demons and evil spirits did not return after death. They could only suffer from the cruel wind in the world until they dissipated. But the Buddha has the means of King Kong thunder and compassion. ”

“The younger brother of dunpashinrao Buddha, ganpushinrao Buddha, is willing to give the evil soul a chance to reform, so he turns himself into a nine heavy blood pool. Since then, demons and evil spirits will fall into the jiuzhong blood pool. If they can withstand the training of the blood pool and sincerely repent, they will have the opportunity to return to Wei molongren… ”

However, this is a mistake. The Lama himself thinks the explanation is far fetched, but this is the only story that can be interpreted in the Scriptures.

Wei Xun knew that the change of the Lama’s body was caused by the blood ladybug. It was the possession of Taoist bee. It was mysterious and special, but it would inevitably be recognized by the audience. If you recognize it, even if no one connects the blood ladybug with him, it will be inconvenient for Wei Xun to use it again in the future.


It’s not enough to fish in troubled waters with the wrong Lama. Wei Xun simply took another risk on the Lama’s body. Although the blood ladybug is a living creature, the body of the Lama is still an “inanimate body.”.

[adventure succeeds! The body of the Lama degenerated into a mummy!]

It’s hard to explain that a bloody corpse that was bleeding wildly suddenly solidified and shriveled and became a mummified corpse.

Wei Xun calmly asked the wrong Lama, “how do you explain this?”


The wrong Lama looked straight and was speechless.

Wei Xun has been paying attention to the Lama’s body. Seeing that it is shriveled and gradually begins to fill, there are signs of blood infiltration. For the sake of insurance, Wei Xun took risks several times.


[adventure succeeds! The Lama’s body turned into a frozen corpse!]

“Lama, this…”


[adventure succeeds! The body of the Lama evolved into a glacier crystal corpse!]

At this meeting, the glittering and translucent body of the Lama finally stopped bleeding. However, Wei Xun could vaguely sense that the mood of the blood Ladybug was getting higher and higher. It was activated by the feast of various corpses and began to recover from its sleeping state. It can be seen that it naturally likes all kinds of corpses.

No, that won’t work. As long as it’s a corpse, I’m afraid it will still be blooded by blood ladybugs in the end. Wei Xun’s several attempts have found that except for the first adventure, which made the Lama’s body aware, other adventure effects are based on the nature of the Lama’s body and transformed it into various corpses.

If only the Lama’s body could be changed into a non corpse state, it’s a pity that the direction of adventure is not controlled… Is it really not controlled by mind?

Is it a last chance to take a risk, or another gamble?

Wei Xun decided to take another chance. During the adventure, he kept thinking about non corpse state, non corpse state.


The tips of the hotel are really different!

[you have ventured on inanimate bodies ten times, and your adventure experience has increased!]

[adventure succeeds! The body of the Lama becomes a diamond!]


In fact, the state of diamond is similar to that of glacier crystal corpse. Even its shape has not changed much. It is bright. But for the blood ladybug, it is essentially different.

‘poof poof’

Wei Xun heard a strange slow dull sound, which sounded like some kind of dull Morse code in Wei Xun’s mind, only once in a while. Wei Xun listened patiently for several times before he determined the source of the sound.

This was the first time that the blood Ladybug took the initiative to transmit the consciousness!

What did the blood Ladybug say?


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