TTG Chapter 105

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 105: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (48)

The sound mode of blood ladybug is different from that of Cui Jin. Maybe Wei Xun hasn’t fully accepted it. The “pop” sound is not like a clear dialogue between Cui and Wei Xun, but more like a kind of primitive insect sound.

Wei Xun listened to the blood Ladybug “poof” for a while and pondered for a moment: “poof?”


The blood Ladybug made a sound. With his sharp eyes, Wei Xun saw a grain of red falling from the Lama’s body, bouncing on the golden Dharma wheel throne and rolling to the ground without moving.

“Cuocha Lama, it’s really strange that this body becomes the original.”

Wei Xun came forward quietly and naturally stepped on the blood Ladybug and asked the fox cub to swallow it back. It can be swallowed by the fox cub. The bright blood Ladybug has returned to a strange sleep, but it still has many changes. I’ll explore it carefully when I go back to Wei Xun.

“This is a harbinger of tunbashin walking around the Buddha.”

It’s really hard to make a mistake. The Lama is fighting in the front line of fighting demons. He has only one soul left for a long time. He has to make trouble in this gang, Wei Xun, to get his own back. The cuocha Lama solemnly and seriously came to the throne, bent his fingers, tapped and sat on the throne, showing a trace of surprise. Then he looked a little surprised.

He turned around and suddenly offered a big gift to Wei Xun.


Wei Xun reacted quickly. He directly held the Lama and asked him to really worship. He was curious: “do you see what Buddha omen?”

Cuocha Lama wanted to worship several times, but now he is only a light floating soul. He can’t resist Wei Xun in strength. Finally, he finally gave up and said solemnly: “my body has imprisoned the virtual shadow of the devil for decades. Although it is protected by the golden throne and my magic power for a hundred years, it has been with the devil without doubt.”

Yongzhong Bon lamas pay attention to nature. Both body and soul are given by nature, because they do not cultivate the afterlife like Buddhism, but cultivate themselves, both mind and body.

Only when both of them reach great perfection can they finally return to Wei molongren, the birthplace of the Buddha, or they will fall into reincarnation and experience the trials of the world of mortals.

Although the soul and state of mind of cuocha Lama are perfect, he seals the devil with his body, and his body is full of magic Qi, so it is impossible to achieve double perfection. However, the cuocha Lama was indifferent and had a little resentment when he installed the package, which made me quite aware of who would kill the devil if I didn’t kill the devil, because he didn’t hesitate to give up his soul just to kill the devil.

Therefore, Wei Xun estimated that he was wrong. If he could not catch the magic fire and control the Lama’s magic body in time, the wrong Lama would sacrifice himself and completely destroy the magic atmosphere in the Wulin temple.

“Just now, the messenger accepted the evil fire. There were all kinds of changes in the devil’s body. They were all evil demons in the Scripture. The devil’s flame is collected, the devil’s virtual shadow dissipates, and Selin is wrong. The original body of the great devil will react. ”

The cuocha Lama sighed: “the great devil’s various means are extremely evil. I thought it would completely turn this body into a puppet, but I thought it would finally be perfect and become a Vajra glazed body.”

Wei Xun:?

“Do you know what is the diamond glass body?”

The cuocha Lama was very happy. He was neither happy nor angry. He smiled happily on his calm face. Unexpectedly, he would ask Wei Xun back.

“What is the diamond glazed body?”

Wei Xun asked in cooperation. He was also curious about the wrong Lama.

“It is said that the golden winged ROC bird was born on the big iron tree in the Jiuchong crystal mountain of weimolongren. It was as dazzling as the sun and moon when it was born. The gold and silver eyes and diamond horns were as sharp as a sword. Its wings danced in the air, and the hot sand rain fell in the gaps between the copper sharp blades and the feathers *”

“The golden winged ROC bird sees evil with silver eyes, demons and poisonous dragons, and hot sand Rain Burns their souls. It will see the golden eye, the reincarnation, the Buddha, the purest blood of duxiangxiong Kingdom, and the diamond angle to bless them. The purest thing is that after the blood of King Zhang Xiong and the death of ancient sins, their bones will be diamond. ”

And this kind of law?

“Congratulations, Lama. Your body is perfect.”

Wei Xun reacted quickly. It was obvious that the wrong Lama mistakenly thought that his body had changed into a diamond and that he had sealed the devil’s merit.

Although Lin Temple is the most important ancient temple of Bon, the status of cuocha Lama is not as good as that of Guxin priest. Naturally, there will be no “blessing of golden winged Dapeng bird horn”. But now his body has become a diamond, comparable to perfection. How can this not make cuocha Lama happy.

This is really a coincidence misunderstanding… Wait, is it really a misunderstanding?

When he took risks, he just wanted to be a “non corpse”. It is reasonable that the body of a Lama can be changed into gold, jade or even earth and stone. Why did it happen to be a diamond in line with the book of Bon scriptures?

Wei Xun pondered that he has ventured ten times on inanimate bodies, leaving aside his love for the moment. When he ventured on mountaineering ropes, he was eaten back by it. The grade of climbing rope is unknown. Its owner is divided into * * and an Xuefeng. It can be imagined that the quality of climbing rope is absolutely high.

At present, Wei Xun’s strength is still weak, so it’s natural that he gets the result of his adventure on the climbing rope.

Wei Xun’s crystal adventure polluted by magic fire gas turns it into food. Wei Xun himself loves to swallow all kinds of magic Qi. The magic Qi to him is “different taste, energetic food”.

In addition, the level of magic fire Qi is lower than him, so it is normal for Wei Xun to swallow crystal magic Qi and obtain magic flame information from it.

The results brought about by “risk” are unpredictable, but they are logical at some point. After decades of confrontation between the evil Qi and the Dharma Qi in the Lama’s body and the protection of the golden Dharma wheel throne, it is possible to generate consciousness under the impact of the opposite two forces.

Adventure is more like “possibility”

For example, the postures of the Lama, the dried corpse, the frozen corpse and so on are all evil demons in the Sutra. Wei Xun takes risks on the Lama’s body, and it turns into various corpses. It is also clear that it itself has the possibility of changing in this direction.

On his last adventure, the body of the Lama turned into a diamond – it was not just a coincidence.

Cuocha Lama sealed the devil with his body and concealed the forest temple with his soul. He endured the pollution caused by the devil’s power for decades and still remained rational.

He deserves a diamond body and a great perfection.


After thinking about it, Wei Xun’s congratulations seem more sincere.

“If there is a messenger for you, I’m afraid I’ve been contaminated by the devil.”

The cuocha Lama really felt that he broke away from Wei Xun’s hand and sincerely saluted him. Then the Lama leaned over and saluted the snow leopard’s virtual shadow behind Wei Xun. Just now, when the situation was critical, the cuocha Lama saw with his own eyes that the magic fire tried to invade Wei Xun’s body, but was abandoned by the snow leopard Dharma protector.

Looking at Wei Xun’s ignorance, he must be the automatic protector of the snow leopard Dharma. He can get close protection from the snow leopard Dharma protector. He is definitely a person of noble character and has merits and virtues for generations. He is worthy of being a Buddha omen and demon removing messenger!

The heart of cuocha Lama is like a mirror. His body can reach the perfection of Vajra, not only because of the opportunity, but also because the demon removing messenger and snow leopard Dharma protector are beside him.

Considering this point, the wrong Lama was very sincere towards Wei Xun and said bluntly: “with my King Kong body sitting on the throne, the seal of Lin Temple can hold for a moment. I’m afraid it will take some effort for the devil to invade the influence.”

“If the messenger wants to accept the magic fire, I will protect the Dharma for you.”

The reason why cuocha Lama is calm is that both bon and Tibetan Buddhism have this tradition. Many demons who are defeated by the Dharma protector of the Buddha will integrate into the Dharma system of the Buddha and become various Dharma protectors.

Because Wei Xun defeated the evil flame, it is natural for the wrong Lama to subdue the evil flame. Even he will take the initiative to protect the Dharma for Wei Xun.

This is different from the local myths and stories in China, in which people who are defeated by the gods and evil demons will often become gods and mounts, and even children under the seat. It is rare that they still kill each other after they admit defeat and beg for mercy. This is different from the religion of killing witches and demons in foreign countries.

“I’ll trouble the wrong Lama.”

Since the Lama has such an attitude, Wei Xun doesn’t refuse. He has many ways of being a tour guide. This magic fire has been exposed. It’s also appropriate to be a tourist. After all, Wei Xun also has a stable means of attack.

When the cuocha Lama was seriously protecting the Dharma, Wei Xun took out the crystal lamp. The white crystal is like frosted glass. You can see the three-color magic flame in it. The three color flame is trapped in the lamp, but it is mainly equipped with Wei Xun.

How can it be normal to subdue the demon flame? Wei Xun pondered, but he didn’t intend to expose his ability.

However, the wrong Lama soon solved Wei Xun’s difficulty. He taught Wei Xun the ways and tricks to accept the crystal lamp as his own magic weapon – no, you can directly contact the magic fire. As long as you accept the crystal lamp, you can naturally control the magic flame.

This is a good way… On the surface, it’s a good way to cover up.

Of course, Wei Xun won’t just accept crystal lamps and don’t directly accept the devil flame. But on the surface, he can learn from the wrong Lama.

He cuocha Lama has to draw a totem and recite the mantra. Wei Xun’s method of accepting the devil’s flame is really rough.

He ate the three evil flames one by one, and then ate them together again, and he solved all the problems.

After completely accepting the magic flame, Wei Xun moved and ordered them to hide, leaving only the illusory shadow of the magic flame in the crystal lamp. The real magic flame core was received by Wei Xun.

The magic flame is a kind of strange flame, and the three color flame works differently. The red outer flame can pollute and erode, the purple magic flame can preserve the magic gas and turn it into a demon phantom, and the dark magic flame is a spiritual illusion and attack, and can perfectly hide the magic gas.

Even the cuocha Lama couldn’t see through the hidden dark devil flame. Wei Xun’s whispering forced the dark devil flame to come out. It was really smart, otherwise it would take a lot of effort to find it.

Wei Xun plans to keep the core of magic fire in his body.

Although there is gold in the magic insect ball, which can bring Wei Xun the characteristics of “hiding”, it is inevitable that there will be a time when it will come to gold in the future. The dark devil fire can completely hide Wei Xun’s evil spirit, and his vest can be more stable.

Similar to the “magic fire” in reality, the burning and preservation of magic fire need a carrier. It can burn on crystal lamp wicks, as long as Wei Xun regularly replenishes pure magic Qi. Naturally, it can also burn in Wei Xun’s body.

In this way, Wei Xun can hide his magic Qi from the magic flame at any time, and the burning of the magic flame also helps to exercise his spirit and will, and can be surprised when he faces the enemy in the future

Wei Xun controlled the crystal lamp and led the demon flame into his body. But then the problem came.

Magic flame, it can’t get in!


Chanting the Dharma and protecting the Dharma. The wrong Lama was vigilant. It seemed that a silver white plush leopard tail patted Wei Xun’s arm and wound it. The leopard tail is coming from the snow leopard shadow behind Wei Xun.

What happened?

After watching for a week, the wrong Lama noticed anything strange. The next second he watched the leopard’s tail slap on Wei Xun’s chest again, just like catching flies.

Wrong Lama:?

Wei Xun is closing his eyes and holding the crystal lamp tightly. It seems that it is the most critical moment to take the clothes. The wrong Lama can’t disturb him. He can only protect the Dharma of the snow leopard. The leopard tail sweeps all over Wei Xun’s body, including his forehead, cheeks, behind his ears, neck, even his waist, thighs and ankles.

Is this a special way to protect Dharma?

The old Lama can’t understand.

However, it is always a good thing that the snow leopard Dharma protector is close to Wei xunru.

Cuocha Lama smiled at ease and continued to help Wei Xun protect the Dharma.

“Hoo, I finally succeeded in taking over.”

Wei Xun opened his eyes and smiled with joy on his lips——

In fact, Wei Xun is full of question marks!

Is his body an iron wall? Why can’t this flame get in anywhere?

Wei Xun was unimaginable. The magic flame was damaged, but it bounced on the surface of his body like a pinball against a wall. Is it because of the thorns on his wrist?

If he delays any longer, the wrong Lama may be suspicious. Wei Xun can only let the demon flame sit on the wick and take the lamp and the demon flame back into the fox cub’s belly.

“Thank you for protecting the Dharma… Huh?”

“What’s the matter?”

Seeing Wei Xun’s face hesitating and meditating, the wrong Lama asked with concern.

“Lama, when can the seal of Lin Temple last?”

“When the cock crows.”

When the chicken crows, it’s one o’clock in the morning. Now it’s one o’clock in the morning. There are still three o’clock.

Wei Xun said, “I want to go to the third floor of the Sutra cave again.”

The cuocha Lama asked how much he had installed. He went down to the third floor of the Sutra cave with Wei Xun. Only this time, when entering the place, Wei Xun took out the crown of bright light.

It was he who got the golden eagle, the golden winged ROC bird horn and the crown in the nine fold zigzag Crystal Tower!

This crown represents the peak of ancient Xiangxiong’s exquisite craftsmanship. It is based on gold and diamonds and inlaid with countless expensive gemstones. Even on the third floor of the absolute dark Sutra cave, it still naturally emits a faint treasure light.

When Wei Xun took out the crown, the cuocha Lama immediately gave it a little courtesy to show his respect. Holding the crown, Wei Xun had a very clear goal and went to the northwest corner of the Sutra cave.

Just now, when Wei Xun took the magic flame and the crystal lamp back into the fox cub’s belly, the magic flame reacted to the golden winged ROC bird horn and the crown!

Wei Xun is now their master. Devil flame naturally reports everything to him. It turned out that there was a change. It was dark devil flame.

Before, the red devil flame burned wantonly in the Sutra cave, and the purple black devil flame was sealed on the second floor of the Sutra cave as a demon shadow. Only the concealment was the strongest. The dark devil flame concealed the Lama’s perception and came to the third floor of the Sutra Cave – the wrong Lama would be polluted by the devil gas. For example, it was serious, and it also contributed a little. But the dark devil flame can’t do more, and can’t directly disturb the mind of the cuocha Lama.

Because of the three layers of the Sutra cave, there is a kind of product with strange energy, which makes the dark devil flame particularly afraid.

The breath on the crown of golden winged ROC bird horn is very similar to the sample.

“Lama, what’s behind this?”

Wei Xun finally stood at the northwest corner of the Sutra cave. The magic gas cobweb that originally covered all the cave walls has dissipated, revealing the real cave wall. The Sutra cave is built in the depths of Heishi mountain. Naturally, the wall of the cave is also black. The temperature is very low and cold. It seems that you are touching a piece of ice that won’t melt.

The feedback of magic flame made Wei Xun immediately think of the main line of the journey. In fact, even if the magic flame reminder was installed, he would thoroughly search the forest temple.

After all, Wei Xun got the Dapeng golden winged bird badge and the Dapeng golden winged bird horn crown at the ruins of Xiangxiong. It is reasonable that there should be one or two products in the second scenic spot.

If you want to complete the main line of the journey, Wei Xun certainly won’t miss it.

“This stone wall…”

The cuocha Lama was surprised and pressed on the stone wall depression, where there was a hidden stone ring.

“This is the secret room where the letters of King Zhang Xiong of all dynasties are kept.”

Although the status of Lin Temple is not as good as that of Saikang temple, it has a special status in the upper, middle and lower three Xiangxiong Li. It is said that the king of Zhang Xiong unified Zhang Xiong and defeated the other 17 golden bird horn kings. The king of Zhang Xiong dreamed of the golden winged mire when he stayed in the forest temple, because he was the real king chosen by the golden winged bird.

Because later, with the blood of King Zhang Xiong, the princes and women will arrive at the Wulin temple at the age of ten and leave their personal letters in the secret room on the third floor of the Sutra cave. It is said that if they are really selected as the next king, the golden winged ROC will appear in their dreams.

Let’s not worry about whether someone will lie. When we go back, we all worry about our dreams and the big roc bird. Only in the biographies of various religions, the personal biographies are usually contaminated with a trace of the master’s breath and even the spirit. It is also a kind of blessing to leave them in the secret room on the third floor of the Sutra cave.

Wei Xun said politely, “can I open it?”


The cuocha Lama refused to install the clothes, but was confused. He kindly reminded him: “most of the clothes were destroyed in the magic fire, and this is not the real ruins of the Lin Temple. Even if there is a remnant, it should be outside, not here. ”

Wei Xun smiled and changed his mind. The cuocha Lama pulled up the stone ring and listened to the roar. On one side, only one person could enter. The stone door was pushed open to reveal the dark secret room inside.


This time, the wrong Lama made a sound, because he clearly saw a product flashing in the secret room!

Wei Xun entered with the crown in his hand. The room was not empty. It was like a sutra cave. Many pits were chiseled inward on the stone wall to place the products. The painted black stone wall is illuminated by the precious light on the crown. The light is like floating in the dark. It floats to a stone wall pit as high as Wei Xun – cuocha Lama. The light comes from it!

When Wei Xun came to the stone wall, a narrow crystal knife hooked out the products in the pit. At first, he exposed the fine gold chain, which was particularly beautiful reflected on the white crystal.

But the next moment, the crystal turned black, sonorous and broken! Wei Xun narrowed his eyes. He saw the dark magic spirit and unknown blood resentment wrapped around the gold chain, such as boiling water gurgling outward, frantically rushing towards him, the only living person.

“Come in.”

Wei Xun’s head didn’t answer right or wrong. The Lama said, and the crystal lamp appeared in his hand. The three color magic fire burned violently, and finally the pure white lamp was reflected into purple. It can devour and store magic Qi. The purple fire roars up, and the flame swallows the gold chain and burns wantonly.

But Wei Xun’s eyebrows were stretched. He saw that the magic gas on the gold chain under the purple fire was swallowed up, but the bloody resentment and some dark black energy were still there!

Brush and pull——


Wei Xun took back the magic fire, and the fiery purple fire pulled away, pulling a gold chain down from the pit, and “jingle” fell to the ground. Its full picture was revealed in front of Wei Xun. The gold chain was unexpectedly simple, and was decorated with other gemstones. There was only a semicircular pendant at the end of the gold chain.

Wei Xun’s eyesight is excellent. He can see the gold pendant surface, the fine glittering gemstones and various colors, inlaying a man’s upper body portrait. Although the image is distorted, it is inconceivable that in the age of the ancient Xiangxiong Kingdom, it can inlay human shapes on gemstones on the surface of gold less than the size of coins.

Wei Xun keenly found that there were several micro scales on the straight side of the semicircle Pendant – isn’t it complete, and there is the other half?

Suddenly, Wei Xun saw the man’s eyes blinking like an angel and looked at him. Originally inlaid with black stone, the eyes turned red! Wei Xun’s mind fainted, as if he were as big as a man. Evil and strange black energy was going to flow into his body – this was a very different energy from evil Qi.

Can I eat it?

Wei Xun’s conditioned reflex thought that he was instinctively afraid of food, but he also felt hungry. Wei Xun knows that this thing can also be eaten for him, but it’s not very suitable. It’s like poisonous fugu. If it’s not handled properly, it will have a negative impact.

But when Wei Xun thought about how to deal with the strange food, he ‘saw’ the black energy pop out of his body and shrink by more than half.

There was something wrong with his body. Not only the magic Qi would be bounced away, but even the strange black energy could not invade his body.

Wei Xun saw that his black energy was indomitable and continued to rush into his body. As a result, he was bounced away all the time. Each time he bounced, it would shrink by more than half. Soon, he changed from human size to sugar bean size. The evil darkness was also reduced by more than half. Se se trembled. His black sugar bean shrank on the gold pendant and finally dared not rush again.

Wei Xun tentatively stretched out his hand to pick up the gold chain, but #? The black sugar bean trembled wildly and jumped left and right, as if shaking his head desperately.


Wei Xun raised his eyebrows, but unfortunately, maybe he had suffered enough from Wei Xun. Now he is weak and weak. Because of this, the black sugar bean can’t make a more complex action than shaking his head.

Although the other party is not a good thing and the comers are not good at the beginning, it is related to the key products of the main line of the journey and can not be ignored. If Wei Xun touches it again, it is likely to disappear.

Wei Xun put it out, picked it up and tried to receive it into the fox cub’s belly, but the fox cub shook his head desperately and refused. Its belly is not a trash can! Moreover, it vaguely recognizes that the black bean like evil energy is specifically aimed at the soul. Now it is in the state of residual soul, and it will definitely cause “stomach trouble” if it is eaten.


Wei Xun hooked the corner of his mouth and his eyes fell on the crown of the golden winged ROC bird horn. He had long found that the crown in his hand was shining all the time, and the light was brighter when the gold pendant fell. Their products seemed to be related.

In that case

Wei Xun put on the crown.

The golden diamond crown is pressed on the pure white hair, and Wei Xun wears it just right. White hair, blue eyes and a crown made him look like a noble prince from an exotic land.

After wearing the crown, Wei Xun looked at the golden pendant again, but found that the black “sugar bean” on the pendant had changed into a black man kneeling on the pendant.

It’s really very dark. It’s like a matchmaker. Wei Xun heard it murmuring madly. After listening carefully, he found that the man had been “wrong”

“What’s wrong?”

Wei Xun squatted down and asked. The gap between their products was too big. Wei Xun was almost blown away by him when he opened the black one.

“No, no, my princess has black hair and blue eyes, not white hair.”

The man shook his head desperately and looked at Wei Xun disappointed: “you are not my princess!”

Wei Xun replied. He first turned his head and looked at the wrong Lama.

“What’s the matter?”

The Lama #. He turned back and immediately asked with vigilance and worry.


The Lama could not hear the human voice. It was Wei Xun wearing a crown that could hear the human voice. Wei Xun realized that the conversation was probably private. He made a noise when he installed the package, but directly thought in his mind:

‘look what this is.’

With fox cubs, Wei Xun can easily change his hair color. According to common sense, he should change his hair color to black, so as to set people’s mind. But he is very keen, king and princess. If this is a special task, I’m afraid it involves role-playing and so on.

He’s interested in being a princess.

“What is it?”

He was stupid. Maybe his strength was weakened too much and his brain was not strong enough. He looked up in the direction of Wei Xun’s fingers. When he saw the crown on his head, he jumped excitedly and screamed, “this king’s crown, this is my king’s crown!”

“It’s me, crown.”

Sure enough, there are crowns. They can communicate through consciousness.

Wei Xun took off the crown and watched the man become a black ball. Only after wearing the crown can it be a man again. It’s very interesting. Wei Xun doesn’t know what the audience will see when they see it… But if it’s really a confidential task, I’m afraid the audience will only see a black ball.

“I am the king”

Wei Xun slowly played the crown on his head:

“No, you are not the king, I am the king, I am, you are, I, I live, I…”

At first, the man resisted fiercely, and then he talked to himself like a mess. Suddenly, he sobbed and cried. He was so sad that he even forgot “my king”.

‘My kingdom is ruined. It’s a bastard who ascended the throne. I’m princess, I’m Princess… Yes, Princess! ”

“The princess is pregnant with my blood, and he will be the king of pure blood. He is the purest blood of my golden winged ROC family. Find the princess, I want to find the princess!”

He was panting like a madman. He suddenly charged Wei Xun, showing that he was going to rush into his body. Of course, Wei Xun did not refuse to come, but it was a pity that when he rushed to Wei Xun, the man suddenly braked and stopped, and began to sob and cry again. He was very sad.

“What the hell are you?”

Wei Xun calmly said that although he was crying miserably and pitifully, Wei Xun could forget his appearance when he wanted to invade his body.

“I am…”


“I’m a…”

Wei Xun sneered: “speak louder. How dare you be king with such a loud voice?”

“I am the king of Xiangxiong”

He stared at Wei Xun, who immediately threatened to pick up the gold pendant, so that he shook his head and counseled him directly.

“I’ll give you a minute.”

Wei Xun smiled. It was hard to see who was the curse from the scene.

“One minute, I’m still alive. I’ll see what you have for me.”

“Now you can talk.”

I’m at a loss. Now the curse is so wrapped up that I have to install it?

Wei Xun said, “Fifty seconds.”

“I am the king of Xiangxiong. I am the king with the curse of blood. I am the king on the pendant!”

It’s true that Wei Xun is coming. He is also very sensible and frank. It turned out that it was a personal letter left in the secret room of the Lin Temple by an elephant king when he was ten years old. The other half of this gold necklace is in the hands of his favorite and most expensive concubine.

But he spoiled the concubine for a long time, but she couldn’t get pregnant. Finally, King Xiangxiong made his eldest son the princess, and then his body became weaker and weaker until his early death.

However, after the death of the king of ZhangXiong, his soul did not disperse, still lingered in the capital city of the kingdom of ZhangXiong, and even had consciousness. This was not a good thing for him because he heard a startling secret.

He was born not to the heir prince, but to the queen who had an affair with her adulterer!

When the people shouted this sentence with resentment, Wei Xun heard a sound in his mind and sounded the prompt of the hotel.

[confrontation mission: Xiangxiong Kingdom – blood curse]

[task level: danger]

[mission Description: King Xiangxiong’s Millennium curse is condensed in this gold chain. Once you find it, you will suffer a cruel curse. You can only find the princess necklace that matches it! Combine the two necklaces into one. The complete version of the necklace will be the winner of this confrontation mission!]

[reward: warm-up competition for the year-end celebration in the East and west regions — priority edge selection]

Year end celebration in the East and west regions… Warm up the competition and give priority to side selection?

What’s the reward?

Wei Xun asked, “why can’t I take over the task?”

In the past, the task was accepted directly by default, but this time it was different. Wei Xun felt that he had received the task.

People naturally say, “because I’m still in your body!”

Wei Xun knows clearly that the premise of taking the task is to be cursed. As stated in the mission description, the person who picks up the necklace will suffer a cruel curse, which will also urge both parties to complete the mission as soon as possible.


“Come on”

Wei Xun and his airway: “curse me.”

Curse people:

“Look, it’s not that I don’t cooperate, it’s that you can’t”

Wei Xun lowered his eyes, obviously still smiling, but his eyes became indifferent and cold: “get out of the necklace, this is me.”

“You, don’t you want to help me?”

“If you can find the descendant of my princess and get the other half of the pendant from him, the combination of the two pendants is the key to open the treasure of the ZhangXiong Dynasty…”

“Fifteen seconds.”

Wei Xun said, “find yourself a way to live.”

Curse people: ‘you, you…’

Wei Xun: “five seconds”

The curser was full of resentment and screamed, ‘well, if you want me to leave the necklace, you must find me a new place!’

That is, curse is a necessary condition. But it is not necessarily Wei Xun who accepts the curse himself. However, if you are not cursed, you can’t take the task.

Wei Xun suddenly had a flash of inspiration.

If the curse is on his life with a contract

Wei Xun first confirmed: “what is the content of the curse?”

The curser said gloomily, “I love peace. Of course, the curse will not kill people, but you can no longer hurt any living and non living people – any attack you make will make each other healthier. “Any curse will make the other party more lucky…”

“What a vicious curse!”

Wei Xun was shocked! Fortunately, the curse is attached to him. Otherwise, he will never be able to clean the devil again. If he meets the enemy, he will not be able to fight back!

If he is really cursed, I’m afraid he can only put down everything temporarily and look for a ‘princess’.

But if the curse is good, it is also convenient

Wei Xun asked for more details about the curse, and then held a meeting with Fox cub Jin Yucui. Finally, Wei Xun decides to let the curse fall on Yucui.

jin wants to suck blood, and the fox cub is attached to him to fight. Onlycui is the most suitable object. It can be hidden in the magic insect ball and protected by the insect group. It usually helps Wei Xun commander the insect group. It won’t go up to attack.

“Just leave it to me!”

Cui is full of spirit. Cui’s eyes look forward to life and shine. She looks at fox cubs and Jin, with a faint sense of evaluation and comparison. The purification of magic honey made Yucui know that only by following Wei Xun can he have a future, but he was the last one to follow Wei Xun. However, his qualifications were backward, and he had to work harder to get more attention from Wei Xun.

This is the long-awaited opportunity!

[you accepted the confrontation mission!]

As Wei Xun expected, he also received the task after the curse fell on her. Wei Xun picked up the gold chain when the cursed man was installed. Sure enough, he heard the prompt from the hotel.

[drop! You have received the necklace letter from the king of ZhangXiong. You have three pieces of necklace related to the remnant of the kingdom of ZhangXiong. The collection progress is 3 / 5]

This necklace that resonates with the crown is indeed the main line of the journey. Wei Xun then searched the whole relic of Linglin temple and confirmed that there were missing items before stepping on them. He put them away and turned them into a diamond Lama, and returned to reality with the wrong Lama wearing a pitangka of ancient Xin.

A skeleton Lama and a spider can follow together. He has long been in the past. Wei Xun finally transcended him. The wrong Lama recited the Scriptures for him. Zhen Erzhong placed his skeleton in the main hall, just like other lamas who guarded the Wulin temple and the earth in northern Tibet.

After leaving the avant-garde, Xun took out the gold and received the Cui into the ball of the devil bug.

[di, the second scenic spot project is completed!]

After leaving the burning forest temple, the prompt sound of the hotel sounded in Wei Xun’s mind, but it rang several times in succession!

[confrontation task: the king and princess are determined!]

[King: Xiao Cui, location: unknown]

[Princess: Devil merchant, location: Seattle, Washington]

[when the confrontation mission begins, the location of the king and princess will be updated every 12 hours. Please find him as soon as possible and remove the curse!]


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