TTG Chapter 106

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 106: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (49)

Seattle, Washington.

“Damn it!”

A middle-aged white policeman whispered curses and pressed the police cap, but he couldn’t stop the growing rain. He was drenched all over, but he had to keep order with a baton. He was looking forward to going home early, taking a comfortable hot bath and eating some roast chicken, but the crowd at the end of the line made him desperate.

“Damn it, how come there are so many people here!”

“Tonight is the comeback of monster. You know how famous this rock band is.”

Another policeman, who was in a mess, said with a smile, and drove away the crowd not far away. It was clear that someone had fallen in front, but he was still pushing forward: “Hey, get out of the way, don’t you see anyone falling in front!”

“Monster”? Didn’t the band break up two months ago? I still went with Jimmy. They finally ended up performing. When they came back, the boy cried for three days. ”

The middle-aged policeman came to help and lined up the noisy crowd like a shepherd dog. Gathered here are not only young people, but also middle-aged people, even the elderly, but their faces are full of happy and excited smiles. Most of them are wearing T-shirts with the head picture of the home team musicians. They shout loudly and sing the famous song of the band. Even the baton can’t break up this warm and crazy atmosphere.

“Dissolution? no Monster will never dissolve! ”

A young, thin man screamed excitedly. His white T-shirt was completely wet by the rain. The rain soaked the white T-shirt a little dark, and the portrait printed on the T-shirt became more and more colorful.

It was a gloomy and handsome young man. His dark hair was curly, his skin was pale, his blue eyes were deep, and he attracted everyone’s attention like magic. It’s not like a rock and roll guy at all. Wearing a dress is like going to Viana to play the piano.

“God bless Satan, odil is well!”

The blonde, hot and spicy girl next to the hot pants is excited, crying, and eyeshadow, and the young man is thrilled and kissed together.

“Oh my God, young people now.”

The middle-aged policeman shook his head and told them to roll back to the team. He said to himself, “odil, I seem to hear Jimmy say the name. It seems to be playing drums?”

“It’s the lead singer and guitarist of the band. He was on the OLAP late night show. People love him“

Another policeman shrugged: “well, I like it too. The boy sings really well.”

Middle aged policeman: “is he terminally ill?”

“Who knows, at that time, the band was about to break up. There were rumors everywhere. Now it’s not a big deal to come – Hey, don’t go against the crowd. The exit channel is over there!”

The police yelled at him loudly and tried to stop the retrograde man wearing a cloak like crazy powder, but soon he came back. He looked around like a thief and was excited. He whispered to the middle-aged police: “man, real person, real person! You can’t believe who I just said, “it’s odil!”

“You are dazzled. The previous concerts have begun. How can the lead singer be here?”

The middle-aged policeman didn’t believe it: “besides, if he wants to appear here, he’s not afraid to be torn by fans?”

The young policeman said eagerly, “it’s true Odier. It must be him. I won’t admit my mistake!”

The middle-aged policeman shook his head indifferently: “well, well, do you want him to sign?”

The young policeman was stunned: “I, damn it, God, I forgot…”

The young man in a long cloak kept away from the crowd all the way. He walked very fast and the corners of his robe flew. If someone was careful, he could find the rain falling on him. The cloak would be naturally bounced off and could not be soaked and penetrated.

He walked deep into the parking lot, sat in the back seat of the extended black Cadillac, lay flat and closed his eyes.

The next moment, the figure of the youth appeared in an American retro country bar. The bar was very large, almost comparable to half a football field. The heads of various wolves were hung on the walls of the bar. The tables and chairs here are custom-made, which are wider than the normal model. More than a dozen guests are chatting and drinking in the bar. When the youth appears, everyone looks at him.

No, they are not human. They are all werewolves with different shapes and hair colors! When the young man came in, several werewolves showed their fear and disappeared directly into the bar. The remaining werewolves were all tall and strong. One of them, a black haired werewolf nearly two meters tall, drank the beer in the glass, stared at the cloak covering the youth’s face and body, and said lazily:

“I said to the devil merchant, when will you take off your ugly cloak?”

“Yes, we werewolves never wear cloaks.”

Next to a werewolf, he burped with animal smell and licked his yellow tusks with his scarlet tongue: “unless you are not a werewolf… But if you are not a werewolf, how can you be in our werewolf alliance?”

“Ha ha ha.”

“Haha, haha, ow…”

Don’t be a wolf. It’s like listening to funny jokes. All of them laugh. The wolf howls are mixed with laughter. It’s like a group of demons dancing, but when they laugh wildly, all of them stare at the devil merchant.

When he stopped and turned this way, the leading black haired werewolf stopped laughing and had dark eyes.

“Riley, your soul is only 3.2 grams, not as good as my old double.”

The devil merchant sneered, and his defiance and publicity could be heard only from his voice: “if you care about when I change into wolf skin when I have time, why don’t you hurry to get sick and get shot by the Exorcist in the province – or are you going to have a soul deal with me?”

As soon as his provocative words came out, the black haired werewolf didn’t respond. The wolf hair on its back neck stood up and closed its mouth tightly, which was a little afraid.

“Hiss, waste.”

The devil merchant disdained ridicule and walked in front of the mixing table with the wooden floor creaking under his feet.

“The sale of souls is prohibited in the alliance residence.”

The bartender at the front desk muttered that he was a fat middle-aged white man with heavy bags under his eyes, a big cigarette in his mouth, and a pile of fat on his face.

“I’m willing to abide by the league rules as long as no fool threatens me.”

The devil merchant said coldly, but compared with the black haired Werewolf in front of him, he was a bit more restrained as a bartender

The bartender said, “no one will threaten our wolves, boss Rex said. He is willing to baptize you at any time“

“I’m honored by boss Rex’s book,” said the devil businessman. “But you know, that doesn’t like plush.”

“Call -”

The bartender sucked out his cigarette and put out a metal sign: “No. 32.”

A huge gray metal wolf head like a monster hung on the wall behind him. When the bartender put out the metal card, its originally closed wolf mouth opened, and its big mouth could hold an adult man.

“Werewolves don’t have much patience.”

When the devil merchant walked to the wolf head and passed by the bartender, he listened to the bartender’s hoarse whisper. The devil merchant looked down and looked to the ground. He saw that the bartender’s shadow was infinitely elongated. The black shadow was not a human shape at all, but a ghost’s wolf shadow.

The wolf shadow opened his bloody mouth to him, as if it were a threat. The devil merchant looked back indifferently and walked into the metal wolf’s head without expression. When the wolf’s mouth is closed and opened again, it is no longer a bar, but a private residence of ten square meters.


After the metal wolf head disappeared, the devil merchant took off his cloak and threw it on the back of the chair. He is very tall and strong, with a well-defined face. He has a very aggressive appearance, and his appearance is as handsome as the band lead singer printed on the T-shirts of enthusiastic fans. But his left eye was pink, and there was a faint purple six pointed star pattern on the bottom of his eye.

This is exactly the change brought about by his initial purple title ‘devil merchant’.

Although the power of the title cannot be fully displayed with the current strength of the devil merchant, the purple identity title for the soul is extremely powerful.

For the first time, the devil businessman took control of all the tourists in the group and opened up two new scenic spots. The number of people watching the live broadcast of the group reached 100000. He topped the list of new tour guides in the western region and was directly invited by Rex, the leader of the largest Tour guide alliance in the United States.

But the devil merchant has always been a maverick. If it weren’t for an accident, he wouldn’t join the werewolf alliance.

The werewolf alliance, as its name implies, has werewolves as its tour guides. Blood wolf Rex has a special title, which can give the tour guide the subsidiary title of “werewolf”.

Turning into a werewolf has many advantages. You no longer need to cover your real face with a cloak or mask. You can have strong strength and strong body. There are even many special wolf species, such as killer shadow wolf, thief empty wolf and so on.

The devil merchant was baptized by Rex himself. If Rex baptized him personally, the devil merchant will directly get the subsidiary title of “shadow wolf” comparable to the title of dark blue. After transformation, he will be a shadow wolf, not an ordinary werewolf.

Moreover, if the devil merchant is not a B125 tour guide now, he can enjoy the tour guides provided by the werewolf Alliance for class a tour guides. The stations within No. 50 are all solicited by the werewolf alliance.

But the devil merchant has been delaying the swing and has not been baptized into a werewolf. Werewolves have many advantages, but the so-called baptism is actually drinking blood. The blood of the werewolf is highly poisonous. The guide who becomes a werewolf will eventually be under the control of Rex and can no longer leave the werewolf alliance.

This is not what the devil merchant wants.

However, if you want to compete with a major force, it is extremely difficult to survive in the cracks between the major forces. Even if he is a new star tour guide in the western region, he is only a competing image and has no right to choose independently. On the second journey, he was almost assassinated by the leader of the Exorcist brigade. It was the werewolf alliance that warned him.

But it was also the devil merchant’s fate. He was assassinated by the leader of the Exorcist brigade, and the countdown to death returned to zero. He spontaneously alienated himself into a monster of the abyss system. Fortunately, he escaped from the abyss system for nine days. He also accidentally obtained an invitation to the abyss system tour guide tea party, and was introduced to the black widow of the S3 tour guide at the tea party.

Rex, the blood wolf, is a A1 big tour guide. He is a class different from the black widow. With the black widow as an excuse, the devil merchant has to have more breathing opportunities. But he knows that he can’t find both sides. He must make a choice and take refuge in one side.

But the devil merchant neither wants to be a werewolf nor a spider puppet of the black widow. His childhood experience makes him lonely and arrogant. He doesn’t want to be a vassal of others. He just wants to be himself.

What was before him was an opportunity.

The devil merchant opened the drawer and took out a gold pocket watch from a pile of famous brand watches. This pocket watch is of simple workmanship. It has been around for some years. It was left by the ancestors of the devil merchant. It is said that their family had been great British nobles for several generations. They were all pure black hair and blue eyes, and their blood can be traced back to the ancient Roman Empire.

Later, the family declined day by day. During the war, he raised the family “America” and tried to redevelop, but failed. When the generation of “devil businessman”, his father died early and his mother disappeared. He grew up in an orphanage. Only this pocket watch was left related to the family.

At the age of 13, odel left the orphanage, sold his gold pocket watch, bought a guitar and began to play rock and roll with the band. He had a good talent, which really made him famous. However, when he was most successful and reached the peak of his career, Odier fainted on the spot during a tour and was sent to the hospital to find out the advanced stage of liver cancer.

At first, when he was struggling to develop, day and night turned upside down. He smoked and drank fiercely except for “no drugs and products”. He was in the late stage of cancer at a young age. That’s what people are like. Odier was terminally ill and his life entered the countdown.

Whether rich or poor, they are the same. This is unacceptable to odel. After the hospital can only treat conservatively, he left the hospital, sold his family property and spent a lot of money to find various ways to treat diseases and prolong his life. By coincidence, Odier saw a gold pocket watch he sold for tens of dollars when he was young at a secret shooting meeting.

A premonition made him shoot his pocket watch back with the last tens of millions of dollars. He was poor when he went to the pocket watch. Now he doesn’t have any extra money after he takes the pocket watch back. It’s like a reincarnation.

However, he has a healthy body and unlimited possibilities. Now he is seriously ill and can only survive.

On the way back, Odier fell ill and fell in the dead of night. There was no one around. He was seriously ill and couldn’t call an ambulance. If there was no accident, his life would end that night.

But when he fell, the gold pocket watch that Odier was holding in his hand also fell to the ground and was completely broken. There is a semicircular Gold Pendant sheet hidden in the watch case, which is inlaid with fine gemstones to form a small upper body portrait of  Zi.

At that time, Odier suddenly lost his strength. He tried his best to hold the pendant in his hand. Then

Odil appeared on a cruise ship.

From entering the thriller hotel to now, from odil to the devil merchant, he has been pursuing the secret of the pendant. Finally, in the last journey, while exploring a forgotten cemetery, the devil merchant accidentally activated the pendant and took a task!

[ anti mission: Princess Aurel’s blood curse]

[task level: danger]

[task description: Princess Aurel’s Millennium curse is condensed in this gold chain. As the descendant of the princess, you will be cursed cruelly. You can only find a king necklace that matches it! Combine the two necklaces into one. The owner of the full version of the necklace will be the winner of the anti mission!]

[reward: warm up of year-end celebration in East and west areas  priority of side selection in anti competition]

The devil merchant is well aware of the significance of preheating the anti competition, tour guides and tourists in the East and west areas. Under the important principle of fighting for the area, if he can really get the reward, he will be sheltered by the hotel. Not to mention that they are qualified to compete with the blood wolf and the black widow, they will at least have more autonomy.

And he is on the dominant side in this task!

According to the research of the devil merchant, Princess Aurel had always loved King Zhang Xiong and was even willing to give him children after taking many secret medicines to hurt his body. But king Zhang Xiong had more than ten concubines. Finally, she made a concubine who was the first to be the prince and had a grudge against her as Queen.

Although Princess Aurel soon found out that she was pregnant, the queen who gave birth to the eldest prince took power and murdered her several times. In order to preserve her bones and flesh, Princess Aurel could only contact her distant home country. She was picked up by the messenger of her home country during the civil unrest of King Zhang Xiong. Unexpectedly, she never came back.

And her children are the ancestors of Odier.

Therefore, as the princess, Audi, who holds the princess pendant, has two characteristics.

[King Zhang Xiong’s guilt: the king will not hurt you and cannot attack you]

[princess’s Thoughts: Princess Aurel always misses King Zhang Xiong. Every two hours, you will get the real-time location of the king!]

With these two points, Odier can almost remain invincible!

However, he has been unable to take over the task because the king has not yet appeared. This time Odier hurried back to the station because he had to be notified by the hotel.

The king appears!

[ the king and Princess of the anti war mission have confirmed the candidates!]

[King: Xiaocui, location: unknown]

[Princess: Devil merchant, location: Seattle, Washington]


“Xiao… Cui?”

The devil businessman speaks in Chinese with a strong accent. Unlike the Western list, the regional tour guides in Europe and the United States are equally matched. The top three first-class tour guides in the East are all Chinese, and the top of the list is also Chinese tour guides, accounting for the majority. The ruins of ZhangXiong are located in the territory of China.

So since the end of the last trip, the devil businessman has been studying Chinese hard. With the style of the devil merchant and his advantage as the princess, he must take the initiative to sneak into the east to ambush the king!

When both parties are located, the devil merchant’s eyes are cold. He had been preventing this and took over the task after returning to the hotel. But I didn’t think that my real place was still exposed.

But Fang’s location is unknown… Is he on a special journey? Or a special title?

The devil merchant is not in a panic, even if the location of the party cannot be found, such as? As long as he knows the title of ‘King’, he can kidnap and sell his soul with soul trading.

But the title of “Xiaocui” really confused the devil merchant, but he didn’t panic at all. The devil businessman boarded the Internet, seriously opened Baidu Encyclopedia, and typed the word “Xiaocui” with an unskilled input method.

In fact, the various titles of the hotel can be guessed by name alone. For example, the title of devil businessman can be roughly guessed by light, which is related to the sale of souls, demons, etc.

The title of “Xiaocui” must be the same. The devil businessman checked Baidu and soon locked in the most likely target.

Xiaocui is a short story in classical Chinese created by Pu Songling, a novelist in the Qing Dynasty. It roughly tells the story of the fox’s gratitude. Xiaocui in the article is a fox spirit.

The eastern and Western cultures are different, and the devil businessman does not understand monsters and spirits, but when he comes into the werewolf alliance, the devil businessman suddenly realizes.

The king is a female fox.

As a “Princess”, he is a man. The “King” is a man, and it is normal for him to be a man.

The title of “man” and “fox spirit” is similar to his strength. Such a screening is much simpler.

The devil businessman worked hard and ordered tickets to the capital of China directly. It’s very difficult for tour guides in the East and west areas to get in touch. Unlike tourists who can run everywhere, top tourists travel all over the world.

Most of the tour guides in the East and West can only meet at the end of the year celebrations and some special gatherings. In reality, western tour guides are limited by hotels if they want to go to the East.

Not only the East and west of the hotel hall are separated, but also the general list of tour guides, the list of new star tour guides and so on. Although the high-level tour guides must have their own ways to communicate with each other, the devil businessman itself is not limited by the werewolf alliance and the black widow. How can he get information through them.

There are many restrictions on tour guides in the hotel. Only in the East and west areas can we make great convenience. The devil businessman can fly to the east by plane. When he enters the hotel on the land of the East, he will naturally enter the hotel hall in the East.

Don’t worry. He has to clean everything up before that.


The devil merchant’s left eye narrowed slightly, and the six pointed star at the bottom of his eye glowed. First bury a bait for Xiaocui.

If Fang is stupid enough to eat the bait… That’s just right.

All the benefits given by the devil are secretly marked with the price.

* *

“Devil merchant?”

At the camp outside Xiaolin temple, Wei xungang introduced cuocha Lama to other tourists and went back to the tent with snow leopard. Just about to sort out the harvest of the scenic spot, he had to report to Xiaocui.

Xiaocui said, “she gave me a magic crystal stone.”

According to the memory of Xiaocui’s mother worm, this magic crystal stone contains very powerful energy, and it does not have magic, but the energy of Yin, which is particularly useful for female.

Most of the demon ants in the abyss built their nests near the magic spar vein and dug the magic spar for the queen ant to eat.

Wei Xun didn’t expect that he could move so fast… I’m afraid he got some convenience. After all, since the Anti Japanese mission officially started, Wei Xun’s holding pendant will be affected by the two special features of the Anti Japanese mission.

[expectation of King Zhang Xiong: the princess has the purest blood of the kingdom in her belly, which is the future of the kingdom of Zhang Xiong. You will not be able to attack the pregnant princess!]

[expectation of the Princess: Princess Aurel always misses King Zhang Xiong. When you are within 2000 meters from the princess, you can’t leave the princess unless the two pendants are combined into one!]

These two items are not connected with the curse. The curse falls on Xiao Cui, but these two special items are Wei Xun’s task. If he holds the pendant, he will be affected by it.

Although Xiaocui’s address can’t be found at present, the resistance in the East and west areas is very clear. She belongs to the west area, and Xiaocui must belong to the east area. He should be a strong and urgent person according to the action of testing now. He is likely to come to the east side.

In reality, the eastern district includes many countries, but there are only two in the hotel, the Eastern District and the western district. Wei Xun’s journey is regarded as a new passenger. After completing the journey, he will directly return to the hotel.

If Fang is waiting for him at the East Side Hotel, or directly intercepts the Hu at the Xiangxiong site, he must prepare it in advance.

Wei Xun said: “it’s useful… Can you feel the difference between the two sides?”

Xiaocui said honestly, “No.”

The devil merchant used a special way to find out Xiaocui’s name? Otherwise, why did she give the “King” and “female” useful magic crystal stone, or did he identify it as a mother from the name of “Xiaocui”?

No, such a hasty estate, the devil merchant should have other ways to confirm.

“How did she send you magic crystal stone? Can you communicate?”

“No… I think it’s like a devil’s bait”

Xiaocui rationally analyzed: “the devil’s bait needle is the soul. She has a way to give things to me without direct contact.”

Then he said, “master, can I take it?”

Wei Xun Zhengxin combed the snow leopard’s hair in two different ways. Hearing this, he said, “you know this is bait. Why do you still want to take it?”

“My soul has been sold to my master”

Xiaocui naturally said, “even if he wants to buy and sell my soul, I don’t have a soul.”

Wei Xun listened to Xiaocui’s explanation and soon came to an end. There are many demons in the abyss who can buy and sell souls. They will design to give their goods to the elephant who wants to abduct and sell souls. The so-called equivalent exchange is powerful. They can even buy the soul of the party in a word.

But now Xiaocui and the devil merchant are separated in two places. Fang can only use this way to give gifts to him. If Xiaocui accepts his gift, according to the value of the gift, the devil merchant can buy one percent or dozens of his soul.

Xiaocui is the mother of falala. A magic crystal can buy up to one-fifth of her soul.

Xiaocui is Wei Xun’s devil bug, which is equivalent to the great devil Wei Xun having her soul. Therefore, even if Xiaocui takes the magic crystal stone, its soul will not be sold directly, but will become a soul contract and fly to Wei Xun.

As long as Wei Xun is stronger than Fang, he can simply tear up the contract and refuse to admit it at all.

“Is this unreasonable?”

Wei Xun smiled. His pleasure was perceived by the snow leopard. The snow leopard straightened up and licked Wei Xun’s cheek.

“Are you sure I’m stronger than her?”

Xiaocui was convinced and complimented: “in terms of the power of the abyss system, the master is the strongest I see!”

“Then take it”

Wei Xun also wants to find out the means of the party in advance. He should finish his journey and return in five days. When he does, he will definitely go with the devil merchant. Wei Xun can cheat even if Fang really has some powerful means while * *’s love has not disappeared.

Sure enough, as Xiao Cui said, within a second after he took away the magic crystal stone, a soul contract appeared in front of Wei Xun. This is a contract that only he can write in demon language on the yellow parchment contract. The demon merchant used a magic crystal stone to buy one-fifth of Xiao Cui’s soul.

Wei Xun feels that the energy contained in the contract is really not as strong as him. If Wei Xun wants to, he can easily destroy it.

But once the soul contract is destroyed, the party will also notice the difference.

“If I don’t tear up the contract or sign the contract, what will happen to this soul contract?”


This involves Xiao Cui’s blind spot. After thinking for a while, he hesitated and said, “the master’s strength in the abyss is stronger than that of the devil merchant. If the master withholds the soul contract, he should not feel it.”

“Can’t you feel that the deal didn’t succeed?”

Xiaocui shook her head: “when the contract is completed, the deal has been reached, but it has not been settled yet… Many people who do soul trading activities will not settle immediately, because once settled, if my soul is lost, I will also find that one in 50 souls can’t do anything, which will only make me weaker.”

“Then let’s ask how much the princess will give our king’s bride price.”

Wei Xun smiles and withholds the soul contract. Xiaocui’s small face is shy and green under his ridicule.

“If the princess gives enough dowry… It’s not that I can’t let her meet the king.”

After deducting the soul contract, Wei Xun focused on his current journey. He gained a lot in Xiaolin temple this time, including gold pendant, three color magic fire and diamond Lama body. If it weren’t for the fox cub swallowing Yang, I’m afraid it wouldn’t fit if its belly capacity increased.

In terms of the title, the title of adventurer is really in line with Wei Xun’s mind. The only disadvantage is that the number of adventures is small. It’s five o’clock in the morning. The number of available risks for life and non life is zero. If you want to take risks again, it’s at least after six o’clock.

But one thing Wei Xun is very satisfied with is that the time limit of the number of adventures is refreshed according to the time of his first adventure. That is to say, at 5:45 yesterday morning, Wei Xun took his first climbing rope adventure. At 5:45 this morning, the number of non life adventures will be refreshed, regardless of whether Wei Xun exhausted the number of adventures at the end of yesterday.

The number of life body Adventures is calculated in this way. Wei Xun took an Xuefeng adventure at six o’clock yesterday, and it will refresh at six o’clock this morning.

When the number of adventures refreshed, Wei Xun turned his mind over the clues he had obtained since the journey. The ruins of ZhangXiong and Xiaolin temple have been completed, leaving only the last to seal the great devil by the lake of selinco.

However, sealing the great devil is the earnest wish of the cuocha Lama, and it is also the Manchu and Han banquet in Wei Xun’s dream. But the main line of the journey is not in this regard.

All the items in the main line of the journey are related to the legacy of Zhang Xiong. When he got the gold necklace, Wei Xun knew a shocking secret, that is, he had not been the pure blood of the golden winged Dapeng bird family since he did not know which generation of Zhang Xiong king. Queen Li Daitao was stiff and let himself and the son of his adulterer ascend to the throne of Zhang Xiong.

This is a very important point in the main line of the hotel. When swallowing the ghost shadow of the devil in the jiuzhong zigzag Crystal Tower, Wei Xun can roughly confirm that the eagle flute made of the right wing of the golden winged ROC bird is in the original hands of the selenco devil. In this way, the five items to be collected in the main line of the journey have been collected. Wei Xun believes that the last one must be related to the introduction of the descendant of the eagle flute.

The eagle flute said that all the ghost hair in the human body was lost, and only the messenger bee controlled by Wei Xun was left. Everything was under control.

But Wei Xun was still careful to ask the wrong Lama.

“Gan Dan Baiju…”

After listening to Wei Xun’s name, cuocha Lama shook his head, and then showed a wry smile.

“Amara said she had been preventing gandambai from living on the poor mountain.”

Wei Xun closely observed the expression of cuocha Lama and said surprisingly: “what is the relationship between Gan Dan Baiju and Xiangxiong’s legacy?”

“So you have found that … You are worthy of being an evil messenger.”

The cuocha Lama sighed and told Wei Xun everything without concealment.

Cuocha Lama sealed Xiaolin Temple 33 years ago. Decades ago, Amara, who guarded the mountain, brought a sick Tibetan teenager to Xiaolin temple to find cuocha Lama.

Amara said that he was the last one in the blood of King Xiang Xiong, because he had been ill since he came out of the temple. Amara was afraid that he could not live, so he wanted to go back to the tradition of the temple, and wanted to deposit the personal belongings of the youth on the third floor of the Sutra cave in Xiaolin temple to pray for the youth.

It seems inconceivable that the ZhangXiong Dynasty died more than a thousand years ago, and the blood of the ZhangXiong King remained. However, the Amara family guarded the mountain from generation to generation. Their ancestors were the most trusted servants of the ZhangXiong queen. The cuocha Lama believed her words.

In fact, from the time when the ZhangXiong Dynasty was still in existence, I do not know which generation, the king would no longer put his personal belongings in the Sutra cave of Xiaolin temple. Amara just hopes that Gandan Baiju will be healthy and safe.

But something strange happened. Gan Dan Baiju’s personal belongings could not be put into the third floor of the Sutra cave.


Cuocha Lama didn’t say it directly, but shook his head, but Wei Xun understood what he meant – Gan Dan Baiju is not the blood of King Xiang Xiong.

I’m afraid that since the generation of Xiangxiong king who no longer put his personal belongings in Xiaolin temple, they have not been pure golden winged Dapeng bird family blood.

Not to mention that Amara can’t believe it. The blood from generation to generation is not the blood of King Xiang Xiong? Gandan Baiju can’t believe it!

“Gandan Baiju ran down the mountain. I don’t know what happened later. Then… ”

Later, the devil revived, Xiaolin temple was destroyed by the magic fire, and the wrong Lama sealed the magic fire and sacrificed. No one knows the past except Amara and Gandan Baiju.

The difficulty of the main line of the journey is here. Amara is not in the scenic spot at all. From the upper Cheung ruins, passengers can no longer find Amara to verify this past. If Wei Xun hadn’t saved the bad Lama, he would never have died, and he couldn’t know this story from the Lama.

Wei Xun, however, knows the previous situation. Gan Dan Baiju did two things. The first is to prove that he is the purest blood of Zhang Xiong.

The second is that if you prove that you don’t, you will turn yourself into the blood of King Zhang Xiong – as for how you change, you have to ask the devil.

Various primitive sacrificial relics in wenbunan village may be gan Dan Baiju’s sacrificial sacrifice to the devil. Why the seal in selinco lake suddenly cracked more than 30 years ago may be related to the descendant of Eagle flute.

How did the eagle flute preacher get swept away by the devil the day before yesterday and take him to the Bank of selinco lake. He has absolutely nothing to do with the devil’s original body.

Wei Xun’s goal is to purify the descendant of the eagle Flute – if he is still saved, he is to purify alive. If he has a deep connection with the devil, it is purification.

“Six o’clock…”

Wei Xun talked with the herald of the eagle flute about “Snow Leopard Dharma protection”. When he returned to the tent, the number of both adventures refreshed. They will leave for selinco at 7:30 this morning. They don’t stop to rest all the way. They will go to the lakeside campsite at about 3 a.m.

It’s a long drive, and the devil has recovered. I’m afraid there will be all kinds of dangers along the way. Therefore, Wei Xun must find out one thing before departure.

“What’s the matter with your tooth marks?”

In the tent, Wei Xun held up the big head of the snow leopard, looked at its pure gray blue eyes, smiled and whispered word by word: “snow, leopard, protection, law?”

The tooth mark of the snow leopard on his left wrist still hasn’t disappeared. If only the snow leopard has a special identity… You know, the other half of the tooth mark is a * * thorn pattern.

When Wei Xun was caught in a fine routine storm before, it was the snow leopard who kept biting his hand, but Wei Xun didn’t notice at that time. But now think about it, why can snow leopard keep in touch with reality? Even its tooth marks can prevent Ren’s magic and curse from invading his body?

The snow leopard’s tooth print and * *’s thorn pattern each account for half, no more, no less.

If they are  etc

“What are you?”

Wei Xun whispered in his heart, his forehead against the snow leopard’s forehead:



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