TTG Chapter 107

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 107: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (50)

[adventure succeeds! The day you get the snow leopard!]

Snow leopard’s day? what is it?

As soon as Wei Xun had doubts, the picture that poured into his mind made him understand. The day of the snow leopard is the day of the snow peak. I got the memory of the snow peak day.

In fact, Wei Xun originally wanted to see whether he could randomly contract snow leopard or other adventurous effects, such as “exclusive desire”, so that Wei Xun could compare with the snow leopard tooth marks on his wrist. He didn’t expect such adventurous results.

Forget it, it’s OK to remember the day when you can see the snow peak. Unless it’s a real wild animal, you’ll definitely find it in the day when you look at the snow leopard.

Wei Xun sank down and devoted his attention to this memory. The memory picture immediately unfolded in his mind at a speed of 60 times. I’m afraid it’s a virtual shadow. Perhaps it’s because of the expansion in his brain. Wei Xun’s clarity can receive all the information.

[March 25, snow leopard’s day]

The day of the snow leopard begins with hunting, and the night is the most active time of the snow leopard. Wei Xun realized that he was lurking in the wild and dense forest, like a killer hidden in the shadow, and the prey he ambushed was a brown bear!

That’s not right.

Wei Xun was wrong at first sight. Judging from the vegetation distribution in the dense forest, the snow leopard is not the Tibetan Plateau. It looks like a virgin forest at a low altitude, not the original habitat of the snow leopard.

Snow leopard is a wild animal with strict environmental requirements. It is naturally thick and suitable for survival in the harsh environment on the plateau. How can snow leopards appear in this tropical virgin forest?

The snow leopard’s hunting of brown bears is like a cruel and bloody performance. Obviously, there is a big difference in body size. The snow leopard is incredibly flexible. Every killing will tear off a large piece of scarlet flesh, which is as fast as silver lightning. The brown bear is particularly bulky under its bite, and the bear’s paws can’t even touch the snow leopard’s tail.

This bloody art of slaughter is so eye-catching that Wei Xun indulged in it for a second or two before he looked at the brown bear again. He found that the brown bear was also abnormal – no serious brown bear would suddenly pop out of its flesh and blood and attack the snow leopard’s heart!

Neither the brown bear nor the tentacle can touch the fur of the snow leopard. The snow leopard is venting and killing. Wei Xun noticed that its eyes are scarlet and there is endless depression and madness inside. When the brown bear was torn into a pile of wriggling meat, the snow leopard quickly dug out his heart, bit out a bud like tentacle base and tore it completely.

Then he threw down the body of the brown bear and continued his hunting. This time, its target is a tiger with two heads and strange eyes embedded in each stripe.

Wei Xun’s snow leopard is constantly fighting with various variant animals. From early morning to sunrise to afternoon and then to evening, countless monsters die under the sharp claws of the snow leopard’s fangs. No matter how powerful and terrible the prey is, the body size is several times or ten times that of the snow leopard. The snow leopard has the absolute advantage in every battle.

It’s like a cruel and murderous exquisite weapon. After fighting, even the silver and white fur is not stained with blood. The end of the massacre was a bloody dusk.

The snow leopard stands on the cliffs like the king of the jungle. Its smooth body without any fat is full of wild power and beauty. The sunset reflects the silver and white fur, the bright gold, and the scarlet eyes return to gray blue. Perhaps it is because of the evening, this gray blue looks particularly deep and rich, like a solid color pigment.

The snow leopard seems to be overlooking the whole jungle. It looks like there is nothing to the whole world. From dusk to midnight, the snow leopard did not move, just like an eternal sculpture, like a stone statue dried by the wind on a high mountain.

Until a roar came from the sky, a falcon circled in the sky, and the whole body was dark, like a thick night. Suddenly, the Falcon converged its wings and dived towards the snow leopard like an arrow.

Just when Wei Xun thought that the snow leopard would jump up and tear up the Falcon in mid air, he found that the snow leopard was still standing, but the semicircular leopard’s ears moved. Then Wei Xun came out. The Falcon was not an attack. He tried to fall on the top of the snow leopard. He was not angry after several feathers were pulled out by the leopard tail. He just shouted twice, and then fell on the snow leopard’s back.

Snow leopard and Falcon? No, as wild animals, we shouldn’t be so close unless——

“Let’s go.”

The cold and low male voice came from the rear. Wei Xun belongs to a third-party perspective and can look at the overall situation, so he can see a man walking towards the snow leopard.

This man is very tall. He is absolutely 1.9 meters up. He doesn’t look heavy, but he is as tall and straight as a scabbard saber. Wei Xun guessed that he was definitely in the army or the police force. The momentum of cold, fierce and killing can not be cultivated. Every step taken by the military boots is the same distance.

Severe, strong, superior, no doubt, seen blood, strong self-control.

More oppressive than serious soldiers and less casual than mercenaries.

Wei Xun showed a variety of characteristics from men at a glance, because he didn’t hide it at all. When the man appeared, the Falcon flapped its wings, as if to fly to the snow leopard, and finally stopped on the snow leopard’s back.

The memory picture ends here. In reality, only twenty-four minutes have passed. When Wei Xun opened his eyes, he found that he didn’t know when to lie down. His new clothes were in a mess. He rubbed leopard hair everywhere and was covered with the smell of snow leopard. At the beginning, the figurine leopard calmly lay beside Wei Xun, with his long tail around Wei Xun’s wrist, his head lazily squeezed on Wei Xun’s neck, squinting and smelling his breath.


Wei Xun turned over and grabbed the snow leopard’s ear. Listening to his grumbling, he shook his head and didn’t lose his temper with Wei Xun.

‘I know who you are.’

Wei Xun thought in his heart that even if the memory picture was late at night and the light was dim, only the moon and stars were shining, he recognized the man’s face that came last.

An Xuefeng.

It’s a coincidence that the snow leopard named Xuefeng deliberately has something to do with an Xuefeng – it’s probably his snow leopard.

No wonder snow leopard’s tooth print can compete with * *, because its owner… Or partner, is an Xuefeng. There must be a contractual relationship between them, just like Wei Xun and Xiaocui Xiaojin. Therefore, the tooth marks of the snow leopard can compete with the love of * *. Perhaps “an Xuefeng’s possessiveness” is reflected in the tooth marks of the snow leopard.

That makes sense.

Wei Xun sighed in his heart, “so you have a Lord.”

He is not interested in things with a master. He was originally good to the snow leopard because he is a pure wild animal and Wei Xun wants to take it back by himself. I’m afraid the snow leopard is a kind of special animal and has signed a contract with an Xuefeng.

Wei Xun was relieved that he was not short of partners, but felt destined to be with snow leopard. If you can’t sign a contract, it’s someone else’s house, not your own. In that case, forget it.

Although this is an Xuefeng’s snow leopard, if an Xuefeng and * * are one, Wei Xun estimated that he should not be able to find any information from the snow leopard. What’s more, in front of the snow leopard, he asked the evil insects to send the crown, use spider silk climbing rope, feed the snow leopard with purified magic honey, etc. Although Wei Xun deliberately kept it from the live audience, the snow leopard was not fortified.

If snow leopard and an Xuefeng can communicate

Wei Xun thought about what he had exposed and what he hadn’t exposed. How should the passenger set up in the end, or should he directly expose the identity of the tour guide? No, it’s too boring.

The identity of passengers can still be maintained. You can find reasons from Ding Yi, but you have to be more careful. But other things related to demons and Demons must not be exposed again.

He was careless before, and then he had to watch out for the snow leopard.

“Woo woo?”

The snow leopard turned over lazily and exposed his abdomen. He has formed the habit of enjoying Wei Xun’s daily hair combing. However, this time Wei Xun just patted his abdomen and got up and left.

Snow Leopard:?

The sudden coldness didn’t make the leopard react. Wei Xun packed his bags here. He followed him step by step and made a friendly snore with his head on Wei Xun’s back. Wei Xun didn’t even have a snore.

The snow leopard anxiously revolved around Wei Xun and saluted. Wei Xun felt resistance when he picked up his backpack. When he raised his eyes, the snow leopard bit the backpack belt and shook his plush tail. He was inviting Wei Xun and Yu to play together.

The snow leopard had great strength. Wei Xun pulled his backpack twice and didn’t pull it over. He simply let go and got up to clean up the tent. The snow leopard held the backpack in order to attract Wei Xun’s attention. Seeing that he left, he immediately released the backpack, followed it and tried to block Wei Xun with his body.

“Don’t disturb me, will you?”

In the past, even if he stumbled by the snow leopard, he just indulged in smiling, and the sweetheart Wei Xun who rolled with him and combed his hair disappeared.

Although he is smiling now, he takes a step back and simply bypasses the snow leopard. When the snow leopard made persistent efforts to pester him several times and wanted to attract Wei Xun’s attention, Wei Xun’s voice was obviously a little more impatient and his tone was also a point.

Although Wei Xun sounds polite even if his tone is a little, people who are slow can’t find it. Snow leopard has strong intuition and is very sensitive to human emotions. He is aware of Wei Xun’s alienation and resistance.

Snow leopard didn’t understand. She tilted her head and quietly walked to Wei Xun for a while, and then drilled out of the tent. Wei Xun didn’t care where he went. He packed his tent and luggage. When he was going to meet Jiang Hongguang with his things on his back, he saw the snow leopard running back with a bag in his mouth.

“Snore, snore, snore.”

He shouted at Wei Xun, his tail waving eagerly. He walked up to him and raised his head. The gray and blue animal pupil was bright and focused on Wei Xun. The snow leopard arched his waist with his head to give him what he was holding in his mouth. Wei Xun glanced and found that it was holding a bag of honey bun.

This is brought by Ji Hongcai. It’s good. The night before yesterday, Wei Xun ate two of them when he took them out to share. Unexpectedly, snow leopard even noticed this.

“Thank you. I’m not hungry.”

Wei Xun didn’t answer. Instead, he didn’t want to draw a clear line between the snow leopards. It was a very close relationship between the snow leopards to share food with each other. If he received food, he would be “close” in the eyes of the snow leopard. Next, he would certainly stick to him and squeeze a tent with him, which would be very inconvenient.

Wei Xun went straight away and didn’t look at the snow leopard much. The snow leopard, who had been ignored for many times, lost his temper. He roughly threw the bag below and scratched it with his claws. However, his ears turned to Wei Xun and kept an eye on his movements. Wei Xun didn’t look back.

Wei Xun really didn’t want to come back. The snow leopard stood up anxiously, the leopard’s ears flew back, and his tail waved angrily. He wanted to run out. He stopped after a few steps. Looking back, he saw that Wei Xun and others would make peace. Unexpectedly, he was about to go down the mountain from another road.

When Wei Xun’s figure disappeared in the field of vision, the snow leopard roared angrily and turned around. Finally, it picked up the torn bread bag and ran down after Wei Xun’s breath.

* *

“Wuwu, don’t be a fierce leopard.”

In the movie hall of the returning brigade, the deer book, orange and wolf ears drooped. I couldn’t bear to live broadcast. I began to brush the snow leopard’s first love collection cut by Wang Yushu and eat sugar again.

“It’s too fast to lose love.”

Wang pengpai was also taken to the side. Looking at the back of the snow leopard chasing Wei Xun, he couldn’t help sighing: “promise me, Captain, don’t lick the leopard?”

Mao Xiaole puffed up: “it’s said that Mr. Wei doesn’t like people outside!”

“Hey, how was my cross dressing this time?”

They were discussing vigorously. The door of the viewing hall was pushed open and a tall man came in from the outside. His eyebrows and eyes are cold and sharp, his cuntou is sharp, he is in a black combat suit, and his military boots look longer and more powerful.

The tone of cynicism in his speech is completely inconsistent with his expression.

Wang pengpai had a toothache: “it’s like,  Wang Yushu, don’t speak in the tone of the captain’s face, will you? It’s too against the peace.”

Lu shuorange was curious: “why don’t you bring a small gun this time?”

“The probability of small guns flying on the back of Captain snow leopard is 100%, which is easy to reveal.”

When they walked in together, Wang Yushu looked at Wang Yushu’s actions at any time and kicked him in the lower leg: “the steps are smaller, the captain’s legs are longer, and each step is another five centimeters.”

“I haven’t disguised the captain for a long time. I’m not used to it.”


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