TTG Chapter 108

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 108: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (51)

Wang Yushu walked back and forth for two rounds and corrected his habitual small movements. Finally, he managed to get through in front of him. Suddenly, he stood up with a slap. He was respectful and polite, with a serious expression: “Comrade Wei Xun, welcome to the return brigade!”

“No, tree, it’s not like you learn to be kind.”

Wang pengpai smiled and pointed out, “team an is still very gentle to the members who have just joined the team.”

“That’s surging. What will happen to you?”

Wang Yushu couldn’t hold his expression and was overjoyed. He had just corrected his expression management and scrapped them all: “anyway, when I joined the team, the captain was so serious and more fierce than me.”

“I think Zheng tou always made him more serious when an team did that meeting in the Criminal Police Brigade.” Wang pengpai sighed: “otherwise, every time you act in plain clothes, a little girl will always chat up and take pictures. At least keep your face and make a stern expression. Strangers should not be close.”

“Some people dare to talk to an team.”

The deer Book orange smiled, and the wolf’s ears trembled slightly. It was incredible: “when I first came to the brigade, I would be scared all day. I slipped away with my tail. The momentum of an brigade is really frightening.”

“You are the original title, and you are more vulnerable to the influence of evil spirit and killing intention.”

Faintly, he took Lushu orange and handed him orange juice: “Wang Yushu will go to Tibet after you set out in Mao Xiaole and Lushu orange to confuse others’ attention. However, the snow leopard’s identity is very likely to be exposed after this journey, and subsequent arrangements must be considered in advance. ”

“Just expose it. To be honest, I’m under great pressure every time I play captain.”

Wang Yushu said, “especially a few years ago, I almost had a face-to-face job with people playing life. It doesn’t matter if I’m beaten in case, but if I’m beaten in the face of the team leader, I’ll die. ”

“Don’t worry too much.”

Shaking his head: “focus on the butcher alliance, weeping psychic, shepherd alliance, Pinocchio. There are * * changes to frighten. The puppet master will not come out in person this time.”

“Seriously, the captain pretended to be a snow leopard, and Wang Yushu pretended to be the captain. He didn’t reveal his secret for several years, but he overturned this time.”

Mao Xiaole sighed, “I really deserve to be my Sanshui teacher.”

“Wei Xun’s live broadcast… Is not enough.”

Frown: “insufficient data collection, wait for the captain to come back.”

“How can I count it? I can’t count it. How can anyone suddenly stop when they are half interested?”

On the live broadcast screen of Lu Shucheng’s eyes, I saw that snow leopard was still trying to attract Wei Xun’s attention by all kinds of childish means. I couldn’t help but show his old mother’s pity eyes like a fool: “why did Wei Xun suddenly turn cold to leopard leopard?”

“Wei Xun didn’t defend the snow leopard before, because it was the premise of the real snow leopard.”

He said: “his attitude was still normal in the morning. He suddenly changed at 6:24. Between 6:00 and 6:24, Wei Xun went back to sleep – he didn’t have this habit before. It can be preliminarily speculated that during this period, he may have used some means to judge the identity of the snow leopard, so that at 6:24, Wei Xun woke up and began to be indifferent to the snow leopard. ”

“It shouldn’t be.” Wang pengpai exclaimed: “the wild soul of the captain has advanced to the orange title of Druid. Even the heavenly eye can’t find out his slightest problem. What can Wei Xun do to know?”

“It’s impossible to have a regular title,” he said

“But Wei Xun is possible.”

Wanxiang spring said coldly. He put away his wings and wore a white hoodie with jeans. His temperament was still awe inspiring and outstanding. He could not be profaned. Some of them were like the master in the immortal Xia article. Only when looking at Wei Xun’s figure in the live broadcast screen, Wanxiang spring’s eyes twinkled with strange light: “flowers bloom, black screen, tooth prints, and magic spirit will not invade.”

Wang Yushu said bitterly, “Xiao Peng, can you talk well and take care of us mortals.”

“* * * when things went wrong, Wei Xun turned into a live split screen black screen. After the black screen ended, he became a young snow leopard.”

There was a stack of parchment in his hand. He didn’t move, but the stack of parchment was turning rapidly, as if there were flashing mysterious characters floating among the parchments, but he couldn’t find anything when he observed carefully.

“Change back to people, black screen, snow leopard, normal, change people, black screen, cycle, so it is speculated that Wei Xun has a certain negative state that can block the live broadcast, and it exists for a long time. When the wild mind becomes a snow leopard, the negative state disappears and the live broadcast is normal. When changing people, the negative state appears for the first time, and the live broadcast is blocked. ”

Seeing that Lu Shucheng is still listening carefully, but his eyes have developed blankly, he directly said:

“I played back the live broadcast. During the * * change, Wei Xun’s live broadcast split screen was always black. When the live broadcast returned to normal, he had more than half a circle of snow leopard tooth marks on his left wrist.”

“Do you mean to say that the change of * * has something to do with Wei Xun?”

Wang pengpai lost his voice and couldn’t believe it: “it’s too hasty to speculate…”

“It’s just a possibility.”

Push the glasses and calmly say: “* * * the captain is bound to respond to the change. Wei Xun had many teeth marks on his wrist. It was after that. After Wei Xun entered Xiaolin temple, the magic fire invaded his body, but it was ejected again. The snow leopard Dharma protection and other things mentioned by the wrong Lama can be seen. This is not an ordinary tooth seal, but more like the protection of the Druids. ”

“After the captain becomes a snow leopard, his title cannot be used during the journey. There is only one possibility to temporarily invalidate the rules of the hotel. The captain uses the power of the title and leaves a guard on Wei Xun’s wrist. ”

“Do you mean that the * * change affects the northern Tibetan brigade… Affects Wei Xun?”

Deer Book orange understood, but the gray wolf tail shook faster, incredible: “but, but this, how is this possible.”

“What’s impossible? I always say that Miss Sanshui is destined for our brigade.”

Mao Xiaole’s old face was in control.

“Then this fate is too big.” Wang Yushu’s top, an Xuefeng’s face, said, ‘I like Wang Yushu the most in the team’, ‘Wang Yushu, OK; Mao Xiaole, can’t do “and so on. He quickly leaned back to avoid Mao Xiaole and said with a smile:” to be honest, it’s hard to explain unless the captain was close to Wei Xunding’s baby before he was born. ”

“When Wei Xun joined the team, he said.”

Put away the sheepskin roll and look at Mao Xiaole and Lu shuorange: “this time, you should be more careful and don’t worry about the means. Wei Xun must be introduced without any preferential treatment. The sunset will go with you.”

Mao Xiaole was in high spirits: “how generous the treatment is?”

Deer Book orange full of vitality: “rest assured to ensure the completion of the task!”

Then he said, “Xiao Sheng, won’t you go with us?”


Shaking his head: “Wanxiang spring and I have more important tasks to do.”

“I had a fight with Rex, the blood wolf.”

Wanxiang Chun said coldly, “I pull out the wolf’s hair in his heart, burn the wolf with hot sand fire, and the ashes fall on the” West “, which is related to the blood wolf.”

“In September, the warm-up competition is about to begin.”

“The rules haven’t come out yet, but they shouldn’t have changed much from last year. This year, the strong leader in the west of the competition is the Duke of S2, and our strong leader in the East is the A3 dreamer. The dreamer is in a bad state recently, and his comprehensive strength is weaker. The priority of edge selection is very important for us. ”

Wang Yushu complained: “hiss, the west side needs a face. How to warm up the competition, send S2 tour guides out. Can’t you afford to play?”

“Xiao Peng” means that the confrontation mission has begun now? ”

Wang pengpai exclaimed: “it’s related to the blood wolf. This confrontation task falls on the tour guide.”

Wanxiang Chun said solemnly, “the new star tour guide in the western district is the most likely.”

“The eastern district is a tour guide at the same level as him. Do you mean C 250?”

After all, Mao Xiaole was sent to guard the list. He was sensitive to this: “do you mean that this competition may be a confrontation between the devil merchant and C 250?”

“If you haven’t received the confrontation mission, you will start the journey of 30 degrees north latitude for the first time. This potential tour guide must not fall into the hands of the butcher alliance and the shepherd alliance, otherwise he may grow into a life-threatening man.”

“Wanxiang Chun and I will find him,” he said

“There’s a lot of pressure on your side. This C 250 is really tolerable. Up to now, there’s no news.”

Wang Yushu said with a smile: “maybe he went on a journey as a passenger. I’ve seen him for the first time… Hey, do you want to buy some improved detectors from me? The storage is accurate and useful. Our brigade’s internal price is 10% off! ”

Wang Pengpai Tucao on the spot: “make complaints about it, you must be accurate, that is, each probe can only detect one hundred meters, and one hundred meters will be scrapped.”

“Is it true? The detector will be finished. ”

Wang Yushu retorted: “the buyer said that if one is not enough, you can buy more. If a few are not enough, you can buy hundreds. Anyway, I have enough. If you can’t afford it… Can’t you? ”


Wang pengpai laughed angrily and rolled up his sleeves: “I’m going to let you know today. Can I do it?”

“Buy one.”

Interrupt their communication.

“OK, Chenghui 3000 points.”

Wang Yushu readily paid the money and delivered the goods, and gave Wang pengpai a provocation and a small eye between deliveries. Wang pengpai ordered him in the space. With a threat from his neck, Wang Yushu smiled and was happier.

“Is it enough? How many more


Calmly said: “assuming that C 250 has received the confrontation task, it is almost impossible to find him directly because of the hotel’s past fairness code.”

“But from the end of drunkenness in Western Hunan to now, it has been 18 days. There are 12 days left for bing250. The information of tour guide will appear one week in advance, that is, there are five days left.”

“If you can’t find him in these five days, lock him when he comes out with a group of information. If the hotel is blocked, join his team. There is no problem. ”

“You two must have no problem.”

Wang pengpai said, “it’s a pity that team an will go directly to laplangri glacier with the dreamers when Northern Tibet is over, and can’t catch up with them. I think the team has recovered a lot this time. If he makes a move, let alone the hotel rules, he can find out even if C 250 hides in the West. ”

“The journey of 30 degrees north latitude is more important.”

Ying Dao took out a roll of parchment tied up and gave it to Lu shuorange: “a team joining gift for Wei Xun.”

“We may not be able to catch up with his team joining ceremony this time.”

Wanxiang Chun also threw a small box to Lushu Orange: “hand it over, please.”

“Then you can catch C250 quickly.”

Lu Shucheng joked: “otherwise, when you come back, don’t mention the team joining ceremony. Maybe you will directly participate in the wedding between captain snow leopard and Wei Xun.”


Wanxiang Chunnan picked his eyebrows and lips and looked at the live broadcast screen. The snow leopard’s childish means to attract Wei Xun’s attention, and his smile was a little evil.

“Go ahead.”

* *

“Guard, is the snow leopard hungry?”

The co driver’s seat Yan Baitao turned to the back seat through the rear-view mirror for the seventh time, and finally couldn’t help saying, “I still have some yak jerky in my backpack…”

“It’s not hungry.”

Wei Xun smiled and said, “he just ate honey bun this morning.”


Yan Baitao smoked at the corners of his mouth, not to mention whether the snow leopard could eat honey bread or not, but he couldn’t help thinking about it again. Yan Weixun hesitated and said, “but since getting on the bus, the snow leopard has been biting your hand…”

Wei Xun didn’t care and said, “don’t worry, it didn’t work hard. It’s playing.”

Of course Yin Baitao knew that snow leopard would not exert himself. Just because of the close relationship between snow leopard and Wei Xun, he had already believed that snow leopard would not hurt Wei Xun.

In fact, I want to ask you more… What happened between Wei Xun and snow leopard, and why he suddenly began to be indifferent to snow leopard.

If the snow leopard were not a beast, Yan Baitao suspected that there was a love crisis between Wei Xun and the snow leopard.

However, Wei Xun’s smile made Yin Baitao feel bad, so he could only smile awkwardly and turn to the scenery outside the window.

“Bite enough?”

Here, Wei Xun bowed his head to his left. He sat in the window position on the far right of the back seat – in fact, he was squeezed here by the snow leopard, and his left hand was being bitten in his mouth by the snow leopard.

Bite him for half an hour. Wei Xun’s hands are a little numb. He doesn’t believe that snow leopard’s mouth is numb.

“Snore, snore -”

The snow leopard tried to take out his hand again when he arrived at Wei Xun and tried to bite him with a deterrent force – although his bite force was like a baby cat biting people without long teeth and a warning in his throat.

When Wei Xun didn’t try to draw his hand, he took back his eyes and licked his hand in his mouth again and again.

Snow leopard is more persistent than he thought.

Wei Xun leaned against the window and looked out of the window at the desolate and open earth. When he was in the mountains before, he glanced back and found that the snow leopard didn’t keep up. After all, animals also have temper.

Even if the cat cake in Myanmar is deliberately ignored by Wei Xun, he will lose his temper and push the things on the table. Snow leopard should be more angry.

But Wei Xun didn’t expect that snow leopard would still follow him in the end, not because he was crowded on the same SUV with him.

Although the snow leopard is holding his hand now, Wei Xun’s white snow leopard is not hostile. It’s just uneasy. You can be relieved by holding something. It’s like holding your tail.

What a lot of good snow leopards.

Wei Xun sighed in his heart.

Unfortunately, you have a master.

Although it’s not impossible to grab the master, first Wei Xun likes you and I want it. He doesn’t want to do anything like extortion. The second is that when he thought about how many secrets he had exposed in front of the snow leopard… Wei Xun felt heartache when he thought about it.

First, he sucked the blood of the snow leopard several times. Although the magic mosquito device may not be exposed, an Xuefeng will certainly know that Wei Xun can suck blood and needs blood.

The second is to purify the magic honey. I don’t know if the snow leopard can taste it, but Wei Xun keenly thought that after eating the magic honey, the snow leopard was in a wrong state. It seems that for a moment, he gave him a kind of human wisdom

According to the worst-case scenario, the wisdom of such people comes from “an”, which must be related to a passenger surnamed an.

In fact, the situation is not so bad, mainly these two points. As for the spider silk climbing rope and other things, Ding Yi can be pushed. When Xiangxiong remains, the evil insects give him the crown, which can be pushed to the reward of branch missions.

The title of adventurer should not be hidden, and the demon bug controller can hide it. Blood sucking can be said to be the lack of Yang Qi attached to the body of mink, and the blood Yang Qi of snow leopard is the most sufficient. As for why not bite with your teeth… That’s the characteristics of mink cubs.

The only way to purify magic honey is to find a way from dinggou.

Wei Xun has always been very calm and even gradually developed a lot of interest in thinking. He feels that he is playing games with the strong in the air, just like chess. He thinks rationally about what to abandon, what to keep, and whether the other party will find his secret. It was a tightrope ride for him.

Of course, it is possible that snow leopard and an Xuefeng do not have too close contact at all, and all secrets of Wei Xun will not be known by an Xuefeng. But he enjoyed this as if he wanted to expose his excitement and think of the worst.

In fact, there is no worst result. At most, it is the exposure of the identity of the tour guide and joining the brigade as C250. But Wei Xun just likes to find difficulty for himself.

Wei Xun looked at the snow leopard. He knew very well. He looked back with direct vigilance and held Wei Xun’s hand tighter for fear that he might take it away.

You are an Xuefeng, snow leopard

Wei Xun sighed softly in his heart.

If it was an Xuefeng himself… Wei Xun would have more darkness. Be careful.


Snow leopard doesn’t know what Wei Xun is thinking, but Wei Xun’s gaze makes him feel happy. The large cats are very cunning. The snow leopard is very cunning. After Wei Xun seemed to be more gentle towards him, he tried to rub forward and put his big head on Wei Xun’s legs.

Wei Xun didn’t push the snow leopard away this time.

Wei Xun’s eyes closed slightly. Xiaocui was contacting him just now and was eager to say that the devil merchant opposite put up another bait. It was a magic crystal stone with better color and quality. Wei Xun asked him to eat this piece the next day, as well as fishing. Considering the tightness, it’s easy to make the other party suspicious to eat it directly.

Arrange for the queen of Xiaocui country, Wei Xun’s Hotel tips. After leaving Xiaolin temple, the tips for completing the scenic spot appeared in Wei Xun’s mind. But at that time, it coincided with the confrontation task, and there was the snow leopard behind. Wei Xun didn’t come and carefully.

[di, the second scenic spot project is completed!]

[exploring the secrets of northern Tibet — Xiaolin Temple burned by fire, 100% complete]

[task reward payment -]

[you can earn up to 5000 points (event scenic spots, 100% completion, five times points reward)]

[you can see the hot Xiaolin temple stone brick]

[you are blessed by Yongzhong Bon religion]

[ Name: hot  Xiaolin temple stone brick]

[quality: special]

[function: you can lock the enemy in Xiaolin Temple (Dreamland) in the fire. The detention time is subject to your level, up to 24 hours, at least one second, and 3 / 3 times]

[Note: not all bricks are used to smash people! Of course, the stone brick will gradually cool down and the use times are limited, but if you have a supporting flame to make the stone brick burn, it will be a perpetual motion machine!]


[quality: exclusive for the journey]

[function: you will get more luck in matters related to Yongzhong Bon religion and Bon priests]

[Note: you have been blessed by both the ZhangXiong Kingdom and Yongzhong Bon religion. One more can seal the great devil!]

[you are a well deserved team leader of this brigade. When you are recognized by the hotel, the reward points will rise by 50%]

Both rewards from  to  are very useful this time, and they are just suitable for Wei Xun. You know, Wei Xun completely accepted the devil’s flame. From last night’s burning to the scalding, Xiaolin temple stone brick guard Xun sent it to the fox cub’s belly and let the magic fire burn it. Up to now, the stone brick has been used for five times in four hours.

But then Wei Xun was reminded by the magic flame that the stone brick had been burned to the limit, and if it was burned, it might crack on the spot.

Wei Xun, however, the hotel rewards this item, which is obviously not intended for passengers to accept the devil flame. Even if you really accept the stone brick, there will be an upper limit on the number of times it can be used. After all, it has no cooling time and can be used all the time.

It would be terrible if Wei Xun could burn it a hundred times.

As for the second reward, Wei Xun was keenly aware of the difference. From the blessing of ZhangXiong kingdom to the blessing of Yongzhong Bon religion, the remarks of the hotel have changed significantly. When he finished the site of ZhangXiong and visited the kingdom of ZhangXiong, the hotel said, “is it really useful?”, Now it is [one more can seal the great devil]

Obviously, the journey has changed in many ways.

From the beginning, it was difficult for Wei Xun to unseal the site of Xiangxiong. To the ruins of Xiaolin temple, there were two kinds of “daytime Xiaolin Temple” for normal passengers and “eventualized night Xiaolin Temple” for Wei Xun. The hotel has gradually released the difficulty for him.

At the third scenic spot, with the wrong Lama, Wei Xun should have a great chance to face the original body of chabalaren devil.

You may even encounter demons on the road.

However, Jiang Hongguang and other members of the brigade are not completely interested in salted fish. This time, they participate in the second scenic spot of the event. Although they are not as thorough as Wei Xun’s participation in the event, they also have many unexpected benefits.

The biggest advantage of a veteran traveler’s bag is that he has a sense of propriety and knows how many kilograms he has. After many benefits of “Wei Xun” and “Wei Xun”, when “Wei Xun” knew that he might be blocked by supernatural demons along the way, everyone also expressed their position and worried more about Wei Xun.

The passengers know that even if the big devil wants to target Wei Xun, they must also target Wei Xun. At most, they sweep to the tail of the typhoon, which is also an experience opportunity. At the end of this trip, with the strength of the experienced passengers themselves, they will participate in the “dangerous” journey in the future, which will certainly be dangerous to all kinds of supernatural beings.

Yin Baitao and his team fought hard after their journey. They are likely to meet ferocious tour guides, cold and self serving veterans. If they don’t take advantage of the current good atmosphere in the team, they will quickly exercise their abilities and be late in the future.

At the moment, Wei Xun takes the lead. There are Jiang Hongguang, Yin Baitao, Wei Xun, snow leopard and cuocha Lama on the car. In case of demon attack, they will bear the most danger, which is also the best chance to experience.

Yin Baitao should have taken the back car, but Wei Xun knew that the title of “unreliable psychology” was not only for human beings, but also for all sentient creatures.

Before Yan Baitao got on the bus, he was constantly yelling in his ear [ I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I sob] and finally couldn’t help asking who wanted !

As a result, everyone looked at each other and looked puzzled.

Later, everyone looked for it carefully, but they found that it was the voice of Wei Xun, snow leopard and so on.

Also, Yin Baitao confirmed that the title can not only reflect what people think when people are particularly emotional, but also be useful to animals.

Wei Xun thought that the title of “Yin Baitao” was useful for all things with emotions, and Demons and ghosts were the most emotional paranoia, and the scope of action of the title of Yin Baitao was 50 meters. If you can really realize that the devil is close to the resentful ghost 50 meters in advance, it will also be good for the future.

“This Wei Xun gave him an opportunity to come to this car, which is both an opportunity and a danger, but Yin Baitao resolutely agreed with him,” this is a woman with a strong will, which reminds Wei Xun of Miao Fangfei.


The mink swaggered out of Wei Xun’s pocket and nestled at Wei Xun’s neck. He was careful to remember his revenge and his desire to monopolize the snow leopard. It would be arrogant. He squeaked and laughed at the snow leopard on Wei Xun’s shoulder.

However, the snow leopard did not swear sovereignty, and even didn’t look at him. Instead, it rubbed Wei Xun’s thigh like a low, and issued a burst of sad snoring. Its gray and blue eyes picked him from the side of Wei Xun and looked at Wei Xun. Then it “whimpered” and its long tail fell across and covered its eyes… The mink cubs were shocked by this set of operation.

It, is it pretending to be poor??

Does it think its owner will eat this… Zhizhi!

The mink looked back at Wei Xun and was surprised to find that Wei Xun was really looking at the snow leopard. He focused on his eyes and slightly sipped the corners of his mouth. He swore to human beings with the fox spirit that Wei Xun was absolutely soft hearted.

Gan, men really eat this set!

The snow leopard is really coquettish.

Thinking of the snow leopard’s memory that he slaughtered monsters, he was vigorous and heroic, and now he was uneasy to please him, Wei Xun’s heart was a little moved.


Wei Xun touched the snow leopard’s head with his empty hand, and then scratched his head. The snow leopard narrowed his eyes and raised his eyes. Wei Xun said to himself:

“It’s spoiled…”

Are you so coquettish to an Xuefeng?

“Snore, snore, snore -”

Snow leopard was very aware that Wei Xun’s attitude softened. Soon, most of his body was pressed on Wei Xun’s body, his head rubbed against his neck, and his low snoring voice was like thunder, as if complaining about his indifference.

When Wei Xun couldn’t reach the place, the snow leopard glanced at the mink. The fierce hostility in the gray and blue animal’s eyes made the mink shiver. On the surface, he knew the current affairs very well. He went back to Wei Xun’s pocket and scolded in his heart.

Leopard civet, knock inside, leopard civet!

“I didn’t expect it to go well.”

At 11 p.m., the motorcade stopped on the plateau wilderness for the last rest. From 7:30 a.m. to now, it’s a whole day’s drive. The veteran passengers are OK to say, but except Xu Yang, feilezhi and Yin Baitao drive in turn. Each person runs for at least five hours, and the physical consumption is not small.

After the rest, they will run for four hours until they reach selinco camp at 3 a.m.


Fei Lezhi drank water nearby. Ji Hongcai almost burst out and covered his mouth.

“Cough, cough, you can’t say such words, you know!”

Ji Hongcai tried too hard to cover Feile until he almost suffocated. He nodded hard before he finally got the right to breathe.

“Hongcai said,” yes, this is not metaphysics. ”

Fang Yuhang holds a bottle of water in his mouth and drinks it slowly to wet his throat. All the way up to now, they have to economize on water and fuel.

“The last third is coming soon.”

Jiang Hongguang didn’t eat. He just chewed a piece of sweet candy and looked around warily. No one is far away from the team. Even if it is convenient, it is solved close to the team.

The last third is the jargon used by veteran tourists, which means that “the last third of the journey to the scenic spot”, which is the most dangerous section of the road. Before, it was nothing smooth, and only through this section can we relax.

“All aboard.”

Suddenly, Wei Xun, who was originally on the off-road vehicle, came out and gave a short command.

Don’t ask. All passengers get on the bus immediately. One SUV starts up and can run immediately.

“Guard, come on!”

Yan Baitao’s heart beat as fast as a drum, and the night could bring infinite danger to people. Even though he was very brave, people couldn’t help being afraid and wanted to find Wei Xun’s figure for safety, but Yan Baitao turned around and found that Wei Xun didn’t get on the bus and was still there!

“Delicious, delicious –”

What’s that noise?!

Yin Baitao’s heart beat slowly, and his panic solidified in his eyes. I can’t help shaking all over my body and keep my head down inch by inch.

 when you hear something  you’re on the ground !

No, it’s not one, it’s five, ten, 100… No, more than, many, many underground. You can see that it is so strong that people drown and suffocate. It is greedy and malicious. There are countless monsters in the depths of the earth approaching them quickly and regard them as food!


Yan Baitao said in a trembling voice, “I used up all my strength and thought I had a loud voice, but in fact it was as loud as mosquitoes and gnats.

“Run away…”

“How can the guard stand still?”

Jiang Hongguang, who was in the driver’s seat, was in Weixun. Seeing him standing in the wasteland and motionless, Jiang Hongguang was surprised.

Wei Xun is not motionless. He is paying full attention to the trend of blood ladybug. When he was in Xiaolin temple, Wei Xun found some anomalies on the blood ladybug, but later he observed carefully and found that there were no other changes except that he could occasionally hear a slow “poof” from the blood Ladybug and seemed to have more contact with it.

But this time, Wei Xun knew that the blood Ladybug was “excited” and “eager”. The sound of puffing was almost urgent. It was like scanning with a machine gun.

What does the blood Ladybug desire? That must be a body! It was so excited that I’m afraid a large number of bodies were approaching, so Wei Xun let everyone else get on the bus.

After the car, Wei Xun’s heart moved, and a grain of “red sesame” fell into the weeds by the night.

He can see that the blood ladybug is anxious. If he stops it, I’m afraid it will bite back and forcibly leave Wei Xun’s control. In that case, Wei Xun simply let it go out to eat, and the left and right Xuefeng are vigilant around him – not to mention, after knowing that it is an Xuefeng’s snow leopard, Wei Xun acted more recklessly.

Wei Xun is not worried about the disappearance of the blood ladybug. “Because of his unremitting efforts to feed blood to the blood ladybug, Wei Xun has been able to forcibly receive it into the ball of the devil BUG by virtue of the weak connection between him and the blood ladybug.

Drinking so much blood, why is the blood Ladybug still hungry?

Wei Xun was very curious and said to the passengers, “you go first and leave me a car!”


“Let’s go to Hongcai’s car.”

Jiang Hongguang immediately untied his seat belt and greeted Yin Baitao’s car. Noticed that Yan Baitao’s face was abnormal and pale, his eyes were silent and he whispered, “white peach, white peach? How are you? ”

“Not delicious…”


Yan Baitao had no eyes, his chest fluctuated violently, he gasped for a long time, and reluctantly said, “they said, it’s not delicious…”

Jiang Hongguang: ?


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