TTG Chapter 109

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 109: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (52)

“There is devilish energy.”

Jiang Hongguang always listens to Wei Xun’s words, leaving behind one off-road vehicle and swiftly driving away according to the original road, for fear that their late departure will cause chaos to Wei Xun.

Soon the sound of the car was far away. Only the off-road lamp left behind and two bright lightsabers pierced the night. There was silence around, and even the wind stopped.

Wei Xunzheng was distracted and sensed the state of the blood ladybug, but the Lama dressed in Guxin Pitangka floated to him, took the demon subduing pestle, and swept his old and white eyes around him, revealing a trace of 

“Here I am.”

“Do you know what’s going on?”

After listening to the trend of the blood ladybug, I found that in addition to ‘poof poop poop’, the emotion fed back was a mixture of resistance and desire. Wei Xun’s brain circuit is strange. He guesses whether all the bodies are not in line with the stomach of the blood ladybug. This will mislead the Lama. He will no longer guess the mind of a bug and return to God.

“The great demon Chabalen seduced the evil and opened the door to the magic country, allowing countless demons to invade the space, turning the grassland into hot sand and scorched earth, and the heroic warriors into walking dead.”

The Cuocha Lama began to talk about ancient times, Wei Xun listened to it, and said that the general idea of ​​what he said was similar to what Amala said, except that it went deeper. Amara mainly talked about the war between Xiangxiong and Tubo, and only Chabalen was involved in the great demon.

But the Cuocha lama said more in detail, and closer to the myth. He said that Chabalen was just the vanguard of the Demon Kingdom’s invasion of the Pure Land. He attracted the Demon Army into the Demon’s Room, and the Demon Army was in Zagar Zangbo. The Snow Leopard King of Jianghe Mountain, the White Wolf King and the White Antelope King, fought for 33 days from Zaga Zangbo to Mugagang.

The demon army had terrorist means. The white wolf king and his wolves died in the thick fog, the white antelope king died in the strong wind, and the strongest snow leopard King fought alone for seven days in the rainstorm. When chabalaren’s magic knife was about to pierce its chest and dig out its heart, millions of troops of the Elephant Kingdom arrived under the leadership of the great Guxin priest and the heroic elephant king, Start a decisive battle with the demon army in sebuco.

Wei Xun said, “do you mean this is the ancient battlefield where the Xiangxiong army fought with the demon army?”


Cuocha Lama sighed and read the eight character Scripture of Bon: “there are more than one million warriors who died in the battlefield. Their bodies are polluted by the magic gas, and their bodies can’t be moved. They can only let the holy mountain, holy lake and years purify the magic gas a little.”

Wei Xun wondered, “the war has been going on for thousands of years. Hasn’t the magic gas been purified yet?”

The wrong Lama shook his head in silence and Wei Xun.

It seems that all of them are going to sneak into their bodies, which may be the remains of the elephant warrior. The evil spirit in their bodies has not completely dissipated for thousands of years. When the devil recovers and is controlled, it has become the first front to block them.

“Will they stop the others?”


The cuocha Lama said solemnly, “they are coming for us.”

He looked at the eye Wei Xun and the snow leopard on the alert side. Jane said briefly, “priest, King Xiang Xiong, snow leopard.”

Wei Xun understood and thought it was interesting. In history, it was the snow leopard king who stopped the magic army. The king of Cheung Hsiung and the priest of Guxin led millions of Cheung Hsiung troops. On their side, there are snow leopards. The cuocha Lama wears a Thangka made of the skin of the ancient Xin priest. In his hand, he has a golden winged ROC horn crown representing the power of Zhang Xiong. Unexpectedly, it really coincides with the strangeness of history.

No wonder the cuocha Lama is so confident that they can seal the chabalaren demon again.

Compared with those years, they are a million elephant male warriors.

“We should purify them.”

Wei Xun said seriously. He looked down with pity and solemnly: “the devil should not defile the warrior’s body.”

The wrong Lama must think so, as can be seen from Xiaolin temple. With his strength, he was able to kill the Lama who turned into a burning ghost when sealing Xiaolin temple. But if they were killed in that situation, they would be the devil’s nine heavy blood pool.

Cuocha Lama has never killed them. He also hopes that one \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\.


Cuocha Lama zanxu glanced at Wei Xun. He held the demon subduing pestle in his hand and looked at his feet. Wei Xun holds a crystal narrow knife in one hand and a crystal lamp filled with magic flame in the other. The snow leopard is on guard beside Wei Xun. One soul and one leopard are standing on the quiet big island.

It took a long time.

“Lama, are we going to wait like this?”

Wei Xun broke the silence.

“Yes, they will come to us from all over the world.”

The wrong Lama said seriously.

However, Wei Xun sensed that the blood Ladybug exuded an emotion of “emptiness” and “hunger”. It was eager to try to go far away and kept passing the sound of “puff” to Wei Xun – it should not be that it wanted to escape, but that there were things attracting it in the distance… Or corpses.

Have the bodies of the first wave of attack on them been eaten up by blood ladybugs?

“I don’t feel evil.”

Wei Xun literally drove the crystal lamp, and the magic flame rolled in the night sky, pointing to the Northeast like an arrow: “will it be over there?”

If, as the Lama said, demonized corpses will attack them spontaneously. At the same time, Wei Xun was surprised that the wrong Lama could feel the evil spirit of demonizing the corpse. Why couldn’t he feel the blood Ladybug?

Or is it naturally hidden?

Cuocha Lama was also surprised. It was clear that he had just felt a lot of evil spirit coming from “all”, but they all disappeared before he approached. He thought it was a devil’s trap to hide his breath and attack again, so he has been in full battle, but it seems that this is not the case?

“Never let the devil harm you. We have to take the initiative.”

Wei Xun said in earnest that the wrong Lama was wondering if the three of them were too strong together to make the demonized corpses dare not approach. He was shocked to hear Wei Xun say so. Yes, if the demons really have tricks, it’s a waste of time for them to wait here.

But to be honest  it’s impossible to chase the devil  the speed of  can’t be fast  the devil, even if it’s just demonizing the corpse, you have to ride a fast horse to catch up.

“Get in the car.”

Wei Xun got on the SUV and sat in the driver’s seat: “Lama, show me the direction. I can’t do it if I want to drive later. Please if there is an attack.”

“Don’t worry, leave it to me.”

Cuocha Lama responded positively. He saw that Wei Xun’s manipulation of the “fast horse” had to occupy all his hands and feet, and understood that he “couldn’t do it”. The cuocha Lama wears a car body and sits cross legged on the off-road roof. The vision here is the best. Once there is an enemy  he will send it for the first time.

The devil subduing pestle was placed on his knee, and the wrong Lama looked at the side of the devil with burning eyes and concentrated on: “follow the direction of the devil flame.”


Wei Xun drove all the way. The direction pointed by the devil flame was actually controlled by him, which was the moving route of the blood ladybug. If he didn’t expect it, the blood Ladybug went to eat all the devil corpses. Every time the wrong Lama pointed in the same direction as the blood ladybug.

Wei Xun saw that their car was almost in a circle. He knew that the demonized corpse was afraid of the blood Ladybug and was attracted by them. Therefore, almost all the demonized corpses were distributed in a hollow circle with the blood Ladybug as the heart… Wei Xun thought about it in his heart and simply didn’t let the magic flame follow the blood ladybug, but pointed to the direction of Selin wrong lake.

Anyway, the demonized corpses run with them. The mantis catches cicadas and the Yellow finches are behind. They attract demonized corpses and blood ladybugs to eat in the back without delaying the removal of Selin’s fault, so it doesn’t cause any trouble at all.

As Wei Xun expected, after he drove to Selin, the blood Ladybug immediately followed far behind. But the longer the time, the more surprised Wei Xun was. The blood Ladybug ate the corpse faster and faster. The time it stayed at each “all” point was getting shorter!

So that they are——

Cuocha Lama: “stop here.”

Wait for the car for a quarter of an hour.

Cuocha Lama: “the evil spirit has disappeared. Continue to the direction of evil flame… Stop here.”

Leave the vehicle for five minutes.

Cuocha Lama: “the evil spirit has disappeared. Continue… Stop. No, don’t stop.”

Cuocha Lama:

Wrong Lama:?

“The devil is so cunning.”

Wei Xun sighed and the wrong Lama nodded solemnly. If the demonized corpses sneak attack from all the corpses, although it is difficult to deal with, it is better than the evil spirit. It seems that the devil is much more difficult than he thought.

The cuocha Lama is nervous. If he can’t solve the problem of demonizing the corpse

“There are three magic generals in chabalaren’s magic army, who are in charge of thick fog, strong wind and rainstorm.”

The cuocha Lama said, “thirty three years ago, I reinforced the seal. Only the fog devil will wake up. But looking at this cunning in demonizing corpses, I’m afraid the seal is seriously damaged, and all the three demons will have awakened. ”

“The fog devil will be chabalaren’s left Dharma protector, the wind devil will be chabalaren’s right Dharma protector, and the rainstorm is his daughter condensed from his magic gas. If we want to remove the reinforced seal of selinco lake, we will be blocked by them. ”

“Are they stronger than the devil’s virtual shadow?”

Wei Xun asked with great interest. Thanks to the blood ladybug, he drove faster and faster all the way, without wasting much time. At this speed, run for another hour and a half, and you’ll be there at 5:30 in the morning. But after all, they did not catch up with Jiang Hongguang and Qin Xinrong. However, Wei xunti put insect eggs on Jiang Hongguang and Qin Xinrong. The passengers did not encounter demonized corpses.

“Light talks about evil Qi. They are at the same level as the devil’s virtual shadow.”

Cuocha Lama explained: “but in addition to magic Qi, they have their own source magic skills, which are very powerful.”

Listening to Wei Xun’s ear, it is’ they each have their own flavor ‘


There was a group of Tibetan wild donkeys passing by. Wei Xun turned the steering wheel to make a detour and slowed down. Taking advantage of this opportunity, a white figure flew in from the outside and fell on Wei Xun’s lap over the half open window.

“Wheeze, wheeze -”

The wheezing sound was like the start of a train. The mink directly collapsed into a mink strip on Wei Xun’s leg and gasped. From Wei Xun just put it in the car to the car, the mink ran after the car for a long time – even if it was a corpse of flying fox, mink essence and fox essence, Jingsheng never had the experience of chasing an off-road vehicle!

Wei Xun held the steering wheel in one hand, and with his right hand, he stroked the mink’s skin like a pacifier, and secretly fed it a drop of purified magic honey. The mink stopped breathing. He was satisfied to squint, hem and haw, and rub Wei Xun’s fingers with his hands.

A drop of scarlet red with sesame seeds was transferred from the mink’s hair to Wei Xun’s finger. It went outside to recover the blood Ladybug for Wei Xun. The blood Ladybug stays in the fox cub’s belly for a long time. He is familiar with its breath and will not attack.

Wei Xun just sensed that the blood Ladybug had finished eating – not full, but it had finished all the demonized corpses. The emotion it conveys seems to be clearer, but it is still primitive. It can only show Wei Xun that he is “full, but not full”, and convey the emotion of “expectation” to him.

But seeing that Wei Xun didn’t respond, the blood Ladybug was not angry. It fell from Wei Xun’s finger into the seam of his clothes, then got into his clothes and wanted to climb up. Wei Xun felt the emotion from the blood ladybug. It was the first time that he wanted to take the initiative to suck blood!

Wei Xun felt that the connection between himself and the blood Ladybug was deepened. It seemed that it could not be contracted, but had to eat enough corpses? Maybe it can’t be contracted in the special sleeping seal state, and it can only be unsealed after eating the body.



Wei Xun clearly refused and emphasized.

“Absolutely not”

The blood Ladybug just ate so many demonized corpses! No matter how he ate it, Wei Xun could never let it lie on his chest and suck blood. He couldn’t accept his imagination alone.

Suck the blood that he pulled out and stored in the syringe, OK. Just stick it to the meat and suck blood, No.


The blood Ladybug didn’t obey, but had to climb up. The emotions it passed to Wei Xun were stained with bloody evil spirit. The poof sound was very oppressive, and it was necessary to force ‌ to listen to it. Command——Compared with Xiaocui Xiaojin, it is more aggressive and aggressive, more aggressive, and even a little bit of dissatisfaction will bite you back!


Wei Xun hasn’t had time to deal with the blood Ladybug and let it recognize who is the master ♪. A slight slap sounded in the clothes, like the sound of fingernails pinching sesame seeds. Wei Xun dropped his eyes, and his hair was a star of red dots, which fluttered and fell out of his clothes and landed peacefully on the footrest in the car.

At the same time, the mink who was not walking on Wei Xun’s lap suspected that his face was held by the small paws like a raw, and the whole mink was dumbfounded.

It, it seems to have been slapped by something just now?

And it feels a little familiar?

“Squeak, squeak!”

The mink jumped onto the back of the chair on Wei Xun’s shoulder. His hair was blown and he was angry. However, he saw the snow leopard lying lazily in the back seat, stretching his beautiful body and yawning – no, it’s impossible for the snow leopard to draw it with its tail.

Who the hell did it?!


The snow leopard’s nose ‘hissed’ and glanced at the mink. The mink looked like a mockery of red, naked and naked!

“Cub, come on.”

Wei Xun didn’t have to look back to know what had happened. I’m afraid the power of the flying blood Ladybug and the mink was’ Snow Leopard Dharma protector ‘.

No, what standard is it drawn according to?

Wei Xun thought it was pumping everything that wanted to invade his body, but the blood Ladybug was not like this – did it look at his mood?

If it invades his body, it will be pumped away. Wei Xun refused, it will fly too?

What about the mink? Or is it not a fully automatic aircraft extractor, but has its own emotion and judgment in it.


Lord ♪ call me cub!

Wei Xun’s voice made the fox cub proud again. He hummed to the snow leopard and jumped quickly. Wei Xun’s shoulder fell on his feet. As soon as his little claw caught it, he grabbed the blood ladybug. Wei Xun could feel that the blood Ladybug didn’t return to sleep or die. It was more like being stunned.

After being caught by the mink, he immediately climbed all the way along the mink’s fur to the tip of the tail farthest from Wei Xun. The whole Ladybug was full of the sense of “climb, I’ll climb now”.

“Lama, be careful.”

Wei Xun reminds me. The return of blood Ladybug shows that the ‘level’ of demonizing corpses has been completed.

Then I’m afraid I have to face the three evil generals of fog, wind and rain mentioned by the wrong Lama.

Moreover, the cuocha Lama said that there are millions of elephant male warriors – let’s just count it as one million.

But the blood Ladybug will only eat a thousand bodies, so where are the remaining demonized bodies?


Wei Xun suddenly felt something was wrong. He immediately had to brake. At this time, a hotel prompt sounded in Wei Xun’s ear.

[assessment task: battlefield of fog demon general]

[task level: danger]

[task description: you have 100% completed all the scenic spots of the hotel. You are the best tourist and have been listed in the hotel’s key attention list. Although you have been on the mainline of sealing the great devil, the devil level is high. You have too many, and the journey level is too high. The hotel is looking at your future and doesn’t want you to mention death. Therefore, whether you can touch the final mainline of difficult unsealing depends on your form in the assessment task]

[task note: passengers who die in the assessment task will not really die. But you will lose the opportunity to unseal the difficulty of the journey.]

[mission objectives (achieving anyone will count)]

[1. Kill 500 demons]

[2. Awaken (purify) 500 elephant warriors]

[3. Defeat the fog demon general]

[4. Kill the fog demon general]

[5. When all the members of the army in ZhangXiong survive, kill all the magic armies and fog magic generals]

[ if the above five items can be completed, you will receive the “excellent passenger” sign issued by the hotel!]

The thick fog came silently from all directions, and Wei Xun’s off-road vehicle gradually dispersed like fog. The wrong Lama, SUV and snow leopard all disappeared. Only the mink held his calf tightly, and Xiaomao’s face was still in shock.

Hotel focus list? And this kind of thing?

When the fog gathered, Wei Xun looked at the assessment task several times and was surprised. When he was a tour guide, the new  tour guide was directly pulled to the dangerous group. When he was working on the task of opening up new scenic spots, the hotel never reminded  what’s “difficult!”‘ Danger! ” Or something.

It’s different in.

It’s almost time to reach the final scenic spot. Ju Gu also has an assessment task. What makes Wei Xun feel outrageous is that he died in the assessment task. Unexpectedly, he won’t really die, but just lost the opportunity to unseal the difficulty of the journey.

In doing so, the brigade really gives a lot of preferential treatment to passengers with great potential.

I just don’t know what the “excellent passenger” sign is for.

Wei Xun directly thought about the final task reward – it’s too wasteful not to get all the rewards.

Wei Xun is also pleased with this immediate task. He likes every emergency in the journey, which is enough stimulation!

Wei Xun felt that the excitement in his heart was hard to suppress, as if a stream of air was pouring out of his throat. Wei Xun couldn’t help opening his mouth:

“Ouch –”

It was a wolf howl!

For a moment, dozens of pairs of dark green wolf eyes looked at him at the same time. It was just near Wei Xun. There were more similar people hidden in the thick fog. Wei Xun turned his face, and the gray wolf eyes next to him reflected his face at the moment – a beautiful but young white wolf face.

I became a wolf??

[absolutely, what’s the difficulty of the task?!]

[how did Wei Xun become a wolf? What’s the matter!]

The barrage in the live broadcasting room immediately brushed the screen violently.

Coming to the last attraction, the number of viewers in Ding Yi’s live studio is gradually increasing, and is approaching one hundred thousand. With Wei Xun’s outstanding performance, he is definitely the best new star tourist this year, regardless of the tour guide. I am still a passenger, and countless people are looking forward to witnessing the birth of the new star passenger with their own eyes.

In powder, Wei Xun can’t buy. He can’t afford to be cheated. When he gets powder, he makes money. They are the first batch of old fans of Wei Xun!

Wei Xun’s live broadcasting style is really unspeakable. Either he doesn’t turn on the flashlight at night, so that the audience can’t see the most wonderful picture of exploring the ruins of ZhangXiong. Or in a black tent – well, just protect Wei Xun’s privacy.

However, there were too many spectators at the Xiaolin Temple meeting. Although the first night of Xiaolin temple was either a dazzling fire or a dark Sutra cave, at least we could roughly see what Wei Xun was doing. Even if the picture of him fighting the demonized spider is blocked by the damn cobweb – the cobweb will rise and fall with the fierce battle.

The audience chasing the live broadcast all the way don’t want any clear picture. As long as it’s not all black, they can make up millions of words of the cool text of Wei Xun’s war on demonizing spiders just by watching the cobweb shake.

From this day on, everything has changed. Wei Xun’s live broadcast screen has been divided irregularly!

When he slept in the tent, there was a barrage pointed out, but Wei Xun’s tent was of good quality and completely invisible. This was recognized by the audience and didn’t care much.

It was only when Feile raised the tent curtain that the poor audience turned Wei Xun into a little snow leopard according to the light reflected in the tent!

At that time, some viewers were puzzled. Although the little snow leopard was also very cute, he was ready for Wei Xun to become a mink. He specially wanted to watch the live broadcast with his mink passenger sister. As a result, Wei Xun became a snow leopard!

The elder brother got a round of ridicule from the barrage. After ridicule, a barrage gave him popular science. He said that there are two ways to change the wild mind into animals. Wei Xun takes the road of imitation. Passengers who can walk this road will not be limited by the number of animals. That is to say, Wei Xun can become a snow leopard and other wild animals in the future.

Obviously, wild snow leopards are more rare. Wei Xun first chose to imitate snow leopards. It is normal to be familiar with the habits of snow leopards. But he can become a snow leopard in less than ten days. He is definitely a genius. He is definitely born to be very suitable for the title of wild soul!

When he also had acid bullet screen, he said that Wei Xun was strong and turned into a snow leopard, but he turned out to be a useless cub. It’s better to be an adult mink than a cub.

After that, they were swollen in the face by the picture designed by the cub snow leopard to hunt the demon flame.

Facts have proved that the snow leopard is easy to use in this journey to northern Tibet. Even if it’s just a little snow leopard.

But the audience couldn’t understand what came next.

Because they met a black screen for 15 minutes!

Without any signs, the moment Wei Xun changed from Little Snow Leopard back to his human form, his live split-screen went black.

For no reason!

At that time, the bullet screen was full of question marks. Countless people ran to Jiang Hongguang and the others to see it separately, but they said that all others were normal, only Wei Xun had a black screen!

The 15 minutes of the black screen was torture. The posts “is Wei Xun dead” were all posted on the forum. Countless viewers analyzed whether Wei Xun got some kind of shielding props, or a live bug, or whether Wei Xun had a big event, which caused a lot of noise.

As a result, fifteen minutes later, Wei Xun was dressed like nothing, and then appeared on the live screen. It’s like just now that the pause button was pressed for time, nothing actually happened. What made the audience even more devastated was that Wei Xun came to the Sutra cave directly – Xian Xun had captured the black flame by unknown means in the dark 15 minutes!

[those who can catch up with the live broadcast all the time are definitely Wei Xun’s big heart true love powder]

There is a quiet path with a barrage.

[there are also various brigades that want to introduce Wei Xun]

[there are also various guides who want to see Wei Xun]

[I cried. It’s really the torture of the tourist guide]

[it’s hard for you to pay attention to Wei Xun’s brigade observers!]

[surviving data analysis boss, are you okay?]

[laughing to death, how should Wei Xun analyze this? Did he use the shady means of unknown name?]

[thanks for your invitation. The real Wei Xun fan is already waiting vlog for him]

[laughing to death, Wei Xun, who will watch the live broadcast]

[please, I can’t stand it anymore. Please pick up and introduce Wei Xun’s brigade. Hurry to get him a shielding prop. I’d rather he had normal shielding than do this all the time

Therefore, when the cuocha Lama talked about the three evil generals, the barrage had been painted harmoniously [wait for a thick fog]

[wait for a thick fog]

[did I get any strange title of prophecy? I can see the future – bet on a thick fog]

[with Wei Xun’s character, he absolutely wants to be positive with the devil general. According to the formula of advanced mathematics: prove that gang = wonderful picture, wonderful picture = Wei Xun’s physical shielding. From this, we can get that the wonderful picture of Wei Xun’s front Gang devil will be shielded and brought into a thick fog]

[mathematical genius]

[Wei Xun brought out the rescue of the wrong Lama. He should not have to face all three tests. It should be one for him, one for the Lama, and one for the Lama after the rescue?]

[it is speculated that Wei Xun’s fog, Lama’s strong wind, and the last rainstorm should be the great devil of selinco. Mistakenly, Lama Cha said that fog and wind are the Dharma protectors of the left and right, while rainstorm is the little daughter of the devil’s evil spirit. It is reasonable to speculate that Wei Xun can directly face chabalaren as long as he can finish the fog]

[mathematical genius]

In the barrage, the audience guessed vigorously, but in fact, the split screen of Wei Xun’s live broadcast has always been a boring driving picture – at first, the audience in the live broadcast room was very excited when Wei Xun Lama’s car said there was a demonized corpse approaching.

But it’s like the story of the wolf coming. Over and over again, although the wrong Lama doesn’t seem to be lying, they should be chasing the evil spirit away, but they can’t see the demonized body, which still distracts the audience gradually.

There is no incident for the time being. Wei Xun is just driving. During the live broadcast of the journey, there is often a day of driving / sailing / hiking. Usually at this time, the audience will do their own things. But after all, there is such a thing as “demonized corpse lurking”. I don’t want to be wrong. The wonderful picture is chattering in the live studio.

[be reasonable, although Wei Xun is coming to the end, I still can’t believe that he can make a difficult journey like this]

[isn’t it? I don’t believe it even after watching the whole process with my own eyes – because all the wonderful exercises are physically blocked by Weixun!]

[up to now, I don’t know what the nine fold zigzag crystal tower looks like]

[up to now, I don’t know how Wei Xun accepted the black flame]

[up to now, I don’t know what Wei Xun’s naked body looks like]

【??? You’re not normal above!]

[laughing to death, haven’t you sent it yet? Whenever Wei Xun changes from a young leopard to a ♪, his live broadcast will be black!]

[the sleeping trough seems to be true. I didn’t send it until you said it]

[coincidentally, no, the wild mind changes back to  can the shape be naked??? I heard it for the first time!]

[how do you dress wild animals? That must be naked! No, I didn’t respond either. After all, the initial title was wild soul. It’s the first time I’ve seen you. All the people with this title are little guys and big guys. They either have shielding props or bring convenience clothes, which can be changed in a second]

[in fact, this title is quite common, and tour guides should pursue this title more. After all, cough, tour guides can’t see it. After all, they all have hotel cloaks]

[I want to see how much Wei Xun has changed! I’m greedy. The leopard cub can’t satisfy me anymore!]

[snow leopard king, white wolf king, white antelope, at least change one. Please, he’s really a white animal!]

[the original sex wolf is more handsome]

[no, white!!]

[albino animals generally have genetic defects and various diseases. Well, it’s obviously that the original color is healthier and stronger]

[I have a showdown. I just want to see Wei Xun with white hair and blue eyes. He’s so beautiful]

[me too]


[no, will the wild animal species affect the appearance of ?]

[it seems that he will, or maybe Wei Xun hasn’t fully mastered it yet. You see, he became a young leopard. Maybe he didn’t have enough control and made himself look like a beast]

[sounds reasonable… Can I expect a leopard ear and a leopard tail?]

[what is a snow leopard without a plush leopard tail [shock!]]

[the snow leopard has a big tail but small ears. To tell you the truth, I prefer wolf ears. The big deer of the return brigade is my dream idol…]

[watch out for beast control( Oh, me too. That’s all right.]

[go to hell, beast control( Oh, me too. That’s all right.]

[be bold. Wei Xun is also controlled by animals. He is not clear with the snow leopard!]

[don’t think about anything, will you? Wei Xun is serious about snow leopard to pets]

[yo, you blush. JPG (Wei Xun snow leopard version)]

Let me see Jpg (snow leopard Explorer version)]

[can I still send expression pack barrage for horizontal slot punch points? I’ve seen it( Quietly ask if this is a real graph or a p-graph)]

[it’s a real picture. When Wei Xun and snow leopard kissed, I saw them get married with my own eyes]

[it’s true. I saw Wei Xun break up with snow leopard this morning]

[nonsense, I see they’re together again. It’s best for a coquettish leopard to die]

[stop talking. Wei Xun approached the snow leopard just to become wild. You’re knocking. When Wei Xun wants to change, it’s not on the spot]

[no, don’t nag. There’s a situation!]

[laughing to death, Guo Guang Wei Xun is facing the thick fog]

[isn’t this normal?? With Wei Xun’s strength, he will directly face the fog demon general alone?]

[why not even the wrong Lama and snow leopard? Isn’t this a reasonable golden finger earned by Wei Xun himself!]

[don’t panic, I suspect this is an assessment task]

[objectively speaking, Wei Xun’s rank is low and the difficulty of the journey is low. He can’t face the chabalaren devil, but he has come here. The difficulty of the journey should be unsealed by the pointer]

[difficulty unsealing]?? The journey is difficult because a passenger unsealed?? Is this true?!]

[why didn’t I hear about it!]

[yes, it’s true. As long as the tourists are good enough – especially good, I doubt that the completion of Wei Xun’s two scenic spots is 100%]

[no, is this the news that the audience in the normal live studio can know?]?? I’ve become a high-level passenger. How can I still be like a fool!]

[Wei Xun’s live studio is full of hidden dragons and crouching tigers in the audience, and the bullet curtain may be the top big passengers, so I think what I said upstairs is reasonable]

[God, God, please, I just want to know, is this assessment task very dangerous?!]

It’s not dangerous, because it won’t die. Even if Wei Xun really dies in the mission, he will not die in the journey. He just loses the qualification of unsealing difficulty.]

[to be honest, I think Wei Xun is very likely to pass the assessment task. It depends on how many goals he can achieve]

[how many objectives?]

[yes, according to the difficulty of the assessment task, one to five objectives will be given, and any goal will be passed. “[if all are achieved, there will be a death reward]

【??? What is the death reward?]

[ah, that’s easy to say. It’s actually a special reward. It’s very good. Only  those who don’t get the reward  are dead except team an. Big people say that there is a curse on the reward, so they say it is a death reward]

[… This big family is a class I can’t touch]

[upstairs + 1]

[is it successful to complete only one goal? Then I think Wei Xun has no problem]

As soon as the barrage came out, it was hit in the face by the live picture.

[horizontal trough]? But is it really the case? My mother?]

[how did Wei Xun become a wolf?!]

After receiving the assessment task, I became a white wolf.

Wei Xun quickly confirms whether the white wolf king’s skull in the fox cub’s belly is still there. After determining that he has not used the title of wild soul, Wei Xun quickly wants to understand his situation.

“The white wolf king and his wolves died in the thick fog”

This is what the Lama said. It is said that the white wolf king and his wolves died against the demon army led by the fog demon. Wei Xun is a member of the wolf pack.

It’s different from what Wei Xun thought, but it’s also acceptable. Wei Xun is trying to achieve the fifth goal, “to survive in the army of ZhangXiong, to kill all the demons, to kill the fog demons.” he has a lot of confidence to purify the demons, and even to fight against the fog demons. The only problem is to preserve the army of ZhangXiong.

But &# 59451; It’s very simple from the point of view.

Zhang Xiong’s army arrived at the battlefield after the death of the white wolf king and the wolves. As long as he led the wolves to defeat the demon army, the Zhang Xiong army will not be on this battlefield.

It seems that he is the white wolf king.

Wei Xun suddenly looked up, the wolf’s ears trembled, and his nose wrinkled slightly – he had smelled the sweet smell of the devil on the face!

“Ouch –”

Wei Xun gave a long roar, which means you all stay still. He has no experience in controlling the wolves. In order not to get in the way and beware of the devil army’s tricks such as swallowing the soul and becoming stronger, Wei Xun plans to keep the wolves still and assassinate the devil army himself.


Wei Xun was hit hard before the wolf howled. The other party’s strength was too strong. Wei Xun took two steps back and looked up. His eyes were just white hair on his chest.

“Roar -”

The other party looked at him with cold blue wolf eyes and a warning roar in his throat. In wolf language, the main idea was “don’t shout, keep quiet!”

Wei Xun was stunned as if he had been knocked silly. The mighty White Wolf paused and the wolf kissed appealingly on Wei Xun’s forehead. But Wei Xun didn’t care about his warm behavior, but looked at the tail of the big white wolf – it was really big, standing very straight, and the tail of the wolf was high.

The case has been solved. is the white wolf king. He’s just a white wolf.


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