TTG Chapter 11

Drunk beauty Xiangxi (11)

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 11: Drunk beauty Xiangxi

At present, the live broadcasting room of Bingjiu is now divided into six small screens, one for each of five families, and the most central is the live broadcasting screen of guide Bingjiu.

Now, there are only snowflakes left on this screen.

The barrage in the live studio was boiling.

[the hair is white – I mean Bingjiu’s hair. Does this snow-like color really exist!]

[shit, where’s the judgment? I’m blocked when I can’t see it!]

[if the tour guide is blocked, it’s blocked. There are still passengers on separate screens]

[yes, isn’t anyone curious about Miao Fangfei’s hidden title? It’s so exciting that the live broadcast will block the title!]

[I just want to see Bingjiu! I’m scratching my heart and liver. Can someone figure out the level of the two monsters he crushed today?!]

[the boss posted an analysis on the forum. Go and see it!]

[‘Miao Fangfei’s strength is a high-level one star. Even if she is not good at melee and is in poor condition, the strength of monsters that can make her have no backhand is at least above the high-level three stars. Bingjiu faces two monsters at the same time and uses only the guide flag, showing almost crushing strength. In terms of strength, C-9 can at least reach the level of two stars in the golden stage. “That’s what the boss said!]

[lying in the trough worshipping the boss, did you analyze it so soon!]

[Bingjiu is hiding his strength. With his strength, why are you still wandering on the silver level?]

[the butcher’s guide is like this. The lower the death countdown, the stronger the strength, and the more crazy the person is]

[but no matter how strong it is, it shouldn’t cross the level!]

[when he was in gold, our tour guide basically stuck his rank at the peak of silver, because once he reached gold, he would receive an extremely dangerous group every month.]

As soon as the tour guide appeared, the bullet screen was much quieter. The bullet screen who claimed to be the tour guide didn’t care and went on:

[Bingjiu hasn’t been promoted, but his real strength is absolutely the golden three stars. Those two monsters are corpse flying foxes. They not only have blood, flesh, and teeth but also make people listen and see. They are high-level five-star monsters. Flying foxes live in groups and have strong retaliation.]

[Oh, Bingjiu should have found a new scenic spot… Hey, why didn’t you think this madman was so interesting before. When he comes back, I want to communicate with him again.]

It was not until a long time after the barrage of an unknown tour guide disappeared that the barrage in the live broadcasting room became active again.

[sometimes I really don’t want to see a guide at the end of the journey. Alas, psychological shadow]

[yes, they are all human beings. How come their lives are so different]

[shit, the tour guide is not human at all! They’re all crazy!]

[Shh, say more and make more mistakes, Amitabha]

[anyway… I just want to know if Bingjiu’s physical strength is really so good? This is drunk beautiful Xiangxi. Is he still in the mood to make people? Three more?]

[it’s a newcomer at first sight. Lao Fan tells you that Bingjiu’s old color has been approved, but his vision is very high. He can only see the most beautiful one]

[I bet Lin Xi’s split screen will be blocked tonight, hehe]

[why is it blocked?]

[it’s blocked. I didn’t expect Bingjiu to be so impatient!]

Seeing that Lin Xi’s split-screen is shielded, the knowledgeable old fans of Bingjiu know that this is Bingjiu happy. Unfortunately, there are mosaics now. I don’t even have any benefits, and there’s nothing to look at.

Some old fans swear and some give new people science.

But with the popularization of science, Lin Xi’s split-screen suddenly lit up again.

Clean, white, and red, Lin Xi sat by the bed with messy hair and a red face. Her eyes seemed to contain a Wang of water, but in fact, her eyes were a little confused. Surrounded by scattered clothes and trousers, narrow, gloomy, and humid rooms, Lin Xi looked even more pathetic.

[why not shield it?]

There is a barrage of doubts.

[C 9 is over? Less than five minutes]

Bingjiu old fans didn’t react and subconsciously refuted.

[nonsense, the normal combat effectiveness of C 9 is all night!]

He must have gone to the bathroom! The battle hasn’t started yet!]

But the next moment, Lin Xi cleaned herself up casually and walked out of the door!

This makes the old fans silly.

Ah, this, this, is it really over??

But it’s less than five minutes!

Why can’t Bingjiu??

[sniff, is that what you’re talking about? Not for five minutes

[is it difficult that he only changed his clothes in Lin Xi’s room? Laugh to death]

[why is it blocked?]

[why keep asking? Children play, this is not a topic you should get involved in]

[hey, let me tell you, it must be past 10 o’clock now. Wherever he goes, the split screen will be blocked, which is called walking mosaic!]

[Hei hei, you haven’t seen Bingjiu after the Yellow full value – Gee, that’s the hormone of walking. The body has to be hard when you see it. Let me say, if he wasn’t a lunatic murderer, many people would want to talk to him]

[horizontal trough!]

Suddenly, the live broadcast room was brushed by the “sleeping slot” and could not see the side. Suddenly, a barrage floated to the top of the live broadcast room, which was particularly eye-catching. It was the man who called himself “Bingjiu old fan”. He rewarded 10 points to add special effects to his barrage

[Gan! Family 2’s room is blocked!!]

Family 2, it’s Shi Tao and Miao Fangfei! Now it is blocked, that is to say, after Bingjiu comes out of Lin Xi’s room, he enters their room again!

[male, not male or female]

There was a barrage of bullets.

[quantity is better than quantity]

Some people bet whether Shi Tao will come out or Miao Fangfei will come out. They bet on which one Bingjiu will like.

But no one came out. All three of them were in the room. Bingjiu is so male and female!


I don’t know who made an angry sentence, which aroused wide resonance among the audience and followed suit to condemn Bingjiu.


[slag man!]

* *

“This is a poisonous insect egg.”

In the room of family No. 2, Wei Xunzheng was interested and looked at a white round ball the size of a table tennis ball. It is pure white and flawless. When facing the light, it shows a little pink and contains vitality.

“This is the reward I got when I got the title of novice Gu Po.”

Miao Fangfei got spotted by chance, and the novice Gu woman can only have one Gu beast, so Miao Fangfei has never used this Gu egg.

This is her most precious item. Now she takes it to please Bing Jiu.

“If any creature’s cub swallows it, it will be loyal to you.”

Miao Fangfei bowed her head and dared not look at the slender white to dazzling legs under Bingjiu bathrobe, but she couldn’t help blushing.

After they returned to the room with Shi Tao, they had a detailed discussion. The final result made them frustrated – Miao Fangfei’s defection is probably not attractive to Bingjiu.

Want to divert the attention of Bingjiu, unless she can come up with something more rare.

Although the plan was good, I don’t know why. When bing91 entered the house, Miao Fangfei’s mind was blank. She was completely attracted by him and spoke stutteringly.

God, why does Bingjiu think he’s really good-looking even if he wears a mask. Just think, just think, jump on him——

Wei Xun raised his eyebrows: “only useful for cubs?”


Miao Fangfei, who barely recovered her mind, was getting lower and lower. She wanted to bury herself in the soil: “moreover, the success rate of white Gu eggs is not too high, only 15%… However, the more fierce creatures are, the more likely they are to be tamed!”

She whispered: “I know that it is impossible to repay the grace of saving lives with only one insect egg. In the next journey, I will listen to you wholeheartedly. ”

“Whatever you want.”

Wei Xun said lazily, a little lack of interest. The probability of 15% is too low to accept the cubs. This white insect egg is a little chicken rib.

But if he doesn’t accept it, Miao Fangfei will be upset. Moreover, the category of creatures is very large. Corpse flying fox is also a creature. Maybe this insect egg will be useful in exploring the mountain forest of flying fox.

When putting away the Gu eggs, Wei Xun inadvertently raised his hand and revealed his new clothes under the bathrobe.

Aha, he’s wearing new clothes!

Lin Xi sure enough, there are clean clothes of Bingjiu, from head to foot, of appropriate size, and they are all new! Put on clean travel clothes, sweat absorbing cotton socks, and most importantly, Bingjiu’s shoe size is the same as him!

The size is right, warm and dry waterproof mountaineering boots are great!

Lin Xi Wei Xun wanted to praise him for his kindness, but Lin Xi blushed and wanted to attack him!

Fortunately, Wei Xun hid quickly, otherwise, his little body was almost knocked down by Lin Xi.

Fortunately, the clothes are not dirty.

Guard Xun threw his bathrobe out of his new clothes to prevent dirt and cold.

Unfortunately, even if Miao Fangfei, a straight girl of iron and steel, gave her another 800 years, she couldn’t understand what Wei Xun meant by tidying up his sleeves and smoothing out the wrinkles of his clothes.

Seeing that Wei Xun received the Gu eggs, he didn’t say anything, but still sat in front of her, as if waiting for something.

Miao Fangfei’s face became redder and redder and her eyes became more and more dignified as if she were facing an extremely difficult problem.

At last, she took a deep breath, trembled, stretched out her hand, and whispered down her airway:

“I’ll serve -”

“You don’t have to.”

Wei Xun leaned back and looked at the blood mud on Miao Fangfei’s hands. His face turned white. Wei Xun smelled the smell of corpse flying fox blood like fermented herring cans… He wouldn’t have this smell on his body!

“Do you have anything else?”

In the face of Bingjiu’s suddenly cold attitude and undisguised dislike, Miao Fangfei was relieved and immediately stood up:

“It’s all right!”

She hurried to the door, her face burning – no, she couldn’t help staying in the same room with Bingjiu, and her mind might decline. Well, on the way back to Xiaolong Yizhuang, Miao Fangfei found that Bingjiu seemed a little clean, so she didn’t clean her clothes.

It’s really useful!


After Miao Fangfei walked away with the smell of the garbage, Wei Xun sniffed, lazily changed his sitting position, and crossed his legs. After all, yellow is a blue title. In addition to shielding the live broadcast, it should have other functions.

Sure enough, Wei Xun vaguely guessed from the performance of Lin Xi and Miao Fangfei. When Shi Tao came out after Miao Fangfei left, his face turned red and stood in front of him, and his eyes didn’t dare to look at him, Wei Xun was basically sure.

Sure, there’s no sexual interest.

After all, Wei Xun’s body is too weak. This kind of thing has no stimulation and attraction to him.

“Well, what are you going to give me?”

Wei Xun is straightforward. Miao Fangfei and Shi Tao obviously want to surrender to him alone. Since he has this opportunity, Wei Xun will not let go. Just now Wei Xun looked at his score distractedly and found that it had risen from 62 to 85.

Wei Xun guessed that his porn should only shield his own picture, and there may be scenes of other audiences in his live studio. If so, I don’t know whether he is pasted with mosaic or whether the space he enters will be blocked.

Although the hotel said that all transactions between tour guides and tourists were not allowed, Wei Xun did not give up.

As long as the lens is blocked and no one sees it, it might work.

Shi Tao, it’s up to you!

“Shi Tao, how many points do you have?”

Wei Xun asked Leng Buding. Finally, he saw Shi Tao subconsciously raise his eyes and look at him. Then he immediately closed his eyes, and the blush climbed from his neck to his ears. He was trying to get rid of some temptation and shouted:

“I have 1562 points!”

Sleeping trough, tyrant!

Wei Xun’s eyes changed when he looked at Shi Tao, but at the next moment, Shi Tao said in a depressed and humble voice: “brother nine, brother nine, I know you don’t like my points, and I don’t have anything as good as sister Fangfei.”

I can see it!

Wei Xun shouted in his heart, but Shi Tao closed his eyes and couldn’t see Wei Xun’s broken face. He seemed to be trying to cheer up. Shi Tao suddenly stretched out his right hand and sent something to Wei Xun, saying loudly:

“Only, only such things may be useful to you!”


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