TTG Chapter 110

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 110: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (53)

It may be a little troublesome.

“Woo, woo, woo.”

Wei Xun murmured in a low voice and turned carefully if he was convinced. Although he is not a wolf, he should have a high status. Wolves ambush in the snow mountains on both sides, sandwiching the canyon in front of them. Wei Xun makes wolves in the mountains, stacks big stones, and has a wide field of vision. If you look around, you can have a panoramic view of the situation.

So Wei Xun howled, countless wolves turned to look at him, higher than him, and there was only the white wolf king. In particular, other wolves around are big gray wolves. Only he and the white wolf king are snow-white.

Although Wei Xun can’t smell whether the white wolf king is related to him, he must be close. He is also the closest to the white wolf king. So before Wei Xun called the white wolf king twice, he came directly to stop him.

It’s a little difficult.

If he was not the wolf king, Wei Xun would rather become a gray wolf at the end and sneak away than be insignificant. In this way, he can find the demon army to play by himself.

But now he’s standing too high. A little bit is hundreds of wolf eyes. Unless Wei Xun has an invisibility cloak, it’s difficult to sneak away. In particular, the big wolves seem to have set up an ambush. If he insists on leaving, he may make the wolves impatient. It’s not good if the magic army happens to attack at that time.

Wei Xun likes clean and beautiful wild animals. Although some wolves are not human, they have resisted the invasion of the devil army and died in a bloody battle in history. Wei Xun doesn’t want to disturb the formation of the wolves because of himself.

It’s better for him to sneak away when he starts to attack the demon army. Anyway, the opportunity is at that time.


Wei Xun felt the heat coming on his face. He looked up in surprise, looked at the white wolf king in front of him, and found that he was still staring at him.

Why don’t you go?

Wei Xun also looked back. The white wolf king is really good-looking. His hair is more fluffy than that of the snow leopard. His sharp Snow White Wolf ears look very thick. His ears stand upright and forward, his body is very high, and his legs are straight. He looks very powerful and firm.

Unlike the snow leopard, which lives alone, wolves are social animals, ranging from several wolves to dozens of wolves. The wolves are highly disciplined and have distinct classes. The first wolf has the absolute right to hunt, guard territory, reproduce and mate. Wei Xun gets along with the snow leopard. The eyes of the snow leopard are different from those of the wolf king.

Except for the snow leopard’s Scarlet eyes, full of evil spirit and abnormal state, it is usually lonely and arrogant. It only gets close to Wei Xun and ignores others. It also deliberately avoids the crowd and goes alone, just like a lonely killer.

The white wolf king is different. He is calm and dignified, like the king of the people.

Wei Xun thought that he had got the skull of the white wolf king in the nine fold zigzag Crystal Tower. There were still the ghost of the white wolf king in it for thousands of years, but the head of the white wolf king should be as miraculous as the cuocha Lama said, otherwise he could not lead hundreds of wolves to fight against the demon army.

What happens if the skull of the white wolf king is taken out?

“Call -”

The hot air suddenly approached, accompanied by the cold smell of the white wolf king. Wei Xun didn’t step back. He wanted to see what the white wolf king was going to do – when his head was held by the white wolf king, did Wei Xun think.

Now he regretted it. He knew he should have stepped back and avoided it.

“Woo woo!”

The white wolf king opened the wolf’s mouth and held half of Wei Xun’s head. He had no teeth, but a sense of damp and heat made Wei Xun really uncomfortable. He sobbed and protested. When the wolves came, some body language and rules were only half a beat slow, and poured into Wei Xun’s brain.

The high wolf holds the low wolf  the wolf kiss and the wolf head indicate closeness.

As a low wolf, Wei Xun just looked directly at the head wolf and raised his tail, which is very provocative. Under normal circumstances, the first wolf should use violence to teach him a lesson.

But he was not angry, but still used the way of holding his head. Wei Xun expressed closeness and trust… It seems that the relationship between them is indeed different.

Wei Xun is a reasonable man. People respect him, he also gives back his points, and so does the wolf.

When the white wolf king loosened his mouth and stepped back a few steps, Lord Wei Xun looked up and touched the white wolf king’s nose kiss, and then licked its soft white hair.

He is showing respect and obedience to the wolf.

Sure enough, the white wolf king took a deep look at his eyes after his death, and then turned back to his position.

Wei Xun knew that white wolf Wang Gang just stared at himself and didn’t go. He was probably waiting for Lord Wei Xun to touch his nose. When the white wolf king left, no wolf paid attention to his side. Wei Xun looked around and fell down like other wolves, and his consciousness licked the tip of his nose.

In winter, the mountains are closed by heavy snow on the plateau, and his belly is thick and cold snow. But with his thick wolf hair, Wei Xun didn’t feel cold. Heavy snow is falling in succession. Other wolves are buried in the snow. They cover their smell. They also accumulate a layer of snow. It looks like they have melted into the snow mountain. But the white wolf king doesn’t.

His body is snow-white and his hair is the best camouflage color in the heavy snow. At this time, he lies on the top and protrudes from the stone. Wei Xun looks with his eyes and finds that the white wolf king is looking at the entrance of the canyon.

Hundreds of wolves ambushed on both sides of the canyon, snow mountains. Presumably, the demon army would pass through the canyon. Wei Xun released the ghost of the fox cub and inquired about the intelligence of the demon army. Now his physique is the same as that of the wolf, so he doesn’t need to be possessed by the fox cub. Mantis No. 2 also quietly hid in Wei Xun’s belly, and only Xiaocui, Xiaojin and Mantis No. 3 remained in the magic insect ball to maintain the gain state.

When he became a wolf, he couldn’t hold a crystal lamp and a crystal narrow knife without his hands, but Wei Xun found that his wolf claws were crystal like, amber claw tips were extremely sharp, and his breath was not different from the exorcism crystal. In addition to claws, there are also his teeth. If the white wolf king leads the wolves with good claws and teeth, it’s no wonder he can fight the demon army.

“Master, the magic army horse is coming!”

The front-line fox cub came a quick report: “there are ten thousand heads!”

The number of wolves is not enough. Wei Xun can’t think of how hundreds of wolves killed the demon army. Maybe they were just delaying time. After all, the fog devil will have no wolves, while the white wolf king and his wolves are in the fog.

Rao Shiwei Xun also had great difficulty in trying to kill the demon army. He recovered and fell into a deep depression. He no longer looked for the wrong difference. The Lama said “white antelope king and snow leopard king”.

Wei Xun was worried about whether the snow leopard would also enter the task and become the snow leopard king. Now he thinks it should not. After all, among them, only Wei Xun is regarded as a high-quality passenger by the hotel.

The project about to complete the task has passed again in his mind. Wei Xun buried his nose in the snow and smelled the cold snow. The snow and ice on the plateau are pure and free of impurities. It is cold and clean. The smell is like that of the white wolf king.

The wolves, no, ambushed in the snow mountains, let the snow flakes of goose feather fall on their backs and bury them. The mountains are silent, not even the wind. Only the snow falls quietly, and the world is pure white——

No, not only the snow white, but also the wisps of fog.

It’s foggy.

Thick white fog and dense snow mixed together, making people lose their vision like a snowstorm. The fog spread from the mountain to the mountain. Wei Xun saw the mountain clearly. He saw the mountain jumping white and appeared at the entrance of the canyon.

It has a big head. If you don’t read it carefully, you can’t see clearly. You think it’s where the snow fell. It was soon submerged by the thick fog, but its tempting magic smell is everywhere.


Wei Xun swallowed his saliva silently. It was all because the saliva secretion of dogs was too strong. He wanted to eat fragrant boiling fish.

More and more white demons jumped into the canyon, but the wolves were not quiet. Wei Xun couldn’t wait. He couldn’t help looking up at the white wolf king in front of him, but he saw him lying in place, like a snow sculpture, with amazing patience. At the moment, it’s not like a wild wolf, but more like a general who buries his troops and lures the enemy deep.

The fog is getting bigger and bigger. The thick fog is like a sea of white smoke from countless dry ice. It is vast and filled with more than half of the canyon. The thick fog is more mysterious and strange. There are thin, tall, thin, strange, ugly and constantly changing shapes. Wei Xun saw hundreds of inferior magic dogs, stronger and taller than Ding. The adult inferior magic dogs were burning bone white flames on their limbs. He was vigilant to smell around, but found no trace of wolves.

In the thick fog, a dozen snow bats flew out like magic objects. They hovered in mid air and were also observing the surroundings. A snow bat even flew close to Wei Xun’s. its wings are as big as a washbasin, as crystal clear as ice carving. It’s Crispy bones. It’s delicious just to think about it.

You can’t eat bats. You can’t eat bats——

Wei Xun buried his nose in the snow and hypnotized himself. He couldn’t help it again, just like when he ate the ghost of the devil, the most instinctive primitive hunger born from the depths of his soul can make people forget the reason and become a puppet of appetite.

But if Wei Xun indulges in desire and hope, he will not be Wei Xun. He just likes to indulge a little and wait for his desire. He hopes to repress and bear it after he comes. He has a hobby comparable to self abuse. He can’t do extreme luck and pursue stimulation. He can only develop it when he is trapped at home by a serious illness.

The bat found nothing and flew away again. Wei Xun found that the magic army was quite complete. There were outposts, heavy magic lizards like armored tanks, and behind them were skeletons with arms as bows. Wei Xun named them according to their appearance. He wanted to call Xiaocui and Xiaojin out, Take a look at some demons from the “demon country”, which are different from the “abyss demons” in their memory.

But it’s a pity that they can only communicate with Wei Xun in the magic insect ball, but they can’t see the outside scene. The thick fog has filled the canyon, like a sea of clouds. After the canyon, you can’t see the magic army, as if they had disappeared

However, the goose white wolf king is very patient. He is still very patient, and the wolves are not quiet. It is like melting into a body with a snow mountain. Until a certain moment, Wei Xun was worried. Smell told him that the demon army had entered the Canyon! Wei Xun can’t smell the specific smell of a demon, only the strong smell of the demon, which can’t be described by food.

Key words——


The sound is loud, the spirit is empty, the wolf howl tears the silence and echoes in the canyon and mountains, the white wolf king! Wei Xun saw the white wolf king standing high on the rock, and the heavy snow fell on him. His wolf kiss tilted towards him, and the wolf’s head, neck and back bent into a beautiful wild arc, which was indisputable (the last part of the discussion, perfectly integrated with the background of the snow capped mountains in the sky!


Wei Xun couldn’t help howling, following the tail of the white wolf king. Before the sneak attack, the wolf howled and felt stupid, but Wei Xun could not restrain his primitive instinct. His heart beat violently. It seemed that there was a hot amount of blood pumped from his heart into his limbs and then to the earth.

“Ouch –”

“Ouch –”

After the two of them howled, the wolf howled one after another, resounding all over the world, and the whole canyon was surrounded by wolves lying in ambush in the snow mountain! Countless wolf howls seem to resonate with the snow mountain and weave into a dense network. Ke Weixun feels that the dimension extends infinitely and integrates into the wolves. He seems to have lost the concept of “self” and become a “whole” with the wolves, and the white wolf king is a “whole”, a “brain” and only a “command”!

Wolf howling is an attack command!

Hundreds of big wolves jumped up from the snow and ice at the same time, taking up a piece of snow and fog. They fiercely rushed towards the canyon, the demon army, and when they charged, the wolves stopped howling, just like a Silent Army.

Wei Xun rushed after the white wolf king. Unlike the snow leopard, the wolf itself could jump off a cliff. It should be very easy to slip and fall from a steep slope full of ice and snow. However, Wei Xun felt that the snow seemed to be holding him towards the snow. After finishing the snow, he didn’t have to run by himself. It was faster and more stable than skiing. The powerful snow pushed him and made Wei Xun surf like a waterfall.

It’s a snow waterfall with wolves running. The snow mountain and the earth are shaking. The snow and ice are like jade avalanches, breaking and splashing, as if thundering from the depths of the earth. The snow mountain collapses and rolls down tens of thousands of tons of snow, such as the fairy tale volume, describing the scene, and the snow waterfalls are like billowing. The giant dragons rush towards the wolves in an instant, Wei Xun has rushed to the valley demon army before he is satisfied enough!

Hundreds of wolves are more numerous than ordinary wolves, but rushing into the army of demons is like ink dripping into the sea. The canyon battlefield was divided by snow waves. Originally, there was no sign of the white wolf king in front. In front of Wei Xun, there were five inferior magic dogs!

He came here with his speed charge. He directly hit two magic dogs and crippled his head, but Wei Xun only felt a little dizzy. He licked the magic blood splashed on the kiss edge, threw himself away from the vicious attack of the three magic dogs, and then bit the three magic dogs like lightning in less than five seconds.

It’s fun.

Wei Xun sucks the devil’s blood. He looks very cruel and crazy. In fact, his reason has returned. It’s really not an ordinary wolf to fight with the demon army. Tearing the demon dog is as simple as tearing the spicy strip. It won’t be easier for Wei Xun to do it himself.

It seems that this is an assessment task. Turning into a wolf is the convenience of the hotel. But it’s too slow to kill by yourself.


Wei Xun threw the bleeding ladybug, leaped up after his own storage, directly bit him in mid air, and only flew over the snow bat at low altitude. The snow bat struggled violently. His method of flying the machine was to hit the evil Qi with sound waves and directly hit the enemy’s internal organs.

But Wei Xun just shook the wolf’s ears at will and directly chewed and swallowed the snow bat, like honey chicken crispy bones. The taste was crisp and sweet, but it was empty.

Wei Xun smacked his mouth. He felt like eating marshmallow. He looked very comfortable, but he didn’t feel full at all. Although some demon soldiers have evil Qi and are fierce enough, they only know that their evil Qi is only a little after killing them.

Wei Xun no longer worked hard at some little demons. He jumped the snow waves as high as the city wall, identified the direction and ran towards the entrance of the canyon. The canyon looks like a gourd with a small mouth and a big belly. The ground is not flat, but has an oblique slope from the entrance to the exit. Wei Xun was stupid and inefficient to kill the demon army by himself.

Wei Xun trod on the snow stone and the corpse of the demon army in the canyon, and piled up into a snow slope over one snow wave after another. The snow wave and the wolves collided with each other and killed more than 100 demons. The wolves and the remaining demon army fought in a scuffle to form a group of demons, and the blood flew in the sky, but Wei Xun found that the corpse of the demon army was not as good as expected.

He looked a little carefully and found that the snow was swallowing the devil’s body and condensing into snowballs, big or small. Wei Xun crushed a snowball and scattered it. The devil’s body in the snow was still there, but his face and evil spirit were gone.

Snow is purifying the devil’s body to prevent the devil’s gas from polluting the earth.

When Wei Xun saw the curtain of the movie, he suddenly had an idea in his mind.

Since the appearance of the demon army, there has been a heated discussion in the live broadcast room.

[I feel like I’m watching a 3D fantasy blockbuster. Wolves roar and cause avalanches. Wolves can surround and kill magic objects. Is it real?!]

[we’ve all entered the thriller hotel. What’s wrong with it]


[killing by wolves is killing by wolves, and killing by Wei Xun is killing by others, which cannot start from killing by Wolves]

[blind guess that one task item is the number of demons slaughtered. It is impossible for Wei Xun of the demon army to kill all of them. It should be enough]

[I don’t think so. If the item is like the item, Wei Xun should kill the weak item and gather enough as soon as possible. How could he kill the item]

[no matter how strong Wei Xun is, it’s not good to be a bastard. Pay, Wei Xun has nowhere to talk!]

“Ouch –”

The White Wolf quickly dodged dozens of magic arrows shot at him, howled, snow waves surged and rolled towards the enemy in front of him. However, if the snow waves, which are several meters high, beat on the square body, it is just a small fluctuation and snow edge.

Yes, just as it was said in the barrage, the enemy in front of Wei Xun was like a king’s shell made of white bones, but the king’s shell was too large, with a diameter of 100 meters, almost occupying half of the canyon, which was very conspicuous, such as a hill. When Wei Xun found it, he saw more than ten wolves gnawing and scratching at the bastard’s shell, but there was nowhere to bite.

They are sharp, claws and teeth, bastard’s shell, and can’t do any damage. Hiding in the bastard’s shell, they are nearly a thousand vulnerable arrows that can spit magic Qi, and meat worms like earthworms that can attack and hurt them. It’s like a dog eating a bastard – there’s no way to eat.

Such a common ecological demon is Wei Xun’s second demon. The giant bastard shell is like a demon. It has only strong defense, but it is slow and has no attack. The meat worms are aggressive but fragile. Wei Xun’s Lailu has killed several kinds of demons. Although they look like demons, they are not demons. The big ones are shrank in various hard shells, like snails in the demon world and taste like gummy bears.

Wei Xun also felt that he was very happy, but his goal was not to be a group of evil snails.

“Ouch, ouch!”

More than a dozen wolves followed Wei Xun’s cry, and in the sound of wolf howling, a bigger snow wave soared up, carrying the roaring thunder to attack the king’s eight shells. However, its defense is too strong, and it can’t cause any damage after snow wave and impact. The bastard shell demons fought back immediately, but their magic arrows had limited range. Wei Xun led the wolves to stand in a despicable corner, and the magic arrows could not hurt them.

Seeing the snow sticking to the giant bastard’s shell, Wei Xun expressed his satisfaction.

“Ouch –” (continue!)

Some of the people are willing to follow Wei Xun, whose howling is a howling. The wolves are the wolves who are the ones who are the ones who come to rescue. They are the ones who come all the way to rescue. There are some who are about to be besieged by the demon army, some who were almost almost attacked by the demon army, some who are willing to be followed by the devil army, some who are willing to be followed by some people. Some are willing to follow Wei Xun, who is willing to follow Wei Xun. Some are willing to follow Wei Xun, and some are almost almost almost attacked by a sneakattack, and some are almost almost almost almost almost being sneaksneaked attack, and some are almost being almost attacked. Wei Xun is indeed, Wei Xun does indeed have a fixed status in the pack of wolves, Wei Xun does indeed have a fixed status in the pack of wolves in the pack of wolves, the snow wolf king is not a trace, the snow wolf king is not a trace, the snow wolf king is not a trace, Wei Xun howling, Wei Xun is howling, Wei Xun is not a trace, Wei go, Up to now, he has gathered thirteen wolves around him.

Not enough.

When Wei Xun saw another wolf howling and rising snow waves, before he could stick to the bastard’s shell, he was smashed by a swarm of magic arrows. Some wolves caused snow waves only by their eyes, which could not reach his goal.

But Wei Xun has a back hand.

“Ouch –”


One after another, the wolf howl suddenly sounded, getting closer and closer, and the voice was full of murderous anger. Eight wolves chased the group magic fire from the East. The group magic fire was extremely coquettish, that is, if it was indifferent, it swayed in front of the wolf, sometimes burning the tip of their nose, but dodged when they flew to bite.

In the live studio, the audience could hardly help laughing when they saw the eight wolves, because they were so miserable. They were beautiful, thick, burned, potholes, bald, bald. They couldn’t help looking straight at each other. No wonder they were chasing after the devil.

But the speed of the magic fire is getting faster and faster. It is impossible for wolves along the road to stop it. Seeing that the magic fire is about to flee, the wolves roar with unwilling anger. Just at the time of the disaster, a snow-white wolf shadow fell from the sky!


Just listen to the roar of the wolf. Just now, he acted recklessly. The red magic fire was directly pressed by the white wolf. Then the White Wolf swallowed the magic fire. After that, he didn’t give it a chance to struggle. Before playing with the wolves, the flame was solved by the White Wolf with the momentum of thunder. He raised his head and stood tall and upright with the tip of his tail tilted, full of arrogance.

“Ouch –”

is strong!

The eight wolves touched the White Wolf’s snout one after another to show their respect, and then they began to howl with the White Wolf and the other wolves.

“Ouch –”

“Ouch –”

Even more, the wolf howling resonates, causing even more snow waves. For example, the giant bastard’s shell is wrapped in white. If the magic snail shoots a magic arrow, it can’t break the ice and snow again.


Not enough!

[what does Wei Xun want to do?]

Some people don’t understand the bullet screen in the live broadcasting room. After the defense of the devil Kingdom and the king’s shell is too high, even if the sacred mountain and snow spontaneously devour the devil and wrap the devil, they can’t hurt it, but they just cover the king’s shell.

[does he want to hide the hand of the devil in the bastard’s shell?]

Some people speculate that there are at least hundreds of them gathered in the village. Let’s get up, that is to say, the sample is very convenient

[yes, if Wei Xun’s task is to kill the number of demons, it would be more convenient for him to find them]

[sniff, I think it’s a waste of time. I’ve already killed Kung Fu. I don’t know. It’s only a magic thing]

[I also think Wei Xun’s choice is not good. Yes, there are at least hundreds of demons, but they have to turn over the king’s shell to get rid of them]

[Wei Xun really can’t lift the car. Didn’t he find a wolf?]

[but it’s no use looking for a wolf! Even if the wolf doesn’t know what to do, he won’t know what to do. Can he attract him? Wolf, it’s better to drive the wolf to help him kill his demons. He’s always working hard at him]

[alas, you said, you bastard’s shell is wrapped in snow, and you still look like a big snowball after snow]

[guess, does Wei Xun want some snow to suck the devil directly?]

[joke, if snow can suck the demon army, what do wolves do? Have a look,  snow is stuck to the demon shell, and there is no point attack, attack or back!]

[Wei Xun is confused. What the hell does he want to do!]

“Wei Xun is… Rubbing a snowball?”

On the way home, everyone else set out to leave the movie hall, and only Wang pengpai stayed alone. He took a sip of wine and fried peanuts with chopsticks. He was happy to watch Wei Xun’s live broadcast.

“It’s a bit of a surprise.”

Not looking at the others, let go of the imagination. Wei Xun led the wolves to howl and lift them to the giant bastard’s shell. Isn’t it like rolling a huge snowball!

Wang pengpai believes that what Wei Xun did must have his intention.

The white wolf king… Hiss

Wang pengpai always felt that with his strength of “Wei Xun”, he didn’t look like a wolf in the right task. He continued to watch the live broadcast while taking his mobile phone. He wanted to open the real-time live broadcast recording screen and drag the progress bar to see the white wolf king.

However, Wang pengpai just opened the hotel app, which was 99 + unread information. Xu pengpai was shocked by all kinds of people in the group. Wang pengpai looked at them casually. They were all those with good relations. In the brigade, the big passengers sent out news about them and tried to ask them openly and secretly.

Bo Ren is Wei Xun, and his performance is really excellent. Even if Mao Xiaole forum posts that the returning brigade sincerely invites Wei Xun, some of the brigade are itchy and don’t want to let go.

It’s because the returning brigade hasn’t received new staff for several years. Suddenly, it’s abnormal to receive people. Even some passengers who don’t like it politely come to ask Mao Xiaole if he has been stolen / stunned / possessed by fire. It’s angry that Mao Xiaole is half dead.

Second, even if the returning brigade wants to recruit new people, it depends on whether the new people want to go. There are better orcs in their team… Ah, no, it’s a better atmosphere and better treatment. Maybe it’ll suit the eyes of the new people.

To tell you the truth, everyone in the return trip team is a little crazy. It’s uncertain whether the newcomers will choose.

The other Bo people are looking for the snow leopard.

Snow leopard, named Xuefeng (named by Wei Xun), really makes people have to think about it.

[surging, I got a pot of monkey wine. Let’s go and have a drink]

[Pangpang, our brothers haven’t been together for a long time. I set up a table with Cui Lou and called them “brothers”. You can’t help coming!]

[elder brother Wang, when an team saved my life, I didn’t find anything good to repay. I got one this time——

[Wang -]

“What kind of heart does Diao de have? I, Xiao Wang, don’t talk about face ~ ”

Wang pengpai clicked off all the information and sang an adaptation of Shajiabang with interest. Just about to see Wei Xun rubbing snowballs with a group of gray wolves, he heard banging on the door, followed by a lively young male voice:

“Why is the door locked? Wang pengpai, open the door quickly. I know you’re at home!”

“No one is at home when you visit the station.”

Wang pengpai was so happy that he walked to the door while watching the live broadcast on his mobile phone, pretended to take the tune : “please press the # key to leave a message.”

“God damn # key.” Fang smiled angrily: “you asked me to engrave a # number key on your door?”

“We’re a brotherly brigade. How can you shut your brothers out?”

“Team Qi, look at you. What do you say?” Wang pengpai shouted: “according to the Qing Dynasty, Fujin received Fujin, and side Fujin received side Fujin. I’m just a deputy. I’m not ashamed to receive you. When team an comes back, he’ll go to you. Look — ”

“But, please invite zunshaxing to my residence. I’m afraid I’ll lose my life.”

Fang said, “open the door quickly. I’ve brought news… Do you know that the tour guide alliance of the butcher alliance and the 12th alliance is going to assassinate Wei Xun at the end of the journey.”

“Oh, isn’t it the whole team? It’s been a long time. Come and sit inside.”

Wang pengpai’s road just goes to the reception hall. There are only two doors in the front of the reception room. It is reasonable to say that there are only two doors in the hotel, one leading to the hotel hall, the other leading to reality. There is no talk of visiting each other except that members of their own brigade can enter.

It takes 100000 points to open the “brother brigade” channel.

The Feihong brigade, which ranks second in the Eastern District, clamors to replace the return brigade every year. When it reaches the top, both tourists and affiliated brigades encounter difficulties outside, and new resource vlog earnings have to compete and compete for everything. But in fact, the relationship between the two sides is quite good. They always go through the door when they communicate and visit, and they have never been found by outsiders.

Some news is not safe even in the hotel app, but it is most safe to communicate in the brigade station.

“I said, Wang pengpai, your people are more and more unhappy. Rabbits don’t scatter eagles.”

The suspended gate opened and a young man came out of the halo. He is very avant-garde in dress. He has three ear bone nails on his left and right ears. He wears goggles in front of his face, a Pink Hoodie, a skull printed on his chest, pants jingling, and various silver chain decorations. Everyone smiles. He looks very easy to get along with.

“Oh, you’re the only one left in the hotel? Everyone else has gone to Tibet? ”

“How can I? I’m busy with my journey. “You drink tea.”

Wang pengpai also smiled and looked behind the young man: “why didn’t Xiaoqing come? Yushu made him a washboard to shed his skin.”

“Hey, isn’t Xiaoqing trying to raise a baby leopard? It’s a shame that I didn’t bring him here.”

The young man understated: “if you want to find it yourself, do you want me to find a leopard for him?”

“It’s a coincidence that our team has a little leopard.”

Wang pengpai pretended to be pleasantly surprised and said, “just let’s raise the snow leopard. You know, oh, my God, the little leopard is old and lovely…”


Suddenly, the young man exclaimed, “snowballs are piled up!”

Only when he touched his goggles, the left lens was Wei Xun’s live split screen. Then he pretended to apologize. Wang surging said, “surging, isn’t it Xiao Cui? He pushed me a new man. He was in a hurry. He said I would hang if I didn’t look at him again. I can’t help it. I can only have a look. “The newcomer is not bad.”

“That’s not a coincidence. My team likes new people very much recently. They all go to others to investigate.”

Wang pengpai didn’t install it either. He picked up his mobile phone and watched the live broadcast. On the contrary, the young man listened to him, raised his eyebrows and said tentatively, “is the safety team in? He’s not in the same level. If he wants to go on a low-level journey, he has to use the title of wild soul.

“Not so much.”

“Is it snow…”


Wang pengpai smiled and gave him the live screen, the majestic white wolf king.

“It’s the snow wolf king!”

“That’s a virtual task.”

The young man stopped and breathed angrily: “Wei Xun has the skull of the white wolf king, otherwise he wouldn’t have done the task as a wolf.”

Wang pengpai opened his innocent eyes: “ah? Is that what it looks like? ”

“Your mouth is more and more like a clam shell.”

Team Qi waved, sat down on the sofa, took out a thermos cup and drank an iced coke: “the butcher alliance plans to rob the car. It will kill Wei Xun at the end of the journey.”

“I’ll give you a vaccination first. You may get a class B elite butcher.”


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