TTG Chapter 111

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 111: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (54)

“They are looking for death.”

Wang pengpai patted his stomach, carelessly took a cup of tea and drank it himself: “you say what some people think. They don’t go on the good road, but go to the dead road.”

Seeing his careless appearance, Qi team nodded.

Originally, he didn’t believe that an Xuefeng was going to Tibet. Recently, an Xuefeng has become more and more crazy. Will he pick him up in person for a new person? Wang Yushu’s title is fishy. He pretended to be No. Now it’s really possible for Wang pengpai to do so.

Or is there something to kill in Tibet? An Xuefeng goes to pick up people by the way?

Qile orange heart whispered.

“It is said that Wei Xun is a class X passenger.”

He joked and said, “it’s spread with a head and a brain. Even I heard it.”

“They said that you should engage in child rearing guidance on your way home.”

When Qile orange left leisurely, Wang pengpai pulled down his face and thought about what he had just said, “fuck”.

They thought about it. Although Mao Xiaole joked that Wei Xun might be a class X tourist, it would make the tour guide alliance less hands-on.

After all, most of the tour guides are cool and thin. They say that they are trying to help Ding Xiang and kill the best newcomers. In fact, most of the small and medium-sized tour guides think that Ding Xiang has been trampled on by a newcomer and lost his face. Moreover, Wei Xun’s tour guide will earn points and strive to rise. When will he join their group, It’s embarrassing that they beat him as good as Ding.

Let’s kill it.

These people will kill their hearts less when they know that Wei Xun may also be class X Special passengers, but some higher tour guides will start with Wei Xun more.

Especially after Mao Xiaole sent a post saying that the returning brigade should recruit new people and invite Wei Xun.

For the major tour guides, it is a deterrent for the returning Tour team to recruit new people.

But if they specially recruit people who are suspected of class X tourists and want to train them as returning tour guides from childhood, they will poke into the eyes of many high-ranking people.

In particular, this year, the eastern district tour guide produced a new person, Wang bing250. The tour guide also made painstaking efforts. It is not too rare to have another Wei Xun. In addition, there are talented people like Wanxiang spring. It is calculated that the confrontation task this year is on the new star tour guides on both sides. Wei Xun is even more afraid of the way home. Wei Xun trained into a new star tour guide, pressed bing2501, and got the quota for the confrontation task in the eastern region.

This quota must be obtained by the guide. It must be C250!

“Hiss, sample.”

Wang pengpai knows that they haven’t found C250 yet. He didn’t panic at all. He even thought that the tour guides robbed the passenger bus and waited for Wei Xun at the end. As soon as the door opened, an Xuefeng stood outside——

Ha ha, he has such a bad heart that he can’t help but want to see the scene quickly.

“Diao Deyi, what kind of heart do you have ~”

Wang pengpai hummed Shajiabang and the movie hall continued to broadcast live. At this moment, the giant snowball rubbed by the Wolves under the command of Wei Xun has begun to take shape!

Thanks to the white wolf king.

Wei Xun led a pack of wolves to howl here, which caused many wolves to howl, and the sound of the wolf should match the sound of the wolf, which is not only the nature of the wolves, but also the purpose of Wei Xun. They were led by Wei Xun to howl to the effect that “clan wolves, come on, there are many big enemies!”

So they howled and howled, and some new wolves were cheated. They wanted to jump directly onto Wang BA’s shell and eat it, but they were all knocked down by Wei Xun, convinced and obedient. They honestly stood where the magic snail couldn’t spray and howled, attracting snow waves to attack Wang BA’s shell.

Those magic snails hidden under the bastard’s shell fought back vigorously at first. Later, when they saw the snow waves, they couldn’t hurt them. The wolves refused to go up. They simply didn’t spit magic arrows. After all, it also consumed magic Qi.

The giant bastard shell is also a special demon. It wants to walk. Unfortunately, it moves too slowly and piles thick snow on its back. It can’t walk. In the end, he just stayed where he was.

More convenient for wolves to pile snow on it.

Wei Xun took the opportunity to jump on the solidity of the snow. With half an hour’s effort, he could kill three or four demons alone, but when Wei Xun called so many wolves, he only made half a “big snowball”

He was quite satisfied with the speed. The next thing he thought about was how to make the ‘snowball’ roll up.

“Ouch –”

“Ow, ow, ow –”

The wolf was not made of iron. He howled for half an hour to dry Wei Xun’s throat. He simply ate the snow and chewed, but he heard a long, familiar wolf howl in the distance.

“Ouch –”

Huh? The sound is a little familiar?

Wei Xun didn’t have enough experience as a wolf in the end. He didn’t have time to recognize it, but the wolves he brought were very excited. Some of them were lying with their eyes closed and howling, but now they stood up and howled excitedly, and some of them had to charge Wang Bahu again. Wei Xun stood up and walked back with his tail.

It’s the white wolf king.

Wei Xun thought about it, but he heard the howling in the distance longer and longer, with worry in it.

Wei Xun translated it. The wolf howl probably means’ where’s the wolf – is the wolf okay ‘

“Ouch — ouch, ouch –”

The wolves on Wei Xun’s side were so excited that they almost wagged their tails like dogs. “They stretched their necks and howled passionately,” here — the wolf is here — the wolf is okay — ”


The other party shouted briefly to the effect that “shut up!”


One after another, the wolf howls suddenly stopped, and the wolves on Wei Xun’s side stopped crying, but their eyes were a little confused. The leader asked them first. Where are they? How can they shut up.

Wei Xun thought it was interesting. If he hadn’t really killed the wolf, he couldn’t hear that there were so many emotional meanings in the wolf howl. After a while, Wei Xun continued his research. He held a giant snowball and found that he couldn’t hold it with all his strength. Compared with the snowball, he was like a sesame seed on a sesame cake.

Although the location is good, Wei Xun is not satisfied. He wants to push the giant snowball to the entrance of the canyon. Wei Xun took the wolves around him to another station and began to howl again, making all the snow waves hit one point. But the bastard’s shell was as stable as Mount Tai, and it was not pushed at all.

Strength is still not enough.

“Ouch –”

As soon as they shouted, the white wolf king in the distance began to howl again, which still meant “where’s the wolf – is the wolf okay?”. This time, the wolves dared not respond blindly, but Wei Xun was moved. If you can call the white wolf king to lift the snow waves, it should be enough to push the snowball.

“Ouch –”

Wei Xun answered loudly, and the tune changed three times to the effect that “the wolf is here – the wolf is not good – the wolf comes quickly.”

The other wolves did not know why the little white wolf was so bold and dared to return to the wolf king’s howl. However, at the next moment, I heard the white wolf king’s short, anxious howl:

“Here comes the wolf!”


How can this be treated differently.

Even if he got the white wolf king’s “Ying Weixun”, he was not idle. Wei Xun directly took out the skull of the white wolf king and put it on the top of his head. The skull is not complete and lacks the mandible. Wei Xun wears it just right, like a wolf bone hat.

Wei Xun felt that a powerful force had passed from the wolf king’s skull to his body. It was not an illusion. He glanced at it and found that the wolves nearby retreated a few steps. In the wolf’s eyes, there was a mixture of respect and confusion. It seemed that he didn’t understand how the little white wolf had the smell of the wolf king.

Wei Xun cleared his throat and tried to howl. Suddenly, he was surprised to find that there was more energy in his howling, but the snow waves raised by his wolf were hundreds of times larger than his wolf, and even the giant bastard’s shell was washed down. The magic snails hiding below thought he was going to overturn the bastard’s shell, which was stimulated to surge out hundreds of magic Qi and turned into magic arrows to attack Wei Xun!

Wei Xun felt that countless evil spirits were entangled like hemp flowers, which was delicious, and he was ready to move. He hasn’t had supper today… If Wei Xun is too close to avoid, he opens his mouth slightly——


Wei Xun, who opened his mouth and waited for dinner, was directly hit by a huge force and even exaggerated to fly out. He saw a huge wolf with blood all over him falling from the sky like a superman. When he bumped into Wei Xun, he faced hundreds of magic arrows and roared angrily.


The earth shook, the snow rolled over, and huge snow waves surged up. Like a huge palm, they directly fanned the bastard’s shell, and turned it over!

Magic snails stuck inside the bastard’s shell and lifted up to reveal their fragile body:?!

Several magic arrows of the escaped fish hit the white wolf king, but he didn’t even step back. His muscles were tight. He wanted to jump in and kill. This step was caught by Wei Xun. That won’t work!

In a hurry, he bit the white wolf king’s tail in the field and directly hit the white wolf king’s hind leg because of excessive impulse.


Without mercy, the white wolf king turned his head and yelled seriously, asking the little white wolf not to make trouble. But the tip of his nose just touched a hard and cool bone, which was the skull of the white wolf king on Wei Xun’s head. Smelling the familiar smell, the white wolf king was stunned, and then his eyes softened slightly when he looked at the little white wolf, but Wei Xun didn’t care about the change of the white wolf king’s mood. He stopped the White Wolf queen from howling, and the snow wave was fanned on the king’s shell.

Those magic snails were stuck to this huge protective shell and couldn’t leave. They were already flustered and frightened. They wanted to turn over the king’s shell again. With their help, Wei Xun’s snow waves succeeded in turning over all the king’s shells.

“Woo, woo, woo.”

Wei Xun obediently touched the kiss of the white wolf king, pretended to worship and muttered to the effect that “the wolf (King) is so strong, the wolf wants to learn to cry”, trying to coax the white wolf king to cry again. He also tried to offer to the white wolf king, trying to make the wolf king feel friendly with the white wolf king’s skull on his head.

The white wolf king looked deep into his eyes. I wonder if he understood Wei Xun’s meaning. The wolf howled again, set off snow waves and knocked over the king’s shell. The frightened snails were exposed again. Before they panicked again, the snow waves set off by Wei Xun came again to help them turn over again.

Then the white wolf king Xuelang slapped them and knocked them over.

Magic snail:?

After going back and forth several times, the giant snowball rolled more and more round, and Wei Xun finally “pushed” it to the entrance of the canyon.

Just as Wei Xun predicted, the snow will automatically wrap the demon. When they push it, the demon rolled into the snowball is unknown. The snowball is too big to avoid. Once it rolls up quickly, it’s even harder to hide.

But from the top to the bottom, there are layers of undulating snow beams in the canyon, and the slope from the entrance to the exit of the canyon is not inclined enough, and the giant snowball is likely to get stuck in less than half.

“In the future, some eat, but in the future, they don’t have to eat. They break the snowball, and they don’t have to eat.”

On his way over, Wei Xun quietly put the blood ladybug into the giant snowball. The arrested blood Ladybug obeyed a lot. Wei Xun said that he took back the fox cub and fed blood. The connection between them deepened. On the way to kill the devil, the blood Ladybug was equally hungry and excited when he saw the devil corpse, but he only passed on the consciousness of “hunger” to Wei Xun and dared not bite back for the time being.

The huge snowball swayed downward because as soon as the blood Ladybug went in, the magic snails were scared and all crowded to the side of the mountain.

“Ouch -” go away.


The blood Ladybug who got the command immediately released a terrible smell and scared the magic snails to climb, but they stuck to the bastard’s shell and where they could climb, just under the urging of their strength in the same direction.

The giant snowball that is about to fill the whole Canyon roars and rolls down!


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