TTG Chapter 112

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 112: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (55)

So much snow piled up in the holy mountain, it is no longer an ordinary snowball wrapped around the demon corpse. It is so huge that when it rolls, the earth vibrates violently and rumbles like an earthquake.

At first, the giant snowball rolled slowly, but when it really rolled up, it became a destructive force, and all the snow waves and gullies were flattened. No demon could face the giant snowball rolled over with infinite momentum, and even the thick fog rushed away!

“Ow – ow -” snowball, get out of the way!

Wei Xun ran after the giant snowball and the wolf howled to remind other wolves. The straight snow rolled by the giant snowball was very easy to run. Wei Xun ran as fast as flying. The snow wolf king ran next to him. The wolf king was very steady and did not remind the wolves.

Wei Xun looked at the wolves who had no time to escape or were struggling with the demons. He found that when the giant snowballs were crushed, they turned into ice and snow, and then turned into wolves again after the snowballs rolled away. After knowing that the snow would not harm the wolves, Wei Xun stopped howling and killed the demon army who ran into the snow with the white wolf king.

The snow tools summoned by the wolves have the characteristics of adhering to magic Qi. Most demons in the place where the giant snowball rolls over are “sticking away”, and the rest are the most powerful demons. Even after they are run over by the snowball, they are dizzy, frightened and lost their mind. It’s better to kill them.

Other wolves frightened by the power of the giant snowball also began to attack the demons crushed by the snowball. However, when the wolves began to hunt down the demon, Wei Xun didn’t kill him. He stepped on the snow mountain stones and jumped onto the snow mountain where he had ambushed at the beginning, living near the canyon.

 the valley flooded by milky white fog is obvious  let’s take a ‘clean’ run until the end of the canyon.

The giant snowball rolled all the way to devour too many demons. The volume of the snowball continued to grow. In the end, it was even wider than the canyon and directly slammed into the mouth of the canyon. The whole Canyon shook like a jump, and the snow beside the giant snowball shook and fell in a circle, with a lot of small volume.

There are no magic corpses in the falling snow – they all disappear.

The survival ability of demons is very strong. Most demons wrapped in giant snowballs do not die, but they are squeezed by hundreds of tons of snow and are completely unable to move. All the blood ladybugs in the snowball are killed.

[Kill 500 demons] project has been completed!

The prompt sound of the hotel sounded in Wei Xun’s ears, but Wei Xun didn’t care at all. The majestic White Wolf looked up and seemed to be roaring, but Wei Xun burped.

The blood Ladybug kills the devil and devours all the magic Qi. Give it to Wei Xun. He only eats the corpse and doesn’t want these magic Qi.

Wei Xun felt like raising a pelican. He generously allowed the blood Ladybug to deal with the corpses of those demons – but in fact, these demons had long died in the past. They were more like a virtual shadow formed by powerful magic blessings.

After the blood Ladybug excitedly gave the evil Qi to Wei Xun, he was shocked and found that all the bodies he killed had disappeared!

‘poop poop poop poop poop poop poop poop poop poop poop poop poop poop poop poop poop

A series of rapid bursts sounded, and Wei Xun rolled again at the request of the blood ladybug.

This was what he had planned. When he looked at the whole situation, Wei Xun could see the battlefield better. At one time, only a few demons were swallowed by the giant snowball. Those powerful demons were just dizzy for a moment and did not pull into the snowball. More importantly, skeleton demons array blocked in front of the giant snowball. More than 100 demons jumped onto the giant snowball and kept cutting off the snow with magic Qi.

The dense fog converged again at a very fast speed, and in the twinkling of an eye, the fog surged like a sea of clouds in the canyon.


Wei Xun ordered  the giant snowball that had not moved rolled again. The first ones to run into the snowball were the demons who jumped on the snowball. Unlike the first round of rolling down the slope, this time the giant snowball is “Climbing”, but the speed is still not slow.

As long as the blood Ladybug changes direction, nearly a thousand magic snails in the king’s shell in the giant snowball will be squeezed to the other side. The instinctive fear makes them crazy to stay away from the blood ladybug, and the magic spirit is strong. The giant snowball rolls rapidly again.

On the snowball, the wolves scattered behind the snowball to kill demons, but soon they felt the familiar Earth Shock and rumble.

See a giant snowball running over you, wolves:?

Except that the white wolf king jumped up the mountain wall in advance to avoid the giant snowball, other wolves crushed the snowball into snow cakes. Wei Xun directly asked the blood Ladybug to make ten rounds first. He put Mantis No. 1 and No. 2 in it and asked them to help roll and swallow some magic Qi. In Xiaocui’s suggestion, mantis No. 1 and No. 2 scored with 100 insect eggs produced by Xiaocui and bee eggs obtained from bee.

Xiaocui doesn’t have enough energy in her body and can’t produce complete magic insect eggs. However, if these inferior magic insect eggs can absorb sufficient magic Qi, they can also spontaneously supplement energy and become complete magic insect eggs. Those magic bee eggs lost some vitality after being carried by the mother bee and the child bee, and just followed.

No one knows that the flawless white giant snowball has become the happy ball of Weixun magic bug. Wei Xun no longer pays attention to the giant snowball. He follows several strong magic gas points he observed on the snow peak and kills him.

Giant snowballs stick away low-level demons. Those high-level powerful demons still have to be killed by him. Some high-level demons are so powerful that they have almost reached the level of demonic shadow. The demonic Qi of these demons is firm. Even if the giant snowball rolls past, it can’t stick away, but it’s easy for Wei Xun to bite!

Wei Xun’s attack method is different from that of a serious wolf. He doesn’t bite his neck and doesn’t kill himself at once. He is more flexible and cunning. He doesn’t slip away like a loach. Every time he rushes over with the snow and waves, he bites and evacuates. At first, he seems to fall into the wind and hit by cruel demons, but the situation will soon reverse.

The demon was frightened and found that every bite of the evil spirit bitten by the little white wolf was tied up, and the evil spirit bitten by it would not return to him, but all disappeared directly!

But the little white wolf who swallowed so much evil spirit did not weaken like other wolves, and finally turned into a handful of snow. The more energetic the Vietnam War was!

The thick fog covered everything. Wei Xun was very happy to kill. The three color devil flame flew with him.

The black demon flame hides in Wei Xun’s shadow and assassinates the demon that attacked him. After absorbing the magic Qi, the purple magic flame turns into a variety of magic objects, or lures or sneaks into the enemy and makes a sneak attack inside.

 when Wei Xun bit a demon to escape, the red magic flame catapulted like a fire bullet, burned it on the demon and baked it into the flavor Wei Xun loved.

He killed as fast as Wei Xun, even more cleanly. It is extremely smart and focuses on killing demons that are large and may affect the rolling of the snowball. The snow wolf’s fur can resist the attack of magic gas, and the snow wolf’s claws and teeth can tear up and purify the magic gas. The most important thing is that the snow wolf king is decisive in killing and killing. He is killed every time. Unlike Wei Xun, who eats while killing, he is even faster.

After the giant snowball rolled back and forth ten times, the canyon filled with more than 10000 demon troops was cleaned up. Only a few powerful demons and flying demons were still struggling. Wei Xun ate the whole wolf round and bulging, but he didn’t lose his reason because of the happy fight. On the contrary, with the reduction of demons, Wei Xun became more and more vigilant.

He was acutely aware that the fog around him was thicker and the color changed. The fog, which was as white as milk, was now stained with some unknown scarlet. Wei Xun could feel that the scarlet color was unknown, and the evil spirit melted into the thick fog was just emerging from the demon corpse!

The snow was too late to swallow the purified magic gas. All the demon corpses killed by the wolves floated with an evil scarlet magic atmosphere. The light red thick fog made the wolves restless – just a little restless.

After all, most of the evil spirits are “purified” by nature’s cleaners – Wei Xun and evil insects. Only a few evil corpses killed by wolves have no time to eat and waste.

“Ouch –”

“Ouch –”

The restless wolf howl suddenly sounded from the entrance of the canyon, rarely accompanied by sadness and uneasiness. When Wei Xun arrived, he saw that all the surviving wolves gathered at the entrance of the canyon and were surrounded.

But although they were angry and their ears exploded forward, they did not attack. The wolves were restless and wandering. When they saw Wei Xun coming, they made way for him.

Wei Xun’s performance in battle won the respect of the wolves.

When he came to the front, he found the white wolf king standing there. He stood straight like a snow sculpture, with a firm look. A group of soldiers confronted each other.

The package is not so much a soldier as a magic weapon for magic gas pollution control.

Demonized elephant warrior.

They are firm and resolute, their eyes are numb, there are terrible demonization marks on their black and red faces, and there is a raging demonic killing intention in their eyes, occasionally flashing a trace of pain and unyielding. These soldiers are controlled by evil Qi, but the devil cunningly doesn’t demonize them completely.

As long as they are not completely demonized, they are not demons. In the eyes of wolves, they are companions and comrades in arms.

The wolves guarding the snow mountain will not attack their companions, but) the demon controlled elephant male soldiers raise their bows and arrows to them.


Hundreds of bowstrings vibrated and arrows rained on the wolves. The wolves instinctively fled, but the white wolf king didn’t step back. He kept at the entrance of the canyon, and the wolf howled and set off snowy waves.

However, the snow waves that could withstand the evil Qi and arrows seemed powerless when facing the arrows of Zhang Xiong. Although the snow wall of the white wolf king blocked most of the arrows, the arrows shot by the first several Zhang Xiong warriors were shining with gold. They were the arrows blessed by the sacrifice. They should have been shot at the magic army, but now they were easy to break through the snow fog and shoot at the white wolf king.

 the white wolf king still stands where he is, because once he avoids, the arrows will hurt the wolves behind him. It blows like a whirlwind made of snow and hits the arrow. Either it bites or its claws fall. But one round of arrows didn’t stop, and another round came. Several arrows directly shot at the skull of the white wolf king!

“Ouch –”

“Ouch –”

Death threats make wolves howl. They set off heavy snow waves, but they are not aimless attacks in the past. ) the snow waves brought by Wei Xun cleverly let the snow waves concentrate in one direction. Unexpectedly, they wanted to wrap the Xiangxiong soldiers in the snow.

If you can’t attack, you’ll trap them. The thinking of the wolves may not think of this. They just instinctively imitate the strong and the practice of Wei Xun!

The heavy snow stuck to the elephant male soldiers, blinded their sight, and formed a thick snow wall in front of them. The situation suddenly eased. But the white wolf king didn’t hide behind the snow wall. He jumped directly onto the wall. The wolf eyes stared at the rear of the elephant male soldiers and screamed anxiously.

“Ouch – ouch –”

“Where is the wolf – the wolf comes back -”

Wei Xun shook the wolf’s ears and ignored the call of the white wolf king. In the confrontation between the white wolf king and the demonized elephant male soldiers, he quietly circled behind him. How long is the square formed by more than 500 Xiangxiong soldiers? Wei Xun saw them all the way with ferocious faces and blue veins on their forehead, especially several big generals.

However, when their eyes became clear again, the white fog penetrated into their seven orifices. The white fog rolled like more than 500 people smoking together. In a flash, their eyes were chaotic again. Wei Xun could see clearly.

When he rolled the snowball before, he found that the fog would dissipate where the snowball rolled. Snow absorbs magic Qi, fog) snow absorption shows that it is not a normal fog, but a manifestation of magic Qi.

Now the demon army in the canyon is almost finished, but the fog demon will not appear yet, which is unreasonable.

… maybe the fog devil will always be there.

Wei Xun knew it in his heart. How to deal with the fog demon general, or even kill him, Wei Xun had a plan in mind.

He approached an elephant warrior and stood up. Although he is not as big as the snow wolf king, he can hold his shoulder when he stands up. Wei Xun noticed the direction of the white fog. When Zhang Xiong warrior’s eyes were confused, his body was full of atomized magic gas, and more points would make him completely demonized. Wei Xun stood still.

When the ZhangXiong soldier’s eyes were clear, he was atomizing the magic Qi. After he had purified himself, Wei Xun observed several times and found the law. When the eyes of the elephant male soldier in front of him returned to his reason again and saw the White Wolf face to face with him, the elephant male soldier showed worried and anxious eyes, as if worried about the White Wolf’s injury and urged him to go quickly.

Then he saw the White Wolf open his mouth like a tiny Samoye and spit evil gas at him.

ZhangXiong Soldier:??

The eyes of Zhang Xiong’s soldiers returned to ferocity and chaos again.

Wei Xun had a surplus of magic Qi just now. Except for the blood ladybug, other magic insects also ate their stomachs and couldn’t eat any more. Never waste food. Wei Xun simply sent the excess magic Qi into the crystal in the fox cub’s belly.

The crystal that can perfectly seal the magic gas can be directly used as a magic gas storage bottle for Wei Xun. These magic gases have been circulated from Wei Xun or magic insects, and are infected with the smell of Wei Xun, which can be said to be Wei Xun’s magic gas.

In this way, Wei Xun, who can’t alienate his form and use his own magic Qi, has an alternative magic Qi use skill. His magic Qi is as hidden as him, quietly invades the brain of the elephant warrior, and finds a white magic Qi crystal here.

It is it that attracts the white fog magic gas into the elephant male soldiers and controls their actions. Wei Xun’s magic Qi revolved around for two times to make sure that it was just the simplest magic crystal that repeatedly executed the command set in advance, without the consciousness of fog Magic general. As long as the magic gas crystal is not destroyed, it will not be found.

After confirming these, Wei Xun’s black magic spirit carefully circled around the white magic crystal, just like weaving a layer of black sweater. Soon, the white magic crystal glowed, and then attracted countless white fog magic gas. These magic gas will enter the white magic crystal first, and then pour into the whole body of the elephant male soldier. This time, some of them were stained with slightly invisible ink.

After doing this, it’s easy to follow. Wei Xun didn’t have to lie on his shoulders any more. As long as he walked through the team of ZhangXiong soldiers, soon, the ZhangXiong soldiers were still fierce and confused in their eyes, but the magic gas of Hu was light black. But the ink color was too light and mixed in the influx of white magic fog, so it could not be seen clearly.

When other white fog magic Qi gradually dissipated and purified by the elephant male soldiers, these light dark magic Qi melted into the vast white fog.

Wei Xun found that he was better at using magic Qi, as if he was born with it. He can even finely control to make his magic Qi particles stick to the magic fog and maintain the closest distance that the fog devil will not notice.

Is he stronger, or will the fog demon be too weak? No, neither.

It’s the rank of his evil Qi itself.

Wei Xun can clearly feel that his power is weak, and his magic Qi can be hidden in the magic fog because of his higher level.

Even in their infancy, demons like you have advantages over their lower demons. That’s it.

Wei Xun wants to know what his alienation looks like and why he becomes stronger – is it because he has heard * * whispers?

In any case, it is of great help to him.

“Ouch – ouch –”

[alas, does Wei Xun want to awaken the demonized elephant hero warrior?]

The wolves set off layers of snow waves. The confrontation between the demonized elephant male soldiers has lasted for a long time. In this confrontation, a young white wolf is active in the front line.

Worried about the affectionate wolf howl, he braved the arrow rain to keep approaching the demonized elephant male soldiers and blew snow on them, but refused to bite them. All this proves that the white wolf is making every effort to awaken the demonized elephant warrior.

His efforts moved him. Unfortunately, what the white wolf did was useless. Those Xiangxiong soldiers were still unmoved and mercilessly attacked it. Several times he nearly got hurt. The white wolf king roared at him like a reproach, and took the white wolf by the neck to press it behind him, but nothing could stop the white wolf from rushing to the front and continuing his efforts.

[it’s hard. It’s easy for Wei Xun to kill demons, but it’s not easy to purify Xiangxiong soldiers]

[yes, how can white fog kill]

The audience who observed carefully in the live studio can find that the white fog is the direct reason to control the demonized elephant male soldiers, but they did not completely become demons. They still kept their reason and struggled in despair, which is very difficult.

[can you put snow in the mouth of Zhang Xiong soldiers?]

[how much is needed, not to mention that Wei Xun can’t even get close to them now. How can he plug snow?]

[I guess the task item should be to purify the ZhangXiong soldiers without harming them]

[it’s hard to do. It’s more than 500. Purify the past one by one to get monkey years and horses]

[there’s not much time left for Wei Xun. You see, the thick fog in the canyon is gradually turning black and red. I’m afraid the fog devil will come soon]

[this fog demon will not be a good thing. Before, the demon army killed so many people. It didn’t come. Instead, it absorbed their evil Qi after death]

[if the fog devil will go directly to the original body and crush the whole audience, Wei Xun and the wolves won’t have to fight. The assessment task can’t be so simple. The devil assigned to Wei Xun should be extremely greedy and selfish]

[regardless of the death and injury of the demon army, the more wolves kill the demon army, the more he wants. In this way, the fog demon will be able to absorb the evil Qi after the death of the demon army and expand his body

[even if the wolves kill all the demons, he absorbs the demonic Qi, and the whole Canyon is shrouded in thick fog, the wolves will not survive]

[Wei Xun has to leave the battlefield in front of the fog demon general! He killed so many demons. It’s time to complete one task. Don’t be greedy at this time!]

[if we wait for the fog devil to become powerful, Wei Xun will be finished!]

“Purification? Hiss, No. ”

Watching the live broadcast, Wang pengpai said to himself, “why doesn’t Wei Xun use a snowball anymore?”

As long as the giant snowball rolls over and wraps the ZhangXiong soldiers, and then uses the purification characteristics of snow to slowly eliminate the magic gas in the ZhangXiong soldiers, Wang pengpai doesn’t believe Wei Xun.

“If you don’t help, return the white wolf king.”

The elephant male soldiers covered by the snow waves raised by the white wolf king are obviously much slower to soak the white fog than other elephant male soldiers, and stay awake longer. As long as Wei Xun leads the white wolf king to lift all the Xiangxiong soldiers, they can’t lift them several times at a time, and their magic Qi will be gradually purified.

As long as you are willing to think about it, there are always more ways than difficulties. This is not a journey without solutions.

The problem is that in Wang pengpai’s eyes, Wei Xun clearly doesn’t want to purify Xiangxiong soldiers!

He even rushed to bite each other’s mouth several times when the white wolf king was impatient and wanted the wolf to howl and set off snow waves.


Wang pengpai was frightened and thought that it was lucky that Wang Yushu left, otherwise he would like to edit these clips.

When Wei Xun was not elected as the white wolf king after he entered the assessment task, Wang pengpai began to doubt the identity of the white wolf king.

He has a deeper understanding of the hotel. For example, Wang pengpai can guess one or two identities of Wei Xun in this task, and these identities are not difficult to guess.

After completing the first two scenic spots, Wei Xun is bound to get the package, the kingdom of ZhangXiong, the package, the articles closed by the priest, and the title of wild soul, which is closely related to the snow leopard.

Therefore, Wei Xun will either become a soldier of Zhang Xiong or a sacrifice to the army. If he deals with the fog demon general, according to legend, he may also become the white wolf king. Wei Xun received magic fire in Xiaolin temple. Magic fire was originally the great devil of chabalaren. He also had a very small probability of becoming a member of the magic army.

But although he became a white wolf and had a high status, he did not become the wolf king. Wang pengpai guessed a few points as soon as he thought about it.

Unless an Xuefeng goes on a mission with him, it won’t be like this.

If you follow the serious task, Wei Xun, cuocha Lama and snow leopard should deal with three magic generals respectively. According to the Scriptures, Wei Xun should deal with fog magic generals, snow leopard should deal with rainstorm magic generals, and Lama should deal with strong wind.

Wei Xun played so well that he completely exceeded the difficulty of the journey. The difficulties set by the hotel are less difficult than him, so there is no significance to train passengers. Therefore, the existence of assessment task is not only to assess Wei Xun’s ability, but also to weaken his help.

Wei Xun himself is strong enough and sudden enough. Isn’t it necessary to add lamas and snow leopards to heaven?

Therefore, it is estimated that the wrong Lama and snow leopard will die or be seriously injured. The body of cuocha Lama is turned into a diamond, and his soul is almost full. If he can seal the devil again, it is estimated that he will not die in the hands of the wind devil.

That’s the damn snow leopard.

But snow leopard is an Xuefeng!

Of course, he hides well, and the hotel can’t find him. He should be sent to the storm devil.

He will be in the same assessment with Wei Xun, which is purely a contractual relationship between them.

An Xuefeng can change many kinds of animals, from the wild soul to the son of nature to the great Druid. He has fully mastered more than ten kinds of wild animals. Special animals such as the white wolf king and the snow leopard can also change into five kinds. This is why an Xuefeng is picky and only chooses the five strongest ones: sea, land, air, cold zone and tropical zone.

However, in recent years, an Xuefeng has basically not changed during the journey. His spirit has reached the point that even if he becomes a beast, he will be polluted during the journey. Therefore, except for the inside of the return brigade, he will become a beast and know nothing.

“Darling, it’s hard to tell you that * * is really with Wei Xun…”

Wang pengpai was skeptical before, but now he believes in seven or eight points.

Seeing that the white wolf king repeatedly provoked Wei Xun, but suppressed his irritability and anger, Wang pengpai couldn’t help but read a sentence of Amitabha.

“Amitabha, bless Wei Xun to see Mao Xiaole and Lushu orange, bless…”

Something suddenly occurred to him.

If Wei Xun finds the snow leopard he took good care of all the way, in the assessment task, the snow wolves he has bitten repeatedly are all “Wang” and “an Xuefeng”

Wei Xun won’t be angry, will he?

He has always treated the snow leopard as a beast. You know, this is

No, if you don’t know it’s an Xuefeng, I’m afraid you’ll feel excited and honored, but Wei Xun

Wei Xun

Wang pengpai’s heart is so bottomless!

“Amitabha, bless Wei Xun to see an team.”

Wang pengpai prayed piously: “I hope those □□ guide cubs don’t make trouble. Sister Xiaole orange will stop them in advance so that team an won’t have to do anything.”

If there is no guide at the end of the line, and they and Wei Xun can pick it up smoothly, it’s all easy to say.

If the tour guide dares to rob the car and guard at the end, he will kill Wei Xun, which will lead an Xuefeng to change from a leopard in advance

Wang pengpai shivers. Seeing that the white wolf king in the live broadcast can’t bear it and bites the little white wolf, somehow, this intimate picture makes Wang pengpai see Gu be’s sadness.

* *

When the white wolf king bites in anger again, Wei Xun knows that he provoked it. But Wei xunhun doesn’t care – can the white wolf king’s bite be regarded as a bite? At best, it can only be regarded as a bite.

Wei Xun paid more attention to the fog in the sky. With the passage of time, the fog full of the canyon became thicker and thicker, which had changed from pure white to black and red. The visibility around was very low. Although the snow on the earth could absorb the magic gas, it was just a drop in the bucket. Where there was no magic fog, it was only from the ground to the wolf’s thigh. Wei Xun couldn’t even see the upper body of the white wolf king.

Nearly half of the wolves lay down and couldn’t breathe. They stayed in the magic fog for too long and were eroded by the magic Qi. The magic gas is extremely polluting and aggressive. Even the holy magic tools will eventually pollute the magic gas a little. Therefore, if the magic army is caught in a protracted war, it will definitely suffer in the end.

But the wolves can’t leave. They want to prevent the elephant male soldiers from entering the canyon and protect the snow mountains, land and companions, which is engraved in their instinct. Fog demon will be extremely cunning. Only five hundred demonized elephant male soldiers will drag the wolves into the situation of chronic death.

This made Wei Xun feel that the death of the demon army was deliberately caused by the fog demon general, and it was his intention.

Otherwise, why did you let the 500 elephant male soldiers come after the demon army was almost destroyed? Don’t let them fight?

Even before, there were a few flying demons in mid air, but after the thick fog turned black and red, those demons didn’t move any more.

Either the magic fog hides its body shape or it eats it silently.

From this, we can infer the character of the fog demon general.

“Woo, woo…”

Wei Xun set off snow waves and covered the wolves infected by evil Qi. Seeing this, the white wolf king loosened his clothes and howled. With only one blood wave, all the wolves were covered. Whether lying or standing wolves, they were like a snow house on the ground.

The earth is snow-white and thick fog is black and red. There are only white wolf king and Wei Xun standing against 500 demonized elephant male soldiers.

The dense fog covered everything. Although Wei Xun could not see the expression of the white wolf king, he could hear his increasingly low roar – the white wolf king was different from other wolves. If the elephant male soldiers attacked them again, he would really kill these elephant male soldiers regardless of his primitive instinct.

Wei xunliu tasted magic fog… It felt almost enough.

“Ouch –”

He gave a long roar, and the earth shook and roared again. The giant snowball that stopped at the end rolled again. The magic snails and bastard shells in the snowball were all consumed. Only the blood Ladybug was pushing the ball. Although it was a magic insect, it had no magic gas on the surface and would not be consumed by snow. At the moment, the blood ladybug’s mood is full of anger and Madness – killing so many demons that he doesn’t even have a body!

It! Hungry!

Angry  it’s incredibly fast just because it’s a worm rolling the snowball, but this time the giant snowball doesn’t roll bigger and bigger. In the killing of the black and red devil fog  it rolls smaller and smaller, and only  and  is left in just a few seconds!

Right now!

The snowball suddenly burst open. Under Wei Xun’s control, the back armor of the blood Ladybug was separated, and two glittering and light red membrane wings were exposed – of course, the ladybug can fly! The humble blood Ladybug directly drilled into the thick fog, and the fog surged and surged for a moment, and the deafening roar was like thunder.

“What are you?”

Wei Xun can understand that the thunderous roar is some kind of magic language! The blood Ladybug should have eaten Wei Xun back, but the lurking terror around him made the blood Ladybug recognize him. He called all his rage and ferocity on the thick fog. Suddenly, the sound of rain came, and there was a blood rain in the thick fog!

“Who are you?”

The roar of thunder followed, and the fog devil would be shocked and angry. Demons don’t have as many fancy means as “parallel”. The most advanced attack method is to devour and pollute each other. The thick fog is all caused by the fog devil. The thick fog turns into blood rain, which is polluted by the magic gas of the blood ladybug. He must bear the pain to give up that part of the magic gas, otherwise the pollution will spread gradually!

“Damn it, damn it –”

The fog devil will be furious. A thick fog wraps around the blood ladybug. At the same time, more magic fog rushes to the elephant male soldiers to turn them directly into demons!

But before the thick fog invaded, the Xiangxiong soldiers spit black magic gas from their seven orifices. The magic crystal in their brain directly crushed and spit out the magic gas from their head, and even went against it. They invaded into the thick fog and began to pollute!

‘truce, truce! You can’t attack me at this time. You don’t obey the devil’s rules! ”

Death, devil, what rules.

Wei Xun let the blood Ladybug and his magic spirit play freely. He and the white wolf king tore and killed the magic fog together. The angry magic fog no longer completely disappeared. The thick fog fell from the sky, wriggling and twisting, like an inverted black and red whip. Two thirds of the black and red whip fiercely pumped at the blood Ladybug and the black devil gas, and the rest attacked Wei Xun and the white wolf king.

The white wolf king, like a white lightning, dodged among countless fog whip. Instead of getting a whip, he tore several whips fiercely, but he didn’t drop the wind at all. He even had spare strength. Obviously, in the fierce battle, he could move towards Weixun and bite the whip attacking the little white wolf.

But Wei Xun is going in the opposite direction to the white wolf king!

Compared with the calm and fierce white wolf king, his combat experience was obviously insufficient. While fighting fiercely, he was whipped, and his snow-white long hair suddenly turned red with blood. But the little white wolf was even more fierce. Even if he trembled in pain, he also bited the fog drawn to him and tore the enemy to pieces!

Hey, it doesn’t hurt.

Wei Xun is considerate. Even if the black and red fog covers the battlefield and he can’t see his fingers, he pretends to tremble like pain. The white wolf king’s nervous call rang not far away, but Wei Xun ignored it. He was walking in the opposite direction. He was looking for the core of the fog demon general.

The thick fog in the whole Canyon is the magic gas of the fog devil general. It is not like the ghost of the devil Wei Xun encountered before. It is too difficult to purify it completely by eating alone. As long as a wisp of fog escapes, it will not be killed.

The most difficult task in this assessment is to ‘kill the fog demon general’. It’s not difficult to defeat it. Yiwu devil will show his temper and temperament. I’m afraid he will run away for him soon.


It was too difficult for Wei Xun to find the core of the fog devil general in the thick fog covering the whole canyon. He went back and forth countless times. I don’t know how long to find him. Anyway, it was past six o’clock in the morning. Even the number of life adventures was refreshed, but he still didn’t find him.

Wei Xun is trying to force it to escape!

“Ah – I’m so angry, I’m so angry. Wait, wait for the Revenge of the cruel devil! It will crush you and devour you! ”

The blood fog is fading in the roar. It is the fog devil who is ready to escape! It’s really convenient for Wei Xun to understand the devil’s language. Wei Xun felt angry. He gave up the polluted part. The devil fog over the whole Canyon quickly turned into a black and red tornado. The powerful and terrible force seemed to pull up the mountains and tear the earth to pieces. But Wei Xun knew that the origin of the fog demon general was not here.

He occupied the mouth of the gorge ahead of time, which is the way to selenco lake and the seal of the great devil chabalaren. A wisp of scarlet fog floated rapidly, and the fog particles were stained with a little imperceptible black.


At the moment when the fog devil was about to escape, Wei Xun directly launched the adventure. He didn’t care about the results of the adventure. At the moment when the fog devil would stop because of the adventure, the White Wolf roared and set off rolling snow waves. He took off through the snow waves, stepped on the top of the waves and leaped with all his strength!

In less than a second, the original fog had moved again. Wei Xun did not hesitate to throw gold inlaid and silver inlaid skeletons and nine eyed heavenly beads in mid air to limit its moving direction. On the only escape path, Wei Xun smashed the hot stone bricks of Xiaolin temple!

[the hot stone bricks of Xiaolin temple can lock the enemy into Xiaolin Temple (Dreamland) in the fire]

When the stone brick took the fog demon and collected the original fog, Wei Xun called the magic fire, and the three-color flame burst up and poured into the stone brick. Under the cover of magic fire, Wei Xun’s eyes were dark.


When the magic fire burned, the gray white stone brick turned red. I didn’t know that in the magic fog in the stone brick, a little black magic gas expanded instantly like ink drops dropping into the water. It took Wei Xun several hours to secretly mix it with the fog devil. The final killing move of Wei Xun was to make his own magic gas in the magic fog like a hidden poisonous bee dew sting needle!

[you defeat the fog demon general!]

Without the support of snow waves, the White Wolf falling from the air fell to the ground like a white folded wing swan, but when he was about to fall to the ground, a handful of snow waves rose and caught him like a huge palm.

Wei Xun fell into the soft snow. His nose and mouth were full of cold snow and the smell of the white wolf king. He fell a little dizzy, but when he heard the prompt of the hotel to slow down, he showed his satisfied face in the snow.

[you kill the fog demon general!]


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