TTG Chapter 113

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 113: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (56)

When the prompt to kill the fog devil general sounded, Wei Xun’s body turned upside down, and the surging magic gas increased rapidly like a virus in his body. The magic gas was out of control.

He could hear another small angry voice, like the legendary split of personality, but the voice was actually the fog demon general.

This is Wei Xun’s first time to kill demons by means of pollution, which is different from the feeling of swallowing the phantom of demons and eating those demons. The demon gas obtained by pollution is more irritable and crazy. He constantly tries to eat Wei Xun. A large number of broken and chaotic memories flow into Wei Xun’s mind. They have no good intentions and even want to compete for the consciousness of destroying Wei Xun.

The fog devil who was polluted to the core of the source by Wei Xun’s magic gas is not dead. He is still struggling, but his struggle direction is to erode Wei Xun. The moment he was polluted by Wei Xun, he was already judged as “dead” by the hotel.

The “fog demon general” is dead. Even if he succeeds in anti-pollution, Wei Xun will no longer be a fog demon general, but a new type of demon born by mixing two kinds of magic Qi.

The cruel fighting between demons and gases, polluting and swallowing each other, should have been painful. Wei Xun couldn’t feel the fierce pain of the body deformation caused by the struggle of evil Qi in the body and the deformation of the body outside the body. However, the bones were broken, the blood and flesh were abnormal, and the body deformation was so painful.

He sticks to his will and will not be polluted and distorted by the fog devil. At the same time, he still has spare power.

[adventure succeeds! The fog demon will become smart. He realized that it was foolish for him to use thick fog as bait and escape in the opposite direction with his core magic Qi!]

Wei Xun first went to see the adventure tips. After reading them, he was neither laughing nor laughing. No wonder the fog devil will stop for a moment after being adventured. Shi Weixun uses his own magic Qi in the blood Ladybug and the elephant male soldiers to create the illusion that he is surrounded by two big demons, so he leaves a lot of thick fog to confuse the ‘enemy’, and his core magic Qi quietly runs away.

Wei Xun’s adventure made him smart. Fortunately, Wei Xun has many means. He grabs the moment when the fog devil will stop, forces it to move away with various magic tools, and then seals it in the stone brick to stimulate pollution. Otherwise, the smart fog devil will be more difficult to deal with.

Now, the original magic Qi of the fog devil general does not fight Wei Xun. His docility makes him pollute without reducing too much power, which makes the anti pollution erosion of the fog devil general more difficult.

This must be the “smart” fog demon who can turn the corner.

If he resists violently, evil Qi and Wei Xun will spend several times back and forth, and the backfire after being polluted will be much weakened.

If the core is polluted, is it a kill for the demon?

Wei Xun is thinking about this problem. He now depends on his high rank. Even if Wei Xun is weaker than the fog Magic general, as long as he seizes the opportunity to pollute the origin of the fog Magic general, he can only be “killed” by Wei Xun with hatred, and then try to counter pollute Wei Xun.

However, there are people outside the people, and there are days outside the world. If they encounter demons of higher order or even the same level, once the core of Wei Xun is polluted, I’m afraid they will also end up in the fog devil.

Whether pollution can be killed, how should it be killed, and even how to take away the enemy’s body if it can’t protect its own body in the worst situation. For a moment, Wei Xun thought a lot.

We must protect the core.

At the end of this journey, he must find out where the core of his origin is.

It’s better if you can swallow it. After all, there are no side effects when you eat the magic Qi. Wei Xun’s research on pollution is more thorough and reusable.

Boom — boom——

The thundering sound in Wei Xun’s mind is that the fog devil will try to disturb Wei Xun’s soul with a deafening sound. Wei Xun’s spirit is more tenacious with * * experience. Even if it is washed and crushed by the fog devil, it will stand up again and again like a strong bamboo in the wind, which makes the fog devil crazy.

The smart fog devil general is really different. He doesn’t continue to fight hard, but calls those black and red fog like magic Qi. It is reasonable that Wei Xun pollutes the fog devil general, and these magic Qi should have rushed into his body, but if the magic Qi comes in, Wei Xun’s body is likely to change in the direction of the fog devil general, so that the fog devil will be easier to anti pollute him.

Seeing the fog rushing towards him madly, Wei Xun made a decision to use his wild mind.

When the young leopard hid in the snow, the negative state of human form was no longer. The raging demonized fog could not find the attack object. It began to destroy instinctively like the ownerless demonic gas. The earth shook, and the terrible roar was like the roar of wild animals. The whole canyon was roaring.

Even the evil spirit in Wei Xun’s body, which is constantly trying to erode his will, has temporarily stopped, but this is only temporary. Once he becomes a human body, I’m afraid the consciousness of fog devil will come back.

Even if the enemy’s core is polluted, he can’t underestimate the enemy. Although he has become a white wolf in the task, he is still human in nature, so the wild mind can “eliminate the negative state” work.

If he alienates as a tour guide beyond the human category, I’m afraid even the wild mind can’t take effect.

Wei Xun always summed up his experience. The soft snow can support the weight of the snow leopard cub, but the white wolf king’s skull covers it all under it. Wei Xun was choked by the snow and sneezed a few times. When he was about to put away the skull of the white wolf king, he suddenly lightened.

He blinked and saw the white wolf king. The huge white wolf opened his skull and looked at the leopard cub in the snow pit. His eyes were confused. It seemed that he didn’t understand where the little white wolf had gone. But the familiar smell of the leopard cub made the white wolf king pick it up.

It’s a female beast that carries her cubs. The white wolf king has no experience and carries them lightly. Fortunately, Wei Xun is not afraid of pain. Instinctively, he curled up his limbs and held his tail in front of him. The crazy fog and evil spirit are indiscriminate attacks, and the white wolf king has the strongest momentum. Countless falling black and red long whips stare at it to attack, but although the white wolf king holding the leopard cub can’t use his mouth, his claws are equally sharp, and his combat effectiveness has not decreased at all.

He was firmly held by the white wolf king. Looking at those crazy demons, Wei Xun didn’t delay any more and took the money directly.

He pumped out all the magic Qi he had poured into the elephant male soldiers.

[wake up (purify) 500 Zhang Xiong warriors, completed!]

[kill all the magic troops and fog magic generals under the survival of all the members of Zhang Xiong’s army. It’s finished!]

[the assessment task passed perfectly, and you have completed five task objectives in total!]

He directly completed the assessment task, and the illusion of the task was naturally broken!

Wei Xun saw that the ZhangXiong soldiers at the entrance of the canyon woke up. They had to fight against the evil Qi directly with their horizontal swords and bows. Several tall and strong generals led by him strode towards the white wolf king to meet them.

He saw the wolves covered with snow jump up and run to the elephant soldiers to fight side by side with them. There were also many wolves running towards them. They howled like victory, and the wolf howled and set off heavy snow waves.

“Ouch –”

“Ouch –”

The snow waves gradually dissipated, and the giant wolves running in the snow waves gradually turned into fog. The Xiangxiong soldiers who fought bravely with the magic fog entangled with the magic fog and turned into nothingness. The fog in the whole Canyon and the continuous snow mountains on both sides of the canyon dissipated and dissolved like a fog in the sun.

The wolves and ZhangXiong soldiers have long died. They belong to the past, not the present.

There seemed to be one or two lonely wolf howls on the open earth. With a slight click, the white wolf king’s skull fell to the ground, and the huge skull had deep eyes, like a hidden soul.

Wei Xun put the white wolf king’s skull into the fox cub’s belly. Being a wolf this time brought him a profound experience, especially when he lifted the snow against the white wolf king’s skull, Wei Xun felt that he could become a wolf when he went with the wild wolf again.

As for that one, he was very good to him throughout the mission and took care of his white wolf king all the time——

Wei Xun shook his body. The snow leopard cub kicked his legs and waved his claws, but he was stunned that he couldn’t touch the ground. He’s still being held by the white wolf king!

Why is the white wolf king still there?!


The strong wind made the little snow leopard squint. Wei Xun looked at the sound and saw the wrong Lama coming to him in a hurry. The Lama’s soul body is full of scars blown by the wind. I don’t know what cut off a small part of the demon subduing pestle, but even though he has many scars, he still has firm eyes. When he sees that the two beasts are wrong, the Lama is not even stunned, and his eyes fall directly on the little snow leopard.


The earth shaking thunder swallowed up the words behind the Lama. The terrible lightning tore the sky, but the lightning was dark red with an ominous smell. There was a strong magic gas floating in the ensuing strong wind, but the magic gas was not attached to the wind, but the wet water vapor in the air.

Wei Xun glanced and found that there were no more icebergs and snow valleys around, but it was not the barren land before. In front of me was a gray green rough wasteland, with only sparse vegetation and occasional jagged black stones. In the distance is a faint yellow, and then to the outside is the rolling dark mountains, and a snow line can be seen at the top of the mountain in the extreme distance.

Between the wasteland and the dark mountains, there is a vast and gloomy lake.

The cuocha Lama quickly walked to them and looked at the great lake in the distance: “after the demon General of thick fog and strong wind, it is –”

Boom – crackle——

Thunder and lightning broke out one after another to tear the sky, and hail fell from the sky, followed by a storm. The torrential rain poured down like the Sky Lake hanging upside down, and all directions were swallowed up by the torrential rain. In the heavy rain, the magic spirit was heavy, and fell to the ground, making the soil and sand dark and cold.

The human pitanka dressed by the Lama flashed an inviolable pure white light to block the rainstorm full of magic gas. Wei Xun was not caught by the rain, but was blocked by the beast holding him.

“The storm devil will pile beads. She is the daughter of the devil king. She must be doing something more evil without fighting!”

The wrong difference Lama spoke very fast: “rainstorm, devil’s Lake, is the seal accident!”

[di, all staff arrive at the devil’s Lake lincuo in Weiguang Yingfu, please guide Ding Yi…]

The prompt of the hotel sounded, but at the end, it was no longer Wei Xun, the brigade captain, but Ding Yi, the tour guide! Ding, the tour guide, was again and again. Obviously, he saw the last scenic spot and wanted to make a moth when Wei Xun passed the assessment task.

Wei Xun also did not leave his hand, directly strangled Ding Yizhi and turned him into his own puppet. He could have done it more carefully, but Ding Yi is not the most important thing now.

“Woo -”

The treacherous and gloomy sound of the eagle flute sounded behind Wei Xun and cuocha Lama!


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