TTG Chapter 114

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 114: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (57)

[the last scene in northern Tibet, the devil lake and the forest are wrong!]

[along the way, they found that the last descendant of the eagle flute was wrong. He had something to do with the mysterious remnant of ZhangXiong and the cruel sacrifice of killing animals!]

[it is said that he will preside over the primitive and ignorant bloody sacrifice on the Bank of selinco lake to awaken the legendary demon king. As passengers with a strong sense of justice, we are determined to sneak into the sacrificial activities, collect enough evidence and hand it over to the police. Please be careful of your safety!]

The prompt sound of the hotel is gloomy in the storm. When the prompt is over, the unknown Eagle flute sound is clearer, like crying, and the melodious and sharp flute sound is very harsh, which makes people subconsciously upset and cool behind. It is more magical with the sound of thunderstorm.

Wei Xun could see a large and terrible dark magic gas reverberating in the sky, driving the magic atmosphere in the rain column all over the sky. The selinco Lake circled and spread outward, like a thick and dark cumulonimbus cloud in the sky, which was thousands of times stronger than the magic gas of the fog Magic general. Rao Xun only looked at the magic gas. His scalp was numb, his back hair exploded and trembled.

there was another light colored magic gas condensed into a line. With the sound of Eagle flute, it swept from behind Wei Xun and cuocha Lama, drawing the strong dark magic gas in the sky on the distant lake.

“The magic Lake hangs upside down.”

The cuocha Lama gazed at the magic Qi on the lake, and kept reciting the eight character Scripture of Bon. The solemn and solemn Dharma light on him became more and more prosperous. Unexpectedly, the disturbing sound of Eagle flute was discontinuous and distorted.


Wei Xun held the wrong Lama’s hand. At the moment of hearing the sound of the eagle flute, he recovered his human form and quickly put on his clothes. Glancing up at his white wolf king, Wei Xun looked at several dark figures running from the direction of the eagle flute. He rushed to the wrong Lama, shook his head and took out the diamond Lama’s body.

The wrong Lama looked at Wei Xun’s one. Their eyes met. The Lama hesitated. According to Wei Xun’s, his soul got into his body. Only this body can carry the Lama’s powerful soul.

It is strange to say that the human soul is regarded as an inanimate body, but the body with vitality but no soul is regarded as a living body. The hotel has its own standard of judgment. Fortunately, this diamond body does not include all kinds of mummified crystal stones, which is considered in the category of inanimate.

Wei Xun quickly collected pitanka, the demon subduing pestle and the body of the Lama, put on Dingyi’s dark green cloak and hood to hide his expression. Magic insects such as blood Ladybug had quietly dug the earth and hid under Wei Xun’s cloak.

However, in five or six seconds, the sound of splashing and running in the water came from behind, accompanied by the Tibetan language of vigilance and hostility. There were at least five or six people listening to this sound.

“Who is it?”

“Roar -”

The white wolf king roared in a low voice, which was extremely fierce and scared the other party’s voice. Wei Xun keenly heard the “click” sound of pulling the safety bolt. These people have guns in their hands!


Wei Xun made his voice hoarse and low. He suddenly turned around and the golden winged ROC bird badge on his chest glittered with gold. The dark green hood covered his face, revealing only his pale chin. At the moment, Wei Xun’s chin was slightly raised, showing a sense of pride.

“Called by the blood of the great elephant, I came to participate in the sacrifice.”

“Come to the sacrifice?”

These five or six Tibetans in traditional Tibetan robes are tall and brave, with weapons in their hands, and the first one has a gun in his hand. It’s not a native gun □□,  it’s a modern gun. It can’t be obtained by serious means.

They don’t hide in the mountains and plateaus like savages. They have connections with outsiders, and even some people secretly transport guns.

As soon as Wei Xun saw the golden winged ROC bird badge on Wei Xun’s chest, the other party relaxed a lot, but still held a gun and stared at the white wolf king, wary: “what’s the matter? Just now, what’s the farguang here? ”

Disrespect and hostility to the legendary deified white wolf king.

“What are you talking about?”

Wei Xun sneered and condescended in a contemptuous language:

“Don’t you have to bring sacrifices to participate in the sacrifice?”

He stared down at the white wolf king. The white wolf king, who had been wary of confrontation with the Tibetans, had a sharp side head, that is, the wolves in the dark were still ice blue and pure. He looked at Wei Xun for a moment. The white wolf king Jian took a step forward. The wolf’s ears were upright, his neck was thick, and his white hair was covered back. The white wolf king wrinkled up, his lips showed sharp fangs, and his tail was held flat, showing a dangerous state of attack.

When he was a wolf in the whole mission, Wei Xun could roughly understand the meaning of the white wolf king. Obviously, there seems to be a great difference between the enemy and us, but the white wolf king never retreats. As the leader of the team, he takes the lead in breaking up the enemy array and killing the leader. Wei Xun follows him and charges with him, and the enemy will be killed. This is the instinct of the white wolf king!

Kill? You don’t have to.

Wei Xun secretly possessed the fox cub and consumed a large amount of accumulated Yang Qi to improve his strength. Then he squatted down when the white wolf king was unprepared, grabbed the two hind legs of the white wolf king with his right hand and the two front legs of the white wolf king with his left hand. He was so strong that he carried the white wolf king like an anti pig!

White wolf king:??

The white wolf king first struggled instinctively, and Wei Xun was ready. The golden mosquito device sandwiched between his fingers directly absorbed the deficiency of his skin, and the Yang Qi just consumed was immediately replenished. On the surface, the white wolf king, who had been earning money, calmed down gradually after he read a few words and made up a legal decision.

It’s too heavy. A wolf is too heavy.

Wei Xun heart Tucao, but on the surface is standing straight, make complaints about relaxed posture. When he looked at the Tibetans, he saw that these people retreated more than ten steps, and his face was shocked and nervous. When he saw Wei Xun looking at them, he retreated a few steps again, just as he was afraid that he would throw the white wolf king over.

“This is the sacrifice I brought.”

Wei Xun was discontented and took two steps forward: “please take me there, it will delay your time!”

The tourist attractions of the hotel suggest that since it is said that “people are involved in sacrifice”, the sacrificial link is not strict, and these people don’t know each other, they come from different places in the Tibetan area.

Wei Xun has a golden winged ROC bird emblem and the protection of the Elephant Kingdom. Of course, try the latter. Of course, he can also kill the Tibetans in front of him and mix them in with their clothes, but judging from their clothes, the one with a gun at most has a bit of status and wears an iron badge. Obviously, their identity is only enough to patrol the periphery. It is difficult to involve the sacrificial core.

Wei Xun doesn’t like it.

Opportunity insurance.

He succeeded. The Tibetans put away their weapons, apologized respectfully to him, separated two people to hold him in front and walked in the direction of the sound of the eagle flute. Among them is the Tibetan who used to hold a gun. His name is zawang.

Seeing that the white wolf king was resisted by Wei Xun, he had no fierce vitality. After taking a closer look at Wei Xun’s gold winged ROC bird emblem in pure gold on his chest and the gold chain he “inadvertently” revealed from the three floors of the Sutra cave, the Tibetans became more and more respectful and knew everything in Wei Xun’s temptation.

It turned out that they, the remnant of Xiangxiong, did come from all over the Tibetan area, and even sneaked in from abroad. But only people like priests will bring sacrifices. The value of the sacrifices will determine his position in the sacrifice.

The white wolf king is absolutely qualified to be a sacrifice, even if he is super qualified. Even if he is now on Wei Xun’s shoulder, the Tibetans dare not look directly at him. Wei Xun felt that the tip of his cold and moist nose touched his cheek. The white wolf king was less aggressive and more lazy. His body is very heavy and hot, and the heat can even reach Wei Xun’s shoulder and neck through his cloak.

Wei Xun was like carrying a heavy giant heater, even sweating a little hot in the cold rainstorm.

Wei Xun was silent about the white wolf king’s intimacy. The white wolf king didn’t understand Wei Xun’s words. He didn’t have the consciousness of being a “sacrifice”. He was gentle and resisted by Wei Xun. He even wanted to stretch his body and stretch his waist——

The white wolf king’s waist and back are muscular. Even if he is sucked in a lot of Yang, he is still strong and powerful. He is bigger than the world’s largest British Columbia wolf, with a body length of more than two meters. Therefore, when he moves his legs, Wei Xun will hold his lower legs more strongly as a warning to make the white wolf king honest.

In fact, Wei Xun can’t fully grasp the white wolf king’s legs. His hands are not small, but the white wolf king’s legs are not thin, not to mention holding two front legs and two rear legs in one hand. Although it is an exaggeration to say that it is heavier than a pig, the white wolf king at least has fox immortals, and the creatures dominated by power depend on the power of a large number of Yang Qi.

If Yang Qi was not enough, he took it directly from the white wolf king. Wei Xun no longer had any scruples. Unlike the care he had taken towards the snow leopard, he was afraid to waste it. He heard the white wolf king’s long yawn, licked Wei Xun’s hand, and turned back to lick Wei Xun’s cheek.

Wei Xun tilted his head and blocked his hood between him and the white wolf king.

He still said in that arrogant, low voice, “are all the priests here?”

“All the twelve priests came together.”

Zawang respectfully said, and suddenly he frowned.

Wei Xun still carried the white wolf king forward and was secretly ready to do it. The Tibetan people must also want to know that all the twelve priests are here. How can he come out again? There’s something wrong with Ken——

Zawang was tense and hurriedly said “what” to another person in Tibetan. Wei Xun was surprised and pressed the idea of doing it. Sure enough, the man nodded and left in a hurry. Zawang turned back and respected him, but he was a little anxious.

“Dear priest, those evil people who are trying to destroy the sacrifice must tell the Grand Prince as soon as possible!”

[the blessing of the kingdom of ZhangXiong: you will get more luck in matters related to the relics and people of ZhangXiong]

Zawang didn’t suspect Wei Xun, but he suspected others. The eldest prince, it seems that the sacrificial rites, the herald of the eagle flute, are doing well? He wants to wash his blood with the power of the devil? In the name of the prince… Does he still want to restore the ZhangXiong kingdom?

For more than a thousand years since the destruction of the kingdom of Cheung Hsiung, where have so many loyal Cheung Hsiung survivors and Bon priests come to attend the ceremony? Look at this unknown black stone altar. I’m afraid everything is caused by the great demon chabalaren.

“You’re right.”

Wei Xun nodded and quickened his pace: “sacrifice can’t lose. Let’s go quickly.”

They were in a hurry all the way and encountered several checkpoints. Many Tibetans with guns. It can be regarded as heavily guarded. Wei Xun saw that they seriously searched zawang several times, but no one dared to approach Wei Xun. They were very respectful one by one. When one or two Tibetans saw the white wolf king on his shoulder, they knelt down with a frightened face. They couldn’t stop kowtowing, but they were dragged away by the Tibetans with guns.

No longer revere the snow mountain holy beast?

Wei Xun saw it in the book and kept it in his mind. He was led all the way, but he didn’t go straight. There were all kinds of twists and turns. Wei Xun sensed the strong or weak magic spirit. It was clear that they had initially walked in the opposite direction to Selin’s fault, but now they are walking towards the lake. The rainstorm was getting heavier and heavier, but no one held an umbrella to shelter from the rain. Some even deliberately raised their faces and opened their mouths to pick up the rain from the sky.

After walking for a while, they finally reached their destination.

This is a seven storey platform piled up by huge black stones. The bottom layer is nearly 100 meters in diameter. Each layer is about one and a half meters high. It becomes narrower and narrower as it goes up, like a strange pyramid. Obviously, there is no cement, loess and other materials to fill, but the altar is very stable.

Strange ten steps away, there is also a flat wasteland by the lake. You can’t see the altar until you get close. And when we walked near the altar, the rainstorm was much less.

The altar has not been completely built yet. Someone drove a column of yaks carrying black stones and saw Wei Xun and others come to offer gifts. Wei Xun remembered the direction of the sound of the eagle flute. He changed the one who led the way from zawang to one wearing a silver badge and led Wei Xun to rest behind the altar, a large one storey building made of earth and stone.

“Where is the sacrifice?”

Seeing that he always looked at the white wolf king, Wei Xun took the initiative to say. He looked up and saw that the building was built into a beast circle with black stones. There was the smell of various wild animals in it. Even the rainstorm could not wash away the strong smell of blood.

“Put it there?”


The other party hesitated. Wei Xun simply ignored him and walked directly to the animal pen. The passer-by wanted to stop him, but he was frightened and stared by the white wolf king. He was so scared that he sat down in the mud and couldn’t stand up.

Wei Xun went to the enclosure and looked inside. He saw two white yaks, more than ten rock sheep, a small group of wolves, several birds of prey tied with wings, like eagles, and dozens of people trapped. It’s strange that the beasts in the enclosure didn’t attack each other. They lay down like medicine.

When Wei Xun approached, except for the small group of wolves, other wild animals retreated in panic and dared not even neigh. When they moved, the crowd became more numb and powerless. Wei Xun looked at the crowd and saw three acquaintances, Qin Xinrong, Ji Hongcai and Fei Lezhi.

Different from the numb people, they were all careful about their surroundings. When Wei Xun arrived at the animal pen, they looked up inadvertently, and then pretended to be numb and bowed their heads.

Qin Xinrong and Ji Hongcai hide their expressions well, but Wei Xun notices that there is a touch of anger in feilezhi.

Anger? To him? No, for his dark green cloak, Feile thought he was a Ding Yi?

It seems that the three of them are locked up in the animal pen and have nothing to do with Ding Yituo.

Wei Xun left the animal enclosure after he saw it. He arrogantly sneered at the Tibetan guide who was covered with mud and finally caught up with him: “these are also sacrifices? “Put the white wolf in. I’m afraid they’ll be scared to death.”

“Yes, you are right.”

The Tibetans nodded and said tentatively, “you -”

“Let me see which priest is coming.”

The dignified and low Tibetan language sounded. When Wei Xun looked back, he saw more than ten people in sacrificial robes coming out of the building. When he heard Wei Xun say “these are also sacrifices”, the head’s face remained unchanged, but the other priests showed more or less angry expressions.

But when they saw the white wolf king on Wei Xun’s shoulder, their anger turned into shock and disbelief. It looked really funny.

“Which priest is coming? Of course, I’ll do it. ”

Wei Xun said boldly, glancing over the pile of priests… Eleven, one less. Just thinking about it, Wei Xun saw five Tibetans pressing out a man in a dark green cloak. One of them was the one who was with zawang at that time.

“High priest, he didn’t struggle at all, like a soul -”

The Tibetans reported to the chief priest. After hearing this, the high priest frowned to check the man they dragged. The dark green cloak made Wei Xunyi recognize him.

The tour guide can have multiple tour guide cloaks. Previously, Wei Xun came out of the assessment task and found that Ding Yi directly destroyed his spirit after rebellion. His flesh and body were still alive, but his soul was dead. He was manipulated by the high priest like a vegetable.

“He is not a true priest, but a villain who sneaks into us in an attempt to disturb the sacrifice.”

The high priest said seriously, “the omniscient God found his infidelity, took his soul and put it into the nine blood pool. We skinned him and poured his blood on the altar to show dignity, together with the three sacrifices he offered — ”

Hearing this, Wei Xun understood that Ji Hongcai was a sacrificial offering and became a priest in the same way as him. Ji Hongcai and his family have their own unique characteristics (titles). Naturally, the three can match the two precious white yaks.

Knowing this, Wei Xun was no longer silent. He said, “wait.”

The high priest who was cut off was still calm and not angry. Finally, he ordered, “drag him down.” Then he looked up at Wei Xun and nodded at him, “please stand by me.”

The twelve priests were also ranked, and their status became lower and lower from the past to the future. The high priest asked Wei Xun to stand next to him. He was willing to accept the sacrifice of Wei Xun and made him the second person directly.

But Wei Xun ignored him and scolded the Tibetans who dragged Ding Yi down: “I said wait, do you disobey my orders?”

The Tibetans did not dare to move. The high priest said solemnly, “he is a villain, a sinner and a criminal.”

“What villains and sinners, I bah!”

Wei Xun said rudely, “he is a sacrifice from the same area as me. He is blind. Can’t you see that our cloak is the same!”

The high priest looked at Wei Xun’s dark green Cloak – others were also surprised. The white wolf king who was carried by Wei Xun just now took away his attention. Now he saw that his cloak was really the same as the priest who was regarded as a villain!

“Where did you come from?”

The high priest immediately became vigilant, but Wei Xun’s voice was louder than him: “high priest, God sent, on behalf of human beings, why don’t you know where we came from?”

I, I am sent by God, on behalf of the people on earth?

The high priest was blown unconscious. After reacting, he immediately explained seriously: “no, I’m not the God’s God, I’m only the faithful servant who presides over the sacrifice for the God -”

Orthodox Bon priests do not regard themselves as “servants of God”. Bon has no gods, only Buddhas. It seems that these people are also controlled by demons. What they call God may be “demon God”

“How can a servant preside over the sacrifice? Only the priest of Guxin can stand side by side with the eldest prince and sacrifice to the gods!”

Wei Xun blooms on the bar. He has come to Ding Yi and quietly activates the parasitic wasps in his body. Before, the ghost hair of B  19 was expelled and broken by * *, and only the parasitic wasps controlled by Wei Xun were left in Ding.

When the high priest’s face was dark and he was about to open it, Ding Yiling woke up!

“Let go, let go of me!”

He muttered, violently broke free from the control of the Tibetans, ran to Wei Xun and said hoarsely and excitedly, “you finally come, finally come… I found the flaw of the villain, he framed me, killed me, no, you… Please save me!”

“Of course, I will host the ceremony for you. There must be no mistake in offering sacrifices!”

Wei Xunyi stood in front of Ding Yi and looked directly at the high priest: “villain, what else can you explain?”

You just held me up as God’s lover. How can I become a villain soon?

The situation became so fast that not only the high priest was stunned by his combined fist, but also other Bon priests and even the Tibetans next to him were stunned by Wei Xun’s combined fist.

How can the high priest be a villain? He is so pious that he can recite all the Scriptures and hear the voice of God. It should be that the new man is lying.

However, when the Bon priests looked at Wei Xun, they felt that he had a special charm. No matter how just, this is the real priest, and it is impossible to lie.

[blessing of Yongzhong Bon Religion: you will get more luck in matters related to Yongzhong Bon religion and Bon priest!]

Ah, the high priest just said that the man was demented and had his soul taken away by God. As a result, the man woke up as soon as the priest came?

Is it true that the high priest is lying? The high priest is the villain, the one who disturbs the sacrifice?

“I don’t want to be a villain.”

The high priest felt the subtle changes in the surrounding atmosphere, and there was something wrong with the eyes of others. According to his character, he should fight directly with those who dare to slander him and wash away his grievances with that person’s blood.

But somehow, the high priest felt that this man was so upright and resolute, and also a devout believer of God. He didn’t want to be misunderstood by the other party. He restrained his anger and tried to explain:

“I can recite…”

He can recite all the scriptures of Bon. He was born with God. He will be a serious Bon high priest. How can he be a villain!

But he hasn’t finished yet.

“ don’t talk. The villain is the best at using words to confuse people and control others. He is controlled by this program! ”

Wei Xun’s voice was evil, and Ding couldn’t help nodding. Prove that he is right. Seeing that the high priest’s face was black and his hands were trembling, when he directly started, Wei Xun looked relaxed and took the initiative to step back and pass the steps:

“I don’t think you should be a villain. But the sacrifice is coming, I have to think more. ”

Sure enough, when he said this, the faces of the high priest and other priests relaxed.

“I have a way to judge whether people are believers and servants of God.”

Wei Xun said solemnly. He secretly used more Yang Qi, carried the white wolf king with one hand, held out a crystal lamp with his empty right hand, and the three-color magic fire jumped in the lamp. Before the other priests could react, Ding kept kneeling on the ground, trembling all over:

“Divine fire, you unexpectedly, unexpectedly bring divine fire!”

Hearing what he said, the gods of other priests were wrong, and the high priest stared at the flame and fell into meditation.

“Yes, it’s a fire.”

Wei Xun boasted and looked directly at the high priest: “God has three gods, fog, wind and rainstorm, and three colors of divine fire in his left hand.”

Since this evil fire is the of chabalaren great devil, it’s divine fire now!

How could Wei Xun make the high priest recite the Scriptures? That’s what the high priest is good at. The simplest way to defeat your opponent is to pull your opponent into the field under your control.

For example, the magic fire completely controlled by Wei Xun.

Wei Xun has more understanding of the journey. He got everything from the previous scenic spots, which is of special use in the end. The more he gets, the more choices he has.

When the high priest recognized Ding Yi as a villain and killed him and the sacrifices he brought (feilezhi and others) as a blood sacrifice, Wei Xun would surely protect Ding Yi. Baoxia Dingyi opposed the high priest.

Wei Xun’s sword went off the wrong side and did it directly. He had done everything before. He became a high priest on the premise of not exposing evil insects and not using evil Qi. He also got the support of other priests!

He is experiencing in advance. If he joins the journey home as a passenger and goes on a higher journey with the strong, the strong can perceive much more keenly than his teammates this time. At that time, Wei Xun will not use magic insects and magic Qi unless he has to.

Wei Xun has this pride. He can pass the customs perfectly even without you.

“Yes, this is my God’s three color divine fire.”

The high priest nodded solemnly.

“God’s fire will not hurt God’s devout believers.”

Wei Xun smiled and called out the three color magic fire from the lamp. The fire was burning out of thin air, and the rain could not be quenched.

“If you don’t feel pain and don’t die when you are burned by divine fire, I believe you.”

The high priest looked at him deeply and said solemnly, “OK.”

He has a clear conscience and firmly believes that he is a devout believer of God and will not be burned by divine fire.

“Well, if you have such courage, you can be a believer of God.”

Wei Xun praised and let the three color devil fire burn on the high priest.


As soon as the magic fire burned on the high priest, Wei Xun felt something different. There was no magic gas on the surface of the high priest’s body, but there was a little strange magic gas in his heart, which was homologous with magic fire.

The magic seed of the great demon chabalaren is different from the magic gas crystallization of the fog demon. This kind of devil is deeply planted in the high priest’s heart, distorts his cognition, regards the original devil items as divine objects, and firmly believes in them. Recognizing the three color magic fire from the high priest, Wei Xun knew that his past knowledge and memory were still there.

Wei Xun wanted to burn the high priest directly with magic fire, but he found that his body was so hard that it was almost comparable to the “glass crystal” of cuocha Lama. It was very difficult to burn him. What’s more, only the evil spirit in his heart. If the high priest is burned by the magic fire, it will be exposed to the great devil of chabalaren.

Chabala Renke knew that magic fire was imprisoned in Xiaolin temple. If he knew that the wrong Lama would also be exposed, which would be bad.

Moreover, knowing that the high priest is not evil and his strength is comparable to that of the wrong Lama, Wei Xun felt that killing him was a bit wasteful.

Wei Xun’s mind turned and he had a new idea. He controlled the magic fire to burn more violently. In fact, the inner flame temperature was very low and would not burn people’s skin.

“Really not burned!”

“Really not hurt!”

When Wei Xun took back the three color magic fire and revealed the high priest intact in the fire, other priests were shocked, that is, they believed that they also believed in piety, but they had no confidence to step into the divine fire and believed that they would not be burned to death.

But the high priest did it!

Tibetans kneel down and kowtow desperately, which is a miracle! At this moment, everyone was convinced by the high priest. Even if he only brought two white yaks, which could not compare with the white wolf king of Wei Xun, he would be a worthy chief priest!

The high priest slowly opened his eyes and was watched by so many reverent eyes, but the high priest only looked at Wei Xun, that is, he firmly believed that his piety would not burn him by divine fire, but he still felt recognized by God, and the corners of his lips couldn’t help smiling.

Wei Xun will no longer doubt him.

The high priest thought and smiled calmly: “I…”

“Sure enough, villain!”

Wei Xun showed disgust and hostility on his face and made a sharp accusation, which made the high priest’s smile freeze on his face, and other priests were stunned. The Tibetans knocked a few heads with inertia, and then they also felt that the atmosphere was wrong.


The high priest couldn’t suppress his anger. He felt that Wei Xun was too unreasonable. If he didn’t get hurt when he was in the fire, how could he be a villain?!

“Divine power, how can contact with divine fire not be burned?!”

Wei Xun directly threw the white wolf king at the high priest and called out the magic fire while yelling at him. When the high priest was embarrassed to deal with the white wolf king, Wei Xun asked the three color magic fire to burn to other priests.

Those priests subconsciously went to help when they saw the high priest being attacked. When they saw the three color devil fire burning, some of them instinctively dodged, while others bumped up without fear – they firmly believed that their piety was no weaker than that of the high priest and would never be burned.

But in fact——


Screams of pain came and went, and all the priests were in great pain. Wei Xun did not burn them, and most of his attention was on the high priest. His strength is not much weaker than that of the wrong Lama. His body has been refined to a great fullness. The white wolf king’s bite did not even give blood. Even if he was weak due to blood absorption, it is enough to prove how hard the high priest’s body is.

Wei Xun fought with the high priest with his bare hands without using a crystal narrow knife. His body method is to attack the free system, and the fox cubs are strong and light. This is the first time for him to fight side by side with the white wolf king, but one man and one wolf have a tacit understanding, and they are pressing the high priest in the battle.

Their offensive was as strong as a storm, and the high priest’s heart was in turmoil. When he heard the screams of other priests, his will wavered.

“The villain is really cunning. I’m afraid he won’t show any flaws!”

No, no, no, he didn’t make any resistance, and the fire didn’t burn him.

Then why did the other priests get hurt again?!

He doesn’t care about the villains. Do all the other eleven priests care about the villains who are trying to destroy the sacrifice?!

Also, the new priest, who deliberately controlled the divine fire and caused unrest, is the real villain?

But how can a villain have divine fire and control divine fire?!

The high priest was completely disorganized. He instinctively fought back, but the shaking of heart and faith made his offensive full of mistakes. As soon as the white wolf king accidentally bit his left arm, Wei Xun trampled on his body and stabbed the high priest on his back. The threat of death made the high priest avoid sideways regardless of the dislocation of his arm, but Wei Xun’s sharp claw still stabbed him in the chest. There was a sharp pain in front of his chest, but the high priest’s brain was clear for a moment.

incorrect! The priest is wrong. How could he cooperate so skillfully with the evil white wolf? He’s a villain!

No, no, he has divine fire. He is the one God trusts

No, god fire, God, three colors, three colors of magic flame, how can God be a devil, God is also a devil——

“Ah – ah!!!”

The high priest screamed in pain and terror, and his heart was torn. At this moment, Wei Xun had turned to his front and saw a wisp of dark magic gas flowing from the blood hole poked by him in the high priest’s heart, which penetrated into the high priest’s brain. Wei Xun immediately knocked a hammer into the high priest’s heart and quickly gnawed at the magic Qi.

Originally, his blood vessels were black and tight, like the high priest who exploded directly. The dark color of his blood vessels turned pale, and the scarlet ones were more clear. Seeing that his resistance weakened, Wei Xun directly locked him in the burned Xiaolin temple stone brick and sent the cuocha Lama in.

There is no limit on the number of people held in stone bricks. It takes only one person to go in. It takes one time. Wei Xun sends in the three color magic fire again. If there is a magic fire in the stone brick, the detention time will be longer. This is the previous experience of Wei Xun’s closing the fog devil.

[detention time: five minutes]

Five minutes? Wei Xun was shocked. The high priest was really powerful. I know the detention time of stone bricks. It is subject to the rank of Wei Xun. It is up to 20 hours and at least one second.

The high priest can only be locked up for five minutes. The faulted Lama who is full of perfection is stronger than him and can only be locked up for three minutes. Such a powerful cuocha Lama can only reinforce the seal. Only by dying together can he hurt the great demon chabalaren. He is completely uncertain of killing him.

The great demon chabala Renji □ □ Xun just chewed the thin magic gas of shredded beef. He actually felt unprecedented fullness. He didn’t feel it when he ate all kinds of demons before, even when he ate the ghost of demons.

Only this trace of evil spirit will make the fog devil who has been noisy dare not pollute him any more and completely stop. The rank of the great devil chabalaren is very high. Wei Xun has eaten the highest, and he even has “indigestion”. A large amount of pure evil spirit can’t digest it and runs rampant in his body, The body’s self-protection mechanism keeps these magic Qi in another form——

Wei Xun’s face changed slightly. He felt that he had a tail.

When the tour guide was alienated, the devil’s tail, the thin and flexible black long tail and the tip of the peach heart tail, was completely blocked by the dark green cloak and wrapped around Wei Xun’s waist twice.

Even so, that wisp of magic gas has not been digested.

He felt that the evil spirit appeared from other parts of him. Wei Xun no longer hesitated. He immediately hugged the white wolf king who didn’t know when to get close to his legs. He even wanted to put the wolf head into his cloak to explore. When the white wolf king hesitated, Wei Xun buried his head in his chest and ate the white wolf king’s hair.

Wolf hair into the belly is like a stomach strengthening and food eliminating tablet. The magnificent magic spirit melts away the ice and snow, dissolves part of the skin, and the rest is more gentle. Without the accumulated evil Qi, Wei Xun’s tail disappeared immediately.

White wolf hair has the same function as snow leopard hair.

Not allowing the white wolf king to struggle, Wei Xun coldly stabbed him, grabbed his front and rear legs, carried him to his shoulders, turned to other priests, and said coldly:

“The blasphemous villain has been executed by me. Who agrees and who opposes.”

The other priests are dumb and speechless. How dare they object. If you have any objection, doesn’t it mean that they will be burned and hurt?

Wei Xun was very angry. The coldness at the bottom of the article made people unable to resist.

“Well, since there is no objection, I will be the high priest in the future.”

Wei Xun said coldly, “I hear the voice of God, and I see the great prince.”


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