TTG Chapter 115

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 115: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (58)

Wei Xun just killed the ruthless man of the high priest with his own power. Who dares to oppose his request? What’s more, he also claimed to ‘hear the sound of ‘.

But the problem is that he still carries the ‘sacrifice’ White Wolf King with him! Now that the White Wolf King hasn’t been put on the ground yet, should he still carry the White Wolf King to see the King?

But he can’t let him kill the White Wolf King. After all, the sacrifice only accepts living sacrifices.

The other priests who were burned by Wei Xun are all in pain now, and the stubborn ones dare not say much. Other Tibetans even dare not even look up at Wei Xun.

“Forget it, I have to report the evildoer to Ming Ming first.”

Wei Xun glanced over their expressions and said solemnly: “No one is allowed to disturb me.”

First, make a request that is not easy to complete, and take a step back, and the second request is rarely rejected. Sure enough, hearing Wei Xun said that the other priests were relieved, and there was no objection. I even felt that Wei Xun did not insist on seeing the king, but first reported to the gods. He was too pious and honest, and too considerate of them.

The priests’ resentment for Wei Xun’s burning of them with sacred fire was gone, but some people were still grateful.

So Wei Xun took Ding Yi with him and occupied the building specially built for the priests to rest temporarily.

I chose a room at random, and as soon as Wei Xun closed the door, it was time for the custody of the stone bricks. Wei Xun quickly put the dazed high priest in with his eyes and hands, and sent the wrong Lama in to talk to him, and then he hugged the White Wolf King in his arms.

On the surface, he was checking the condition of the White Wolf King, but in reality, Wei Xun was checking Ding Yi.

Just now, Wei Xun asked him to use props to block the live broadcast. Ding Yi’s props are not as good as Bing Jiu’s pornography. He can only block his live broadcast split screen, but the audience can still see Ding Yi from the perspective of Wei Xun’s live broadcast room.

So when he returned to this building, Wei Xun secretly ordered Ding Yi to return to his own room and did not meet him—even if he did not meet, Wei Xun could ‘communicate’ with Ding Yi. For the betrayed servant, the devil can crush the servant’s soul and devour it. But Wei Xun only shattered Ding Yi’s ambition, turning him into a fool, and did not destroy his soul.

After all, the soul of the tour guide signed a contract with the hotel, and Wei Xun didn’t want to be extravagant. Ding Yi’s soul was still under Wei Xun’s control, and Wei Xun carefully checked.

Ding Yi shouldn’t be so stupid, Ji Wei Xun didn’t hide the contract, Ding Yi knew he was still alive, so he shouldn’t betray him in such a hurry. Moreover, Wei Xun never killed him. He didn’t give Ding Yi the kind of hint that he would definitely kill him. He shouldn’t have jumped the wall in a hurry.

Wei Xun checked it again and found something unusual.

The first is that the cocoon on Ding Yi’s body is missing.

He originally had three sending F‌bee cocoons, but two were used up. The last Wei Xun let Xiaocui’hatched’. If the sending F‌bee was hatched, it should be a descendant of the eagle flute. The same is true for the one in the body, which is under the control of Wei Xun.

Wei Xun asked Xiao Cui to track the cocoon, but found that it was dead.

‘died? ‘

Wei Xun said calmly: ‘How did it die?’

Xiao Cui said: ‘He encountered a strong magic power, and the magic power was opposed to death.’

The cocoon is inherently fragile, but it is swallowed by Xiaocui and then ‘F produced’. It is a kind of mild erosion and will not suffer too much damage. But if there is a powerful magic force applied to it in an attempt to control the cocoon, it will die under the hedge.

‘Is it the bee taoist? ‘

The first thing Wei Xun thought about was related to the cocoon, it was the master of the female bee, the guide bee Taoist behind Ding Yi.

But he always felt more than that.

When Wei Xun suppressed Ding Yizhi, he felt an invisible resistance. This kind of resistance is very corrosive, and the feeling of the female bee is different from that of the bee. It is more powerful and concealed, undetectable.

It is eroding Ding Yi’s consciousness and quietly influencing Ding Yi’s choice. If it weren’t for the tip of the hotel’s third scenic spot, Wei Xun would not hesitate to crush Ding Yizhi decisively. I am afraid it would erode deeper. Will find the contract between Wei Xun and Ding Yi.

‌Yes…Are other big tour guides involved?

* *

“Hahaha, hahahaha, okay, I was discovered, I was discovered!”

In a completely dark space, a well-used bus was parked. It was painted with the words’Thriller Travel Agency’ on its side, and the blue and purple butterfly logo was a little faded. In addition to it, there are more buses, cruise ships and airplanes in the dark depths. They appear quietly from time to time, but disappear out of thin air, like a ghost parking lot.

All means of transportation are empty except for the bus. In the driver’s seat, sat a man in uniform. He looked like a driver, but he was a few times smaller, like a schoolboy, wearing a weird and tattered silver-purple cloak.


The small uniform pen was hooped on him, the hands exposed from the cuffs were wood-colored, and the knuckles of the fingers were spherical, but they were very flexible when moving. He held two small wooden men in his left and right hands respectively, shouting’Bang Bang Kwak’ in his mouth, and holding the wooden men in his left and right hands collided with each other, having fun like a child.

When he finally got tired of playing, half of the left-handed villain’s hair fell out, and the right-handed villain’s head was knocked out.

“A female bug bang bang bang.”

He twisted off the head of the villain on the right, swapping him with the villain on the left, and had a great time playing. What was horrified was that the wooden figure was so small and the expression of pain and horror on his face was so real.

“A demon bang bang bang.”

He pulled off the villain’s hair again and stuck it to the other villain’s face, laughed with satisfaction, and stubbornly imitated the gunfire:

“Hide and seek, I like hide and seek best.”

“Let me find, let me find, who are you?”

Suddenly he turned his head, a horrified, puppet-like head turned ninety degrees, staring straight at the door of the car, the sound was like a wooden block hit and squeezed out, and it sounded terrifying.

“Is it you, butterfly? Is it you, is it you, is it you—”

I don’t know when the door that had been closed was opened, and a butterfly flew in. It is the size of a human head, glowing with beautiful fluorescence, red as a ball of fire when opening its wings, and sprinkling silver frost when closing its wings, it is very beautiful. It flew to the driver’s seat lightly, and the puppet in the driver’s uniform opened his mouth and opened his arms to greet it.

In an instant, the butterfly turned into a cloud of phantom, and the puppeteer’s fingertips shot out thousands of puppet silk threads that were invisible to the naked eye, and the confrontation came to an end in an instant.

The puppet’s right arm was broken, and the butterfly fell to the ground with colorful scales. The puppet smiled and picked up his right arm ‌ and settled, the butterfly flew to the side of the driver’s seat, usually for the tour guide and the conductor. Then the butterfly disappeared and turned into a little boy with colored hair.

He was wearing a white shirt, suspenders, black leather shoes, and a silver-purple cloak, like an elegant and secret little king. He didn’t wear a hood and showed his face. Even if he regained his human form, there were still black slender butterfly tentacles between the colored hair on his head.

The young man’s hand was holding a puppet man snatched from Pinocchio.

“Mother? If there is a mother worm, it must be mine.”

His voice is indistinguishable from male and female, and it sounds so good. Randomly tore off the hair sticking to the puppet’s head and placed the puppet by the window. The boy closed his eyes and rested.

“Pinocchio, come to the Butcher League, or die.”

“Hehe, are you…inviting me to visit your house?”

Pinocchio’s eyes were wide open, and he smiled and removed the limbs of the villain in his hand before he settled down: “Do you have any fun toys in your house? I want new ones.”

He emphatically said: “New toys, you have to have fun enough new toys, otherwise I don’t like to go, your family leader is too strict, hehe, boring.”

He threw away the villain, took out a mobile phone from his pocket, leaned half of his body flauntingly, and placed it in front of the face of the person next to him:

“Look, but it’s a new toy that I will grab soon. Your toy must be more fun than mine.”

What opened on the phone was Ding Yi’s live broadcast room. In the live broadcast split screen, Wei Xun was wearing a dark green cloak. The dark green matches his white hair and complexion very well. I don’t know that the audience in front of me might mistakenly think that he is the tour guide.

Wei Xun casually combed the white wolf king, and then ‘accidentally’ pulled off a handful of wolf hair. The painful White Wolf King bit Wei Xun’s hand with a sharp spirit, but it didn’t really bite. He just grabbed his hand punitively, and forced Wei Xun’s arm with his hot body to prevent Wei Xun. One hand moved.

Wei Xun smiled at it, then changed his hand and continued to squeeze the wolf’s hair.

The White Wolf King has a lot of wolf hairs, and it’s not rare for Wei Xun to lose a handful. If it weren’t for being too eye-catching, Wei Xun planned to shave it from start to finish with a razor.

The snow leopard is gone, but the White Wolf King is still there. The same intimacy and trust, the same exorcism hair, and most importantly, the same taste, blood full of yang.

If Wei Xun only thinks it is an important sacred beast that seals the great devil, I am afraid that he will not think much about it. He will only think that they may be the three sacred beasts, and they can become the white antelope king.

But the problem is that he knew that the snow leopard was raised by An Xuefeng.

Wei Xun was too lazy to wonder if the White Wolf King had seen him eating monsters during the assessment mission. It was covered by thick fog and could not be seen by the audience, but if the White Wolf King deliberately couldn’t find it. Anyway, even if the other party asks Wei Xun later, there is a perfunctory excuse.

But he estimated that he would have white-haired animals ptsd in the future, and when he saw that the animals were white-haired, he suspected that An Xuefeng’s pets became.

Snow leopard can turn into white wolf, who knows if it can turn into something else?

At this moment, the error lama suddenly appeared. He was stronger than the high priest and would come out two minutes earlier.

Wei Xun asked: “How is it?”

“The magic seed cannot be removed, otherwise the great devil will find the clues.”

The wrong Lama said solemnly, but it was a bit more relaxed: “Wrap the demon seed with the dark demon fire and isolate it, and Yang Jin can generally restore his wisdom.”

“It’s okay to let him out?”

“In a short time, there is no problem.”

Wei Xun nodded. As expected, two minutes later, when the High Priest Yangjin came out again, he didn’t seal it in the stone bricks. The first thing the high priest did when he came out was to give a great gift to Wei Xun.

“High priest, the situation is critical now, let’s make a long story short.”

Wei Xun supported him and asked directly: “What’s the matter with the sacrificial offerings? How did you get the magic seed? How did they get here from all over the world?”

“It will start in half a month…”

The high priest knew everything, his expression was still a bit ugly, he was deceived and controlled by the devil, and he regarded him as a god. But the wrong Lama persuaded him to calm down, and the high priest Yangjin didn’t immediately go out and fight the big devil desperately.

“For half a month, we all started to have the same dream every night.”


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