TTG Chapter 116

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 116: Exploring the Secrets of Northern Tibet (59)

Half a month ago, Yangjin High Priest began to repeat a dream. He dreamed that the holy lake became pitch black, the grassland turned into a wasteland, the vultures were flying on the numerous bones, the sun turned into the moon, and the stars fell.

“This is obviously a sign of the devil’s recovery.”

Mistakes Lama frowned, Yangjin High Priest’s strength belief is not much worse than him. From this dream, you should be able to see the danger, how can you be deceived by the devil?

“I dreamed that the water in the lake turned black, and a hundred-meter crack appeared on the edge of the lake, like a huge mouth that stretched out, devouring cattle and sheep herders, and polluting the land.”

The High Priest Yangjin solemnly said: “I stick to my heart and recite the mantras, and look at the cracks in the holy lake with the true eyes of the sun, to see exactly what kind of devil is about to recover, but…”

The High Priest Yangjin closed his left eye and opened it again. There was a circle of red light in his left eye. This is the true eye of the sun. Wei Xun and the Wrong Lama discussed some Bon training methods. The one that emphasizes is the male cultivating the sun chakra and the female cultivating the moon chakra. The Bon wizard sleeps on the right side every night and visualizes a sun in the heart, which is the sun chakra.

When you can reach ‘waking sleep’ (referring to people have fallen asleep, but the spirit is awake, can count 12,000 heartbeats) ‌, then the sun enters the heart, and when you come, you can be in Africa Sleep state ‌Visualize the sun wheel, lead the bright spot of the red □□ pulse to the left eye, and form a round of sunlight in the eye, which is the real eye of the sun wheel for eliminating demons and reducing evil.

Nowadays, those who can visualize the sun wheel are all eminent monks, and there are very few people who can form the sun wheel in their eyes. The high priest Yangjin’s face was black and red, the color of the plateau, and his age was not visible, but he was also a hundred years old. He was able to cultivate the true eyes of the sun wheel, and he was absolutely concentrating on this path for decades, no wonder his body was basically cultivated to Dzogchen.

The problem lies in the fact that after completing the real sight of the sun wheel, the high priest Yangjin noticed the signs of the demon’s resurrection in his sleep, unlike the Bon priest who would stick to his heart and immediately wake himself up to prevent being deceived by the devil.

The first reaction of the High Priest Yangjin was to’look’ first.

In the end, looking at this one, it was a bad thing.

“When I woke up, I forgot this dream, only vaguely remembered that the major sacrifice will be held in Selincuo.”

Speaking of this, the high priest Yangjin didn’t dare to look up, his face was ashamed, and he was sober now that he knew that he might have been deceived by the devil since then.

Then the High Priest Yangjin took the two white yaks on the road and walked purely on Selincuo. On this road, he would dream about the signs of the demon’s resurrection every night, and would take a look at it, and then forget specific things after waking up. Repeatedly, by the time Selin was wrong, he had already planted a deep seed of demons, and only knew that he had worshipped demons and sang praises.


While speaking, the high priest Yangjin suddenly shrank his pupils. Wei Xun, who had been staring curiously at his eyes, found that the edge of the sun wheel in his left eye was blackened, which was a sign of blackening. The number of times the stone bricks sealed the people ran out, so Wei Xun pinched a few wolf hairs and put them in his eyes.

Yangjin High Priest’s left eye was irritated and kept crying, and it was a mess. The white and soft wolf hair was washed away by tears and could not be found, but Yangjin High Priest’s left eye sun chakra was also collected, and everything returned to normal. .

“Before the demon seed is removed, don’t use the real eye of the sun wheel anymore.”

Wei Xun said, the wrong lama watching next to him also nodded his head: “The devil’s energy enters from the eyes and is hidden in the heart.”

The high priest Yangjin looked at the cracks in the holy lake with the real eyes of the sun wheel, and the devil energy entered from the eyes, followed the energy veins, and invaded the sun wheel in his heart, so his magic seed was in his heart.

Although the dark black demon fire isolates the demon species, as soon as the High Priest Yangjin uses the Sun Wheel True Eye, he is a sign of being controlled by the demon again. The devilish qi came back and forth, and it hurt the body of the High Priest Yangjin. The old man’s hair turned a lot of gray, and he also added a lot of fatigue in his state, but he still supported the spirit, and made mistakes with Wei Xun. Cha Lama said:

“They are going to hold a sacrifice to the king and respect Gan Dan Baiju as the elephant king. I think they may want the king to sacrifice to the lake and fight the devil seal cough cough cough—-”

Mention of the words’sacrifice to the lake, the devil seal’, the high priest Yangjin has another symptom of illness. Both Wei Xun and the Wrong Lama told him to stop thinking about it, and hurriedly closed the five houses to protect himself.

“Gan Dan Baiju is not the bloodline of the Orthodox Golden-winged Roc Bird Kingdom, he cannot afford the king’s sacrifice.”

The wrong Lama said solemnly, and Wei Xun could hear a bit of anger in his tone. Regarding the revival of the devil and the destruction of the seal, the wrong Lama has always been calm. Because he knows that the devil’s nature is destruction and evil, so he will not be angry with the devil, even if it is to sacrifice himself to seal the devil.

But he is now angry at the descendant of the eagle flute.

“After Gan Dan lives as a male king, will he be able to unlock the demon seal?”

The Wrong Lama chanted a section of the Bon Scriptures, and then explained it in a relatively easy-to-understand language. Wei Xun explained:

“King Xiangxiong and Priest Guxin are the envoys sent by the Buddha to guard the northern Tibet. Both the snow-capped mountains and the holy lake will obey their orders.”

Wei Xun asked: “Xiangxiong Kingdom has been destroyed for more than 1,600 years. It still works for him to worship the lake? And most importantly, he is not of royal blood.”

The wrong Lama’s face became heavier, lost in thought, and did not answer. Wei Xun straightened out his thoughts in his heart. It was roughly the antagonist of the Eagle Flute and the Great Devil. The descendant of the Eagle Flute had secretly killed and sacrificed many times in the past few decades, causing the seal to be broken and the demon to resuscitate.

The great devil used magic to control the Bon priests, the remnants of Xiangxiong, or the bone flute of the right wing of Dapengjin gave the successor of the Eagle Flute, so that he could be the King of Xiangxiong by offering sacrifices to the king.

After becoming the King of Xiangxiong, the descendants of the Eagle Flute will sacrifice to the lake, and through the king’s order, the seal of the holy lake will be released, and the Great Demon Chabalen will be released from the world.

All of this is very smooth to think of, but Wei Xun thinks it will not be so simple.

If Chabalen can really affect so many people in the air, to Yangjin High Priest and other races, he will see too much power, and the seal is basically useless, so there is no need to make it so complicated. Must use the king to sacrifice.

Is it true that Chabalen used demon energy to seed the demon seed to the high priest Yangjin?

Wei Xun really cared about the demon seed he had seen by’take a look’ and’take another look’.

Nothing is the Bon classics, Buddhist legends, or all kinds of mysterious fantasy novels, in which demons are always described as evil creatures that seduce people, confuse people, and sway their ambitions. In order to resist the devil, the great monk will seal his five , clear the soul, so that the devil energy cannot invade, and the devil cannot succeed.

Simply put, it means ‘don’t watch’, ‘don’t listen’, ‘don’t think’.

This is very similar to the Abyss Species that Wei Xun encountered in the hostel-he just named them * * *.

However, the method of resistance is the same, but the other party is actually different in nature. On the one hand, the devil actively invades, lures, deceives, and controls sentient beings with demonic energy. One is a person who is there, not moving, but because it is too strong, you will get crazy at the first glance and become his captive puppet.

The high priest Yangjin was controlled. Could it be the reason for this? Of course, Chabalen is definitely not better than * * *, and Wei Xun is not thinking of Chabalen.

What the High Priest of Yangjin looked at was not the Black Lake, but the 100-meter cracks on the edge of the lake.

Wei Xun has a lot of imagination, and he passed the assessment task and knew that the war of the year was the gate of the demon kingdom. Chabalen brought three major demon generals and tens of thousands of demon army invaded the world.

Now, where is the gate of the Devil Kingdom?

Closed? ‌No ‌Remains? Where are the ruins?

Could the High Priest Yangjin see a crack in the Demon Gate, Demon Abyss, etc.? So the High Priest Yangjin looked in a daze, letting Chabalen take advantage of it?

“Lama, the degree of damage to the seal now… Can Chabalen plant a magic seed on the chest of the Yangjin High Priest? Calling so many people?”

Bold hypothesis, careful verification, Wei Xun asked.

Wrong Lama shook his head gravely.

“Then if Yangjin High Priest is in a trance, the defense is minimized…”

The wrong lama was silent, Wei Xun knew he was acquiescing.


Nachabalen recruited so many people and tried hard to get the successor of the Eagle Flute to ascend the throne and become the king. I am afraid it is more than just solving the seal.

“I’ll go out and have a look.”

Wei Xun said that he wanted to get in touch with Jiang Hongguang and the others, and was exploring whether his priest and Xiangxiong’s survivors were all the same as Yangjin High Priest.

Probably not. The High Priest of Yangjin is the strongest among them. It is worth the devil to lure him to see the crack first, and then use the magic seed to control it. Maybe others don’t have to be so troublesome, maybe  is a devout believer of the devil.

Wei Xun glanced at the High Priest Yangjin again, focusing on his heart. The demon energy that I bitten is so strong, maybe because it is not only the demon energy of Chabalen, but also the influence of the gate of the demon kingdom/the abyss. ‌The things of name and form can be planted ‌Devil seeds…

Wei Xun gave birth to an immature and dangerous idea.

He wants to plant a * * * magic seed for himself, is this kind of thing okay?

The one who quietly crushed the cocoons and controlled Ding Yi, could come from the power of his great tour guide, so that Wei Xun took heart.

This is not a question of whether the vest of the tourist guide status will fall. Wei Xun wonders if the other party will pass through the cocoon and realize the existence of Xiaocui (mother worm)? Will it be possible through Ding Yi’s strange alienation and the contract on him to discover his ability to’alienate the tour guide’?

Alienated high-level underage demon, female worm, different ability.

Coupled with the pioneers of the thirty-degree north latitude journey, Maria butterfly fragments, etc., Wei Xun’s own value is more coveted than the identity of a new star guide or a new star traveler.

Wei Xun has too many good things, but the ability to resist risks is still too low compared to the top strength of the hostel.

It is true that if he waits for the end of this journey and joins the powerful returning brigade, he will be protected. Even if he suspects, he won’t do anything to him.

But he can’t always act with the returning brigade team, or be in their shelter forever-Wei Xun doesn’t want children who are not weaned and need others to take care of them. What’s more, the journey changes rapidly, anything can happen.

Only if you have your own strength, Wei Xun can feel at ease. It is not his character to depend on others and be protected.

Wei Xun knew that he still lacked a killer.

The magic seed that gets * * * is a double-edged sword, and Wei Xun is also in danger of being controlled by * * *. But the previous gaze, he knew that * * * was one with An Xuefeng, and the contract signed by Wei Xun and An Xuefeng was also effective for * * *.

In this way, it is an insurance. If you plant a magic seed by yourself, even if the love for * * * disappears, according to the contract [Party A shall be responsible for Party B’s food and lodging, Party B’s health, and Party B’s fine health 】, during the contract’s existence period, it will not control him or hurt him.

And it means to sign Wei Xun, which is definitely used by Wei Xun to An Xuefeng and to the returning brigade, so it will not hurt Wei Xun.

The contract period is half a year, and Wei Xun believes that his strength will never stagnate, and what he needs is also a period of time.

Weigh the pros and cons, and choose the side that is more beneficial to you, like the natural talent of guardians.

If you pay more attention to * * *, you can really plant ‌ His magic seed in your body…

Opportunity is limited, before the * * * love disappears…

If there is an opportunity in the future, he is not a magic seed that can counter control * * *.

Of course, before this, it was to figure out the composition of the demons in the High Priest Yangjin’s body, and to confirm that this method would not work.

“Priest Yangjin, please take care of it.”

Wei Xun, z‌sheng, the lamp of the magic fire is left to the wrong lama, and there is still a purple flame inside. The black flame surrounds the magic seed on the chest of the high priest Yangjin, and the red flame is used by Wei Xun to burn stone bricks. The stone brick hasn’t been cooled down. After the number of times is exhausted, just use the magic fire to keep it burning, and it will be repeated after a while.

Wei Xun took the White Wolf King Li, this black stone building. As soon as he left the house, he saw several priests waiting beside him. When he came out, his eyes lit up and he was busy.


In addition to the altar being built around here, there is only this building specially built for the prince and Bon priests. Wei Xungang went in to communicate with , and closed the door, so that the priest could only get outside in the rain.

Seeing him now, it should be the end of the communication with ‌, and there is no need to monopolize the entire building. Then can they also go in–

Before these priests could talk to Wei Xun, they saw him, the White Wolf King, staying at the door of the building.


“wait for me here.”

Wei Xun touched the white wolf king’s face and met him. The White Wolf King is very big, squatting and taller than Wei Xun squatting. It leaned forward, its big claws resting on Wei Xun’s shoulders.

The white wolf’s eyes were very cold and fierce, with a fierce aura, but its furry, hot body kept pushing Wei Xun’s arms into Wei Xun’s arms and licked it. Wei Xun’s nose.


Wei Xun leaned back and dodged. As a result, he almost lost his center of gravity and was overwhelmed by the White Wolf King in the muddy water. He frowned, and watched Wei Xun’s face twitching, the White Wolf King finally stopped sticking it hard. It was more heroic and fierce than any wolf dog, but he obeyed Wei Xun’s command and squatted to guard. At the door of the building.

Wei Xun ordered a few words. Seeing that the White Wolf King was not moving, he turned around without worrying ‌ ‌——laughing……, Can An Xuefeng’s wolf still understand human words and can’t guard the door?

Besides, he just went to the animal circle next door to Fei Le until they brought it up.

Sure enough, those priests who wanted to go back to the meeting saw that the new high priest was actually thrown at the door by the White Wolf King, without a tether, and one by one did not dare to come closer.

“I want to mention a few people to serve my sacrifice.”

Wei Xun arrogantly guarded the Tibetans guarding the animal pen and said: “I want to offer the purest and most precious sacrifice. This is full of mud and water and cannot dirty its white hair.”

He suppressed the seal of the’villains’, and his deeds in controlling the fire were spread like wildfire. The guards almost knelt and bowed when he came, and did not hesitate to give Wei Xun’s orders. He picks at will.

“Such a noble and powerful sacrifice must be taken care of carefully.”

Several priests approached, and one of them spoke. Wei Xun glanced at him sideways. The person standing behind the high priest was the second one, and the sacrifice he brought was a group of human animals.

The priest seemed to be complimenting, but in fact his eyes were wrong. Wei Xun knew what he was thinking as soon as his thoughts turned.

The sacrifices qualified to be offered to  are more noble in their eyes than the Tibetan guards. Therefore, Wei Xun has to choose’sacrifices’ to serve his sacrifices, and disdain to call others, also There is nothing wrong with it.

However, the second priest didn’t want him to pick the animal that he brought with him. If he used his animal to take care of the White Wolf King and would not say whether he would be eaten, this kind of service would not be enough. Did it show that the sacrifices he brought were lower than the sacrifices of the new high priest?

Although this is true, it doesn’t look good after all!

Wei Xun ignored him and chose Feile to the three of them. Seeing that the animals that Wei Xun picked were all from the same district as him, the twelve priests brought them, and they didn’t mean to stand up for their power. The second priest nodded reservedly, thinking that Wei Xun was a communicator. , Not so old-fashioned people. But before he could talk to Wei Xun, Wei Xun turned around and took the three animals back, ignoring him at all.


The second priest’s face was gloomy, and he gave a cold snort of anger. Wei Xun heard him hum from behind, but he didn’t care at all.

To deal with the devil’s seal, it is not that the more people the better, the more people are even more burdensome. z‌ It is enough to hold the strongest Yangjin High Priest.

Furthermore, even if it was planted with a demon seed, the sacrifice brought by the high priest Yangjin was a white yak, and the sacrifice brought by the second priest was directly a human sacrifice. Either he himself is not a good species, or he is a potential believer of the devil-anyway, according to the hotel’s prompt, he is to be handed over to the police.

It is incredible that an illegal organization such as Thriller Hostel knew to call the police.

“Guard, is the guard you?!”

Being taken into the building by Wei Xun, Fei Lezhi couldn’t help it first, full of excitement.

In addition to Ding Yi, Wei Xun also has Ding Yi’s dark green cloak!

“Who else besides me?”

Wei Xun raised his eyebrows and took off his hood. Seeing his face, Ji Hongcai sighed. Qin Xinrong noticed that the Tibetan guards looked respectful to Wei Xun, and that his priests were all outside, and Wei Xun occupies the building exclusively, so his identity… Qin Xinrong’s heart was also loose.

Feile was happy when he saw Wei Xun coming, and wanted to rush on him when he was excited.


A low warning roar made Feile’s conditioned reflex stop at the original level: “Brother Leopard, I was wrong—huh? Brother Leopard?”

Why did Wei Xun follow a white wolf at his feet?

“It’s the change within the journey.”

Wei Xun simply tells the story of the three sacred beasts in the Snow Mountain, the Snow Leopard King, the White Wolf King and the White Antelope King, giving the Snow Leopard a reasonable reason for change.

It is something like An Xuefeng Snow Leopard, and Wei Xun is hiding it for it. If the big tour guide interferes with the journey or something, this snow leopard might become a surprise soldier, and Wei Xun will not do useless things.

“It turned out to be so.”

What Wei Xun said about Fei Le and he believed it. I heard that Wei Xun became a white wolf and fought against the demon army in the assessment task. He suddenly realized: “No wonder Wei, your hair and eyes have not changed back… Hey, Wei Brother, you have a relationship with a white-haired animal! White hair and blue eyes are also really good-looking!”

“Talk about business.”

Fei Lezhi is active and has a good temperament, but he always goes off topic with a big heart. Qin Xinrong and Ji Hongcai looked at each other, and Qin Xinrong organized a language to tell Wei Xun.

After Wei Xun stayed in the early hours of last night, Jiang Hongguang and the others listened to Wei Xun’s words. They also encountered some dangers such as wild beasts chasing cars and demonizing dry corpses on the wrong way to Selin. Surprisingly safe. After they arrived at the periphery of Selincuo at four or five o’clock in the morning, Jiang Hongguang and the others decided that the convoy would wait for Wei Xun here for the time being, and then go to Selincuo when everyone was gathered.

Take the traveler to press ‌ to reach the attraction, this is the business of the tour guide. Even if the hostel was delayed, the punishment was the tour guide, not the tourist, so they waited with peace of mind.

Then the brigade did not wait for Wei Xun, but waited for Ding Yi.

“Ding Yi doesn’t look right.”

Qin Xinrong frowned and recalled: “He is very nervous, his whole body is trembling, his movements are a little uncoordinated, and his arms are often turned and twisted.”

Fei Le said: “I suspect he has Parkinson.”

“I was thinking that everyone would do it together with Ding Yi.”

Ji Hongcai said: “Anyway, the guards are here, and there is no one like Ding. There is no shortage of him as a tour guide.”

“But Brother Jiang didn’t let me move, so I just followed Ding Yi.”

When he spoke, he looked at Wei Xun with embarrassment, fearing that he would be angry and think they would be embarrassed. But Wei Xun did not comment: “What then?”

Ji Hongcai said: “After I got into Serin’s fault, I met the gang of Tibetans.”

“The hostel gave us the identity. Fang Yuhang, Xu Zishi and Yu Chengfu went to move the black stone to build the altar. Jiang Hongguang, Xu Yang, Yin Baitao and Lin Qiming were taken by a priest, and the three of us were smashed by shit. The sacrifice is handed in and locked in the animal pen.

“How to contact each other?”

Wei Xun saw that they weren’t nervous and anxious, and he knew that the passengers were communicating with each other.

“Yes, radio communicator, we contact every two hours.”

Everyone in the brigade was divided into three groups, and they collected clues, but they were full of people at all points.

“The yak pulls a cylinder of blood, and every time a layer of black stone altar is built, they will pour blood on it, allowing the blood to penetrate into every stone crack. Fang Yuhang said it is a mixture of various animal blood,… , Ox blood, deer blood, wolf blood, human blood, vulture blood, fish blood and antelope blood.”

Fang Yuhang was a professional sommelier before the journey, and he was awarded the green title of [Sommelier], able to taste the ingredients in the liquid.

Qin Xinrong gathered the news from various places to Wei Xun, and Wei Xun called the wrong Lama and the High Priest Yangjin to listen.

“Those beast sacrifices have been given medicine, and so are human animals. I don’t think they are all Tibetans, but they could be abducted from elsewhere.”

Speaking of the people who were tied up, Fei Lezhi was a little bit angry and unbearable: “Half of them are teenagers and girls, and the rest are adults, old people, and five children. A total of four. Fifteen, I talk to them secretly, no one cares about me.”

“We were tied in, and there were only young girls in the animal pen.” Qin Xinrong added: “The adults, the elderly, and the five children were sent in in different batches.”

In other words, in addition to the second priest, the three priests also gave sacrifices, including Ding Yi, a total of five priests.

This is the focus of attention.

“There are people in the middle holding a shovel, and the dirt in the middle side is shoveled away, and something is buried in the middle. I don’t know what it is—I smell the blood and look at their big basket, and The basket of spices that Brother Jiang said is very similar.”

Ji Hongcai was bold and careful: “Brother Jiang and the others were grinding spices together, and dozens of people are grinding them. People grinding spices, people grinding mineral pigments and the like, they will mix them after they are ground. Poured into a big basket and was pulled by the yak… But in the last communication , Jiang said that Xu Yang and Yin Baitao were called  separately, saying that they were chosen as the witches and priests of the sacrifice. Witch boy.”

“Witch girl and witch?”

The wrong Lama lost his voice, he suddenly floated in front of Ji Hongcai, his face was extremely serious: “You elaborate, what are they crushing?”

“Brother Jiang said that bones, highland barley, the heart of sheep or cows, black stones, and a thick black incense that resembles a mosquito-repellent incense.”

Ji Hongcai was afraid that the lama did not know what the mosquito coil was, so she drew a circle for him.


The mistaken Lama watched him draw circles, his soul trembled, and he was obviously shocked. Before listening to the Yangjin High Priest, the Lama’s expression was wrong, but now he seems to have completely confirmed his conjecture. The Wrong Lama suddenly turned to Wei Xun, and Wei Xun, who had been listening, asked:

“So, it’s the next day now?”

“Huh? Right , right.”

Qin Xinrong reacted the fastest: “It’s the second day after arriving at Selincuo. It’s six o’clock in the morning.”

From what they just said, Wei Xun realized that Wei Xun’s assessment mission in the dark night came out, and the sky outside was dark, with violent storms, and there was no way to see the passing of time. ‌’All members arrived at Selin Co.” The last scene of the North Tibet Quest, Devil Lake Selin Co! ‘ Hostel reminder to Wei Xun did not realize that the first inter-, which turned out to have been one day later.

According to the itinerary, they will only stay at the wrong scenic spot in Selin for two days. They will leave at six o’clock in the next day. They will be on the road for the next two days to reach the Qiangtang Nature Reserve. The journey to the district is over.

At six o’clock in the morning and six o’clock in the afternoon, there are only twelve small houses left.

Wei Xun directly overturned his various plans. Just watching this sacrifice may begin soon!

“Emissary, this, this is not the king’s sacrifice, this is not just the king’s sacrifice!”

Wrong Lama was so anxious that his voice trembled, and the pearl-colored soul was disordered and transparent, and was greatly shocked. He hurriedly said a few ancient elephant male words, and immediately changed it into Mandarin, spitting out a few phrases stiffly: “Sacrifice, Blood sacrifice, devil country!”

“Yangjin’s line is not in Xiaolin Temple, he doesn’t know!”

Xiaolin Temple, the oldest Bon religion temple, only has gone wrong lamas, knows the most secret secrets of the ancient Xiangxiong Kingdom.

“King Xiangxiong and Priest Guxin are the envoys sent by the Buddha to guard the North Tibet University, and both the snow-capped mountains and the holy lake will obey their orders.”

The Wrong Lama repeated what he said before, his voice tightened, and his tone was completely different: “Every time when the old and new kings alternate, the priest Guxin presides over the sacrifice of the king, which is both the succession of the new king and the saint of the mountain. The lake, the mountain and the holy lake are the gateway between the human world and the magic kingdom.”

“The entrance to the Demon Kingdom invaded the world in the old days is at the bottom of the lake. It is the’gate of the lake ‘ leading to the Demon Kingdom. I, I thought, according to the scriptures, the gate of the lake was at the bottom of the lake–”

“Wrong Lama, calm down!”

It is rare for the wrong lama to be incoherent, and Wei Xun immediately shouted, picking up the white wolf king and rubbing the wrong lama. The wrong Lama shuddered, and immediately returned, and the soul seemed to be calmer.

“The scriptures say that the devil is divided into two pieces, which are sealed in the nine-fold swastika crystal tower and Selin Coli. The lake gate leading to the demon country is in Ryong Co. It was destroyed by the Buddha with a vajra. The nine-fold swastika crystal tower was used to suppress it. Since then, the magic lake has become a holy lake.”


“The scriptures cannot be wrong, but, but, the nine kinds of blood represent the nine-layer blood pool, the heart of the sheep represents the devil, the bones and the highland barley represent various sacrifices, and the stone (black stone) communicates. ‌‌, whirlpool (black incense)  table lake water channel”

The wrong Lama trembled: “They are going to reverse the king’s sacrifice and hit the gate of the lake to the magic kingdom by mistake in Selin!”

The people under the control of the devil used nine layers of blood to mix the powder made from bones and highland barley hearts to draw the symbol of the devil on this large area. Gather the only remaining Xiangxiong remnants in the world, Bon priests, and use them and various sacrifices on the evil black stone altar to change the bloodline of Gan Danbaiju and make him the real Xiangxiong king.

 When Gan Dan Baiju truly became the King of Xiangxiong, he and the high priest would be sacrificed as the’King of Xiangxiong’ and the’Priest of Guxin’, thoroughly polluting the holy lake, and leading to the devil. The gate of the lake of the country!

Perhaps the great demon Chabalen is about to succeed. What the High Priest Yangjin saw, the terrifying crack extending from the Black Lake, was the embryonic form of the Lake Gate!


The deafening thunder ripped through the sky, covering up the knock on the door.


Without warning, the locked door was pushed directly, and the devilish storm rushed in. It was as dark as night outside with lightning and thunder. A pale, wet face like a water monkey appeared quietly outside the door.

His eyes were split into two slits, and the corners of his mouth were raised high, too exaggerated. This smile was really weird and uncomfortable. It was the second priest.

“High priest, the sacrifice is about to begin, the prince asked me to invite you.”

His voice is extremely sharp and weird, a kind of dizzying buzzing sound. He smiled and looked at the wrong lama next to Wei Xun and the high priest Yangjin behind, his eyes frozen like a picture: “They—”

Almost at the moment when he spoke, Wei Xun turned into a snow leopard and immediately changed into a human. His clothes fell suddenly and completely. Everyone was shocked, who would have thought that this was an attack? Only the White Wolf King was the same as Wei Xun’s mind, and the second priest threw him directly down.


The White Wolf King shook his head, blood gushing out, and a ball with the size of a leather ball rolled out, his eyes still smiling-it actually bit off the head of the second priest directly!

  At that moment, countless dark devilish air like octopus tentacles emerged from the fractured head. The high priest Yangjin became stiff. His eyes were struggling with emotion, but he was immediately taken by the dark devilish energy.


He drew out the sharp knife like bewitched, and silently stabbed Wei Xun with his back facing him. Wrong Lama realized it, and he immediately raised his hand to block it, but the sharp knife traversed an inconceivable arc, bypassing his block and stab Wei Xun!

All of this happened in the blink of an eye, and after that, everything was still.

The devilish energy from the fractured head of the second priest fell like a withered plant, and the high priest Yangjin’s face turned blue and his eyes turned pale. The whispering sound rang in Wei Xun’s ear, and only he could hear it.

Perhaps it was because Wei Xun had just been fatally attacked. This babble became louder and louder. Numerous unclean and distorted messages with powerful energy impacted his consciousness, almost causing a phantom in front of Wei Xun’s eyes.

But Wei Xun smiled calmly, put on his cloak and went forward, using a narrow crystal knife to cut off the devilish tentacles of the fractured head of the second priest. He had bare feet, and his pale toes were stained with blood, which was particularly harsh.

Immediately after, Wei Xun saw that drop of blood disappeared like an invisible force. His feet were gripped by ice cubes, and he was so cold that he almost lost consciousness.

[Worry about me?]

Wei Xun’s lips moved slightly, and there was no sound, just a mouth shape, but Wei Xun knew that the other party could’hear’ it.

Wei Xun got dressed, just now everything happened too suddenly, Ji Hongcai and the others are now reacting quickly. Feile ran to close the door, Ji Hongcai and Qin Xinrong held down the unconscious Yangjin high priest, looked at Wei Xun, and waited for his instructions.

“You guys wait here first.”

Wei Xun put on his hood and went out carrying a narrow crystal knife. There was a violent storm outside, and the pouring rain hit him like hail, thunder and thunder, roaring and roaring like a demon. The rain fell like a curtain from the edge of the hood, and the dark green cloak was dark like a ball of shadow.

He waited ten meters away from the priest’s building. As the second priest said, the sacrifice was about to begin.

Wei Xun’s complexion was calm, and he was actually affected. Some uncontrollable emotions, swelling, and full of noisy voices filled his brain five, only venting, can make him normal.


Wei Xun greeted them in a friendly manner, and then Wei Xun, who had no signs of warning, raised the knife to kill the fifth priest, the White Wolf King bit the seventh priest, and even the same Wei Xun returned. Time to throw stone bricks to seal the tenth priest.

They are all priests who sacrificed human sacrifices like the second priest!

There was chaos in the storm, and the shrill screams were masked by the thunder of one after another. The White Wolf King bit the seventh priest. Wei Xun pulled out the narrow crystal knife that pierced the heart of the fifth priest. Blood was splashed on his right cheek, which was diluted to dark pink by the rain, and followed his cheeks. ‌Ba dripping.

[I will encounter…more dangers]

There is no voice, the corners of the mouth are slightly curved, the skin is too pale, blood is the only gorgeous color.


“Tell me, the second, fifth, seventh, and tenth priests are all villains, and the sacrifice is imminent, no accidents.”

Facing the vigilant and panic gaze that everyone regarded him as a demon, Wei Xun smiled. His hanging fingers were slightly hot. It was the White Wolf King who was licking his fingertips and finger joints, licking off those contaminated and other people’s. Blood, the breath of others.

Wei Xun looked straight at the tall man behind the gathering crowd. He is no longer the simple Tibetan robe that he saw for the first time, but a retro, new tufted Xiangxiong king robe.


Wei Xun is the descendant of the Eagle Flute, no one dares to stop them, and the crowd let him like Moses dividing the sea. The eagle flute’s successor stood in the original , and did not step back, but Wei Xun saw him get into the pale golden bone flute in his hand-this eagle flute is really beautiful. Made, real, the legendary bone flute.

“King, is the sacrifice going to begin.”

Wei Xun stopped five steps in front of him, frowning at the eagle flute’s successor, and about to speak. He took out Pitangka, the priest of Guxin, and put it on himself.

“Only King Xiangxiong and Priest Guxin can preside over the sacrifice of the king, right?”

The pupils of the eagle flute shrank suddenly and then returned to normal.

Yes, King Xiangxiong and Priest Guxin… can preside over the king’s sacrifice. The closer it is, the higher the probability of a successful sacrifice.


The descendant of the Eagle Flute was silent for a long time, as if weighing. Finally, he finally spoke in a solemn voice, ignoring Wei Xungang and killing so many people.

“High priest, let’s go.”

Wei Xun smiled. No one knew that he was in a terrifying auditory and visual hallucinations, and he was almost confused. Above that high altitude, it seems that a pair of eyes are watching him all the time, although they have reduced a little power, they are full of warnings——

The other party was angry, and he was dissatisfied with Wei Xun every time he used that way to attract his attention.

But Wei Xun’s lips moved slightly, not to beg for mercy, nor to please, but to provoke.

【you love Me? 】

【 ‌You can’t touch me, can’t be with me, or even worse than a wolf… Is this your love? 】

[Do you want to-you and me are closer]

Wei Xun pressed his left hand to his heart, sending out an invitation like a seductive devil.

【You——Do you want to get into my heart】

[Where to watch me? 】


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