TTG Chapter 117

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 117: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (60)

Wei Xun felt his heart hot, as if being licked by a soldering iron, and his body was cold under the heavy rain, which was particularly noticeable.

Also, it was just a little hot. There was no other change, and there was nothing new in his body. Some chattering sounds, visual and auditory hallucinations also gradually disappeared, Wei Xun’s world returned to normal, it was * * * that I closed my gaze.

This time the trial did not succeed, and it was also considered a failure.

Wei Xun was very calm, his mood didn’t fluctuate much, and he didn’t expect to be successful at one time. It was an opportunity, so he just had a try.

Yes * * * ‌ OK, ‌ ‌了魔 ‌?

Or is the heart suitable?

Anyway, there is still a chance, try another place next time?

Wei Xun separated a trace of his mind to think about it, and most of his attention was on the successor of the Eagle Flute.

He has changed a lot, because of his temperament. If he was originally a silent and resolute Tibetan Han, now he has a power that is difficult to describe. Especially when looking directly at others, the power and majesty in his firm eyes are very obvious. This is always The aura that can only be cultivated by being in a position of , is mixed with things that say that the way is clear, and it has become this momentum.

Except for Wei Xun, the other Tibetans knelt and bowed when the successor of the Eagle Flute appeared, and even the other priests bowed and bowed.

Either the descendant of the eagle flute is hiding, or there is a new situation, but the descendant of the eagle flute has no devilish energy. Wei Xun looked at the eagle flute in his hand. The eagle flute was as long as an adult’s arm. It glowed with a faint golden light in the dark and reflected on the white gloves.

“Wang, I will bring the sacrifice.”

Wei Xun looked at it for a few seconds, and closed his gaze before the eagle flute’s successor noticed it.

“You must.”

The Eagle Flute preached the humanity, and his voice changed a little, his tone rose, and it sounded a bit sharp, but it was full of power, and made people consciously want to listen to him.

“Someone will send sacrifices to the altar.”


Influenced by the tone of the descendant of the Eagle Flute, Wei Xun calmly refused, with some arrogance in his tone: “The sacrifice I brought is the Snow Mountain White Wolf King. No one can stop it except Priest Guxin.


The descendant of the Eagle Flute looked at the White Wolf King who was guarding Wei Xun’s side. He didn’t seem to have seen the White Wolf King cooperated with Wei Xun to kill the two priests just now. He didn’t question the identity of the White Wolf King. Did not let Wei Xun grab the White Wolf King and take it away now, but said:

“Half an hour.”


Wei Xun responded quickly: “I will arrive at the altar in time.”

“Brother Wei! How is it?!”

As soon as Wei Xun arrived in the building, Ji Hongcai and others surrounded him.

“The sacrifice is about to begin, how much has your mission been completed?”

“Basically enough.”

Qin Xinrong said that the task of the last attraction was to let them collect evidence about the bloody sacrifice. The tourists were divided into three locations, and all of them collected less evidence.

The difficulty of the task is how to leave safely after collecting the evidence. After all, according to the wrong Lama’s speculation, the Great Demon Chabalen would sacrifice everything to open the door of the lake, and everyone in this area would die.

If a passenger knows what to see and accepts it, and wants to complete the mission, it is likely that he will be deeply trapped in the sacrifice and unable to escape.

Wei Xun said, “Take advantage of the opportunity when the priests leave, and try to meet other people.”

Except for Wei Xun, the other surviving priests all left with their sacrifices, the descendants of the Eagle Flute, with the exception of Ding Yi. Wei Xun controlled him to keep up with the descendants of the Eagle Flute, and also wanted to obtain more information.

Wei Xun has Guxin human skin and the White Wolf King as a’sacrifice’. He is closer to Guxin priest than Yangjin High Priest. The successor of the Eagle Flute will use him, but he will definitely believe him. The half-hour preparation time passed by the Eagle Flute to Wei Xun, he must have arranged things himself. Either related to the sacrifice, or to restrict Wei Xun, everything is to ensure the success of the sacrifice.

“He is crazy.”

The Wrong Lama said coldly, and there was no longer any concern when he mentioned the successor of the Eagle Flute in his tone: “I, Yang Jin will go to Selin to reinforce the seal.”

In the turmoil just now, the devil of Yangjin High Priest’s heart shrank and disappeared. The Lama Wrong did not feel the existence of * * *, but felt that he saw the illusory and fierce wolf head behind Wei Xun-it was the guardian of the wolf king!

How did the Snow Leopard Guardian of Wei Xun turn into the Guardian of the Wolf King? It’s strange that the Lama is wrong. He is fascinated and confident in Wei Xun. In his eyes, Wei Xun is guarded by the three sacred beasts of the Snow Mountain. Wan   Choose one of the slayers,    ‌ to have him, the devil’s plan must be successful.


Since the devil of Yangjin High Priest’s heart is gone, the great demon Chabalen will definitely be aware of it, so the wrong Lama… No matter how hesitated, the Yangjin High Priest also has a firm expression. They are trying to strengthen the seal and prevent the demon from recovering.

“Use it.”

When Wei Xun handed the Guxin Pitangka to the wrong Lama, the Lama shook his head: “Preside over the sacrificial offering to the king. If you wear it, you will be able to sense the holy lake of the snow-capped mountains.”

‌It is only Pitangka from Guxin, ‌Nine-eyed dzi bracelets given by Amara, inlaid with gold and silver skulls, radiating black stone ore, etc. The lama all told Wei Xun to wear them. After dressing up, the nice dark green cloak was made to resemble the original high priest.

“Messenger, the king’s sacrifice can be successful.”

They were divided into two groups. The Lama, the High Priest, was wrong to strengthen the seal, and Wei Xun was also able to hold back, and the King Sacrifice was able to succeed.

Ji Hongcai suggested: “Kill the descendant of the Eagle Flute?”

Killing the descendant of the Eagle Flute is equivalent to directly missing the’Xiang Xiong King’. Of course, the sacrifice was successful.

The wrong Lama listened to Wei Xun and explained the strangeness of the eagle flute, and shook his head solemnly: “He has the bone flute with the golden-winged rocco, which is sheltered by the golden-winged rocco, a hundred evil. Invade, King Kong is destroyed.”

Wei Xun thought it was the same. I am afraid that the descendant of the Eagle Flute has used evil tricks to turn himself into a more serious Xiangxiong bloodline, and he is short of ascending the throne to become the new king.

“Kill him with , I am the high priest.”

Wei Xun smiled: “There are many ways to destroy the sacrifice.”

Qin Xinrong frowned. Although he was not as rough as Ji Hongcai thought, he also tended to’let the sacrifice be done’, and the sacrifice would be destroyed after the sacrifice began. After all, this evil sect priest knows what moths there are. What if it ends after it starts, or if it is forcibly terminated, it will be backlashed?

‌Wei Xun’s performance along the way made him believe in Wei Xun’s choice.

After ten minutes of effort, a few people were pleased, and the erring Lama told Wei Xun about the main points of Bon sacrifices according to his own (Experience) scriptures.

“I will pay attention to Yin Baitao, Xu Yang.”

Farewell to Qianwei Xun Dao, if it is said that the most difficult to get out of the sacrifice, it must be Yin Baitao, Xu Yang, who was selected as a witch witch. It is a danger and an opportunity, depending on how they grasp it.

“Take care.”

“Take care of yourself.”

All veteran travelers have their own way to go on. We have reached the last attraction. Whether to leave or stay in the dangerous sacrifice to seize many opportunities, everyone has their own choice. Before Wei Xun,  is a suggestion, and is an order. Qin Xinrong and the others will follow Wei Xun to death, begging for his protection.

“Brother Wei, pay more attention to safety.”

Fei Lezhi gave Wei Xun his communicator and was full of worries. The most dangerous of them was naturally Wei Xun, who had to walk in danger and preside over the sacrifice. After a few days of travel, Feile was so tanned and firm. ‌ ‌Finding the direction of life is lost, and the whole person becomes calm and reliable.

As a’newcomer’, there is also contact with reality. Fei Lezhi is sincere about Wei Xun’s concern.

“rest assured.”

Wei Xun put on his hood, carried the crystal lamp, and slightly hooked the corner of his mouth:

“Be careful, it’s me.”

From the beginning of the journey to the present, every time, what is dangerous is always his enemy.

“I’m carrying you, you can run around.”

Wei Xun lowered his head, and the White Wolf King was looking at him. The Snow White Wolf’s ears were twisting and he was alert to the movement. The ice-blue wolf eyes did not have much emotion, and it was as calm as the Arctic sea. It seemed to know that it was leaving, and from squatting to standing up, it spontaneously walked in front of Wei Xun. It has a large skeleton and can reach Wei Xun’s thigh after standing up.

“The white hair is really conspicuous…”

Wei Xun whispered: “If there is a chance after Q, I have to dye you black.”

The end of the word was concealed in the violent thunderstorm, and under the gaze of Fei Le to Ji Hongcai and others, one person and one wolf walked into the dark rainy night, and was gradually engulfed by darkness.

At this moment, Fei Lezhi stared at Wei Xun’s back, and suddenly realized that the passenger was like this.

They walked in the endless long night.

There are many people walking behind. The weak will spontaneously hug each other. They will have partners and friends to support each other.

There are very few people walking in the front. They are walking fast, no one can catch up with them. The strong have experienced dangers, overcoming obstacles, strong and lonely.

Just like during this journey, Fei Lezhi didn’t know how much danger Wei Xun experienced, and even veteran travelers like Jiang Hongguang couldn’t catch up with Wei Xun. He always disappeared alone in the middle of the night, and went on adventures alone.

Fei Le loves friends, and likes to be lively and lively whenever and wherever there are friends. Wei Xun is a friend, like a’big brother’, like some of the’leaders’ in the second-generation circle of friends when he was a child. At first, Fei Le was subconsciously Xi Weixun, imitating Wei Xun, and soon he found that he would.

He did it to Wei Xun  ? wanton, enjoying adventure and being alone. He also chased in the footsteps of Shang Wei Xun, and he can go on an adventure together—

After chasing ‌上‌ and ‌ chasing, Fei Lezhi feels that her greatest strength is to’make yourself embarrassing from ‌, ‌ is every time Wei Xun leaves, Fei Lezhi still bears ‌ Worried, nerves are tense, unable to relax. When Wei Xun comes, he will be relieved for a while, and he will be worried again, at which time Wei Xun will not be able to come again.

Occasionally he would think that after all, a person will have a lot of poo. If there is a strong person who can guard against each other, they can also take care of each other.

“Forget it, there are no animals in humans.”

Fei Le was so whispered, and the people were all good. ‌ When talking about garbage tour guides, just talking about tourists. Where there are people, there will be disputes over interests, and there will be camps. Like their small temporary brigade, there are guides licking dogs, neutrals, newcomers, and so on. Fortunately, Wei Xun is one of outstanding strength. In case there is another enemy with outstanding strength, it will be messed up.

Absolutely trust this aspect, people are purer than animals. Wei Xun  Brother Leopard… Brother Wolf, that’s pretty good too.

Fei Lezhi patted his head, yes, what happened when he was sad just now, Wei Ge is also lonely, accompanied by the White Wolf King. This wolf is comparable to their travellers-he gets along very well.

When I went to the hostel, I also used the narrow “kind is a companion”. After all, Wei can become a leopard, so I think he is determined to be leopard brother… wolf brother, you can also get along with each other. fine.

“Wrong Lama, high priest, we also go first.”

Fei Lezhi waved away the distracting thoughts, revived, and stood beside Ji Hongcai. Ji Hongcai was communicating with the wrong lama. When Fei Lezhi approached, he had no head, but patted Fei Lezhi on the shoulder.

There is a lot of silent communication between men. Newcomers will naturally have pains and confusion when entering the hostel, and Ji Hongcai and the others also come in this way. Fei Lezhi and the others were not subjected to much consultation and suffering from the tour guide, and did not encounter much life-threatening danger. Compared with the enchanting rookie Wei Xun, it is a good thing and a bad thing.

Seeing his own brain can turn around, Ji Hongcai’s heart is also happy.

But it is anyone who can turn, especially the ones with strong sex.

Sometimes people will dig into the horns and see others succeed, they will think that it is me who worked hard enough, and worked hard.

In this place of Thriller Hostel, the harder you work, the more dangerous it is, especially when you have enough strength and you want to fight for your own strength.

Without a tour guide, it is difficult to recognize how cruel this journey is. Before you suffered a blow, you might encounter a doubled danger later.

* *

The hair was soaked in rain and stuck to the wound on Yin Baitao’s face. The scars were soaked by the rain, they looked terrifying when they were bloody. They were a long one, cutting across the tip of the nose from the left cheek to the right cheek, destroying Yin Baitao’s beauty.

This was done by her with the blade she hid. There was no seriousness, and her hands were shaking. Yin Baitao, regret.

She moved her stiff and cold arm. She was wearing a thin black dress, or black robe, as appropriate. Her hands were tied behind her back with twine, and she was surrounded by numb beasts. They looked like He was tied up like an animal, kneeling under the black stone altar.

A line of people passed, the whip sounded, and all the people and animals leaned down, burying their heads in the muddy water. Yin Baitao also leaned down, she knelt on the outermost side, beside the stairs. Yin Baitao’s face was squinted, her eyes were squinted, and she saw through the heavy rain that she saw the hem of the wet black skirt, which was a ritual maiden.

The maidens with wisdom are the concubines of the gods, and they will stand on the fourth floor of the altar.

If Yin Baitao hadn’t cut her face decisively, she would also stand at the , and  would be reduced to a human animal about to be killed by bloodletting. The witch is about to be enlightened by the’Devil King’. Thinking of the scene at that time, Yin Baitao still shuddered with the sharp pain of the woman.

‌She regrets it.

[Random Mission: Sacrificing Miko]

[Task level: difficult]

[Task description: In many cases, you have to go deep into the enemy camp and hide in the enemy in order to obtain a lot of intelligence. Are you willing to, as a witch, sneak into this evil sacrifice, discover more information, and expose this ignorant and primitive sacrifice? 】

[Task has failed]

[You found four clues:

  1. The origin and selection criteria of the witches
  2. Outer altar and inner altar
  3. Kaihui
  4. Demon God]

[According to the clues discovered, you can get corresponding rewards after the attraction is over]

It was precisely because of receiving the task that Yin Baitao blew the eagle flute as a test when the priest chose the witch-if it sounded out, it counts as a success, and if it doesn’t make a sound, it counts as a failure.

Yin Baitao once had the eagle flute successor set almost, Q eagle flute talked about the topic several times, and went to the yeah  musical instrument, and it was easy for her to make a sound.

‌Yin Baitao could not forcefully endure being’kaihui’ by the demon god, the witch’s disguise naturally failed, and the punishment was that she became a human animal.

She also found many clues, and all her efforts were rewarding. ‌To be able to live, ‌To be able to survive. Ding Yi has become a priest, maybe she can use a clue to exchange Ding handily and find it out by herself. Or other comrades, if they will make a riot, she will also have the opportunity to take advantage of the chaos and escape.

Yin Baitao was worried about Xu Yang, and the witches had so many disgusting things. Xu Yang was taken away as a witch boy, and I am afraid that there would be a lot of torture. At that time, when Yin Baitao was waiting outside the altar with other witches, she heard the sound of’tacking’, which was like the sound of animal hoofs landing on the ground.

Then a certain force affected Yin Baitao’s nerves, leaving her brain blank, completely unaware of her own, and blindly following orders.

If it was Yin Baitao who heard the wild laughter, and the permeating evil and terror caused her to wake up suddenly, I am afraid that she would also come and scratch her face, she would be confused and walk numbly and dazedly. Enter the altar.

Xu Yang doesn’t have the title of her, what if he comes and discovers danger? He was young and blind, and his guide dog was not with his blind cane.

Although Yin Baitao knew Xu Yang was smart, he knew that he was stubborn, arrogant, and eager to become stronger. He admired Wei Xun and wanted to become useful and powerful. He wanted Wei Xun to look at him with admiration.

This idea will make him vulnerable to danger!

Yin Baitao was thinking wildly. At this moment, her brain was thinking very much and very fast, her emotions could not be calm, and her body trembled in the rainstorm. After all, she used to be an ordinary person who grew up and was in the same age. She did not encounter much danger in the first two attractions until now. ‌ ‌The blood, cruelty and savagery made her tremble all over.

Will there be such a brutal bloody sacrifice in this era? Will there be a disgusting Kaihui’ritual’? She heard that in ancient times, which family in the West regarded the bull as the incarnation of the gods, and the chosen saint was to serve the bull after bathing. Unexpectedly, today’s society actually has this disgusting and barbaric remnant.

Is this reality or an illusion constructed by a hotel? Is northern Tibet true, or is it illusory?

For a while, Yin Baitao…knows whether it is illusory horror or real horror… She managed to pull her thoughts, and continued to think about Wei Xun. Only when she thinks of Wei Xun, can her heart develop a lot of courage and calm down.

Xu Yang has his own ideas, and he is willing to listen to Wei Xun’s words. If Wei Xun is here and Wei Xun can come, Wei Xun will definitely come before the sacrifice, and he might die on the road.


Yin Baitao’s blind worship of Wei Xun is at least much better than Feile, and she feels relieved when she thinks of Wei Xun. If Wei Xun comes, she will tell him all these four clues. Wei Xun will definitely be able to analyze many things and completely destroy the sacrifice. Yin Baitao was even thinking that Wei Xun’s identity would be the same.

The mission of the scenic spot says [As a passenger with a strong sense of integrity, you have decided to get involved in the sacrificial activities, collect enough evidence and hand it over to the police], Yin Baitao believes that it involves the sacrifice of the devil gods. , Come here as the police can manage.

She is thinking, Wei Xun will be the’police’? After all, Wei Xun was separated from them. They first entered the sacrifice to collect information, and they all found few clues. If Wei Xun comes in, Yin Baitao believes that Jiang Hongguang and the others will tell all the clues and all the evidence to Wei Xun.

 Wei Xun, is it the “police” of the mission description !

After this idea came up, Yin Baitao thought the more it made sense. Growing up in modern society, the word’police’ always makes people feel safe instinctively. Although Wei Xun is realistic and professional and is a policeman, he is so calm, reliable and powerful, Yin Baitao is willing to think this way. She thinks about the clues she has found over and over again, for fear of any forgetting.

At the same time she is still looking for opportunities.

After all, the’police’ is always late, and Yin Baitao is also fragile in heart, and passively resists when encountering difficulties. People waiting for rescue, she has always wanted to find an opportunity to escape.

It is a pity that all the animals are kneeling in one place, and any movements are particularly conspicuous. She thought that she might be able to flee with Ji Hongcai Fei Lezhi and the others, but Yin Baitao did not see Fei Lezhi at the sacrifice.


This made Yin Baitao willing to believe that Wei Xun had arrived. Fei Lezhi and the others were sacrifices to Ding Yi, and Ding Yi might kindly save them. They can escape, most likely Wei Xun shot.

Wait, be patient, the patrol guards have guns, so they can be anxious.

Yin Baitao bit her lip tightly, the severe pain made her numb body tremble, and she cheered up again.

Tap, tap.

Yin Baitao’s face turned pale suddenly!

She heard it again, and heard another voice! As a witch at the time, she heard from outside the altar that the animal hoof fell on her head, making her dazed. It is normal, and the power of reality is terrifying, supernatural and inexplicable. of–


Suddenly, the voice stopped and stopped beside Yin Baitao. Yin Baitao trembled all over, she squatted down deeply.


“God does not need a complete sacrifice.”

The cold boy rang in the thunderstorm, and Yin Baitao instantly discerned the owner of the clear voice.

“Hold it down.”

The two Tibetan guards immediately grabbed Yin Baitao and dragged it down. They were like catching a little chicken, their big steel hands clenched Yin Baitao’s shoulders. ‌She did not struggle, but struggled to raise her head.

She heard it, this is Xu Yang’s voice! In the dark night, in the storm, Yin Baitao could see many things clearly, but she could see Xu Yang clearly. Xu Yang is also dressed in a large black robe with a thin white neck. He is holding a golden lamp with flames burning on it.

Obviously there is no lampshade, but the torrential rain cannot extinguish the vigorous flames.

The three-color flame… is the flame of Wei Xun!

Yin Baitao calmed down in an instant. She glanced at Xu Yang very quickly, the head of the huge black sheep, and then immediately lowered her head, without waiting for the Tibetan guards to press her head, or directly use’look directly at the gods’. ‘The charge broke her neck.

Xu Yang was helping her leave, at least leaving the animal pen. Yin Baitao’s mind was very clear at this moment. The most important thing for her now is to find Wei Xun.

Yin Baitao was dragged away rudely, and her whole body hurts to death. She did not struggle, but was docile, trying to protect herself as much as possible.

At the next moment, the two Tibetans dragging Yin Baitao and Fang suddenly knelt to the ground, and they were forced to kneel again with her, their faces directly pressed into the muddy water.


Yin Baitao choked on the sewage, and the pain of suffocation made her instinctively struggle. ‌The more she struggled the Tibetans pressed harder, Yin Baitao could almost hear the sound of her bones breaking, just when she was almost suffocating and desperate–

“Are you… the one who blew the eagle flute?”

Yin Baitao heard the Tibetan language, but she didn’t understand it, and her ears were full of sewage. It was the Tibetan guard who was nervous and raised her face. Yin Baitao coughed violently and opened her eyes to see, only to see the descendant of the eagle flute surrounded by everyone.

He wore the traditional elephant king dress, trimmed his beard and hair, and looked exactly the same, showing a bit of majesty. The ancestor of the Eagle Flute seemed to be listening to the report of the Tibetans, and his gaze fell on her scratched face, and then his gaze gradually softened.


Immediately afterwards, under the imaginatively shocked eyes of the Tibetans, the successor of the Eagle Flute actually bent down, said a few words to Yin Baitao, and then stretched out his hand to her – the person who reached out at the same time,… ‌‌Have him!

Yin Baitao was initially shocked, thinking crazy in his mind what the eagle flute descendant was doing and what it meant. Her current situation…can be worse, no matter how she should hold his hand, and then she understands Tibetan and knows what the eagle flute descendants are talking about. After holding it, it will be dangerous–

When she saw the other person who reached out to her, all the dangerous eagle flutes were passed down by Yin Baitao directly behind her head.

There was a light of surprise in her eyes, she hesitated to straighten her body, exhausted all her strength, her hand passed the eagle flute, and she directly grasped her hand!

The face of the descendant of the eagle flute was suddenly ugly, and his eyes were full of anger, but still suppressed: “Priest Guxin, what are you doing.”

“Wang, what do you want to do?”

Wei Xun pulled up Yin Baitao and quickly scanned her whole body with his eyes down. It was a momentary matter. Others almost realized that until he looked at Yin Baitao, he was watching. The successor of the Eagle Flute.

“She is a god-related woman, so she should naturally be handed over to me to deal with.”

“Although she was not chosen to be enjoyed by God, she is still good enough.”

The eagle flute heir squinted his eyes, and said in deep thought: “Priest Gu Xin, the kings of Xiangxiong of all dynasties have all the princesses who received the ceremonies together. She can play the eagle flute and is qualified to serve this Dapeng Golden Right Wing. Bone flute, when I walked with her, I also regarded its quality as good. I am not a layman who pays attention to appearance, but value character.”

“I want her to be my princess, what do you think?”

The descendant of the Eagle Flute has always spoken in Tibetan. Wei Xun looked at Yin Baitao with surprise and joy. He looked at him, looked wary at the descendant of the Eagle Flute, and smiled slightly.

He naturally knew why the descendant of the eagle flute would say this abruptly.

In fact, it was abrupt. After discovering that the descendant of the Eagle Flute had not been bewitched by the devil, Wei Xun understood.

On the way Wei Xun and the White Wolf King left the building and headed to the altar, he was stopped by a Tibetan. The Tibetan was very respectful to him and showed Wei Xun the golden Dapeng bird medal.

This is the medal worn by the successor of the eagle flute on his chest.

Wei Xun followed the Tibetans out and around, and as expected, behind a pile of black rocks, he saw the descendant of the eagle flute.

The descendant of the Eagle Flute is waiting for him specially, to spy with him.

In fact, Wei Xun figured out something from the change of Lama’s attitude towards the successor of the Eagle Flute. If the descendant of the Eagle Flute is really possessed by the devil, the wrong lama will show indifference and even cold eyes. After all, the lama knows that demons are inherently evil, and that people possessed by demons will do wrong things. This is not what they really want.

Unless the descendant of the Eagle Flute is still sensible, he still has to cooperate with the devil in view of the bad consequences.

When Wei Xun looked at the descendant of the Eagle Flute before, he found that there was no devilish energy on his body.

Sure enough, Wei Xun understood after a little chat with the successor of the Eagle Flute. Indeed, the descendant of the Eagle Flute was indeed not possessed by the devil, he was sensible, even understood. After the devil helped him purify his blood, and helped him become the real elephant queen, she would slaughter the donkey and use him, the Guxin priest, to make sacrifices and open the lake gate.

Everyone knows these eagle flutes.

The descendant of the Eagle Flute was brought up by Amara. This old man who picked nine-eyed dzi beads easily, had countless good things in his hands. The descendants of the Eagle Flute had all kinds of ornaments, gems, and Buddha statues. Has great mana and can protect him from being possessed by demons.

After showing Wei Xun his treasures at random, the descendant of Eagle Flute closed his mouth and stared at him, waiting for Wei Xun to ask him’why’.

Why is he clearly awake, knowing that the devil will harm him in the end, but still cooperating with the devil?

Laughing to death, is this still clear? Why should I ask?

It is to seek the skin with the tiger, and then how will he be wronged, how will he be, how difficult, how to prove himself and other lyrical emotions.

So it is Wei Xun who took the head of the White Wolf King as a sacrifice; it was he who killed the high priest, but no one asked, but his reputation spread rapidly, making everyone respect him; or Wei Xun killed two priests, five priests, seven priests, and ten priests. As a result, all Tibetans with guns stood like silly people. Wei Xun had finished killing the Eagle Flute and was late.

And he didn’t question Wei Xun much at all, and gave him half an hour to deal with the endgame.

The descendant of the Eagle Flute wanted to win him over. This person was crazy, calm and rational.

Whether it was the White Wolf King or Wei Xun’s killing of the priests controlled by the devil, the descendants of the Eagle Flute believed that he was going to fight the devil, and the hostel was going to fight the devil.

And Wei Xun also has the strength to fight against him.

Is this exactly what he wants!

The successor of the Eagle Flute played against Wei Xun one after another, revealing a lot of news to him. It is also said that after the king’s sacrifice, the demon consciousness will come to a black sheep, and in order to befriend Wei Xun, Xu Yang is called to come—he is the lamp-holding boy who serves the devil. ‌

Even Wei Xun Xu Yang chatted for ten minutes, and the successor of the Eagle Flute also agreed very generously, and pretended not to see the extra three-color flames from Xu Yang’s hand.

‌Wei Xun never got in touch with him.

In other words, Wei Xun was laughing and didn’t talk to him at all.

This eagle flute was passed down to the people to understand. Seeing that the sacrifice was imminent, he suppressed his anger and walked to the altar with Wei Xun and the other priests. As he walked, his anger on his face disappeared, and he became again. Calm down.

Wei Xun knew what the descendant of the Eagle Flute was thinking. He must be thinking,’Anyway, you have to kill the devil, you might let the king  the priest be swallowed, otherwise the lake gate will open. That being the case, Wei Xun will definitely protect the safety of’ ‌王’. Even if he agrees now, it’s okay.


The eagle flute spreads to the hearts of the people. I’m afraid I’m still relieved, so when he saw Yin Baitao on the way, he would make such a decision. Of course he was someone who suddenly fell in love with muddy Cinderella or something.

The descendants of the Eagle Flute believed that Yin Baitao was easy to use.

First of all, Yin Baitao was selected by the Demon God, but was not bewitched by the Demon God. Although she scratched her face and fell to the point of being an animal, this also shows that she can resist the temptation of the devil.

Secondly, Yin Baitao is the only female in the brigade. The ancestor of the Eagle Flute serves as a guide. Although he is a transaction among hotels, he also knows how powerful the hotels are.

As he said, King Sacrifice is the ritual for King King to enthroned. The relationship between King King and Queen will also be recognized by Shenshan Shenghu, and the King’s Concubine usually participates in King King Sacrifice. , Will be the king of Xiangxiong, the future queen.

Between the king and the princess, a certain connection will be added.

The successor of the Eagle Flute is trying to establish this connection with Yin Baitao, thus gaining the shelter of the hostel!

In his opinion, the people who can be sent by the hotel to solve the demon problem and solve his problem with the king of elephants should be important people in the hotel. If there is a connection between him and Yin Baitao, they will You can also enter the ‌Magic Hotel‌?

The descendant of the Eagle Flute wanted to insure himself again. When he said that he wanted Yin Baitao to hold the bone flute of the Golden-winged Rocco, he was drawing her in.

Yin Baitao understands, Wei Xun stopped him.

The anger of the eagle flute is almost overflowing. He guesses he is thinking about it, or he thinks that Wei Xun is the Guxin high priest standing side by side for a while. Wei Xun’s favor is more than the illusory hotel. important.

So the successor of the Eagle Flute did not persist after all, and even gave Wei Xun five minutes to talk with Yin Baitao.

Yin Baitao immediately picked the key points and told Wei Xun all the important clues he had obtained. Time was tight. After Wei Xun heard Yin Baitao’s last words, he was urged patiently by the descendant of the Eagle Flute, and he walked towards the altar together with the priests.

The seven-story black stone altar is like a pyramid, standing in the storm, standing on the bank of the deserted Selincuo Lake.

The sacrifices are kneeling outside the altar, and the slaves kneeling on the first floor of the altar.

Wei Xun stood side by side with the successor of the Eagle Flute, stepping onto the altar step by step.

[Di, you have all the clues and evidences collected by the passengers! 】

Up from the second floor of the altar, there are people who are standing, and only when they pass by will they kneel down.

On the second floor of the altar are kneeling the remnants of Xiangxiong, and on the third floor of the altar are kneeling Tibetans holding weapons and firearms. They are’Xiangxiong Warriors’.

It’s this era, and it’s actually possible to build a decent altar for the eagle flute descendant. It looks funny and funny, but when I think about it, I feel terrified.

On the fourth floor of the altar, there were witches who had been opened up by the’god’ on their knees. Their expressions were numb, their faces were pale, and they were all old, and their thin bodies were kneeling on the ground, like fragile rushes in the storm.


In modern society, there are still remote mountainous areas beyond the reach of the police. There are many bad habits and bad habits that the world cannot know, just like the Chebi Village on the last trip to Xiangxi.

[You are the police identified by all passengers during this trip! You get the identity of a special police! Please chair the righteousness, rescue and protect the innocent, and let the guilty get the punishment they deserve! 】

The host is ? SWAT status?

Wei Xun lowered his head to cover the corners of his smiling mouth. He suddenly thought of An Xuefeng. Remember that An Xuefeng seems to be in reality, he is a policeman.

Captain of the Criminal Police Brigade of the Capital Public Security.

What would An Xuefeng do if he encountered such a thing?

Shoot and kill the sinners who dared to resist, shoot the criminals who dared to escape, capture all these sinners, and rescue the innocent and poor witches and witches?

The Criminal Police Battalion Captain’s marksmanship should be very accurate, and his fighting skills must also be very powerful. Even if the Tibetans have guns in their hands, they must be scared of his team.

When the priests who followed them reached the fifth floor of the altar, they walked up again. This is where the Bon wizards should stand. Further up, on the seventh floor of the altar stands the black sheep representing the gods, Q and the witch boys who worship the gods.

King Xiangxiong, Priest Guxin, stands on the sixth floor after the gods. When I got here, there was a descendant of the eagle flute, Wei Xun, who was able to walk side by side.

       , the position of priest Guxin is higher than   , is the double peak of religious power. Only when the king made sacrifices, the king first stepped onto the altar, and then the Guxin priest.

Seeing the sixth-floor altar close at hand, Mingming’s body was soaked by the cold rainstorm, but the eagle flute’s successor was full of enthusiasm and excitement. How many years, how many years has he been waiting for this moment.


When I was young in Xiaolin Temple, when I heard the wrong lama said,’He is the bloodline of the Golden Winged Roc’, Amala was shocked. The daring eyes looked like a whip of thorns and hit him hard. Heart.

The wound has not healed yet.

Shame, willingness, resentment, faith, pain.

As I grew older, the scars did not heal. Instead, a foul-smelling thick slurry came out. Especially when Amara went to him, and treated him with the same warmth and Xiangxiong’s survivors still respect him, the more painful and resentful Gan Danbaiju was.

He felt that Amara’s warmth contained contempt and contempt.

Otherwise, why keep preventing him from going up to the poor mountain!

Is it because he thinks he is the blood of Xiangxiong, is he a hybrid? !

He felt that the remnants of Xiangxiong were respectful and scrutinized.

They know that they know his true identity, do they think he is worthy? !

It was Amala who taught him since he was a child. He is of the blood of the expensive Golden-winged Roc bird. It is these survivors who taught him how noble he is.

Why now he says he is? !

He begged the Buddha to worship God, and he was in pain, and wanted to ask why.

‌God appeared‌? Does the Buddha appear?

‌A demon appeared in one bow!

In this case, he abandons the gods and Buddhas, he wants to let some people watch, he is the king of Xiangxiong.

He is the king!

The descendant of the Eagle Flute closed his eyes severely, then opened it again, and then he resolutely stepped forward to ascend to the sixth altar.

‌His arm was caught.

This man was really powerful, and the eagle flute descendant was also stunned. He couldn’t break free for the first time. Then he watched Wei Xun take a step ahead of him and boarded the sixth altar.

Successor of the Eagle Flute:? ?

“The sixth floor altar, it should be Wang Xiandeng——”

The successor of the Eagle Flute gritted his teeth and wanted to destroy his own King Sacrifice, so he hated it and shouted directly.

I should have boarded first!

“Yes, it is Wang Xiandeng.”

Wei Xun smiled. He thought that a real policeman, such as An Xuefeng, would react in this scene by means.

He is a serious policeman, and Wei Xun will use his own means to let the wicked know what it means to be heartbroken.

Under the gaze of the crowd, the eagle flute descendant was shocked. With a daring look, Wei Xun took off his hood. He took out the crown of the Dapeng Golden Winged Bird and put it on his head.

The sparkling lightning pierced the sky, and the diamond jewellery gold on the crown for a thousand years is still extremely dazzling.

“Who said that Priest Gushin could be a part-time king?”

Wei Xun grabbed the eagle flute, which was handed down by the hand of the eagle flute, and held it in his hand like a scepter, righting the crown.

“I want to be a king, too.”


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