TTG Chapter 118

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 118: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (61)

【drop! You get the bone flute of the Dapeng Golden Right Wing. You already have four items related to the remnants of the Xiangxiong Kingdom. The collection progress is 4/5]

[You enter the final stage of the main line journey, the hostel reminds you that the difficulty of obtaining the last item is ten times that of the sum total, please do your best and take your own safety first! 】

【Due to the great disparity in strength, when the last item appears, you will be prompted! 】

One thunderstorm after another, the hostel reminded that they were all pressed down to the lowest point, and the sharp lightning that tore the moment briefly illuminated the eagle flute’s stiff face in shock and disbelief.

Even the bone flute of the right wing of the robbed Dapeng Jin was ignored. He stared straight at the crown on Wei Xun’s head, trembling all over, his face sometimes turned black and sometimes white.

“This, this is…”


Wei Xun has a good temper and tells: “The crown of the golden-winged Dapeng bird’s horn.”


The descendant of the Eagle Flute suddenly raised the sound, almost screaming.

How could it be a crown? How can Wei Xun hold a crown that you can’t find? !

The first reaction of the successor of the Eagle Flute was to grab it, but Wei Xun’s hand was faster, and a bone flute twitched his face, like a thorny snake whip, his cheek was so hot and painful.

This bone flute made the eagle flute painful, and he woke up. The strong wind blew, and it shivered. It seems that I suddenly realized that I was the king’s sacrifice, the king’s sacrifice that must not be lost.

No, you can’t fight for it, ‌‌obviously, ‌It is embarrassing at the sacrifice.

Noting that there was a priest next to him looking in astonishment, the descendant of the Eagle Flute suddenly calmed down and said: “Priest Gu Xin, don’t joke.”

But looking at the red eyes and trembling hands of the descendants of the Eagle Flute, you know that the calmness is only the surface: “Xiangxiong Kingdom does not have the saying that the Guxin priest is a part-time king. You quickly return the crown and bone flute. I.”

Yes, the Xiangxiong Kingdom does not have the idea of ​​Priest Guxin serving as the king. Wei Xun is probably just trying to hold on to it. Now, when he takes out the crown, he wants to win over.

The successor of the Eagle Flute seemed to persuade himself, suppressed his shame and anger, and sank again, even looking at the top of the altar suggestively:

“King Xiangxiong and Priest Guxin have always been one and the same. It is a great merit for you to retrieve the lost crown. Presumably Shenshan holy lake will not be blamed on you, but if you delay the next , if the sacrifice is delayed, the god will be angry. of.”

The descendant of the Eagle Flute felt that he had a very clear hint! We are willing to cooperate with Wei Xun and will not blame Wei Xun. Our common enemy is the great devil, and we should all be unanimous to the outside world!


Wei Xun raised his eyebrows and played with the bone flute he had just acquired. He glanced at the . From a high level, he could see layers of altars. Those Xiangxiong survivors knelt on the ground and did not dare to raise their heads. In the storm, they didn’t even know what was up there. what’s going on.

If you stand high enough, the people below can no longer see you clearly. Whether the person standing at the top is a person or a dog, no one dares to take a closer look.

Only the priests of the fifth layer were unbelievable and shocked, but when Wei Xun watched one by one, he lowered his head subconsciously-Wei Xun was ruthless and powerful, and the image of killing people if they didn’t agree with each other had already Deeply imprinted in our hearts.

No one dared to refute it!

“No, this is mine.”

Wei Xun stared at him with interest: “The crown, the eagle flute, the medal, the throne-ah, and the fault lama, the high priest of Yangjin, the skin of Guxin… all belong to me.”


what! ! !

The ancestor of the Eagle Flute was almost beaten up by Wei Xun’s shameless shamelessness, and his mind became heavy and his back, thinking of the remnants of Xiangxiong and the priests, so many people were all… Look, the eagle flute’s face was blue and white, shame, resentment, unwillingness to swallow, I can’t wait to go back in time, I must kill Wei Xun first.

But at the same time, the successor of the Eagle Flute thought that the remnants of Xiangxiong and the priests would definitely support, kill Wei Xun, and regain the crown and scepter… No, you can’t kill it. Wei Xun is Gu Xin. Priests have to preside over the king’s sacrifice.


As long as Wei Xun sincerely regrets, hand over the crown and the scepter, and vowed to always assist the Guxin priest, the Guxin priest, then it is not impossible to let him. Keep alive…

But the successor of the Eagle Flute thought about it for a long time, but found that no one actually came up to help!

Not so many people even noticed that the person wearing the crown and holding the eagle flute is not.

When Wei Xun turned to  and walked to the end of the sixth-level altar, the people on the lower level of the altar even kneeled lower and became more religious.

Each altar is circular. The center of the upper altar and the lower altar is a circle surrounded by a circle, like a black whirlpool. Climbing the stairs of the altar to the outermost side, ascending to the sixth floor, the guard Xun walked half a circle along the altar, and walked to the side facing the lake of Selin. Here is the sacrifice. After that, the king and the elephant priest should stand.

When walking around, Wei Xun felt the gaze cast from the highest level of the altar, the seventh level, the giant black sheep representing the devil. It is like a heavy shadow, except that the sheep’s face is white.


This kind of white is more like peeling off the skin and flesh, directly exposing the skull, which looks very oozing. The successor of the Eagle Flute said that after the king’s sacrifice, the consciousness of the great devil would descend on the black sheep, but after communicating with Xu Yang and Yin Baitao, Wei Xun knew that the devil’s Power is very likely to have descended on this sheep.

The “W” was what Yin Baitao heard with her heart, the evil and rampant laughter, or when Xu Yang was combing the wool, she felt “W” as many bulges like nails. All things show that this sheep has long been abnormal.

Therefore, when Wei Xun negotiated with the descendant of the eagle flute, he had an attention and the descendant of the eagle flute, and all of them paid attention to the demon black sheep. But the other party didn’t react at all.


Is it really feasible for Priest Guxin to serve as the king, or is it that the wrong Lama and the High Priest Yangjin have already begun to strengthen the seal, and the devil has no spare energy to pay attention to this side for the time being?

Ta Ta Ta.

The hurried footsteps sounded behind him, and the eagle flute’s successor chased him up. Planning the king’s sacrifice, looking forward to washing his blood for so long, how could he withdraw because of unexpected accidents.

“You are not of the blood of Xiangxiong, you are a fake, Shenshan Shenghu will be angry, and everyone here can’t run!”

Low  screamed: “So many people will all die because of you!”

“Recognize your identity, you are not qualified to speak to the king like this.”

Wei Xun ignored the botched language threats, and didn’t quarrel with him: “Get out.”

[Hahahaha fuck, it’s cool, my mom really didn’t expect it to be so cool! 】

[When I was a high priest, I thought it was the peak of coolness, but the second priest said, where is this? When I killed the second priest, I thought it was cool enough, but five, seven, and ten priests jumped out and slapped me in the face. I don’t think about it, or I will find my face is gone again]

[Can I do this? ? Wei Xun, let’s be bold! I was really convinced to take out the crown at this time. I thought that I kept the crown hidden because I wanted to win over the descendants of the Eagle Flute at a critical moment]

[Laughing, the descendant of the eagle flute … thinks so]

[The successor of the Eagle Flute is counted as a few, and Brother Wei is playing with the dog! 】

[Why not this eagle flute with such a thick face? Apply for the city wall? I cooperated with the devil to engage in this cult sacrifice. If I were a policeman, I would have been shot a hundred times! 】

[Yes, it is not the orthodox Xiangxiong bloodline itself, and the king can offer sacrifices to the Xiangxiong king, then I think Wei Xun can! 】

[Be confident! The successor of the eagle flute is better than Wei Xun, and Wei Xun is now, but the crown and eagle flute brooch are all handy, this is a proper standard for the king of Xiangxiong! 】

[Brothers, will Wei Xun’s sacrifice be ruined if Wei Xun does this? If this is the case, have you learned the unprecedented method of sabotaging the sacrificial ritual get? 】

[School is abolished, school is abolished]

【Positive Learning】

The barrage in the live broadcast room did not affect the icy rainy night. The eagle flute passed through the heart like ice and fire. When I looked at the elephant crown on Wei Xun’s head, my mood was as hot as boiling water. Can’t help scratching his arm.

I used secret methods to transform my bloodline, and I can feel the gold-winged roc bird-related items even more. On Wei Xun’s head was the real, golden-winged Dapeng bird’s horn crown.


The descendants of the Eagle Flute originally thought that the crown was missing. Even the devil had only the bone flute, and the crown was the most important item of the Xiangxiong king, more important than the bone flute and the scepter combined.

If you have a crown and your hands, how can you play with the big devil, and try to please Wei Xun? One person can take control of the Holy Mountain and Holy Lake after ascending to the throne, and the great devil will be suppressed so that it will never turn over.

The descendant of the Eagle Flute was so excited that he couldn’t help himself because of his fantasy, his cheekbones were red, and he looked at Wei Xun’s back in a blink of an eye, and his heart was like falling into an ice cave.

No matter how good you think, it’s useless, now the crown is in Wei Xun’s hands. And when he saw the real crown, he was shocked and lost, and even the bone flute was taken away.

Thinking of this eagle flute heir was anxious and angry, and refused to admit it. Without the bone flute, the king might not recognize his identity when he sacrificed to the sacred mountain and holy lake–but the real golden-winged roc bird bloodline , The true king of Xiangxiong lineage, who can be king except …? !

‌Only ‌I am ‌Worried about sacrifices. This bone flute is a demon, and the devil definitely made tricks. ‌There are so many magical artifacts and treasures, and the golden-winged roc bird protects them, so they are not afraid of demons. But what should Wei Xun do if he is killed, even if the descendant of the Eagle Flute now wants to kill Wei Xun again. It is clear that priest Guxin must never be sacrificed.

He also planned to wait for Shenshan Shenghu to admit himself, and then join forces with Wei Xun to fight against the Great Demon Chabalen, and then seal it.

But I didn’t think about releasing the devil ‌, ‌ ‌ was terrible.

Why didn’t Wei Xun listen to everything that was so clear? !

Wei Xun passed down the eagle flute to Xiaojin Buzzing, and he wanted to set up an archway again. How could there be such a good thing in the world? Why, use the big devil and Wei Xun to complete the king’s sacrifice, ascend to the throne, and use the backhand to seal the big devil?

The good things inside and outside of the co-author are still let you take up, dirty and tiring. On top of Wei Xun, the big devil uses  to kill the donkey?

Wei Xun originally thought that the descendants of the Eagle Flute had a bit of IQ, but now he was convinced that the descendants of the Eagle Flute were spoiled by Amala and the remnants of Xiangxiong, and a lot of ages still want good things.

“You have to be clear, when you recite the sacrificial poems later, you and I recite together.”

Seeing that the ancestors of the Eagle Flute had reached the sacrifice point, they didn’t dare to make any noise anymore. The sound was forced out between the teeth: “There must be at least two people… the king sacrifices, otherwise–”

“Didn’t you follow me?”

Wei Xun glanced at him in surprise, seeming to question why he talked so much.

Yes, two people, one is a human, the other is a sacrifice + king, which is very reasonable.

The eagle flute was passed down, and his face fell. I don’t say it anymore, but it doesn’t mean that the successor of the Eagle Flute has given up.

Leng Yu was furious, ecstatic, unwilling to be ashamed, the descendant of the Eagle Flute calmed down again, and finally no longer thought about regaining the crown, and killed Wei Xun.

One is that he cannot be killed, and the other is that Wei Xun is stronger than ‌.

Wei Xun came from that mysterious’hostel’ and was also the strongest’Brigade ‌. Look at the methods used to severely punish the priests, even if the survivors of Xiangxiong and the priests are against each other. ‌Range and attack, ‌ may not necessarily kill ‌.

For the same thing, there are naturally different attitudes toward the weak and the strong, and the eagle flute is not stupid. I have been looking forward to this king’s sacrifice for more than ten years. The most important thing at the moment is the success of the sacrifice, and I will become the king of elephants recognized by the sacred mountain and holy lake. Everything can be forgotten, and we will talk about it in the future.

What’s more, even if Wei Xun has a crown and an eagle flute in his hand, he may not be the king of Xiangxiong, and he still doesn’t know the problem in the sacrificial words.

“Priest Guxin must recite the sacrificial words first.”

The ancestor of the eagle flute was stern, looking at the pitch-black Lincuo Lake in the distance, and it turned out to be a low voice to remind Wei Xun.

“After the sacrificial ceremony begins, the sacrificial words will appear in your ear as a buzzing  – just follow the sound and say .”

Therefore, you need someone who is closest to the priest Guxin. This kind of buzzing between the sacred mountain and the holy lake can only be heard by the priest who is recognized by the mountain and lake. The more you hear and the more you read, the more the Sacred Mountain and Holy Lake will recognize this sacrifice, and the greater the power it exerts, the’canonized’ Xiangxiong King will have stronger power.

Wei Xun has the skin of the priest Guxin, the sacred beast, the Snow Leopard, and the sacred beast, the White Wolf King. , This point is questioned by W from.

Taking advantage of a little time for the sacrificial ceremony, the descendant of the Eagle Flute quickly said:

“The sacrificial words are first the confession of priest Guxin, which is confessed, and then the offering of sacrifices to worship the sacred mountain and holy lake and all nature, attracting power to come, canonize the king, and finally the gods come and the ceremony is completed.”

The successor of the Eagle Flute said frankly, there is no need to lie here. After a pause, ‌ said again:

“After you were affirmed as Guxin priest by Shenshan Shenghu, the identity of the priest was confirmed. You can’t be canonized as a king later. When the sacrifice fails, the devil notices something strange and everyone has to die. So you still hand the crown and eagle flute to me…”

‌‌The sound is even lower: “Don’t worry, now that ……He is being watched by the Shenshan Holy Lake, the devil will not appear. You have to wait until the end of the sacrifice, the devil descends on the black sheep, when you and I work together, ‌ ‌……”


The devil, W, shape, and W shadow, the power of terror cannot be countered by ordinary people. The only time when you wait for your consciousness to come to the black sheep is the most vulnerable. At that time, He Wei Xun killed the black sheep, and let the White Wolf King devour the black sheep. The devil would be severely injured. At that time, they would use the power of the mountain and holy lake to reinforce the seal. Was sealed for a hundred years.

After a hundred years, the demons will recover again, and nothing will happen to us.

[Criminity is telling the truth! 】

The’police’ is not just a pure identity, it brings some special benefits to Wei Xun, such as the’lie detector’ (which can judge the truth and lies of criminals), and the gun specialist. Jing, fighting specialization, the arrival of the ambulance will not die, and the five characteristics of black talk specialization.

It’s almost like a hostel.

This made Wei Xun ponder. The hotel has always been to hone travelers and stimulate their greatest potential. It gives Wei Xun’s status as a “police” with five bonus features. As an excellent traveler, the hostel is corresponding to the “protection”, and it is the next step for the “police”. The difficulties encountered were great.

Probably it was the hotel’s judgment that the strength of the enemy and the enemy is very different. Wei Xun’s own strength and the identity of the police are still in a weak position, barely able to confront the opponent, and have to go through the limit of training and setbacks. There is a small chance of success.

Without the identity of the police, Wei Xun is not an opponent at all, and he will die if he meets him. This will lose the meaning of training.

The only one who can make such a judgment by the hostel should be the Great Demon Chabalen and the gate of the lake leading to the magic kingdom.

From this, it is not as simple as what the descendants of the Eagle Flute said to seal the devil again. Even if the sacrifice is destroyed, the Great Devil… is very likely to be unblocked. So it’s not as good as the crown and the eagle flute in his own hands, and Wei Xun didn’t want to cooperate with the successor of the eagle flute.

On the contrary, the descendant of the Eagle Flute was considered a crime by the hotel, which made people think more deeply.

Ordinary people may know the bloody sacrifices, slaves, and the cruel and evil deeds of the’gods’ towards the witches, and naturally think that the vast majority of them are crimes, and it is more appropriate to cause all the descendants of the eagle flute. Proper criminal leader.

But Wei Xun thought otherwise.

The hostel is not a good place. The eldest brother doesn’t laugh at the second elder brother. Compared with some tour guides, everything done by the successor of the Eagle Flute is nothing but drizzle.

Since there is no justice, how can we talk about crime?

What’s more, the ancestors of the Eagle Flute are’inviting people’, so they are the partners of the hotel, and regardless of their strength, they should be equal to Li Guipingping in terms of status in the journey.

In other words, what the eagle flute’s successor did is nothing to the hostel. And something done in the third scenic spot was judged by the hostel as a’criminal’.

So Wei Xun, the “excellent traveler”, came to punish the criminals.

Wei Xun guessed the identity of the hostel and the police, and gave him various preferential treatments, hoping to prevent the eagle flute from committing crimes, and to capture the return to the society – even Field shot to death.

As for what he did, it was considered a crime by the hotel… Wei Xun was a little guessing.

Wei Xun pondered: “You are telling the truth.”

The descendant of the Eagle Flute said anxiously: “What I said is the truth! If you want to seal the devil, then you should listen to me— ”

Wei Xun: “I don’t listen.”

Successor of the Eagle Flute:? ! !

In order to stay serious, both the ancestor of the Eagle Flute and Priest Guxin should look at the holy lake and can no longer look at each other. Therefore, the descendant of the eagle flute cannot look at Wei Xun’s expression at this moment, even if he is almost killed by Wei Xun again. .

The successor of the Eagle Flute put out the heart that persuaded Wei Xun, calmed his heart, and visualized his heart.

As said, after the beginning of the sacrifice, the identity of the priest Guxin was first affirmed, and then the elder prince and the priest Guxin offered sacrifices to the sacred mountain, holy lake and nature. The key is here.

The successor of the Eagle Flute spent decades, hesitating to trade with the devil, and using secret methods to change his bloodline. As a prince, he is certainly qualified. It’s just that there is no crown and eagle flute, and the level behind the canonization of the king is very difficult.

The ancestors of the Eagle Flute dreamed of offering sacrifices to the king. I have read the classics and historical books of the Xiangxiong Kingdom, especially regarding sacrifices and canonization.

Therefore, when cooperating with the devil, ‌ is keenly aware of the devil’s plan.

The great demon Chabalen claimed to have been sealed, and sent his daughter, the Rainstorm Demon, to observe the ceremony. This is naturally an honor for the descendants of the Eagle Flute, and a refuge.

But the descendants of the Eagle Flute knew that the devil had no good things. He was carefully cultivated by Amara since he was a child, and he is proficient in various Bon Scripture history. Naturally, he knows that this rainstorm demon is said to be the daughter of the great devil, but it is actually… ‌Demonic Qi ‌Shape‌Body, said to be a demon, not ‌.

The key is to offer sacrifices, offering sacrifices to the sacred mountain and holy lake and all nature here.

Heavy rain, of course, is a part of nature.

The sacrificial words of this sacrifice were roughly first recited by priest Gu Xin, who wanted all living things on the altar to offer the sacred mountain and the holy lake and all nature. Then the prince Xiangxiong made the same statement.

It is said that all living things on the altar include the Guxin priest and the Xiangxiong king, as well as various Xiangxiong warriors and priests, but in fact they belong to the Xiangxiong The kingdom, especially the Guxin priest, is equal to the Xiangxiong King and Shenshan Holy Lake, but it will not be a sacrifice.

But if there is a rainstorm demon in the sacrifice object, it will be different.

I am afraid that once the priest Guxin and the successor of the Eagle Flute really pronounce this sacrifice, they will really become the rain demon, which is the sacrifice of the Great Demon Chabalen, let it be at the mercy of the devil!

Once it develops to this level, the consequences will be disastrous! The descendants of the Eagle Flute do not know what the gate of the lake is. This is the secret that only the Lamas of Xiaolin Temple and the priests of Guxin know in the past dynasties. But thinking about making yourself a sacrifice to the devil, there is definitely no good thing.


Therefore, prepare for the rain, diligently study and change the sacrificial word, and remove’torrential rain’ from nature. When the sacrifice really reaches this point, you will not recite the sacrifice words in your mind, but will say what you have changed.

The sacrificial word is the ancient Xiangxiong language. This ancient language of more than 6,000 years has long disappeared. In time, even those Xiangxiong remnants, the current Bon priests, I’m afraid… Understand a few characters. Only with the help of Amara, the hard-working and intelligent Gan Danbai, taught himself all the Xiangxiong language.

Even if the Xiangxiong Kingdom has long since disappeared and been abandoned by time, I still earnestly study everything that has been used for a long time, thinking about not letting the history of the Xiangxiong Kingdom disappear completely, and assume the role of the great prince. This responsibility.

Who wants to… nothing.

The eagle flute descendant visualizes the heart, ‘W’s sorrow’s ‘W’ happy, all unwillingness, depression and anger are far away. The only thing I think about now is to make the king sacrifice this time and become the real elephant king.

Since Wei Xun is unwilling to cooperate, he will not remind Wei Xun to wait for the sacrifice to arrive there——

The lightning and thunder did not know when it stopped. Only the heavy rain was still falling. Except for the rain, the world had no sound beside it, noisy and silent. Wei Xun felt the eagle flute in his hand warm slightly.

I can’t see the crown of the golden-winged Dapeng bird’s horns. There is a glimmer of light in the dark night, but in fact the light penetrates through the darkness, and the incredible reflections are on every level of the altar. People think about everything in their minds, and they suddenly return to peace.

Puff through, puff through.


The heartbeat  and the majestic rain  gradually merged into one, and then returned to silence. In the end, only the sound of the high priest Guxin could be heard on the altar.

Wei Xun felt that the words appeared in his mind, primitive and simple, more like strange syllables, completely different from modern speech. Wei Xun’s W law understands its meaning and can only feel the power contained in it.

“Gurkha, Zantuo, Bu.”

‌Wei Xun imitated the pronunciation, and when he pronounced the first syllable, the feeling in the dark, the lake hidden in the darkness, and the snow-capped mountains in the distance became extremely clear, as if ‌ Can’see’ every snowflake on the vast snow mountain and see the water droplets in the holy lake. Naturally, the sacred mountain and holy lake have existed since ancient times. I don’t know how many years have passed and how many secrets have been hidden.

For a moment, Wei Xun was almost swallowed up by this boundless and heavy feeling, and the whole person was lost in the boundless nature. But the Guxin priest behind him got hot, and his mind returned instantly.

Not everyone can recite the sacrificial words that can evoke the natural, only priest Guxin.

“Kalda, Quaronado, Jiplan.”

Wei Xun continued to read down, ‌ was originally not clear about the meaning of these syllables, but could only vaguely understand its general meaning.

However, there is a’black talk specialization’ brought by the identity of the police.

The so-called black language is naturally a’jargon’ that criminals understand, but that ordinary people don’t understand.

According to the standard alone, the sacrifice words in the ancient Xiangxiong language meet this standard, and Wei Xun can understand the meaning of the sacrifice words. Just as the successor of the Eagle Flute said, the sacrificial word chanted now is to sacrifice to the Shenshan Holy Lake. He confessed as a priest of Guxin and was confessed.

But Wei Xun didn’t believe that the successor of the Eagle Flute would give up the king’s status so easily and give up the king’s canonization. It is true that what he said may be true. Priest Guxin will not succeed as a king as a part-time king. Then Wei Xun will either put the crown and the eagle flute, let the eagle flute descendants become the king of elephants, or the sacrifice will fail. Attract the devil’s attention.


But for Wei Xun, the failure of the sacrifice is only a question of the demon who will face sooner or later, anyway, sooner or later, he will have to fight. For the descendants of the Eagle Flute, the meaning is different. The sacrifice has failed, and decades of efforts have been in vain. It is impossible to become the King of Elephants, and even because of the power of the devil, there may be a crisis of death.

will never sit and wait for death, I am afraid that there is a fraud in this sacrifice, and it was discovered and used by the descendant of the eagle flute.

Although Xu Yang secretly ordered Xu Yang to be prepared, Wei Xun still kept thinking.

Sacrifice, offerings on the altar, on the altar… Sacrifice to the sacred mountain and holy lake and all nature, nature, rainstorm, demons…

Wei Xun wanted to understand.

The descendant of the eagle flute stared solemnly at the Lake of Selin and heard the sacrificial words from Wei Xun’s mouth. Even though he should keep his soul peaceful, the descendants of the eagle flute were still surprised as they listened. Xun actually pronounced all the sacrificial words, without any mistake or omission.

‌That means ‌heard all the sacrificial words, Shenshan Shenghu fully recognized ‌ as the Guxin priest!

This is, this is really… a good thing. Unexpectedly, in today’s era, there are still Guxin priests who can be fully recognized. The ritual presided over by will be recognized by the highest mountain and holy lake, and can canonize the strongest elephant king.

Rao is the descendant of the Eagle Flute. His heart trembled.

If Wei Xunken assists , cooperates with …… forget it.

The ancestors of the Eagle Flute watched their noses, noses, and hearts, and chanted the sacrificial words solemnly. The tunes that were as long as reciting epics sounded like singing.

‌As the prince, ‌identified Wei Xun as the Guxin priest.

The first stage of the sacrifice is complete!

The next step is to offer sacrifices on the altar to offer earth, to offer gods and lakes, to offer all nature and… to offer rainstorms, to offer to demons.

The hand of the descendant of the Eagle Flute suddenly clenched, and the sacrificial words Wei Xun and are almost repeated. Wei Xun said one sentence first, and ‌ followed by another sentence. When Wei Xun recites the name of torrential rain, he sacrifices himself to the devil, and he is very likely to become the devil’s sacrifice and be controlled by the devil!

But apart from Wei Xun, the other people on the altar will not become the’sacrifice’ of the devil, because the successor of the Eagle Flute has not recited the sacrificial words yet, and has not agreed!

The people and livestock on the entire altar must be led by the Guxin priest and the Xiangxiong king, and they will worship the gods. Only people make their own decisions. means that after Wei Xun chanted the sacrificial words, only himself was sacrificed to the devil.

Of course, Wei Xun has the White Wolf King, from the magical’Hostel’. The descendants of the Eagle Flute believe that you will never be completely controlled by the devil directly, but I am afraid that you will be able to control your body.

The successor of the eagle flute can take advantage of that time to recapture the eagle flute and the crown, and then recite the sacrificial words adapted from ‌! As a result, the priest Guxin and the great prince Xiangxiong’s sacrificial words are inconsistent, and the second phase of the sacrificial offering is not completely completed. Sacrifices other than Wei Xun.

Even because Wei Xun is a priest of Guxin, the sacrifice is completely completed, and the devil cannot completely obtain Wei Xun.

The crown and the eagle flute are hands, the successor of the eagle flute can completely abandon Wei Xun, force the sacrificial words, and let the sacrifice go on again! Anyway, the power between the ground has been mobilized, and then there is no need for Wei Xun to enchant the king, and the W law will stop the sacrificial process.

When Gan Dan Baiju really becomes the King of Xiangxiong, Wei Xun will no longer be able to snatch the crown and eagle flute from him. Even the power gained as a priest of Guxin will be greatly reduced because of the failure to fully preside over the sacrifice. In this way, if you want to seal the devil, Wei Xun can only work with ‌ to get all the initiative!

The winner ‌ will be ‌!

The descendants of the eagle flute listened carefully to Wei Xun’s recitation of the names of the gods of the snowy mountains and the holy lakes. Every time one of the chants, a magnificent force poured in. On the seven-story altar, the black giant sheep lying quietly standing on its side was standing quietly. When he got up, the sheep’s eyes pierced the darkness and fell on Wei Xun’s body.

Xu Yang held the three-color magic fire tightly in his hands. This requires two hands to hold a large lamp. Under the three-color flame, it is not lamp oil, but a stone brick.

Zhi‌Weixun briefly talked with ‌, ‌knowing that Xu Yang would be a witch boy, ‌standing beside the devil sheep in the sacrifice, and standing on the highest level of the altar, Wei Xun‌ stone bricks The right to use Hemohuo was transferred to Xu Yang.

Once there is a difference in the sacrifice and the magic fire turns black, Xu Yang will immediately do it. Use Xiaolin Temple stone bricks to seal Wei Xun, and burn the black sheep with magic fire.

“The magic fire turns black… What does it mean? ‘

‘I was controlled by the devil, right’

Xu Yang still remembers Wei Xun smiling and writing lightly:’So Xu Yang, remember to use stone bricks in time’

That was controlled by the devil! How can Wei Ge be so calm? !

And for such an important task, Wei Ge actually handed over ‌ ‌, this, how much trust this is.

Xu Yang vowed that he would do it well!

Staring at the demon fire burning in the lamp, Xu Yang suddenly found that the red and purple flames were getting weaker and weaker. At the same time, the dark flames were gradually growing.

Xu Yang was shocked.

Could it be that what Wei Ge said is true? ‌, ‌ Is this going to be controlled by the devil? How is it possible——Xu Yang couldn’t help but want to watch Wei Xun’s figure, but he couldn’t see it. The heavy rain was heavy, like splashing water from top to bottom. Even the sacrificial words sounded looming, no Very clear. The rain is getting bigger and bigger, as if the whole world is going to be submerged by heavy rain.

It’s almost here!

The heartbeat of the eagle flute is getting faster and faster, and it is almost connected to the rain. Wei Xun’s ceremonial words have almost come to an end, and now they are the gods in the natural Bon religion!

The Dragon God of the Underground Realm, the Lan God, the Nian God of the Earth Realm, Chanshen, and then the God of the Earth Realm…Oops!

Why is the torrential rain getting heavier and heavier? !

The noisy rain  even so great that it affects the distorted mountains  the buzzing among the ground , this is, this is…

The eagle flute descendant listened carefully, and his heart was frightened.

This is the devil, tampering with the sacrificial word!

The ancestor of the Eagle Flute, who was extremely focused, suddenly returned to his senses, as if awakened from a nightmare, and was shocked to find that the torrential rain falling on the sky was so terrifying that it made people almost breathe. The majestic rain curtain covered Selincuo Lake, and even vaguely looked like a majestic waterspout rising from the center of the lake, drawing tons of lake water directly to the edge of the lake, and then crashing down.

Something’s wrong!

Serin had something wrong, and something happened to the Demon Seal!

The teeth of the eagle flute trembled, his blood seemed to be frozen, and his eyes moved. Suddenly, I felt a great panic. The devil, the powerful demon, was far more terrifying than I imagined.

No, we can’t let Wei Xun read ‌ anymore!

The successor of the Eagle Flute seemed to wake up. Once Wei Xun reads ‌ again and recites the God of Rainstorm, he might indeed become a sacrifice to the devil, and then the sacrifice ‌ will be completely out of control! The power of oneself, the law reverses the sacrifice!

Stop, stop!

The descendant of the Eagle Flute regretted it. Looking at the seal at the bottom of the Lake Selin, the devil showed only one finger, which is an underestimation of the power of the devil. Even ‌ and Wei Xun combined may not be able to stop the devil, how can we make Wei Xun a sacrifice to the devil again?

But everything is too late!

Stop, stop…Don’t keep reading…

The descendant of the Eagle Flute had long forgotten the sacrificial rules of keeping an eye on the holy lake. He turned his head to look at Wei Xun, his lips squirming, but he couldn’t speak at all. Under the majestic rain curtain, you can’t even see Wei Xun’s expression, only the sound of Wei Xun reciting the sacrificial words.

“Kierla, Wurula, card solution”

‌‌Under the witness of the god of the sun, the god of the moon, and the god of the stars.

“Mandirs, Horu Lakbang, Kejra”

I, Priest Guxin, want to sacrifice all the sacrifices on this altar…

There was no more temperature on the eagle flute’s body, and it was cold to the bones, I understood, I heard the sacrificial words tampered with by the devil. The sacred mountain and holy lake that should have enjoyed sacrifices, the gods of all walks of life, have only become witnesses of the sacrifice in the sacrificial words after tampering.

This is a sacrifice to the Demon King!

The devil wants to greedily enjoy all the sacrifices!

It arrogantly provokes the gods of the mountains, this is a majestic magic! The energy contained in each syllable of Wei Xun gradually rises. It is the heavy rain that has blessed the power in the language. In this way, I am afraid that there is no need for the eagle flute to pass on. As long as Wei Xun finishes reciting the sacrifice, everyone on this altar will be sacrificed to the devil!

Don’t read it, don’t read it anymore——

The successor of the Eagle Flute, W‌ Method, can only despair to hear Wei Xun use the drag  to pronounce the last syllable.

“Dylantea, Sadi Aida.”


Yeah is the ending mood of a sacrificial word, and the second sacrificial word ends.

The descendant of the Eagle Flute felt all his strength, unable to hold his body, so he sat on the altar all at once.

It’s over, everything is over, it was sacrificed by Wei Xun, the great demon Chabalen, and all the creatures on this altar were sacrificed by the demon.

There is no other way.

I feel my eyes are dark, my brain is empty, and my body will be cold and hot. I am afraid that this is the demon power pouring into the body…No, you can’t just give up like that. You want a king, you must be a king of elephants, how can you become a puppet of the devil like this!

The successor of the Eagle Flute tried his best to calm himself down, suppressing distracting thoughts and visualizing his heart, but the sacrificial words echoed in his mind, letting the W law meditate.

Sacrifice words, sacrifice words… Wait!

The descendant of the Eagle Flute was stunned.

Durantya, Shadi Aida… This is not the ancient elephant’s proverb of Rainstorm Demon!

‌It’s not the ancient elephant’s words of the Great Demon Chabalen!

Who is Wei Xun talking about last? ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ !

This is a sacrificial word to the great devil, and you can only offer sacrifices to the devil, yes. But the successor of the Eagle Flute racked his brains, unexpectedly, there is no great demon by this name in the history of Bon!

Boom——! !

The deafening explosion of thunder can scare people’s hearts out. He obviously accepted all the sacrifices, but the torrential rain did not fall any more. On the contrary, the disappearing thunder and lightning appeared again. The dark night rain curtain, like It is a monster roaring and roaring, and the pure rainstorm is even more terrifying, but the descendants of the eagle flute know it.

Pure heavy rain, ‌ is pure demon power. On the contrary, these lightning and thunder do not belong to the rainstorm demon. Sure enough, ‌ did not accept the sacrifice, and Wei Xun’s sacrifice did not have ‌ .

The brain of the eagle flute is in chaos, and the ancient Xiangxiong who has learned it has turned into a pan of porridge in his brain. Durantya means to protect, guard, and guard. Shadi Aida means honesty, truthfulness, and crying.

Protect honestly crying? what is this? !

Sacrifice Who is it? Who did Wei Xun sacrifice? !

Wei Xun narrowed his eyes and looked directly at the violent storm. He felt the power of the W number coming from the altar to the altar, from the ground and from all directions. I felt the shivering fear of the fox cub, the excitement of Xiao Jin Xiaocui and the demons, and I felt for the first time that the connection between myself and the blood ladybug was so close.

He felt his horns, thin tail, and wings behind him—if he wanted to, he could show it out at any time. If you don’t want it, you can hide it.

Guardian means protection, protection, and guardianship.

Xun means honesty, truthfulness, and crying.

Durantya, Shadi Aida.

Wei Xun.


At the highest point of the altar, on the seventh floor, an angry sheep screamed. This is called  accompanied by thunder and thunder. W is more terrifying! Wei Xun turned around abruptly and grabbed the attacking black sheep at the speed that others could see clearly. He didn’t have the sharp horns to grab the black sheep, but he tore it directly at its throat. Blood splattered out, a bloody sheepskin was hooked on Wei Xun’s claws, and a wound was cut on his cheek by sharp horns.

The blood flowed down, to Wei Xun’s lips, he tasted his own blood, and tasted the devilish energy of raging anger in the rainstorm.

Wei Xun’s mouth curled up, showing a big smile.

Be angry, be angry, the stronger the enemy is, the more agitated and excited Wei Xun is.

bring it on.

Seeing the demon black sheep attacked again, Wei Xun did not escape. The next moment he saw a silver and white figure flying over, the white wolf king and the dark devil sheep bite together, and Wei Xun simultaneously stabbed with a narrow crystal knife. To the magic sheep.

This demon, ‌ ‌ wants ‌一 ‌!


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