TTG Chapter 119

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 119: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (62)

The thunder and thunder blasted into the sky one after another, the bright lightning tore through the sky, the pouring rain was crazy and terrifying, and the whole world seemed to collapse tonight.

It’s over, it’s all over.

The descendant of the Eagle Flute collapsed on the altar, covered in mud and water. I watched Wei Xun and the demon Black Sheep fight together in a daze, full of sorrow, and at a loss in his brain. I don’t know whether the king was sacrificed, ruined, or he was sacrificed to an unknown demon, and his life was over.

The demon black sheep is so terrifying and magical, at first glance it is the demon consciousness that has descended-the king’s sacrifice is over.

It desperately wanted to kill Wei Xun. It was obvious that Wei Xun stole its sacrifices to the other demon. His life was over and he had to endure the wrath of the Chabalen Great Demon—and so on.

A ray of light cut through the fog, and the descendant of the eagle flute shivered, staring at Wei Xun like a ghost.

If Wei Xun was controlled by other demons and offered sacrifices to other demons, if Chabalen wanted to seize the sacrifices, he should fight that demon.

What’s the use of killing Wei Xun even if he is angry?

Wei Xun is not a demon who gets sacrifices!

The descendant of the eagle flute between the electric light and the flint seems to have thought of something, but the idea is horrible and unbelievable, and he seems to have thought of nothing. In the dark night, he seemed to see Wei Xun glance at him during the fight with the black sheep, and there was a faint red light flashing in the depths of the black eyes.


The descendant of the Eagle Flute was directly knocked out of the , and he did not realize why he suddenly got up and rushed to , blocking the direction of the demon black sheep’s escape with his body. He was hit so that his chest was sunken and blood was surging. The sharp horns of the magic goat tore the clothes on his chest, the fragments fell, and the skin of the eagle flute descended from the chest exposed, and his chest was densely covered with feather-like fleshy scales. It looks weird and terrible.

It was these fleshy scales that prevented him from being hit and killed by the devil sheep on the spot.

But now no one cares what the chest of the descendant of the eagle flute looks like, the devil sheep made a screaming bleating, making people dizzy and nauseous, but it failed to escape this time and it has missed the most opportunity. The White Wolf King suppressed the devil sheep with his body weight, biting its throat stubbornly. Wei Xun grabbed the corner of the devil sheep’s pan, and the narrow crystal knife in his hand shattered, and he directly grabbed the devil’s eyeballs with his hands.


The two big sheep’s eyes fell to the ground, bounced like a pinball, spinning around.


Even if it was bitten by its throat and scratched its intestines, it was extremely fierce. The alive devil sheep was losing its eyeballs and suddenly languishing. It could no longer support the weight of the White Wolf King on its back, and was crushed to its knees. There are two blood holes on the face of the miserable sheep, and there are clearly no eyeballs, but Wei Xun feels that he is still being stared fiercely by a malicious and angry gaze. The hatred and anger in that gaze seems to kill him with a thousand swords.

Come on then.

Wei Xun smiled and stepped on the sheep’s head, a crystal knife appeared in his hand, and chopped off the sheep’s head. Wei Xun’s heart moved, and the demon fire came violently, burning violently on the corpse of the demon goat and the two eyeballs that were trying to roll away.

Devil sheep, die!

The torrential rain was even more frantic, but it could not extinguish the fierce burning fire. Wei Xun didn’t feel sorry for the food being burned. He dug out the sheep’s eyes and absorbed the devilish energy in the moment he killed the devil sheep—everything on the altar was his sacrifice, devil sheep Debilitating Force Resistance: Of course, he can directly draw the devilish energy of the devil sheep, just as he controlled the eagle flute’s descendant and let him fly over the flesh to block the sheep.

If Wei Xun wanted to, he could instantly absorb the vitality of everyone on the altar, or turn them all into puppets, and they would completely resist.

Thanks to the rain that helped him when chanting the sacrificial poems, he changed the sacrificial poems to all sacrifices, and Wei Xun could monopolize the offerings.

The demon fire burned the demon sheep to ashes, and Wei Xun looked at Selincuo Lake from a distance, and saw that the black water was boiling like a boil.

He would suddenly tamper with the sacrificial word at this time, instead of waiting until the canonization of the king and asking the gods to come before he could do it again, it was Chabalen who was anxious.

It should be the wrongful Lama and the High Priest of Yangjin who took the shot and strengthened the seal. The big devil wanted to grab all the sacrifices and strengthen his own strength.

Wei Xun couldn’t help licking his lips, but he was still hungry.

This demon sheep is just the carrier of Chabalen’s consciousness, not his incarnation. There is not much demon energy in his body, but it is just a heart.

Wei Xun felt so hungry, the hungry fire burned, and the drunken beauty of Xiangxi was out of control. He has never been so hungry since then.

The one who was sacrificed was’Great Demon Wei Xun’, and he can only be regarded as a demon cub now. The sacrifice is inconsistent with the identity, and the gap between the big devil and the devil cub makes Wei Xun feel crazy and hungry.

To eat, to eat more, ‌ can become a great demon.

Desire, hope and reason are fighting each other, everyone on the altar, animals, priests, at this moment Wei Xun’s eyes are all desserts.

It is a sacrifice that gives him both soul and body.

It smells really good.

Wei Xun squinted his eyes intoxicated, enjoying the temptation of food, the gradual collapse of reason, the devil’s eagerness in his heart, and the will almost slipping into the uncontrollable abyss.

When it was really uncontrollable, he still hugged the white wolf king who was vigilant and shaved, buried in the thick wolf hair and took a deep breath, rubbed it again, and gnawed down a few wolf hairs.

When the devilish energy was suppressed again, Wei Xun let go of the White Wolf King, and watched what it digs out.

The demon sheep was burned into a pile of ashes by the demon flame. The ashes were not invaded by water or fire, heavy as sand, and could not be washed away by rainstorms, but they were pulled away by the White Wolf King.

Among the ashes was a golden bell the size of a soybean.

The White Wolf King wanted to break the golden bell, but Wei Xun put his hand into the wolf’s mouth and snatched it out.

No hint, this is not the most quest mainline item.

But it must be related to the Great Demon Chabalen.

Wei Xun almost couldn’t wait to find the devil, but here it is. He has one more thing to do.

The descendant of the Eagle Flute was lying in a panic in the cold muddy water. When the demon sheep screamed miserably, his brain seemed to be hit by a heavy hammer. The sky was turned upside down in a moment, and his eyes went dark and he lost consciousness. He even thought he was dead until he was awakened, and then opened his eyes muddledly, and the blurred vision became clear. He saw the dark green cloak and Wei Xun.

“Ho ho!”

From the eagle flute, there was a panic sound in the throat, and the conditioned reflex desperately wanted to retreat. The moment he saw Wei Xun, he was convinced that he was not dead—he was the blood of the Golden-winged Roc bird, and he would be Wei Morongren if he died.

That is the place where gods and buddhas live, there can be no demons!

There can be no Wei Xun——

“Yo, you know?”

Wei Xun chuckled, the eagle flute heir shivered, his eyes horrified.

Yes, yes, Wei Xun can see what he thinks in his heart, his soul is controlled by Wei Xun, sure enough!

“You, how dare you.”

The eagle flute descendant’s language e‌Lonci: “You are not afraid of–”

The descendant of the Eagle Flute regrets it. At this moment, he wants to understand everything, but he doesn’t want to think about it, he doesn’t dare to think about it, but aside his worries, he wants to understand everything!

Wei Xun, he is also a demon!

The Xiangxiong Kingdom was destroyed, and the crown and eagle flute were lost in the Dragon God Waterway. The Great Demon Chabalen had a bone flute with the right wing of the Dapeng Golden Wing. How could there be no crown? !

Wei Xun can get the crown of Dapeng Golden Wing Bird Horn, and he must have a connection with Chabalen! Otherwise, why would he still have the three-color magic fire in his hand?

This Chabalen’s vicious and vicious means actually placed Wei Xun next to him, and even Wei Xun sat on the priest Gu Xin. The descendant of the Eagle Flute Ming Wu, this sacrifice is completely under the control of the great devil, and his conspiracy and thoughts may have been completely seen by the devil long ago.

No, it’s not all under the control of the Great Devil, because Wei Xun is obviously rebellious!

He stole the sacrifices to be sacrificed to the great devil. The name of the devil in the sacrifice words in his mouth was himself, so the devil sheep would furiously attack Wei Xun!

This is demon infighting!

Wei Xun dared to rebel. He must have relied on it. It was the great demon Chabalen who was weakened by an accident, or something else, but Wei Xun has completely guilty with the great devil! If he doesn’t kill the devil, the devil will chase him to the ends of the world.

If there is a chance, he still has a chance.

Wei Xun will use him, he can help… Fu Chabalen, only he knows the true reason why the great devil resurrected and got out of trouble. It’s not that the seal is badly damaged, but the golden bell inlaid with the heart of Dapeng in the right arm of Chabalen, which covers the devilish energy, and the seal with the Xiangxiong Kingdom’s source is blinded by the golden bell. This is not good!

“It turned out to be so.”

The descendant of Eagle Flute looked up in horror, and saw Wei Xun’s demonic smile: “It’s Jinling.”

Devil, Wei Xun is a devil! He controlled his mind, he deliberately made him think in this direction! When it’s over, Wei Xun knows all his secrets, and he is useless.

The descendant of the Eagle Flute was frightened like a sieve, not knowing that this was the fear and oppression that Wei Xun secretly imposed on him. Wei Xun is trying to squeeze out all his secrets! However, what he didn’t expect was that what the descendant of the Eagle Flute continued to talk about was not related to the devil, the golden bell, and how he got the secret technique of the blood of the Roc bird.


“Don’t, don’t kill me, I still know more secrets, I still know, _ , _ , I still signed a contract with your hotel. You can’t kill me, you can’t, look, see if this is contract.”

The eagle flute’s successor said it was upside down. He seemed to grab the most life-saving straw, digging into his chest with his nails like crazy, catching blood and blood, his nails grabbed a silvery white corner, and he was about to go out. pull–

[A guide for the secret exploration of northern Tibet: the descendant of the eagle flute, violated the rules, leaked the hotel contract, committed the crime of leaking secrets]

The elegant and low voice rang in the ears of the eagle flute, and only he could hear it. Yes, it was the principal of the hotel that was trading with him at that time! The descendant of the Eagle Flute was stiff, and he was motionless as if suddenly turned into a stone sculpture.

Nothing , Wei Xun felt that the parasitic wasp in the eagle flute descendant could not be contacted at all. Not only that, even the soul of the eagle flute descendant was losing control!

Someone wants to take the soul of the eagle flute from his hand! That is an unresistible force, not the Chabalen Demon, but a hostel!

The guide who leaked the hotel contract may be severely punished!

Wei Xun’s heart trembled and his back was full of cold sweat. He instinctively told him whether he should watch, listen, or don’t want to, but the vaguely familiar horror force caused Wei Xun’s heart to beat violently and his brain to spin rapidly.

How did the hostel contact the guide? Who is going to punish the descendant of the Eagle Flute? Will it be the principal of the hostel? Will it be him?

If, if it is…

The devil’s nature makes Wei Xun’s emotions more intense, especially the nature of chasing excitement, and his curious instinct for dangerous things, just like knowing that this thing is dangerous, and pushing it might be beaten, but still wanting Pushing the cat watching.

All these thoughts were just moments. At the moment when he felt that the soul of the descendant of the Eagle Flute was completely out of control, Wei Xun made a decision.

【 _ ‌The eagle flute descendant adventure! 】

The descendants of the Eagle Flute were so frightened that they desperately shouted not to speak out. At this moment, he would rather be controlled by Wei Xun, but he could only desperately listen to the verdict of the principal of the hotel.

[According to the contract, everything you have will belong to the hotel and become a commodity of the hotel]

[Stripping off the soul, lifespan, body, and blood of the eagle flute—]

[Successful adventure! You have obtained a thin bloodline of a golden-winged roc bird! 】

A little golden bird suddenly appeared in Wei Xun’s hand. He didn’t even have time to look at it. He received the little golden bird with the crown as fast as possible, and then the crown into the fox cub’s abdomen.

Wei Xun smiled when he felt the familiar feeling of being watched and the visual and auditory hallucinations came again.

Sure enough * * *

[Honey, I want this]

Wei Xun thought in his heart, the tone was very sweet, he knew that he could only hear it.

[You won’t be angry, are you?]


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