TTG Chapter 12

Drunk beauty Xiangxi (12)

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 12: Drunk beauty Xiangxi

What is it?

Wei Xun, who had never seen the world, did not show timidity. He looked as if he had taken the pale gold ball from Shi Tao.


When the golden ball started, he saw its use in his mind, and Wei Xun felt a light sigh in his heart. What Shi Tao took out was really a good thing, and it was only useful to the tour guide.

[Name: new scenic spot experience ball]

[quality: rare]

[function: it can increase the development progress of new scenic spots by 45%, and the experience ball will disappear after use]

[Note: the hotel does not encourage taking shortcuts. When you use the experience ball to open up new scenic spots, you may encounter some “small” problems!]

There’s still this kind of thing.

“Who gave it to you?”

Leng Buding asked Wei Xun, nervous and waiting for Shi Tao, who had all his energy on Wei Xun, subconsciously replied:


I see. Shi Tao has a good relationship with the eldest brother selected by the hotel.

The other party estimates that the status is not low and the strength is not poor. They can contact higher-level tour guides, or they are high-level tour guides themselves. And he is very concerned about Shi Tao.

The experience ball of rare quality is valuable, but the other party gave it to Shi Tao and asked Shi Tao to bribe Bing Jiu with it. This is not only a show of kindness, but also a show of strength and show your muscles to C 9.

I’m good / know a good guide.

Don’t touch my brother, or you’ll look good.

If Bingjiu is interested in the experience ball, he will not move Shi Tao, and even protect him. If his brother can take out an experience ball, there may be more experience balls.

If Bingjiu is not interested in the experience ball, no one will hate the person who takes the initiative to please him. If he doesn’t take special care of Shi Tao, at least he won’t torture deliberately.

If Bingjiu is a crazy pervert——

That can only be regarded as Shi Tao’s bad luck. The whole brigade has bad luck together. It can also be regarded as “everyone is equal”.

Wei Xun threw the experience ball, put away his backhand and looked more interested in Shi Tao’s eyes.

This is a good opportunity for a set of information.

Shi Tao doesn’t seem very smart. Now he just blocks the live broadcast and is alone with Shi Tao——

Wei Xun put on a cold look of indifference to the experience ball and quietly set up information with Shi Tao.

* *

The door of family No. 2 is still closed.

Bingjiu has been in for half an hour and hasn’t come out yet.

Lin Xi felt cold. He was wearing pajamas and squatting outside the door with his knees in his arms. The cold wind blew, and he trembled. It was already completely dark. The cold rain and the rotten smell of the corpse came to my face. There were little lights on, but it was like a faint candle, which was more gloomy.

Lin Xi felt afraid. He leaned closer to the door, as if he could absorb some sense of security.

In the 180 degree corpse view room, you can see rows of standing corpses in the patio from the corridor. The darkness blurred their terrible faces and looked like terracotta warriors and horses.

But Lin Xi was still afraid. At a glance, she hurriedly avoided her eyes as if she had been scalded. He wants to shrink into Bingjiu’s bed and smell Bingjiu’s breath greedily and uneasily, no matter how he tosses it.

There is Bingjiu. As long as Bingjiu is there, he doesn’t have to be afraid.


Lin Xi leaned closer to the door and closed her eyes. He won’t knock at the door. He won’t do anything C 9 hates.

“You have to be more useful.”

Lin Xi covered her ears, but she couldn’t disperse Miao Fangfei’s voice.

But the more she thought so, the more clearly Lin Xi remembered what she said when she passed by her, the kind of compassionate eyes.

“Bing Jiu has changed. If you don’t follow the change, sooner or later you will be left behind by him.”

It’s just a woman with a face value of only 68. He doesn’t need her to pity him!

Miao Fangfei can only rely on himself, but he can rely on Bingjiu!

Lin Xi’s face became more and more gloomy, but her heart was empty. In the past, thousands of fans cheered, stage lights scattered, and life surrounded by magnesium lights. How long have you not remembered?

The terrible journey has no end. Thinking more will make people collapse and crazy.

Lin Xi has seen some people go crazy because of fear, and some people think they have feelings and try to ask for more from Bingjiu.

Later, they were abandoned by Bingjiu and died on the journey.

When the more beautiful one died, Bingjiu fell in love with Lin Xi.

Lin Xi has long been used to not thinking, asking or asking.

What does C-9 look like?

Don’t think about it.

How long will Bingjiu protect him?

Don’t think about it.

If you can live one day, live one day.

But… He is not a cold-blooded monster like Bingjiu who will not fear. Lin Xi will also be afraid. He is about to collapse. He knew that he was a plaything for Bingjiu. As long as he met someone better looking, Bingjiu would naturally abandon him.

Lin Xi thought he had been ready for it, but now he was more and more afraid to think about the tragedy after being abandoned.

He was brought to the middle level Samsung by Bingjiu, but he didn’t have the strength to match the middle level Samsung.

When on earth did he become more and more paranoid and crazy? The higher the rank, the worse the death. It’s like drinking poison to quench thirst.

Especially when I thought of what I saw when I got on the bus, Lin Xi was as cold as falling into an ice cave.

If he can’t even compare with Bingjiu.

What’s the use of keeping him?

“You have to be more useful”

Lin Xi shivered and hugged her knees deeper. It seemed that she found that her way ahead was an unfathomable cliff. And he was in a dilemma.

In the end, Lin Xi didn’t knock at the door. He left quietly from the door.

After a tired day, the passengers are very tired, not to mention getting up at five o’clock tomorrow morning. No one is tossing and exploring tonight. They are all sleeping to replenish their strength.

* *

At five o’clock the next morning, the rain did not stop. It was dark. All the passengers arrived at the lobby on the first floor of the inn in time.

“Roll call.”

Although most of the passengers have practiced the Kung Fu of being able to sleep every second in any case, the danger of drunk Western Hunan, the corpses in a yard, the coffins in the main house, and the damp and musty bedding have put them under great pressure.

Most of the passengers didn’t sleep well and looked a little mentally deficient.

In contrast, Bingjiu, who slept refreshed and wore a clean and refreshing new clothes, looked particularly eye-catching!

Wei Xun lazily ordered the families from No. 1 to No. 5. In his hand, he carried many batik cloth bags with Western Hunan characteristics and palm size, which attracted the attention of passengers.

“Now I will issue the Xiangxi corpse removal package ticket to you. Please keep it well and don’t damage it.”

Wei Xun’s voice surrounded the empty hall, and the echo seemed a little gloomy.

“Otherwise, you will die in the next journey.”


Therefore, the passenger immediately focused on the batik cloth bag in Bingjiu’s hand. The passengers who received the batik cloth bag from him and opened it to see what was inside looked even more gloomy.

Shi Tao, who was inconvenient to move, skillfully untied the tether with one hand and poured the contents of the cloth bag into his hand.

The first to fall out is two connected cards.

[Xiangxi corpse removal package], including [Xiangxi corpse removal experience coupon] and [non corpse examination Coupon – personally processed corpse]

Shi Tao’s face suddenly changed!

[Xiangxi corpse driving experience Voucher: corpse driving is a part of Xiangxi witchcraft. Together with Gu poison and Luohua cave woman, it is called the three evils of Xiangxi. Passengers with this coupon will enjoy the VIP corpse removal experience, single corpse, and never reuse the corpse! Thriller global hotel, the best choice for tourists!]

[non corpse examination certificate – processing corpses by hand: as a traditional craft, the method of processing corpses by old corpse craftsmen has gradually disappeared with the decline of corpse chasers. However, the thriller global hotel has won the opportunity for everyone! Handle the corpse you are about to drive with your own hands. After hard work, the corpse you have carefully dressed must be beautiful!]

“It’s driving the body!”

Zhao Hongtu is not old. He is like a high school student. He has a violent temper: “we have to deal with the body ourselves!”

“Good guy, it’s cinnabar.”

The fat man poured out a small bag made of yellow runes in the batik cloth bag, twisted the crimson powder in it with his fingers, sniffed it on his nose, shook his head and said:

“It should be the means of the West.”

“Western pie?”

Miao Fangfei looked dignified and spread the things in the cloth bag on the table. In addition to the cinnabar wrapped in yellow paper, there is also a stack of slender yellow amulets, several colorful ribbons, and a thin Manual of “old craft: Processing corpses”.

“Has the Miao team ever heard of the saying that stealing tombs is divided into North and south, driving corpses and discussing things?”

Miao Fangfei has the strongest strength in the team and naturally becomes the captain of the temporary team. After listening to the fat man’s words, she looks micro and thoughtful. The impatient Zhao Hongtu interrupted:

“Isn’t this made up in the tomb robbing novel? What is it like touching the golden school captain and unloading the ridge force?”

“Hey, brother Zhao is right.”

The fat man thumbed up and said with a smile, “tomb robbing is divided into the South and the north. Because of different regions and geology, the methods used are also different. Let’s say that the Loess in the north is dry, there is little rain, and most tombs are buried. If you want to determine where the tomb is, you have to learn to “see” the earth. At that time in the Republic of China, a tomb robber named Li Ya in Mapo village of Luoyang invented the Luoyang shovel. When he went down and brought it to earth, he could see if there was a tomb below at a glance. ”

“Tomb robbing in the southern school is different. It is like traditional Chinese medicine. It also pays attention to seeing, hearing and asking. Looking is to look at Feng Shui. In the past, it was particular about choosing cemeteries. It had to look at the sand water in the Dragon Cave. Smelling is smelling. The things in the tomb soil are different in different dynasties. For example, in the Qin and Han Dynasties, there was more silver in irrigation, and green paste mud was used after the Tang and Song dynasties. To ask is to inquire about the local people and see the place names, such as Wupo tombs and general tombs. Anyone who brings “tombs”, “kilns”, “tombs” and “tombs” must write them down. As for this cut, it’s just stealing a hole. ”

“Why do you know so much?”

Hearing the fat man talking about the tomb robbing Scripture, Zhao Hongtu looked up and down with a strange face: “there seems to be a fat man surnamed Wang in the tomb robbing text. Shouldn’t your Wang family specialize in tomb robbing? Tomb robbing is against the law!”

“Little brother, you can’t talk nonsense!”

The fat man almost jumped up and pointed to the sky and the earth with righteous words: “stealing the tomb can damage Yin morality. My king surging wants to live a long life. Serious people don’t do this. If I steal the tomb and have a son, I don’t have fart eye!”

“Brother Wang, don’t be angry. What you said about driving out corpses and dividing things is also divided by region?”

Shi Tao rounded up the scene and asked anxiously, “which side drives the zombies more fiercely?”

“It’s not a question of whether zombies are fierce or not. It’s mainly that the East and the West have different means.”

The fat man was not really angry. After being persuaded for two words, he continued to talk: “the corpse driving originated in ancient Chenzhou. Xiangxi is the hometown of the corpse driving. Up to that time, Chiyou paid attention to the return of his soul to his hometown. The real division between the East and the West was the separation of Ruan, Jiang and MA in the late Qing Dynasty. ”

“At that time, Ma Xi went abroad to study and saw many hardworking people die in a foreign land. He couldn’t bear it. He wanted to bring them back with corpse driving. As a result, he accepted an apprentice in the United States, reformed the spell and violated the taboo of the horse family. ”

“The traditional Xiangxi corpse driving is actually very closed. You can’t cross Dongting Lake to the north, Jingzhou to the East, Fuzhou to the West and Wuzhou to the southwest. Don’t mention going abroad to drive the corpses. It’s impossible to go to the Northeast alone. ”

Wei Xun eavesdropped beside him and was fascinated. Seeing the fat man showing off his mystery, he asked excitedly, “what happened later?”

At the exit of Wei Xun, the whole audience was suddenly silent. All the passengers turned to look at him and looked stunned. The fat man’s round face was stiff, and he smiled awkwardly:

“Director C, director C, are you still there?”


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