TTG Chapter 120

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 120: Exploring the Secrets of Northern Tibet (63)

Whether he is angry or not, it is mine in my hands.

Wei Xun smiled on his face and gave up the idea of ​​something in his heart. The blood of the Dapeng golden-winged bird can only be stored in the items that it is closed to. Wei Xun first received the crown and hid it in the fox cub’s belly, and then immediately transferred it to the gold chain pendant.

‌Pendant is the task item of the competition, which involves the confrontation between the east and the west. Even the hostel is very preferential. Wei Xun was just on guard against * * * grabbing.


Anyway, he is also the principal of the hotel, so you shouldn’t grab things. Although the descendant of the Eagle Flute first signed a contract with the hotel, the descendant of the Eagle Flute was sacrificed by his ability, and the blood of the Golden Winged Roc Bird was also obtained by his adventure. It stands to reason that the descendant of the Eagle Flute was the whole Everyone should be his.

He found that he just took a bloodline, and he wanted to grab too much face.


There seemed to be a chuckle that only he could hear from high above the sky, the meaning of which was unknown.

Wei Xun doesn’t change his face, he hears everything he does. He knew that the other person he wanted could hear— ‌ deliberately.

Okay, the other party really did it.

Wei Xun thought about it. The golden-winged Dapeng bird moved away from the bloodline, and looked curiously at the descendant of the eagle flute. The descendant of the Eagle Flute revealed the contract with the hotel. He violated the taboo and even cited * * *. What punishment will he suffer?

Wei Xun guessed that it was a division. After all, if the eagle flute was intact, it would be impossible for him to get the blood of the Golden Winged Roc. After all, the adventure was aimed at him as a whole person. At most, Wei Xun allowed the Eagle Flute to pass on the bloodline variation, the bloodline purification, and the bloodline upgrade. It was impossible to extract it.

In other words, is the successor of the Eagle Flute separated?

Although it appears to be a descendant of the eagle flute, it has actually been divided into the bloodline of the descendant of the eagle flute and the body of the descendant of the eagle flute?

But how did he fall apart?

The descendant of the eagle flute in front of him did not tremble, and stood stiff on the altar, like a stone sculpture. But he was broken and collapsed. Wei Xun couldn’t sense the parasitic wasps in his body, and he didn’t know what was going on in the body of the eagle flute.

While Wei Xun was observing, suddenly, the descendant of the Eagle Flute opened his eyes.

Opened your eyes?

“you’re awake.”

Wei Xun looked at him strangely and said with concern: “How are you?”

Are you dead?

He was really curious, the eagle flute in front of him was descended from him. He felt weird. It is the descendant of the eagle flute, but not the descendant of the eagle flute. Wei Xun couldn’t feel his soul at all. It stands to reason that the descendant of the Eagle Flute should already be a living dead.

It means exposing the contract matter, the successor of the Eagle Flute has been punished too much?

It shouldn’t.

“I’m good.”

The ancestor of the Eagle Flute blinked slowly, then looked at Wei Xun, took a deep look at him, and said solemnly: “The devil recovers, that is, you must lead others to evacuate the altar, otherwise the flood will soon flood the earth. Everyone has to die!”

What nonsense are you talking about?

“You don’t want to be the king anymore.”

Wei Xun took off the golden-winged Dapeng bird’s horn crown, and turned around in front of the eagle flute’s successor. He even reached out and stopped when he took it. He wanted to see what the eagle flute descendant was going to do.

But unexpectedly, the eagle flute’s descendant stretched out his hand ‌‌ instead of holding the crown, but holding Wei Xun’s hand and releasing it after only a second. Then he focused his head on him and said with a stern look: “I’ll take him away first, the slayer, please, please.”


“Sacrifice is over, don’t you want to be canonized by the king?”

The descendant of the Eagle Flute released his hand quickly, but Wei Xun directly reversed his grip and clasped his fingers directly. Wei Xun took the opportunity to prick him with a golden mosquito mouthpart between his fingers, but sucked out a little bit of blood.

‌Soul, ‌ ‌Blood, what is the descendant of the Eagle Flute?

“Hey, shouldn’t the eagle flute heirs… OK, well you have arrived in Tibet.”

Wang Pengpai was calling Mao Xiaole, but Wei Xun’s live broadcast has completely attracted his attention.

“I think the successor of the Eagle Flute is not working. I want to reveal the contract. I really want to die.”

Opposite Mao Xiaole also thought about Tibet, but he chatted live with Wang Pengpai on the phone.

“I think the hostel is a simulated guide, and it’s about to complete a journey.”

Although a guide in a journey is the key, it may also die prematurely or be destroyed by the hotel in violation of the contract.

The tour guide cannot kill the guide, but if the traveler is greedy to guide the wealth of the guide, or if the guide is killed by some emotional dispute, the hostel will not react too much. A journey is equivalent to a guide. As for the attractions in the back, whether the absence of guides will be extra dangerous, or even the problem that the attractions simply pass the law, the hostel will not care.

We will weigh the consequences of killing the guide.

But if the guide breaks the contract himself, the hotel will get rid of it. Then depending on the difficulty of the next journey, the hostel is likely to simulate the guide and lead the brigade through the journey.

‌A guide who simulates ‌ is a simulant, who is only responsible for passing the scenic spots, ‌ ‌happy, angry, sad and happy. Just like npc.

“Although it has reached the end of the third scenic spot, the big devil is resurrected, and the hostel should also simulate the guide. However, the eagle flute’s descendants are the’Xiangxiong King’. Maybe it is on the seal of the devil… use.”

Wang Pengpai murmured: “The Tour Guide Alliance sent a Class B elite tour guide to stare at Wei Xun. Wang Yushu is not good at attracting attention. I think he may have been on the bus. Waiting. Not only the Butcher Union, but also the little cubs of the Shepherd Union–I think Ding Yi is almost destroyed. It should be the puppet guy.”

“I wanted to unload Pinocchio a long time ago, but the iron corpse I raised is a piece of wood…Fuck, he shook hands.”

Mao Xiaole disdainfully spoke harshly, and then dissatisfied: “The time is a little longer, how can you hold it?”

“You can’t help it, it’s just a simulated guide.”

Wang Pengpai laughed and laughed. Watching the live broadcast screen, Wei Xun shook hands with the successor of the Eagle Flute. It was a ten-finger grip… At least he held it for a minute or two, and he was also muttering in his heart.

Wei Xun should have discovered the problem with the successor of the eagle flute, right? The simulated guide is like an npc, and the ghost can’t see the problem.

Is that to test the opponent’s strength? Condition? How else would you hold it for a long time?

“I shook hands with Teacher Sanshui… I washed my hands with root water three times before going out today.”

Mao Xiaole complained: “The captain doesn’t care? A silly simulant doesn’t know how to let go, don’t hold hands with Teacher Sanshui !

Mao Xiaole suddenly sneezed a series of sneezes, and couldn’t stop at all. Wang Pengpai felt painful on the phone.

“Fuck, whoever scolds Dao from behind, I have to count it.”

Finally Mao Xiaole stopped ‌, and his voice became dumb. He suspected that the ghost felt that someone wanted to harm him, so he said and counted, but he did it directly.

A joke, if someone scolds him behind his back, Mao Xiaole can sneeze for such a long time, then Mao Xiaole will have an accident.

“Hey, he finally let go.”

Wang Pengpai also knew that, in order to prevent Mao Xiaole from becoming irritated, he mentioned all and changed the subject directly:

“Hey, I said the captain would export.”

* *


The White Wolf King let out an impatience and low roar, interrupting the eyes of Wei Xun and the descendant of the Eagle Flute. Wei Xun took the opportunity to stop, and saw the White Wolf King crossing his body to block between him and the descendant of the Eagle Flute. If he was thinking, he smiled slightly.

Just now Wei Xun asked many questions when shaking hands, such as how did you get the blood of the golden-winged roc bird, where is the devil, and how did you confront him. But the successor of the Eagle Flute ‌ ‌ answered. Wei Xun felt his pulse beating, and his body was as cold as a dead body.

Moreover, the original feather-like fleshy scales on the skin of the eagle flute have all disappeared.

Sure enough, it was strange.


The White Wolf King roared again, as if urging. What happened just now was too fast, and it took only five minutes to kill the devil sheep. However, the thick and dark devilish energy surging by the lakeside of Selincuo became more and more serious.

The thunder and rainstorm sounded like the fierce roar of the devil, and the earth shook violently, as if the entire Blackstone altar was about to collapse completely. The lake in Selincuo kept pouring out, just like a flood caused by a heavy rainstorm, it immediately flooded the wasteland by the lake and under the black stone altar.

“Then please take everyone out.”

The successor of the Eagle Flute still didn’t reply. It seemed that apart from leaving and retreating, he would not say anything else. Wei Xun took a deep look at him, then turned and walked to the top of the altar with the White Wolf King. When he first climbed the steps, he suddenly turned his head and stared at the eagle flute’s descendant. He was standing in place, but the corners of his mouth were slightly cocked.

It’s like watching him smile.

It was controlled by the hostel, but what replaced it?

As the team leader, Wei Xun can feel a slight sense of the hotel atmosphere. Perhaps it is the end of the journey and the successor of the Eagle Flute. For him and the troubled brigade, the hotel may simulate the guide for a while.

But Wei Xun always felt that the eagle flute was a bit strange. The White Wolf King separated the two of him just now, but he was vigilant but attacked, which can also explain some things.

Could it be that…also…maybe…

If that’s the case, you don’t have to worry about the spread of the eagle flute.

Seeing him smiling, Wei Xun also responded with an enthusiastic smile, waved at him, and then turned and continued to climb to the top.

Earlier, Yin Baitao told him that the interior of the altar was hollow. Before, the place where the witch was enlightened by the devil was in the inner altar, but Yin Baitao couldn’t tell how to go.

The maiden was brought in blindfolded, and when she was about to get to the place, she removed the blindfold, and was quickly confused and confused.

Xu Yang made it clear that he himself was blind, and people would know whether he had snooped a secret. But I don’t know the title of Xu Yang. Although the title of’Blind Perception’ requires a blind stick or a guide dog to function, it limits the material of the blind stick.

Xu Yang once knelt on the ground while serving black sheep, and he scrubbed sheep’s hooves. After wiping, he held the leg of lamb and put it down. When the hoof of the lamb hit the ground, the structure of all the surrounding buildings became clear to his chest.

‌The altar is hollow.

Wei Xun walked to the highest altar and turned half a circle. A huge black stone was lifted from the corner, revealing a dark hole. The torrential rain kept falling, and the water flowed down and poured into the cave entrance, like a small waterfall.

‌The entrance is not big, and it is impossible for adults to enter, but ‌is the nearest entrance.

“Find me, other channels.”

Wei Xun lost the group of magic fire, blocking the water flow and reflecting the darkness at the same time. He patted the white wolf king on the neck: “You will find me, won’t you?”

Just like the snow leopard, another way out was found in the ruins of Xiangxiong.

After saying that Wei Xun became a little snow leopard, he took all the fallen clothes into the fox cub’s abdomen, and the snow leopard cub flexibly avoided the obstacle of the white wolf king and went straight into the entrance.


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